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Currently 7488 Fraudsites.

Sites 0-9 If this were a real Exchange, it could be criticised for lack of SSL, but it isn't a real Exchange, as you will find out if you try and use it.
2018-02-27 Bitcoin Generator "Bitcoin Adder" and other spurious descriptions pitch this worthless scam software.
2016-01-07 An 'MLM' requires product, and a 'Matrix' is a Ponzi. This is just another fraudster.
2016-09-22 A fairly unconvincing fraud, but we'd better warn you just in case you think this is real. (Not the real
2017-05-21 Where x=50. (ask a friend if you don't understand this)
2017-10-04 Also If you believe that someone will multiply your bitcoin 100x, then seriously, seek help.
2016-01-01 This freehosted site wants you to give all the details they may need to steal ALL your online stuff. Don't be daft.
2016-08-25 This is a Ponzi in it's purest form. MLM, but with no product, don't get your Mum involved eh.
2017-11-23 How do they 10x your Btc in a day? They don't. They 10x their own.
2014-08-31 Not an MLM or Ponzi - a 'Matrix', although at the end of the day, it will fuck off with the bitcoin like they all do.
2016-04-19 A really basic coin multiplier fraud. Bitcoin DOES NOT DOUBLE! Any part of that that escapes you?
2016-07-28 Another BitATT scam clone, another thief.
2015-03-03 It's a while since we saw this daft old bitcoin scam. People stopped falling for it. Bitcoin cannot multiply.
2018-11-14 Nothing special. Send bitcoin and you'll never see it again. Bitcoin cannot double.
2017-10-12 This is the genuine fraud site, don't lose your bitcoin to a fake fraud - Weird.
2016-01-04 Yes, the bitcoin multiplier scams have returned. The simplest of scams. You send bitcoin, and the thief keeps it.
2018-11-15 Just a domain extension for this scam.
2015-11-01 If you fall victim to this scam - it is your own fault.
2015-01-14 The Crypto world is swamped with these. Yet another multiplier scam.
2015-02-22 Just send 5000 Doge that you no longer need, and this scam will happily take them off your hands.
2015-01-27 Another 'Revshare' ponzi fraud.
2016-07-04 You ain't fooling nobody with this unoriginal ponzi fraud.
2016-04-29 It's new, and we've warned you, so you have no excuse for your own stupidity if you send bitcoin to this blatant fraud.
2017-02-25 A freehosted ponzi/scam.
2015-09-05 That's what this crook is hoping to make.
2016-05-31 Everything you see before you is illusion. Just a slightly modified off the shelf template from this fraud.
2016-11-13 What, pay you interest every day, for doing fuck all, and you believed them? Please learn from it.
2018-03-30 Oops, forgot the 'e' when you registered this fraud.
2017-03-21 By the time you realise it's all just a lie, your funds will be far away. Don't fall for these stupid promises of a Popcorn lifestyle.
2018-06-11 PayPal and Bitcoin do not mix. Both sides can get burned, and always do. It's your loss, and it's guaranteed.
2018-10-10 It's a ponzi and a gamble. Remember, these sites don't often tell the truth.
2015-02-04 Another thief promising to magically double your coins.
2016-01-27 Also, The 10x your Btc Scam - always is and always will be just a robber.
2014-09-06 Graphics to make you think it is a bunch of believable little matrix ponzi's. Doh, sit back, think about it, and when you get it, celebrate your enlightenment.
2018-08-10 Same Scam, new domain.
2015-01-06 Here we go again, but a hyip this time.
2016-06-10 All multipliers are scams run by slimy thieves. This is no exception
2015-02-21 Or a 1:10 Ponzi in earth language.
2015-11-27 How it works in 4 words 'They steal your bitcoin'
2015-10-30 This probably relates to how many bitcoins they want to steal before they disappear.
2015-03-02 Offers 120% return. How? Ponzi or Scam, take your pick, or choose both
2014-03-26 Hyip/Scam. Please wise up. There's no such thing as a free lunch, or free money. JustPONZI
2015-05-06 Now you know it's a fraud,you won't send this thief your bitcoin, we hope.
2016-01-12 Scammers aren't bright, and they stick to what they know, in this case the number 12.
2017-08-18 all you need is 12 more suckers to sign up and you probably still won't get your funds back. Sad isn't it.
2014-05-23 13 has a reputation as a very unlucky number. This scam site further endorses that reputation.
2017-09-16 A hyip a day keeps your bitcoin away. Don't give your btc to these hyip thieves.
2015-04-21 Another 'Revshare' fraud. What do you think revshare means where there is no product?
2017-02-20 Doesn't matter what the number is, any coin multiplier is a simple fraud.
2016-06-01 Another scam bitcoin multiplier. Keep your bitcoin safe.
2014-12-19 They are right, it isn't like a ponzi - it IS a ponzi.
2017-04-30 Some scammers are not very bright. This one is particularly dim. Ffs, don't be dimmer!
2018-06-26 Quite a surreal site, but just a doubler fraud.
2016-02-14 Don't send a penny to this nickel and dime Hyip/Fraud.
2016-05-30 A very very formulaic hyip fraud. If they were to run a hyip legitimately, the maths say you would probably lose, but they don't, so you certainly lose.
2017-04-03 Don't hold your breath.
2016-04-21 Just another magic bitcoin doubler. Or thief as they are known.
2015-06-27 It isn't real mining, just a front.
2016-12-03 A pretty basic coin multiplier fraud. Don't ever fall for any of these.
2017-04-23 To multiply anything x10 in a ponzi, requires 11 other people to be equally silly. Think about it.
2017-01-02 Hopefully, now you are aware it's just a fraud, this cheap crook will get one hourly jack-shit.
2016-08-26 Don't send any bitcoin to these generator scams, nobody has ever been repaid.
2018-10-04 What a pretty site this is. A complete scam, but well presented.
2014-06-29 1pileofcrap.con - Just don't believe everything you read on the Internet, except us of course.
2018-03-15 You are playing at mining, it isn't real. As long as you know it's a ponzi, then it is your choice.
2017-09-27 Also There is a lot wrong with this site. No https is your first red flag.
2015-03-17 Yet another fraudster claiming to multiply your bitcoin.
2016-02-02 A ponzi means that the bitcoin you send, is paid to previous 'investors' What you fail to consider, is that these ponzis aren't ponzi, and they just keep it all. Suckered!
2017-08-04 A hyip/scam. They will just steal your money and bitcoin.
2015-11-28 The 'Bitatt' multiplier fraud makes yet another appearance.
2016-12-24 Another Ponzi/Fraud using the Revshare theme.
2016-06-17 A new Ethereum scam. Don't kid yourself that by getting in early, you somehow stand a chance of gaining. Everybody loses, you are all mugs!
2018-10-19 The scamsector is now saturated with these doublers. Don't be fooled. It's a Ponzi scam just like all of them.
2015-01-31 Another moveable fraudsite.
2017-03-16 Return 5000% in a day, are you pissed?
2014-09-10 A spurious site title. Everything on this scam page, every number, statistic, promise, is just fantasy. They could have called it anything.
2017-04-04 These hyip frauds just keep coming. Please don't become a victim to these very common frauds.
2016-10-17 Just a fraud folks, move along now.
2017-01-17 As a fraud site that claims to have started in Jan 2017, why is this domain only a month old? This and so many other questions.
2018-08-21 A 24/7 manufacturer of bullshit related products, and not worthy of your trust.
2017-12-02 10 days to find out if you've been robbed? We'll save you your time and bitcoin eh.
2017-05-03 Fuck me - you can buy a Minning Plan! How have we in Crypto got this far without a minning plan? (Some days, we just despair for the future of humanity)
2018-04-17 As if Binary Options wasn't enough scam, just add these fraudsters and you have a dead loss.
2018-06-09 This is as blatant as a ponzi can get. If you go into it, it is your own fault. Nobody else to blame.
2018-10-02 A doubler scam from a common thief.
2016-10-22 Your bitcoin won't double, it will just add to this crooks wallet.
2016-02-06 In 24 hours, somebody can get a long way away with your precious bitcoin.
2015-08-19 The 25th option, is to try and find an Investment Site that isn't simply a thief.
2018-11-09 It's just another fraud from the persistent hyip writers. Thieves.
2016-07-28 Another fraud to add.
2016-04-24 Don't believe a word of it. Of course it's a matrix, and a matrix is just a ponzi, broken into chunks that make it appear plausible!
2018-06-19 Yes it's a fake mining site.
2016-07-13 Bitcoin doesn't double. Don't fall for these common frauds.
2017-03-22 Just another iteration of that familiar scam doubler. A thief.
2016-01-05 And yes, it's a fraud doubler.
2016-05-22 Within 2 days, your bitcoin will have been burned in a crack pipe. Just a cheap fraud.
2016-11-07 To double coin, you have to mine it, buy it, gamble it or earn it. This is just a thief.
2016-06-26 Another pic of a cheeky chappie with his thumb in the air - it should be up his ass with this scamsite.
2014-10-09 A rubbish hyip/fraud.
2016-07-12 Far too passive, in fact so laid back you can't see it.
2016-08-20 You will be amazed at the speed your bitcoin arrives in the ponzi admins wallet. But that's it, nothing else much happens after that.
2017-08-14 Double bollocks. Money and bitcoin simply cannot double - There, you heard it here first.
2016-08-15 The classic coindoubler fraud. The logs are faked - nobody really gains from these common scams.
2016-11-28 Another losers club. Just a pretty useless attempt at a ponzi scam.
2017-02-23 A fairly basic ponzi. If you don't know what a ponzi is, you will just keep losing your bitcoin.
2016-11-09 The bitcoinbuilder ponzi must have hit a wall, so hey, add another layer - it's only other peoples money.
2017-02-23 It's yet another bitcoin multiplier scamsite. They just keep coming.
2014-10-25 If you haven't seen these, they are 'Bitcoin Doublers'. What happens is, you send bitcoin, and you don't get it back. You do get to feel silly though.
2016-10-03 Also and It seems like everybody is trying it on with bitcoin doubler scams. Don't be a sucker, avoid these thieves.
2015-12-30 The latest scam doubler fraud attempt.
2016-07-20 Another BitATT scam clone.
2015-03-02 The latest scam coin multiplier. They all run for the hills with your bitcoin, please learn this undeniable fact.
2015-04-04 We would like to think that the lameness of this ponzi scam attempt, isn't a reflection on the intelligence of the ETH community? If it is, you may be fucked!
2018-09-19 A hyip/scam
2015-03-27 Hyips coming over the hill like the fkn Mongol Hordes! All hyips are frauds, and just because there are a lot of them, it doesn't change that. A single scammer can have 100 sites!
2017-10-16 Full on fakery. Not an Exchange, not Trading, and not a place to send your funds.
2018-11-30 This victim of the Crazebtc fraud wants you to join him - Don't be silly.
2016-12-23 It's the '' fraud with a 3 in front? Wtf. Anyway, it's a fraud.
2016-11-11 A hyip from Eastern Europe
2015-06-03 A fraud from a very prolific scam producer, We found a few more that we will be adding today.
2018-01-21 We'd better explain it. A ponzi, that is broken up into 3x3 matrixes, still has the same number of participants (losers), and will fail equally fast. Still just fraud.
2017-08-31 3 might profit, but everybody else will lose everything. This is a ponzi/scam, bitcoin CANNOT multiply.
2016-12-24 Not very inventive - just the scam with 3 instead.
2014-11-29 Matrix=Ponzi=Many more losers than gainers. Why do you cling to the forlorn hope that you will be a winner?
2017-05-08 Off the shelf ponzi/fraud code on a fresh domain.
2016-04-23 There are so many ponzi's, that there aren't enough depositors. Here's one more.
2017-01-11 A very traditional scam format, fake investment, big promises etc. The reality is that this is some creep with a plan to rob you.
2015-08-09 Those shiny shiny graphics appear yet again. Work that sucker to death.
2016-05-30 Can you read? Just read it for yourself, it makes no sense?
2016-10-25 Complete drivel. But at least they are after fiat, but using a bitcoin theme.
2016-06-08 The bitcoin generator fraud, in a neat little standalone java app. Don't be daft enough to put this crap on your computer.
2018-10-06 A hyip/scam
2015-11-28 Rarely will you see more bs than this. Fake logs, lies everything to try to steal from you.
2016-05-17 This site is just rubbish. Why would you?
2016-07-31 The mining pool. It has stopped paying, and it looks like the host has done a runner.
2014-06-16 If you want freedom from 50cent, turn off the radio (like I would) Don't think that this ponzi will make you rich though. Every bitcoin ponzi ends with the admin running for the hills with all the bitcoin!
2017-08-09 Don't waste your time on this faucet.
2015-04-27 Now you have some bitcoin, you will see many sites like this, that are trying to tempt your stupid side, into giving it to them.
2015-10-01 You have to be kidding, multiply your btc with knobs on. Of course they don't multiply it, they just keep it.
2015-05-29 A hyip/scam
2017-01-09 Another fraudster with a plan. Lets spoil that plan.
2016-07-05 Guaranteed profit? Don't make me laugh. Just a hyip/fraud.
2016-04-06 yeah, those five figures are 00000
2016-07-26 You guessed right. It's another completely bogus mining fraud.
2016-08-29 5 star bs, and nothing to do with real coin mining. Another scam with a mining theme.
2017-12-16 More bs from the hyip fraudsters.
2016-12-07 This must be the 65th fraud from this scammer - because it it's all lies.
2017-03-31 A hyip/fraud using the traditional UK Regd Company as credibility.
2016-07-15 A very straightforward Scam Multiplier. These sites just steal from you.
2015-02-20 760% ? They may as well claim to give you a million percent after a minute, either way it isn't going to fkn happen.
2017-02-26 Lots of complaints about this site not paying. Don't waste your time clicking in this PTC
2014-10-06 Every link leads you to a scam.
2014-10-26 Please don't fall for this dumber than usual scam attempt - Please please don't!
2018-05-20 The number 7 is symbolic of a Seeker of Truth. We sought it, and the truth is, this is a scam.
2018-08-16 Oh dear oh dear. 2% per day? what rare earth must they be mining.
2016-04-20 ponzi done right How true, it's a ponzi, and you've just been done - right.
2015-04-09 A hyip scam aimed at gamers. Playing gamers instead of the other way around.
2018-03-21 A very obvious scam. We've given Sherlock the night off.
2014-10-15 Sites like this hyip/fraud can really confuse new crypto users, regarding what is and what isn't real mining. This isn't real.
2017-01-17 At 7 thirty, we are still awake enough to spot this fraud from a kilometre away.
2017-03-16 If you believe this site, you need to read our tips section. Quick!
2016-06-15 We would really like it, if some of you people would attempt to actually read what you are sending funds to. The illiteracy on this scam site has achieved a new low!
2018-04-18 This is a clever Ponzi. You'll realise just how clever when you eventually realise your funds, and the ones you sent after them, are lost!
2018-04-18 A hyip/fraud
2017-01-09 Bitcoin cannot double. Stupid people can send it to thieves though.
2018-01-17 No you can't multiply bitcoins - silly you. Of course it's a scam.
2015-08-03 99 btc, floating in the summer sky... You do know this is just a simple fraud don't you?
2016-12-12 This is just the bitcoin generator scam. You will see this tired fraud on many domains.
2018-04-20 should be nein deposit. It's a scam after your dosh in any demonination.
2014-09-15 The whole 'off the shelf' hyip package. UK Company, generic script - this fraud has everything, except a decent title.

Sites A This is a typo. It should read Assured Scammers.
2014-10-30 Now, all they have to do is achieve in excess of 50% per month in trading profits, consistently! Dream on suckers.
2018-03-15 Multiply your coins - blah de blah. Of course they won't, but they will keep any that you send.
2015-01-30 Keep 'em coming. There are fewer suckers than ponzi's to steal from them now. In fact, the more ponzi's the better. None of you will get a return.
2015-01-23 Also and All parts of the same scam. All places to lose.
2017-12-04 Yet another ponzi wearing a Miner Suit. It is just another faker trying to steal a pot of bitcoin.
2018-11-06 A bitcoin ponzi/fraud. All just lies.
2016-07-13 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 You can increase your 'Assest' (their spelling) on this illiterate hyip - so they claim - But we know, and you know, you are sending funds to anonymised pickpockets.
2018-06-25 A very unconvincing fraud site. They should at least try!
2016-07-22 It isn't real mining, those user stats are fake, as are the payout logs. It is just a hyip scam. Any questions?
2018-12-22 You won't think they are so Ace if you send them any money or bitcoin.
2017-11-21 Well there's a surprise. Somebody has put up a new doubler fraud.
2016-05-05 Don't send bitcoin here - it will put on a tracksuit and running shoes, and that's the last you'll see of it!
2017-02-26 Well, they know nothing about bitcoin mining, so not really off to a flying start for this pathetic attempt at a scam.
2018-01-18 If you don't believe that every hyip is just theft - go on, find out for yourself. Otherwise, take our advice - If a site is in our list of badsites, it is a badsite.
2018-05-11 The only activity, is criminal activity from this russian targeted hyip scam.
2015-08-16 And, the Accusoft adder software. Just a snake oil salesman.
2017-08-04 Any site that requires login, needs SSL. In this case, it's just not worth logging in.
2016-11-23 He must have given up Pop Music to become a fraudster.
2016-04-21 An associate of Adrever. Blatant Ponzi Scams written by illiterates.
2015-09-03 Just a hyip/scam. These are mass produced frauds, and most use a very similar format.
2017-04-25 Nothing to do with legitimate advertising, just a ponzi fraud.
2016-07-15 One, two, three, four... Can I stop now you've scammed me?
2016-06-03 The common double bitcoin scam.
2015-11-17 As 'Dream Opportunties' go, this dream is a little damp.
2016-09-15 You do know that this is just a Ponzi don't you?
2016-07-03 This is a gateway to a pyramid of ponzi's. Surreal. a closed circle of scamsites.
2015-08-15 Look - If it isn't Bitcoin or Litecoin, then from where we are sat, it is either a "Shitcoin" or a "Scamcoin" Your choice of course.
2017-12-11 Another ponzi in the making. This is another 'revshare' deception.(linked to Aurum-empire failed ponzi)
2016-06-19 Whilst we shy away from investigating PTC's, this isn't a PTC, it is a deliberate fraud.
2017-02-01 There are a great many ponzi schemes, that use advertising as a cover. Don't waste your time, you are advertising shit to other suckers like yourself.
2017-07-15 Oops - this was investigated and somehow omitted. Now in our badlist where all ponzi's should be.
2017-10-18 Another 'revshare' ponzi/scam. If it says Revshare, it will hit the Ponzi Wall one day. Guaranteed.
2017-02-19 Retarded bullshit! Just a hyip scam, and the bitcoin mining is fake as well.
2018-01-08 So advanced, it has gone beyond physically mining bitcoin, and instead mines it using Zen and the power of delusion! We are getting sick of mining themed ponzi schemes.
2018-07-31 You do know it's all just bs? Revshare is just a trendy word for Ponzi/Fraud.
2016-06-26 (see PTCircle)
2014-06-25 With a design like something out of 1972, this cheesier than cheesy ponzi scheme is already past its' sell by date.
2018-06-18 We'd advise you not to. Up to you whose advice you take - the good guys, or this bad guy.
2017-02-21 Another 'viral ad' site that makes you think you are somehow in business. You aren't, it's just a ponzi set up.
2016-04-30 A fitting title, since this scam is so full of holes. Aero are nice choccy bars, but terrible bitcoin investments.
2018-09-13 After 50 days, they will be so far away with your bitcoin. Just don't.
2017-01-23 As in 'after one day, I realised they had just suckered me'
2016-09-05 Hyip/Fraud
2016-05-24 A fairly typical fake investment hyip site. Drearily predictable. Thieves have little imagination.
2018-03-15 Pretty much the same hyip design you'll see on a number of domains. All frauds.
2016-08-20 Yes, you read it right. Can't help thinking that this fraud title lost a little something in the translation.
2017-02-17 This is a new 'take on me', and it beats 'the living daylights' out of any investors. They just 'cry wolf' with this scam.
2016-08-02 Total scam. Another fake mining site.
2016-05-10 They aren't kidding, it is a proper hash. Total fraud.
2016-05-10 Just a ponzi scheme, and not even a good one!
2017-10-26 Aimed, and completely missed, so I guess more practice needed before this fraud hits the intended target.
2017-01-05 This scammer couldn't aim right if he was using a toilet.
2016-07-29 The airbit series of frauds continues. We hope to see the final episode very soon.
2017-06-24 The Airbit, Bitbackoffice ponzi series continues. Ponzi's aren't illegal where this scam comes from, that's why it is still alive, 2 years on, despite stealing millions!
2018-11-23 Also or Airbit Club. Well known dodgy origins for this ponzi fraud.
2016-07-11 Scams scams everywhere - and so many call themselves ICO's nowadays. This is another scummy scam.
2018-01-11 Invest in Fresh Air. At least that is the truth.
2016-09-11 You need some airspace between your ears to fall for this comedic fraud.
2016-01-07 Another fake mining site to add to our extensive list. Just a hyip in a miner suit.
2017-08-28 This would be a nice site, except that it isn't a nice site - it's just another fraudster.
2018-04-28 One more from those hyip scammers.
2014-12-27 The clue is in the title. Your bitcoin will get pissed up against a wall.
2016-06-27 Re-using this domain for a generic hyip/scam. 500% after 1 day, are you stoned?
2016-07-17 This is a BAD wix site, leading you to the best of the worst.
2014-10-28 All coin multipliers will simply keep your bitcoin. The payout stats are always faked.
2016-12-19 It should be called Laffmine - where you can mine (quote) "The most perspective Cryptocurrencies"
2018-05-11 What we would say to this wannabe scammer, is that they are just too stupid to be a Crypto scammer. At least learn your subject you halfwit!
2018-07-20 Yep. Allcoins deposited are stolen by the site. No discrimination at least
2015-09-23 A pretty straightforward hyip ponzi. Every hyip is set up to steal. They are not Investment Platforms.
2018-03-30 Sorry - We're a bit late getting to this site. It's a hyip/fraud in Spanish.
2017-01-14 When they scam on the pretence that they are somehow providing healthcare, it demonstrates how worthless these thieves really are.
2016-02-13 Yeah - we know it's all lies.
2016-04-22 How true. All you send, will end up in hash (yes that kind) and these dropouts can get high on your hard work.
2016-08-30 More crooks who wouldn't know a bitcoin miner if you hit them with it. Fakery and just fishing for fools.
2018-11-22 This is a hyip referrer page set up by the hyip scammers. Every link takes you to a scam.
2015-10-13 Another pox-ridden fake investment from the hyip contingent. Do your homework before you ever send bitcoin.
2017-01-22 Another of these "make $150 a day without investing" scams. Don't get suckered. You will certainly lose, but the author gains in commissions from the places where you open accounts.
2018-11-27 The pattern emerging, is that if it has 'FX' in the title, it is 99% likely to be a scam, like this is.
2017-06-24 How shall we put this, how about like this, Bitcoin-cash is less of a scam than this hyip thievery!
2018-07-06 Also Alpha Technologies (UK) have nothing to do with the real Dexcel Designs (India), there will never be an Alpha Miner, it's a scam. you will NEVER get your mining kit. Sorry.
2014-04-12 And, Centauricoin, - All parts that make up this Ponzi/Fraud. One for the Feds.
2016-09-12 A made up name for a fantasy investment. All a little silly really.
2017-03-16 An Ecuadorian hosted, Russian hyip/scam. Thats what we call globalism.
2015-04-21 Not really a fair trade. You send coins, you get bullshit back. It's much cheaper at your local Garden Center.
2018-03-29 It's all just a pack of lies you know, even down to the hijacking of somebody else's Company details. These fraudsters eh!
2017-03-19 Yet they don't steal altcoins? just money and Bitcoin. Weird.
2018-01-21 Another scam where you actually deserve to get robbed.
2016-06-20 A bit of a trend in Eco and Alternative fake investments, and this site is following that trend. Just a total fraud.
2016-11-23 Much easier mining you, than really mining. Just another hyip scammer.
2018-03-28 Another supplier who sends nothing. Just a scammer.
2018-02-02 hyip/scam
2015-10-12 If you are reading this, it is hopefully because you were thinking about sending bitcoin to this scam. We want these crooks to fail.
2017-09-24 Picture the guy who put up this site, laughing at the stupidity of fools who send him their coins?

Altswap Also Mineco, Iluveunc, Firemine. These scams are associated with one serial scammer.
2014-06-05 Another HYIP crossover. Don't give these people your money
2014-05-20 This entire site is a fraud, and will no doubt catch a lot of people before it is taken down.
2016-07-28 as in 'it's always btc that us fraudsters are after'
2016-10-06 Hyip/Scam
2015-07-07 Catchy title there, and with that, we'll be fkn amazed if anybody actually falls for this.
2016-07-28 It will be amazing if you see your bitcoin again. It's a ponzi.
2016-01-28 Another hyip. You need to understand, hyips are not run by businessmen, they are run by thieves. If they weren't doing this, they would be climbing through your back window!
2018-08-22 What is amazing, is that anybody is dumb enough to fall for a scam as blatant and as absurd as this!
2018-04-03 Not so much amazing, as missing.
2016-05-15 If this were true, we could all get our lives back, our work would be done. It is however, merely another little shit with a webpage.
2017-01-21 Cheeky scammers even using their logo. Ah well. This is fake mining by the way.
2017-12-11 Well, they gave it their best shot, but this scam isn't getting past our team. Just a fake investment fraud.
2017-06-27 Another fake investment hyip/scam Don't be fooled.
2015-06-15 The Scamertyville Horror! and some sicky javascript.
2017-12-21 The fakiest fake mining from fakeville. Just another hyip scammer.
2018-03-09 This 'Real Estate' is about as real as Donald Trump's suntan.
2016-11-16 Send bitcoin to this fraud? Oh no no no.
2016-04-21 Take a good look. This is what a modern, internet connected mugger looks like. Just put up a page of lies - people GIVE you bitcoin. Surreal.
2017-05-24 This scammer is going for it with high priced items, that you will never receive. Never send funds direct to Bank a/c for goods, and the offer of free delivery is always a red flag!
2018-06-28 No day is complete without adding a new hyip/scam.
2015-05-15 If you believe angels exist, then you'll probably believe this site is legitimate.
2016-07-11 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 Anonymous traders? So anonymous, they don't even know each other, or how to trade! Just lies like so many of these sites.
2017-02-21 the Bitatt scam appears on yet another domain. Everybody loses, what part of that don't you get?
2016-10-08 If you think your 'funds' are anywhere, other than a thiefs back pocket, you are mistaken.
2016-06-08 This fraud doesn't try very hard to cover the fact that it is just a ponzi. Don't be a mug.
2017-11-19 Not strictly bitcoin, but it is so blatant a ponzi fraud, that when we were made aware of it, we just had to add it.
2017-06-18 A very very odd Hyip/Fraud.
2016-06-16 There's a very good reason that the advertised prices are so cheap, and you can only pay with bitcoin. You are sending bitcoin straight to a thief.
2017-09-07 Antminer don't have distribution partners, and this is just a faker anyway.
2018-01-24 Clever use of domain name, but clever stops right there. Another fake supplier.
2018-03-05 This site must be produced by a child - surely? If you get suckered by this, you really should consider staying off the internet.
2017-10-21 A fake supplier. You should only buy Antminers direct from Bitmain, and you shouldn't really do that either.
2018-03-01 A fake supplier (currently offline) If it reappears, or they mail you - Avoid it.
2018-01-29 Wonder no more. This is definitely just a fraudsite, and has nothing to do with the real Bitmain.
2017-03-23 Some spotty little halfwit, in some thirld world country, is not a Corporation. Anybody can put up a webpage.
2017-03-25 This genius believes he has invented the very first bitcoin Ponzi.. Oh ffs
2016-09-19 8 fraud Plans to choose from - 8 Ways to send bitcoin to a sleazy thief.
2017-03-16 This scammer knows nothing about Bitcoin Mining, and even less about scamming. Nobody would fall for this - especially not you clever bitcoin folk!
2018-03-16 What does an Apex sell for nowadays? Does it matter?
2017-02-09 We see some sites, that really make us wonder if anybody even understands what they are trying to offer. This is offering fake mining btw.
2017-10-30 Those Apex's you bought, can apparrently now be traded . This is ridiculous.
2017-02-22 You may have thought - a scam will never get me. We can assure you that this deceiving little venture will get a few. Consider yourself scammed.
2018-04-19 We don't often list individual shitcoins, but some just deserve it. Set up just to scam you, and a clone of NXT. Thanks to a contributor for some homework.
2018-07-03 A basic hyip scam. Don't invest, these hyips are simple thieves.
2014-11-22 The site gives the impression that it's the real apple. Whoever it is, it isn't apple. Be wary.
2014-09-11 Apple don't do Crypto', but if they did, it wouldn't look like this turdpile of a scam!
2018-08-27 So you were late to the market on Apex's, so they've set up a fund to buy Aprex's instead. How cool is that? Welcome to the twilight zone.
2017-03-04 Hopefully, this site will be gone by April. Perhaps it's an early April Fools joke? Anyway, it's a ponzi for sure.
2015-02-24 Yet another Arabian themed hyip/scam. This scammer must feel that Arab's are inherently trustworthy!
2017-10-02 Despite all his digging, Abdullah has so far only managed to find sand - lots and lots of sand. Keep searching Abdullah!
2017-07-28 Trust me - I'm an Arab? A website can say anything - unless you verify it, it isn't necessarily true. Black is Blue. You don't believe that, but it's on the Internet?
2018-06-21 An Old-School hyip/fraud approach, that we know and distrust so well.
2017-01-01 A very old fahioned scam format, but nonetheless taking ten dollars of bitcoin from quite a few people! Just a ponzi, don't believe a word they tell you.
2018-08-01 Is it too good to be true? Of course it is. Just a thief.
2015-08-09 If this lending scam doesn't insult your intelligence, then you are their Ideal Investor.
2018-01-23 If only all scams were this crappy, people wouldn't lose so much to them. Put some effort in please you wannabe thieves, this is too easy.
2017-12-16 Risk free trading? Don't be so naive - but they have a bot?? Yeah, so does Futurama.
2018-01-05 Another hyip/scam. They all steal.
2017-03-22 Is this possibly one of the few ICO's with any legitimacy? Nah, of course it isn't, it's a scam like 99% of these Token offerings.
2018-10-07 A Hyip/Fraud
2016-05-20 More ponzi fun! Simply send bitcoin, and wait, and keep waiting, and...
2017-11-10 This is like every fake mining site we have ever seen, all copied onto one page, and then google translated! The mother of all bollocks!
2017-10-16 Shouldn't that be - arise Sir Bit? This is what we call 'Fake Mining' it has nothing to do with bitcoin, beyond stealing it from you.
2017-02-18 Fake mining, and a fake altcoin to go with it.
2016-08-03 All these hyip/scams are starting to look the same. They must all pirate each others templates. Sigh.
2017-01-18 The first hyip of the day, and I'm still on my first coffee. Stay away, it's a scam.
2014-09-12 Bland, by any measure, and totally unconvincing. If this fraudster gets you, then you need to get some sleep.
2017-02-17 Sorry scammers, we'll list these as fast as you produce them. Find another career, your scams are pathetic.
2015-10-07 Some nice pictures of miners that will never arrive. You may not wish to risk this blatant fraud.
2016-10-06 That's our hyip fix for today. This site should carry a health warning.
2014-10-14 More get rich quick bs from this hyip/scam.
2015-11-12 Any site offering this range of unrefundable payment options is invariably a fraud. Invariably!.
2018-04-24 Some sites make me swear at my PC, they are just so shit. This is one of them.
2016-10-10 Another of these 'community help' type frauds. Just a scam like most of these.
2017-01-06 If you haven't seen one of these, it is a Multiplier Fraud. They tell you they can double your coins, you send bitcoin, they keep it. Those payout logs are always faked.
2017-06-09 It isn't a Bank - It's a Ponzi Fraud trying to steal your bitcoin. You are your own Bitcoin Bank.
2017-05-14 Bitcoin cannot multiply, and anybody who tells you otherwise, is trying to steal it from you. It can double in value, not amount.
2017-01-24 A very colourful hyip/fraud. All hyips steal from the majority of depositors.
2017-01-02 The "Impossible is Nothing" hookline reappears. Nothing is guaranteed, it is just a scam.
2018-05-20 These fake suppliers are still springing up. Do your research, and if in doubt, ask us first.
2017-10-10 That should be "a sick store" Look for SSL, and google it first. Just don't take any chances when it comes to suppliers.
2017-08-08 Also This is a freehosted fraudsite sending out a lot of spam mail about asic hardware.
2014-11-09 This site has been on our watchlist, now it's in our badlist. Another scammer.
2017-07-22 This lazy fraudster just added an s into their previous scam name.
2017-12-16 It's not looking good for this faker.
2014-04-21 A very cynical title from these thieves. Asic-Con-Miner alright.
2017-07-27 You will be lucky to buy an Asic from anywhere for a while, however, you will never get one from here.
2017-12-28 Fake mining. Whatever you do, don't send anything to this half arsed ponzi with a mining theme.
2017-10-25 Hyip/Scam
2015-07-07 An old domain refreshed with a new hyip/scam on it. All hyips leave a trail of victims.
2017-01-09 These damn hyip/frauds. If they leave bitcoin alone - we will leave them alone.
2016-05-01 The only business this site is in, is theft and money laundering.
2015-10-05 This site will take your bitcoin, your money, and anything else you give them. You won't get any of it back.
2015-07-30 A hyip/scam
2015-03-27 Assets rekt would be a more fitting title. A proper Old-School hyip scam!
2018-06-02 A freehosted scam from this cheapskate crook.
2015-07-10 Another completely fake 'cloudmining' scam. Cloudmining is a very small world.
2016-09-13 Asssociated with the fake
2016-07-28 Watfunds or even Twatfunds - call it anything you like, it's a thief.
2016-05-31 It is quite rare that a scam will go to these lengths, but it is just a fraud, using a host of unrefundable payment processors - including bitcoin. Fuck these thieves.
2017-05-08 More like Atlantic Shipwreck. Think "Titanic"
2016-03-22 A hyip/fraud
2016-02-19 Ah, Atlantis, slightly less mythical than the promised returns from this penny ante ponzi scam.
2018-04-27 HYIP/Scam
2014-07-01 Well, I tried, and I couldn't even lift it, let alone hold it! ATM's are heavy, and this site is lying about everything else too!
2018-02-17 You buy RV's - This is just an internal bux type currency and has no real value. Don't do it, you'll be happier. Just to add, it isn't a UK company, it's russian.
2015-07-27 Atm, your btc is owned by you. If you send it to this hyip faker, it will be owned by him/her/it, and you never see it again.
2018-09-25 We're not quite sure how we should react to this fraud.
2017-01-26 Another hyip scam closing on one domain, reopening on another. Just fraud.
2017-11-19 Fake mining at it's most transparent. This is just a piss poor ponzi fraudster.
2017-09-26 Finally, somewhere to keep all those Aurum's, they do take up space.
2017-05-08 A "grea tonline investment". A major mistake on the main title is shoddy even by scammer standards!
2017-03-20 Another totally fake investment site from the hyip crew.
2015-08-11 Thanks to this Hyip/Fraud, you now know what Kangaroo Poo looks like.
2016-11-06 Not mining anything - This is just a hyip template.
2018-04-25 The only bots here, are the ones that the fraudsters sit on. Bots are a modern myth.
2018-07-10 If only earning bitcoin could be this simple. That is why we are here, because it isn't this easy. This is just a fraudster.
2018-01-12 If you're lucky, the site won't load. Breathe a sigh of relief
2017-01-18 These hyip scammers really do know nothing about bitcoin, beyond how to steal it.
2017-04-06 Frauds like this hyip/scam are being churned out, but we'll keep up with them.
2016-08-12 This site has absolutely nothing it claims. Behind the facade is a simple ponzi scam.
2018-05-08 Here's the Bitcoin Generator scam yet again. If you fall for this after all our warnings, you really are a proper mug.
2018-04-22 Autocryptotheft, from the 'javaboy' series of hyips. Horrible use of Java as ever.
2017-04-19 Currently, proudly hosting a ponzi / coin generator. Don't be a mug, don't send bitcoin to this thief!
2017-07-30 Behind this facade is absolutely nothing, nada, bugger all. You will simply lose bitcoin.
2016-08-26 These scams are coming thick and fast right now. You will lose your btc to this scamsite.
2014-11-29 This halfarsed scam will steal Btc and Ltc if you are stupid enough to send it.
2015-02-26 Don't believe a word of it. This is just a hyip-ponzi-scam.
2018-02-12 another of these sites that fools you into sending a 'release fee' which of course you will lose.
2017-03-26 Also, and 4 dodgy little sites on a free weebly host.
2014-08-03 As long as you don't mind being paid annually, in arrears.
2016-05-29 Also Oh ffs, it's the same site! Identical scam on two domains.
2018-07-16 You won't 'ave a bitcoin if you send it to these thieves.
2016-01-20 Another hyip/fraud
2016-04-08 Also This is a fairly big scam, and has a few other funnel domains leading to it. A big ponzi.
2017-12-14 Just one from the hyip scammers, All the usual spiel.
2015-10-28 Not that vast, as you'll soon find out, if you get suckered into this fraud scheme.
2018-03-16 One word - Bollocks.
2016-08-10 Another scam mining site. Don't send any money or Btc to these crooks.
2015-03-22 A fairly typical hyip/scam. You will lose your deposit.
2015-09-22 It isn't a Bitcoin Miner, it's a Bitcoin Generator, and all Bitcoin Generator's are simple scams to catch newbies.
2018-05-19 Whatever the software does - it isn't going to be pleasant. Please don't risk loading this scamware.
2014-10-05 The awsmining scam has changed domains from a com to a cc. Same scam though, not real mining, just a ponzi fraudster.
2018-10-19 Another hyip mining bitcoin from you unlucky victims. These idiots don't mine for real.
2017-12-02 If you fall for a scam this crap, you almost deserve your fate - but not quite - so please please don't send funds.
2018-02-13 Just so you know - The FCA have never heard of this shower. It's just a very well produced Hyip Fraud.
2017-07-09 This sick fuckwit gives his address as Grenfell Tower. Track this fraudster down please people.
2017-11-17 We hear axles will be really big this year.
2016-04-08 Shame that this domain is being used for a fraud, it would make a great Guitar-Exchange site.
2016-11-29 We hope you don't believe this. It's as obvious a scam as you will ever see, so if this fools you, you have tough times ahead. Try and learn from it.

Sites B Another of these fake giveaways. Anything you send, is lost to the scammer behind the fake giveaway.
2018-10-11 All btc doublers and multipliers are scams. Faked logs, faked stats and lies. Why would anybody really double your money?
2016-02-11 Is it even worth listing this? It's a ponzi of sorts, but come on - if you fall for this, just unplug your computer and give up.

B2G And every site associated with it. An entire scam ecosystem.
2018-05-08 It isn't bitcoin mining, it is just another hyip/scam.
2017-05-12 Site only about a month old, with absolutely no traceable origin, and already complainants! Don't give your details to strangers, you might bump into yourself one day!
2018-02-02 A fake version of the website. Please report sites like this to us, we can't find them all on our own.
2017-11-16 A hyip/fraud.
2016-08-03 Another faucet that doesn't payout. Don't waste your time here.
2015-09-16 A hyip style scam, but using aggressive 'boiler room' style persuasion to steal more from you.
2017-10-06 This is a very complex hyip/fraud. A total scam nonetheless.
2016-07-16 No no and fkn thrice NO! This is like a real Bank, it will steal your deposit!
2017-10-16 If you think Wall St Banks are a pile of Doo Doo, try this one. This is blatant fraud.
2016-11-01 If this site makes no sense, then congratulations. If it does make sense, try changing your drugs! Either way, don't be dumb and send funds.
2018-08-31 Immediately runs browser mining - You will NEVER achieve a payout, so don't bother burning out your CPU.
2018-06-09 We've been watching this evolve, and can find no redeeming features. It is a blatant ponzi.
2014-11-10 or Barclays Royal Club - From the same scammers that bring you our top 5 scams, comes this new scam - Try again scammers, we're keeping up with you.
2014-03-10 Another hyip/ponzi scamsite. Always just thieves.
2015-09-18 Don't be confused by this. It's just another scamsite.
2015-05-25 There's only really one plan. You send bitcoin, they keep it. A nice simple plan to relieve you of your burdensome bitcoin.
2017-03-24 Numerous unrefundable ways to send your money and bitcoin to this hyip scam. They do make it easy for you to lose bitcoin.
2017-08-11 A Hyip/Fraud.
2016-08-14 But Beware Chaps, Bad Bunch of Cnuts!. Enough.
2017-02-15 Please don't ever trust these coin multipliers. They can't multiply coins, they can steal them though.
2017-07-28 This entire site is a clone (word for word) of the recently defunct PBMining. Don't even go close to this scam.
2014-12-29 These fake mining frauds are becoming less like real mining every time. Fooled Google though, their Adsense push this site.
2016-07-24 Oh this site is dire. Please don't fall victim to this fake, shitcoin fraud.
2017-12-30 Whoever bought this 'clock' scam template, is trying to get their moneys worth out of it, you'll see it on a few domains.
2017-08-17 Just lately, anything with the letters BCC is just a scam. This is a scam as well.
2017-09-01 It's quite rare to see a completely incompetent scam attempt, but this is just about there. It really is pointless.
2018-09-19 NEVER send your private keys to a website. Not ever. It is the key to your wallet, and you will lose the contents in seconds.
2017-12-09 Site reg'd June 2014, unlicensed, misinformation on mainpage and exchanges to PayPal. What could possibly go wrong.
2014-08-09 Well, a dodgy coin needs a dodgy wallet, but nobody deserves to lose their money, so don't send any to this thief.
2017-10-07 Nice try scammers, but not good enough. Just some more hyip thievery.
2015-10-24 This is another wannabe crypto scammer that should really learn this subject before attempting a scam - assuming they are capable!
2018-08-01 An online wallet not to use. They will keep your bitcoin - You don't have the private key! For an online wallet use
2018-01-11 Fortunately, it isn't a name you'd remember - so not much hope for this fraudster.
2017-03-16 Seriously - 800% in a day. You don't truly believe a lie as obvious as that do you? Really??
2018-07-02 If you are a bitcoin 'newbie' be aware of these crooks! Bitcoin cannot multiply and cannot be cloned.
2017-09-01 Every doubler is just some chancer hoping somebody will fall for it. Don't let it be you.
2016-10-01 Be granted the intelligence to avoid this ponzi fraud.
2017-04-25 2x2 Matrix or Ponzi! If you're gonna have a free site, why not make it a Ponzi? Because you'll be in trouble, that's why!
2017-01-24 We could make a string of puns about the title, but we'll put in the same effort the scammer has. It's a shit hyip fraud.
2017-10-05 Hopefully, this fraudsite will stay down. If it reappears, you have been warned.
2016-11-03 Nothing special - just another hyip/fraud.
2016-10-22 A dull hyip/scam from a dull hyip scammer.
2017-01-26 A simple 'double your bitcoin' scam. You know bitcoin cannot double.
2016-11-12 With the SEC scrutinising anything called an ICO, the scammers are falling back to this traditional hyip format.
2017-12-06 These bitcoin hyip scams are coming in thick and fast today.
2014-07-01 Bee Ess! Bitcoin doesn't double, please get that message.
2015-09-22 If the title was Befullretard you might think twice before parting with your funds. Don't go full retard and actually believe this scam.
2018-09-29 No https, and Nuneaton is in the UK, not in jiangsu province where this Wuxi Yillian scam originates.
2014-12-12 This is so rubbish, we were reluctant to even list it. If you fall for this, you are beyond help.
2018-03-15 A little scam with bells on, well I declare.
2015-08-20 Very unusual choice of name for this silly coin doubler scam, maybe it didn't translate well?
2016-08-26 Or it could be called, whatever it is, it isn't mining - oh and no SSL either.
2014-12-06 Just because there are a lot of hyips, doesn't make them real. There are a lot of thieves too.
2017-01-03 This fraudster knows absolutely nothing about the subject of Bitcoin Mining, so please don't fall into this silly scam.
2018-04-12 Ooh, that Ben Wilder looks a trustworthy fellah, how could this possibly be a fraud, let's all send this fictional character all our money. Err, no.
2018-09-30 Another Ponzi pretending it isn't. Ad scams are very common.
2016-02-27 Just one great big 'fake ad' ponzi. You advertise to other suckers, as do they.
2017-01-23 Let's hope this site stays down. It is a fake vendor.
2017-04-10 There is no best or worst bitcoin generator. None is real, and all are scams. The only way to createe bitcoin is with very expensive mining technology.
2017-09-23 Best beat a hasty retreat. Just another scammer.
2016-12-12 This Jerk is 100% ripping our sites content, but may also have misleading links.
2016-11-01 Er, best NOT spend. You won't get it back from these crooks.
2015-05-13 They could easily rename it to Best2avoidthis.fraud but they might not steal as much.
2016-12-04 Here's what happens. You think you have somehow 'generated' bitcoin, but you can't have it unless you send a transfer fee first. If you can't spot the scam yet, then stay off the Internet.
2017-10-13 This is the best, and it steals all your bitcoin. Imagine the worst? they probably send a mugger to your door.
2016-12-16 The complete lack of SSL is justification to list this shady operation - so we will.
2014-03-11 An old school scam doubler, on the new .ltd domain. Bitcoin doesn't double - if you send it you lose it.
2017-04-18 This scammer accepts a range of cryptocurrencies. You can lose all your alts too!
2017-11-20 The word 'best' doesn't improve anything. It's still just a wannabe thief. Go on, if you don't believe that these sites are frauds, reload the site, and look at those payout timers restart.
2016-10-28 That's like Trump calling himself 'Best President' it is plainly false, and both are frauds!
2017-07-24 Their gain, is your loss.
2016-03-30 Never in the history of scams, has a scam been as scammy as this scam.
2015-04-26 This scammer is not even best at building a fraud site.
2016-07-11 Not a good idea really, unless you have bitcoin to burn.
2016-05-13 The best investing4u would be elsewhere. This is just a thieving dirtbag.
2016-10-18 A hyip scam that will take any nonrefundable deposit method, including bitcoin.
2018-06-03 Best, is if you found this fraud warning, before you found their deposit page. It is fake mining.
2017-07-14 Well, if they called it Worstmoneylink, you might not fall for this scam.
2016-09-28 At the time of listing, this links to the Macrobanking Hyip/Fraud.
2016-10-14 Seems that all you have to do is string 3 words together, set up a website, and fools will send you bitcoin. I despair.
2016-07-23 Best not, it's a Hyip/Scam
2015-06-07 Best trading somewhere else - anywhere else! This is another Ponzi fraud.
2018-09-13 Another site sending you to nothing but scams.
2015-03-27 Nothing is right about this site. They sell SSL but don't even use it on their own logins? Don't take the risk.
2014-10-11 Bitcoin cannot double. If you send bitcoin to a 'doubler' then you are a fool, and you and your bitcoin will soon be parted!
2017-07-23 One of a number of Hyip/Scams with a betting theme. Whatever the theme, a hyip is just a thief with a website.
2016-10-28 We bet you lose. This is just a crappy Sportsbet themed Ponzi
2018-06-24 They say there's no smoke without fire - and you can't see this site for smoke.
2015-02-20 The blockchain isn't flawed, but you are - if you deposit your coins into this scam.
2015-07-05 This scam is trying to convince you that they win so much, they want to share it with you! Bollocks is what we have to say to that. Just a hyip scam.
2018-07-11 Hyip after hyip - But we won't give up until they are ALL in jail, or starving.
2016-07-27 Bitcoin doesn't double, this is a Ponzi - Nothing to add.
2016-11-24 Bet in pants, bet in socks, or completely naked, but don't bet on getting your bitcoin back from this thief.
2016-08-31 It isn't investment, it's just a Hyip/Fraud.
2016-06-24 Another bitcoin scammer using Telegram to spread their thieving scheme.
2017-05-22 100% chance you'll lose to this hyip fraud with a betting theme.
2016-04-25 Legitimate UK company my arse. It's just another twist from the hyip scammers.
2015-02-24 The title makes it sound like a gambling site, it isn't, it's a hyip fraud trying to steal bitcoin as well as cash.
2017-04-20 Don't believe the bs. Nothing to do with betting, except putting your money on a loser. This is a hyip scam.
2018-06-19 and,, All parts of this multi-faceted fraud. More to come we don't doubt
2018-01-22 and,, All parts of this multi-faceted fraud. More to come we don't doubt
2018-01-22 When a thief tells you they are "Trustable" you would be a fool to believe them - Right?
2016-07-03 Another HYIP/Ponzi. Stay Clear.
2014-05-18 This site will screw you 2 ways, and leave something to clean up.
2016-03-29 Oh those russians!! Give this scamsite a very wide berth.
2014-11-06 Everything is big in the US, including the BS from scammers.
2016-07-28 A big pile of Horse Poo that steals from everybody - Is that a benefit?
2017-07-02 When we saw the scam attempt, we thought it was possibly the worst attempt at fraud ever. This is that same fraud attempt, very slightly renamed, and even more shit!
2017-08-29 Big something, but no way to make money. Money for nothing is a myth, a lie, or a scam.
2018-05-17 Coins that are just too big to send back to you. A typical hyip fraud.
2017-04-02 This is almost a standard layout for a hyip scam nowadays. Shiny and full of bs. 100% of hyips are scams!
2018-03-15 Double in 100 hours - more like run off with your coins in 99 hours.
2015-03-09 Yet another thief that wants your coins.
2015-02-16 Hyip/Scam.
2015-07-07 Hyip/Scam.
2015-07-07 A naughty little fraud from the hyip scammers. Don't be involved when the wheels inevitably fall off!
2017-03-10 The title doesn't match the hyip - but it isn't like it makes any difference to this fraud.
2017-02-18 Unless you wake up every morning, and people you meet call you Mr Musk, then it isn't going to happen, you will just be poorer.
2017-03-17 A very ostentatious design, but just a fraud.
2016-04-30 You can sing 'love really hurts without you' over your missing bitcoin.
2016-05-30 Does this site look familiar? It should do, another renamed Hyip/Fraud.
2016-06-24 These Hyip thieves love the binary theme.
2016-05-24 Passive Income? In your dreams. Active losses is the reality.
2017-06-12 You'll never see your bitcoin again, I'd hardly call that a win.
2016-05-07 A trading place where everybody gains is mathematically impossible, but It's the School Holidays, so we expect naive shite like this.
2018-08-07 Binary options are a scam, bots are a scam, that doesn't leave a lot really. Wait for V2, ToiletBotPro.
2017-11-27 Free delivery eh. As they have fuck all to actually post, they may as well offer free miners too!
2017-09-02 If you are reading this, then you may just have saved yourself from getting conned by this ponzi fraud.
2018-09-01 Just another hyip/scam with fake promises (lies)
2015-06-25 One from the hyip stable. Nothing is what it seems.
2015-01-24 The hyip scammers are running out of ideas for titles. This is scraping the fkn barrel.
2017-01-04 Sounds a bit like my wife, putting on the washing machine at least every hour, but no, it's just a moveable fraud.
2017-01-16 Sounds more like a washing powder brand, than a scam brand, but a scam is what it is!
2018-02-22 This idiot would have you believe that this is a real business. Just how stupid does he think you are?
2017-09-20 It may sound slightly familiar, that is by design, but this is just a hyip scam, and nothing to do with real mining.
2018-09-09 One for the russian speakers, just a hyip/fraud.

Sites Bit*-Btb* Best described as a scrotum, with a bitcoin theme. Will someone please start locking these hyip fraudsters up!
2017-10-30 Bit-shit actually. A really poor attempt at stealing bitcoin.
2017-02-22 It sounds rude if you say it right. Anyway, avoid this hyip/scam.
2017-05-16 When you bite a Bounty, you should find Coconut! Don't bite this one, and don't let it bite you - it tastes bad.
2018-02-23 This site has the front to say 'beware of imitations' So, beware of a scam, of this scam? The world gets a little madder every day.
2015-09-26 We don't want to carp on about it, but this scam is just fishing for your bitcoin.
2017-05-01 The old 'flaw in the blockchain' scam. Yeah right.
2016-02-29 Another 'off the shelf' scam doubler.
2016-05-01 Yeah, why not launch another ponzi called Bit-connect. Just add a dash of irony.
2017-11-02 Fake accounts, fake logs, fake promises - I'll bet this thief even has a fake dick.
2015-09-06 Wow, a user base of over a million, in under 2 weeks! That and a load more bs awaits you at this scamsite.
2018-10-30 These hyips are like those sticky strips that you hang up to catch flies, only these are hung out to catch greedy fools!
2018-11-05 Where hyip design meets scam coin doubler. Hopefully that nice design work is wasted, and none of you are dumb enough to believe these lying thieves.
2015-06-16 Yet another BitATT Clone. That scam format is easy to copy, but they must be running out of mugs by now.
2015-02-28 Anybody offering 120% in a day, may as well offer 1000% in a day - because it is just a lie either way.
2017-11-28 NEVER exchange Bitcoin using PayPal, and never send funds to an anonymised fake exchange like this one.
2018-01-22 All the little pigs go Oink Oink Oink, the Ducks go Quack, the Cows go Moo - down on Crim-bit-farm.
2017-01-14 Classic con, return the first few payments, then steal everything after that. From the same scammer as
2014-04-23 It seems that all hyips now register as a UK Ltd Company, this one too. At £35 to register one, as a scammer, why wouldn't you? At least it boosts UK GDP.
2017-04-21 Almost a replica of Coincompound, Which is quite apt - as they are both Ponzi's. Please stop giving to these schemes.
2014-03-27 A leafy suburb of Scamsville. Where stupid bitcoin goes to frolic.
2017-10-04 This entire fkn site is a bit of a hash. Total scam.
2016-04-30 A plain and simple scam. 100% chance of losing your investment at the time of the crooks choosing.
2014-07-28 Bit-dumb, Bit-stung, Bit-numb - Make up your own name for this scam, but don't send funds - you will lose them.
2018-08-24 This bitcoin doubler scam is moving around a few domains, game on!
2017-02-19 0/10 Must Try Harder. The forged company docs belong to an air-con business, it's not the only con.
2014-10-29 Another weebly hosted con merchant. Bitcoin doesn't multiply - it isn't bunny shaped for starters.
2014-10-07 That 'bitatt' scam code keeps popping up. There is no flaw in the blockchain - now get over it. and keep your btc safe.
2015-12-02 It will Jack you alright. Bitcoin ponzi's like this one may tempt you, but remember, it's just a thief with basic code skills.
2017-01-24 Amazing payout stats, almost unbelievable - ah who are we kidding, it is just a thief.
2017-06-13 We agree, this is a complete leg-end. (amazing what a hyphen can do) Don't believe this is mining, because it isn't.
2016-12-07 Bit-lite? I think not. Bit-completely missing is better. Just fake mining.
2016-08-14 This exceptionally basic Fake Exchange website shouldn't fool you, but we'll list it anyway, just in case.
2018-12-27 The problem with doubled bitcoin, is that it is too thick to travel along the wires to the internet, and just gets stuck in your router. Can you tell we are getting a bit sick of user stupidity?
2017-09-12 Just don't use this site. It is just another unrefundable payments thief. You won't even get a response.
2016-09-26 Nationally licensed where exactly? This site is set up in conjunction with a fake trading robot. Don't fall for this 2 part scam.
2016-07-05 Need we say more.
2015-03-23 yet another thieving hyip/scam to NOT send money or bitcoin to.
2015-04-24 You can only rely on this hyip crook to steal your Bitcoin. Nothing more, nothing less.
2018-03-15 It is a hyip/ponzi and you should expect to lose your money.
2015-05-09 The owners of this scam intend to trade your bitcoin for crack whores and Ferrari's. Don't be an unwitting sugar daddy.
2017-09-29 Just a hyip/scam Don't lose your money to these serial thieves.
2015-04-08 Despite the 'Up Front' impression, the site doesn't mention how they make money, which says a lot. You risk your Btc, and you are handing it to a complete stranger.
2014-04-23 Hyip scammers have little imagination - which is why these "scripts" all seem very similar. This one wants to steal Bitcoin.
2018-05-27 When you find you've lost your funds, you'll be more than a bit-cross, you'll be fkn furious!
2018-08-16 We've only just come across this site - and it is going straight into our badlist. This is blatant fraud.
2016-11-24 This attempt at fraud is just embarrassing. Admin will be online after school, and at weekends.
2017-03-08 The dusty old bitatt scam rears it's ugly head again. There is no flaw in the blockchain, but there is in this scam.
2017-07-09 or is it Bitx100, or Bitatt? All the same scamcode, don't be a fool, they will steal your coins.
2015-09-01 It's that bitatt clone again.
2016-07-25 Another complete load of Bull Poo.
2016-06-26 This doubler fraud site is also sending out spam emails with fake BtcJam offers. A web of deception.
2017-02-13 Doublers everywhere, so how come there can only be 21 Million Bitcoin? Go on, work it out for yourselves.
2017-10-26 What bitcoin really didn't need, was another Ponzi. This one looks different, and may catch a few, but it's a ponzi - Rest assured of that.
2017-07-24 At this rate, there will be more bitcoin doublers than fools with bitcoin.
2016-02-27 Just another doubler fraud. Don't ever believe any of these, they are all just pickpockets.
2017-01-15 Since you know that bitcoin cannot multiply, or be printed or forged, why would you send to a site like this?
2016-12-09 Some sites that we look at, make us wonder why people believe these unbelievable offers. This is one.
2018-02-14 Any site offering Bitcoin to PayPal is almost certainly a fraud. Never risk it. This is a fraud by the way.
2017-09-07 So, you sent a little to test it, and when that worked you sent a load more - and it did not come back. Welcome to the world of Internet Fraud.
2017-02-25 If you are tempted by this type of offer - don't be. You will always just get robbed by these serial pickpockets.
2016-11-25 If I were you, I wouldn't "Sing Up" to any of those fake plans. This is just a hyip scam.
2017-08-02 Impossible promises -Why would you believe these crooks?
2017-03-17 A phishing site set up to steal your bitcoin! They have your Keys. Thanks to the Reddit Community for the heads up.
2018-01-16 Another hyip scam, another UK Reg'd Company. These are too easy to set up.
2018-04-02 A hyip/scam just there to steal money and bitcoin.
2016-01-15 This very busy group of professional traders and bitcoin experts get around a lot, you'll find them on most scamsites like this one!
2018-01-28 Bitainex? Bit Anal if you want our conclusion.
2016-04-06 Of course you can't see your bitcoin, they've turned it into air - see, it's in your magic wallet.
2016-08-27 So airy in fact, that tumbleweed will roll through your empty bitcoin wallet. Better just not send it.
2015-12-03 Another fraud trying to bridge the credibility gap with Ltd status. Utter rubbish.
2016-09-03 Don't ever make the mistake of believing that there is anything behind these hyip sites. It's just code, and usually a single scammer. You WILL lose.
2018-08-06 Whatever the price, it will be expensive. It will never arrive. Just a thief.
2018-01-11 Taking a subtle approach, dangling an almost believable sized carrot! However, it is just another Ponzi.
2018-07-05 A bog standard hyip scam, with Bit in the title. Very imaginative.
2018-11-30 Bitofalongdomainname from this crypto scammer.
2016-12-01 Good old wix, the freehost of choice for the cheapskate scammer. Just a fake doubler site.
2015-06-15 A scammer got bored, and put up this crappy little fraud. Yawn.
2017-01-19 Fake investment sites like this one are everywhere. Send bitcoin, lose it. A very straightforward process.
2017-09-09 Let's keep this simple. This site WILL steal your money. Just don't send it, and yes - we told you so.
2014-10-08 No SSL, fake brands and so much more.
2014-09-16 Also Airbit Club. Well known dodgy origins for this ponzi fraud.
2016-07-11 An oddly titled hyip scam. It isn't a real investment, it's just another ponzi where you are guaranteed to be a loser.
2018-11-27 You weren't about to fall for this fraud - were you?
2017-01-28 How this one slipped past for so long - we have no idea. Sorry for letting you all down on this, we hadn't encountered this domain. It is pure drip drip Ponzi, stay well away from this fake mining.
2018-09-24 Don't be one of the few people who will fall this lame little webfraud please.
2017-02-25 No, not a typo, this scammer really is so dumb that they cannot think of a better domain name.
2018-09-04 Another of these all too common multiplier scams.
2017-04-01 Now bbc.bitbillions. To keep this ponzi going, you'll go into a round robin of sites hosted by the same firm - Inc GBBG, Iwantacar (eventually) and others.
2014-03-16 You can sing in, sing up, and sing while your bitcoin disappears in this badly translated hyip fraud. Remember, they deliberately misspell to deter anyone clever.
2018-11-27 Flagged as a malicious site, and the software may steal your btc keys amongst other features.
2015-06-23 A bit of a sideways domain move from naughty sounding fraud.
2017-07-20 Boom, and your bits are gone. If Cillit did bitcoin scams....
2016-03-07 Deja Vu? No, expect this slightly modified format and design across many Hyip/Frauds.
2016-06-26 This is a badbitbot, not a goodbitbot - although it isn't even a bot, it's just a ponzi.
2018-03-26 More fake mining malarchy. Just a Fraud.
2016-09-21 They even tell you it's a ponzi, but that 'This one works' Oh ffs, were you born yesterday?
2017-02-02 Bitbull? What can we add except that it is ponzi, and will fail anytime.
2016-11-17 Where you can see stolen bitcoin flutter by. I have a bitbutterfly stuck in my fog-light.
2017-06-01 Hyip/Scam
2015-07-07 Will anybody actually give to this halfarsed scam? Probably, so we'll list it.
2014-07-06 Cycler just means ponzi, and all ponzis run out of idiot investors very very quickly. Idiots don't have money for long.
2017-08-21 Welcome to the Hotel California.
2016-04-26 Just because an anonymous lying thief, who you just met on the internet, promises to pay you oodles of money for nothing, doesn't mean you have to fall for it.
2016-10-27 One of a whole series of fake wallets. Always check, and if in doubt, just google the sitename.
2017-10-07 These people will not double your Bitcoin, they will double their own Bitcoin if you are foolish enough to send them any.
2014-07-19 Bitunlikely coz dot numpties needed. Doublers are frauds - ALL of them!
2017-01-13 Ponzi's like this are on a hiding to nothing. Bitcoin makes more for you by just hodl'ing, so why risk it for lower returns in a surefire fraud?
2017-12-13 Add this to the bucketload of scam doublers.
2016-04-26 Nothing to do with Bitcoin Cash, this is a completely different scam, and wants to steal the real bitcoin, and cash.
2017-09-24 A hyip scam. Just do the maths, but factor in that the admin intends to fuck off with the lot regardless.
2018-04-21 They aren't mining bitcoin, they are mining fools. The world already has enough fools.
2017-10-18 Everything, including the Plc claims are just bullshit, from this thief with a website.
2018-12-27 Bitchest by name, bitchest by nature. Lots of reports now, and the payouts are like a revolving door back to bitchest.
2014-09-23 A Bit-Novichoko. As frauds go, this ain't no Wonka Golden Ticket, just another Ponzi.
2018-10-25 An off the peg fraud, The scammer bought it complete with hosting, Uk Ltd Company, payment scripts etc etc. Hyip fraud is a big Industry.
2018-06-27 We think you'll find that Bitcity, is a bit shitty, like all these scams.
2017-02-27 A doubler fraud using this domain was inevitable.
2016-03-19 Really old fashioned fake mining themes still catch some people. Be wary, and check with us first.
2018-01-13 What - You aren't tempted by that stock photo of a cheesy cnut who clearly looks incompetent? Good - because it's just a scam!
2018-05-29 This site wasn't around long. A fine example of fast fraud.
2017-02-02 The moveable MLM - It hasn't moved far, from dot com to dot advantage. Look, just buy bitcoin and keep it safe, not this bs.
2017-11-15 More MLM/Ponzi fraudster bullshit using the scam name that seems to persuade so many into parting with their precious bitcoin. We will say we told you so!
2017-08-30 Just don't get involved. Site yet to launch, but it is from a bad stable. 9/3/14 Update - we were right - it is a ponzi scam when it finally launched, and running across a few variant domains. Do the maths. Part ponzi, part real mining.
2014-12-14 Also and All parts of this same Ponzi Fraud. Don't be fooled, it is not mining.
2018-08-29 If you send bitcoin, they will give you half of it back. They claim.
2015-03-27 If this is your site, you need to give up on fraud as a career. It's crap!
2016-12-23 The bitatt scam appears on many web addresses, but we will keep finding them. Don't get robbed.
2015-05-14 Reports coming in that this is a Btc-flow ponzi clone. You pay for level ups, then the ponzi bans you. Not best practice really.
2015-02-28 More fake cloudmining offerings. There are few real ones.
2016-07-03 The latest trend is to relaunch tired frauds with 'daily' on the end, like this one.
2016-07-09 Where do we start? It isn't a real company, or a real investment, or genuine anything really. It is a scam though.
2018-12-01 You might not have seen this Bitcoin Generator scam before, but you WILL see it again. Don't ever be this dumb online.
2018-06-08 A 2x2 matrix, just means a BIG ponzi, broken up into LITTLE ponzi's. The end result is just the same, more losers than gainers. Please learn some basic maths! Ps. It calls it a 'donation' just to make it even clearer.
2017-06-26 You have to look closely at this kind of fun ponzi fraud. This ponzi is after bitcoin.
2016-11-29 Another one from the HYIP Crowd.
2014-05-11 Peer to peer donations, matrix etc etc. All different terms meaning Ponzi/Fraud. You are donating alright, to the scummy twat who put up this shambles.
2016-12-29 These scammers only need a couple of victims to get their costs back. Don't be one of those idiots please.
2018-03-15 No ssl on your registration and login pages, mean that people like us can steal your details if we choose to. Always look for SSL on login pages.
2017-07-18 and and and and and and and If you are going to have a fake coin, you need a fake exchange to sell it through, fake mining kit to fill your fake mining farm, followed up with a fake investment scheme, which you arrived at via a Market Price site. All that effort wasted now though.
2018-05-08 Going with that Oil theme again for this hyip scamsite.
2015-03-03 Ooh, you think you are cheating the system, while all the while, you are the sucker. Wise up please.
2018-02-17 A rather unimaginative domain change from this ponzi fraudster.
2016-12-04 Bitcoin cannot double or multiply, please get that fact.
2016-08-03 A scam of a scam - A kind of "Scam Squared!"
2017-11-25 Some schoolkid must have put this scamsite up over the weekend. You weren't fooled were you?
2018-01-28 The schoolkid that made the scam attempt, is still useless at scamming and html. This scamsite doesn't even work!
2018-09-30 This and sites like it, do not generate bitcoin, they fool you into sending bitcoin, and they keep it.
2017-11-04 Another site that will sting you when you want to w/d as well as stealing everything you send.
2017-11-03 Day 1 of the dullest Ponzi in Stupid City. It's a Ponzi Look it up.
2018-08-07 Another freehosted fraudsite coming right out of the cheap seats.
2016-11-11 A faucet that hasn't dripped since June. Don't waste your work.
2015-09-06 This scammer only has one design, he just keeps changing the name. Don't go near this scheme if you value your Btc.
2014-09-24 This is a scam disguised as mining. Please stick with the trustworthy sites.
2014-06-29 Another ponzi to add to the list.
2015-11-26 These doubler frauds have been around almost as long as bitcoin. Bitcoin still cannot double though.
2017-09-28 They double bitcoin, not yours though, you've lost that.
2015-09-24 The classic bitcoin scam, you will lose your money in these short lived ponzi's.
2015-04-29 This scammer is prolific. Don't feed him please.
2015-11-17 So you send bitcoin, then wait while at least another 4 people, equally dumb, also send bitcoin. Don't hold your breath.
2018-01-13 It's another Ponzi, but they are so ashamed of that fact, that they pretend they are some sort of legitimate Company. That is what HYIP scams do.
2018-08-03 Pyramid or Ponzi it has nothing credible to redeem it. Steer clear.
2014-03-21 From the same numpty that brought you "" and that's a scam as well.
2015-11-05 Or Ex-bitcoin?
2016-03-03 Total ponzi at the back end. Just don't bother unless you have money to burn.
2017-04-25 Doesn't get much faster. You know bitcoin cannot double.
2016-10-18 Oh this site is bad. This halfwit scammers school report must have made fun reading.
2017-08-28 Another silly attempt at fooling you with a bitcoin generator.
2016-04-14 Your risk. We wouldn't trust a half eaten Pie to these people though.
2017-11-20 You don't really want to know what FX stands for in this instance. Don't be damn stupid and find out the hard way.
2018-08-06 No matter what domain it appears on, this is always just a thief, and if you are daft enough to send bitcoin, you won't even get a thank you.
2017-09-11 Swimming around domains doesn't change the scam. If you send any bitcoin to this scam, you will never see it again. It really is that simple.
2018-09-03 Happy new year from these scammers!
2018-01-29 Don't be fooled by this, it's just another Ponzi.
2016-05-19 These domain names are getting longer, they are running out of places to put this rubbish little fraud.
2018-03-12 Heres how they sting you. The software fools you into thinking you have somehow mined bitcoin - you haven't. You send a transfer / mining fee. and the scammer keeps it and says thank you very much.
2018-04-22 The same lame scam that you will see on many domains. If you believe there is any truth to these kinds of scam, you will soon part company with your Bitcoin. Don't say you weren't warned.
2018-03-02 These scams all work the same way, by convincing you that if you send a little bitcoin, you will get more back. You won't. You will just lose it.
2017-11-15 Please please don't believe a site which thinks there are 50btc in a block!! This software has to be bad.
2014-12-30 Bitcoin generators do not create, or generate bitcoin. They generate fools. Don't be that fool, don't pay and lose a 'fee'
2018-01-11 Please don't find out the hard way, that bitcoin just cannot double, and never more so than when you send it to a thief!
2017-08-18 Another Bitatt clone, and just another scam.
2015-02-25 This site went away for a while, but now it's back. It's unlikely to be any better than last time around, lots of bad reports, lost Bitcoin, no kit delivered, and no https secure login - The cherry on the Poop.
2014-04-03 This scamsite 'ain't gonna make you rich, it's just gonna rob you.
2015-04-28 The bitcoin generator fraud. Don't be an idiot, you just lose anything you send. You get nothing.
2018-03-28 A hyip style scam. Stay clear.
2016-02-27 Has absolutely nothing to do with Bitcoin, and nothing to do with Investments either.
2014-05-12 Every link goes to a similarly styled hyip type scamsite, every one of which is a fake investment.
2015-02-03 This site has nothing to do with bitcoin, and it isn't much to do with investments either.
2016-08-08 If you are looking for Bitcoin Minning, then probably the site for you. If you want Bitcoin Mining, probably not.
2018-05-31 The bitcoin generator fraud. You think you have generated bitcoin, but you need to send a fee to get it. Don't be thick.
2017-12-17 Deja-Vu anybody? This uninformed scamsite will take you back in time to 2014, and keep all you send.
2017-02-06 No it isn't magic, but it will vanish as if it was.
2016-03-22 Don't send funds to try and get that 'imaginary' bitcoin, they will never be seen again. If it was that easy, we'd all mine it that way ffs.
2017-04-07 Another page of lies trying to part you and your bitcoin.
2017-09-24 One of those fake exchanges that accept deposits, and that's it. Stay well clear.
2016-08-15 Oohhh... they have direct access to the Bitcoin Servers, they must be very very special! (Laughable)
2017-11-27 Never attempt to buy from any site that has no valid SSL. Anybody can read your details when you order. Anyway, this is a fraudster.
2017-07-20 And yet another china-miner site pops up. Another hardworking bitcoiner is on to these, follow the thread at Bitcointalk
2014-10-14 there's no such thing as a bitcoin hack. This is a double bad-edged sword.
2016-11-27 Since when does a chinese supplier come from Bangalore? Stay clear of these serial scams. You won't receive any kit.
2014-08-11 Also any subfolders on this domain. All frauds.
2018-01-25 This Nigerian wannabe fraudster has a bit to learn about obfuscation technique.
2017-01-19 No it isn't a handy all in one tool - it's a ponzi scam.
2015-05-21 A freehosted attempt at fraud.
2016-08-10 Like fkn Bunny Rabbits, bitcoins multiplying all over the place - just don't get involved in this ludicrous fraud eh.
2017-10-03 That bitcoin price they advertise is just a mirage.
2016-05-07 PayPal and Bitcoin is a bad mix, also no https - don't risk it.
2015-03-16 You will just get robbed by the serial thief who has set up this bogus site. This one is getting some special attention. Let's nail this slimeball.
2015-06-04 This scam serves no purpose, except to phish your Paypal and Credit Card details - One for Europol, but we will warn you way ahead of them!
2018-05-21 It's doomed to be a very short lived ponzi. From the scammer
2015-09-18 The shovel is so you can dig a hole and climb in it. Bitcoin cannot multiply, so if you send it here, you will only find the divide function.
2018-06-11 A clear Ponzi, watch those payouts grind to a halt anytime soon. We somehow lost this from our list - but it's back now.
2014-05-08 This site made me swear at my computer. A very nasty scam.
2015-10-26 The usual bitcoin generator scam. Just don't send any bitcoin, and you can't lose anything.
2017-11-15 2018 sees this domain reused, again for a scam, but this time fake trading software. "The Bitcoin Trader" from a serial thief.
2018-10-03 Gone, but took a lot of bitcoin with it.
2014-10-15 A pretty basic hyip/scam, based in India.
2014-12-21 This entire site is too basic to be real. Complete absence of security, and we've received reports of losses already.
2016-11-13 Bitcoin minus times 100. That sounds about right. Bitcoin doesn't multiply, you send it to someone who won't send it back.
2017-06-27 Also Both based on the Bitcoin Generator scams - Pretend to mine, but you have to send a release fee.
2018-03-30 The main scammers domain is already listed here, this is a subdomain of that scam, but still a scam.
2018-03-23 We would like to think that nobody could fall for such a poorly executed fraud. Be somebody.
2017-08-13 We aren't trying it, but this will suck you into a monthly deduction from your phone. Quite unwelcome.
2017-12-15 If it was honest, it would be a straightforward 10:1 Ponzi. But like all Ponzi's the intentions are dishonest from Day1.
2014-05-29 A 2x scam. Don't fall for these multipliers, they are all thieves.
2014-11-03 You'll see this bitatt fraud everywhere, but don't think it has any possibility of being genuine. It is a chancer, nothing more.
2017-02-05 This tries to sting you twice. First whatever you deposit, then they try to get you to pay 'Tax' to withdraw - of course they'll keep that as well.
2017-03-08 This flaw in the blockchain scam is on many domains. Just fishing for fools.
2018-02-21 Dress it up any way they want to, it is just a scam.
2016-03-22 Britain used to have a Train, called an Intercity 125. This scam is even worse than that piece of shit Train.
2018-04-26 Offering 156% - a different number to the average scams, but why??
2017-03-21 Fairly unimpressive, just a hyip/fraud. Send bitcoin, lose bitcoin, learn from it.
2016-10-12 This site is an exercise in creative writing. Utter lies, don't believe a word from this thief.
2016-02-22 You can multiply it a "Handeredfold" It may come back bent though. Just a scam with Guy Fawkes Graphics. This scam has relaunched in 2019.
2017-11-20 Mixed reports about this ptc/game. Too many complaints to ignore though, many users not getting paid.
2015-04-17 A scam coin doubler.
2016-02-21 There are a number of schemes that have these 'funnel' domains, to literally herd suckers, like sheep, into the ponzi at the end of it. At least you get to walk away alive.
2017-12-28 Some other wannabe crook trying off the shelf scamcode.
2016-03-24 What the hell is going on with these Segwit2x'ers gone rogue! Battle lines being drawn.
2017-11-09 Another lousy doubler fraud.
2017-02-28 Why 3? irrelevent though as this is a really basic fraud. Don't be daft and actually believe this thief.
2017-06-01 This sites only interest in bitcoin, is stealing it from you.
2016-03-24 this is not an MLM they say - Yes it is, it's a Ponzi like every other Ponzi.
2016-09-28 This faucet hasn't dripped for over a year. Don't give them your work, you won't be paid.
2015-06-18 I wonder if they get up to adventures, like the Famous Five? There'll be no Ginger Beer and Crisps where these scammers are going!
2017-09-09 A pretty typical Indian hyip style fraud.
2016-07-20 This just leads you to throw your bitcoin into the 'Gladiacoin' scam.
2017-03-08 You don't make money out of thin air, and this crap can't create it either.
2017-04-03 And it does what exactly? Well, at least they aren't making ANY claims.
2015-08-02 This scam Ptc is back up. It disappeared about a year back. It won't pay you. Same site, same issues.
2014-05-25 Also What this guy thinks he's up to, we have no idea. Fraudster at every level.
2014-06-06 Don't kid yourself, all you are buying is a place in a crooked ponzi.
2015-10-25 Not a bitcoin angel, just a bitcoin angle.
2016-03-22 This "bitatt" scam appears on dozens of domains. The code is openly sold.
2015-08-23 A bit of a bitcoin con, but bitcoinco is basic at best.
2016-09-26 Issue 1 - you are sending money and your bitcoin address. Issue 2 - you are getting something probably bad, back to your email address. Issue 3 - It's weebly. Just don't.
2014-10-31 Trouble is, it's all bullshit. Did we miss anything? Oh yeah, also a Trojan in the download.
2017-02-05 Yet another bitcoin ponzi scheme. It will end in tears.
2015-03-02 Oooh, you big brave brutal bot. Though, it would take more than brute force to drag anybody with an IQ higher than 1, into this obvious scam!
2018-11-06 Not a very professional looking fraud, but every thief has to start somewhere.
2016-07-31 Yes it's a scam, but what is confusing, is why anybody wants to steal Bcash? It takes all sorts eh.
2017-10-06 These frauds are really starting to assault the Spanish and South American bitcoin users. This is just another Ponzi/Scam.
2017-03-15 Just another fake investment site.
2016-01-29 Keep these scams coming, we'll keep warning the world about your crooked intent.
2015-08-11 Another scam coin multiplier. Do they actually rake in any mugs nowadays?
2015-03-30 Promises interest in 1hr, may return small deposits while building trust.
2014-02-27 Claims to have traded since 2012 are simply untrue. This guy is just a thief.
2017-06-08 This ponzi is pretty amateurish as scams go.
2015-03-27 A snappy little title - you won't be typing it, that's for sure! If you do end up here, just close the window and go somewhere else.
2017-11-26 Also 2 fake cloudmining sites to miss.
2014-05-03 Another cloudmining scam. Mining your wallet.
2015-09-13 This site takes you to many known scamsites. Most of the mining sites listed here are hyip/scams.
2016-01-29 Show us your tackle Boys? Go on whip it out, let's see your mining kit. But of course, there is no kit. Just a fake mining site.
2014-07-08 Code Experts? These people don't know their own arse from a hole in the ground! Just ponzi scammers - stay well clear of Thebitcoincode ponzi.
2018-01-24 This bullshit Ponzi, The Bitcoin Code, will just keep turning up. Don't get sucked in and lose your life savings, as many have.
2018-07-23 Better hope that if you get your bitcoin back, you get the real bitcoin, and not the copy. (god that is a dumb thing to write - I need a break!)
2017-02-22 This is one of those toys that is broken when you buy it. Just another fkn thief, like we need more!
2017-03-06 Don't be suckered by this ponzi/scam.(reappeared recently 5/28/17)
2015-09-07 We've seen it all before. It's a multiple ponzi and you'll never get your bitcoin back. Associated with the fake
2014-10-07 This is a Phishing Site, and apparently has a nasty payload within a video link. Stay well clear.
2015-02-19 Bitcoin does not double. Please try to understand this.
2016-02-24 It would be really cool if bitcoin could double, but the reality is, it cannot. This is just a pickpocket.
2016-08-16 A scummy scammy coindoubler fraud.
2016-07-31 Every one of these 'doublers' is just lies. Your bitcoin doesn't double - If you are daft enough to send it, they keep it.
2017-03-19 This site is no different to all doublers. A very few are ponzi/frauds's, but as a norm, just straight theft.
2016-10-22 If you send bitcoin to any site claiming to double it, you will not get it back. Do you still have any questions?
2017-10-31 Bitcoin cannot double, and now armed with that fact, what do you suppose will happen if you send bitcoin to this fraud?
2017-11-27 You might double this crooks bitcoin, but he won't double yours. Just don't be dim - it's a nice day.
2017-10-07 Bitcoon doesn't double. If you send it to a doubler scam, the thief will keep it. It isn't that hard to understand - Surely?
2017-10-11 The 'official' scam domain apparently, and a load of fake BBB certificates (now removed) Ridiculous.
2015-10-29 This most basic bitcoin scam, appears on yet another domain.
2018-06-08 The scam that just keeps on coming. They pretend you have "generated" bitcoin, but you have to send bitcoin to get it. Doh!
2018-05-16 Bitcoindoublers are ALL frauds, bitcoin CANNOT double.
2016-05-30 This site cannot double your bitcoin. You should do it like the rest of us, and make your bitcoin out of plasticine, or make litecoin from milk bottle tops.
2017-06-27 Just as with EVERY Bitcoin Doubler - Just a fraudster hoping you are dumb enough to believe this shite!
2018-01-18 Bitcoin cannot double. People that tell you they can double it, are trying to get you to send them your bitcoin. It isn't a complicated scam.
2018-07-21 Bitcoin cannot double, but you can lose it easily if you send it to a site like this one. Wake up, this is the real world!
2017-11-09 A very intimidating design. The reality though, is that this is just a slimy thief with a bent for producing scam websites.
2016-08-10 That picture of an overjoyed girl, is a picture of an overjoyed girl You won't look like that.
2017-01-31 All the PTC sites that this supposed script will auto collect from, are totally protected from scripts. Wave goodbye to that bitcoin you sent.
2018-10-04 This site will attempt to load Coinhive malware - If you visited and didn't get a warning, you need to update all antimalware.
2018-04-18 This site is set up to try and suck you in to the USI-Tech ponzi scam, also in our badlist.
2017-10-30 They know the drill, and we do too. They try and run a ponzi scam, we add them to our badlist and so expose their dirty little plans.
2017-11-19 Or... will it just go to a thief? You know bitcoin can't double - It's a con.
2015-06-26 Investment? Game? You'll probably have to find out the hard way, that it is neither.
2017-02-07 This will lead you to the fraud empire.
2017-03-20 This laughable scam follows the time honoured con trick, of making you believe you are part of a scam yourself. Human greed is a powerful motivator.
2018-06-19 A cheaphosted scam bitcoin doubler. Bitcoin cannot double.
2017-06-22 This site will not only steal your deposit, but try to make you send more to get any back, don't.
2017-04-10 Not a very good name for a fraudulent wallet - back to the drawing board eh?
2016-12-22 A ponzi that's been running since 2013 of course it never pays.
2014-03-18 Nope, just bitcoin error.
2016-05-24 You do know it's just a hyip? Send bitcoin and lose it.
2016-01-10 Bit-Conners. They just want to steal bitcoin. Don't let 'em.
2016-04-22 Linked to, and a ponzi fraud.
2016-12-19 We'll tell you again. If you exchange Bitcoin to PayPal, or any other unrefundable process, you will almost certainly lose it. Here too.
2017-03-27 Another faker offering to double your Bitcoin. Ask yourself why people spend thousands on Bitcoin Mining Rigs?
2018-02-05 This is just another Boiler-Room/Hyip. Don't fall for it.
2015-03-22 1 crook + Laptop + Ashtray = "Finance Corp" How very pathetic.
2016-12-16 Another fraud that really isn't trying very hard.
2016-07-20 The former Phoenixrising fraud has fucking risen! Well that goes to prove something, but I don't know what.
2017-09-03 This is not a legitimate Exchange, and you will certainly regret trying it. Never use PayPal to buy or sell Bitcoin!
2017-08-19 As dodgy as fck. Using fake Trustpilot references linked to - also berated by the community.
2018-03-04 This site will not make you rich. It might make you cry though.
2017-04-30 The bigger ponzi for higher stakes victims of the Fundmycause Ponzi.
2017-02-20 Yeah, just funnel all your friends and family into this tacky little ponzi. All lose in harmony.
2018-01-03 Flashy but 100% Lies and Fraud from this hyip. None of them never pay.
2016-12-09 These hyips keep coming, we keep adding them - it's a game we are winning.
2017-02-13 This "Bitcoin Generator" software just makes you think you've earned something, when it is all just Gold Standard BS! - The sting comes when you try to withdraw, and you have to deposit first. Get it?
2017-02-28 Dress it up how they like, it's still a ponzi/scam.
2015-06-07 This site was set up by The Bitcoin Institute for Research into Stupidity. What was your score?
2018-01-19 In space, no one can hear your wife scream at you, for being so fucking stupid, and losing all your bitcoin to an obvious fraud!
2017-10-07 If you saw this site on a cold morning - it would be steaming. Enough said.
2017-03-11 If you lost bitcoin to this scam, then yes, it worked.
2018-03-08 You lose anything that this scam persuades you to send, and there is no way you are getting it back.
2018-08-13 Fairly typical styling from the hyip producers. You should know by now that nobody comes out smiling.
2017-06-26 And go, is exactly what your bitcoin would do, if you were silly enough to send it!
2017-10-23 Do not try this site. You will lose your bitcoin. BitcoinGold is simply a Train wreck! Not worth any of the risk.
2017-10-26 So, you have your first bitcoin, it's all very exciting, and you see these amazing ways to multiply it. Stop right there. Every one of these is a thief, who will keep what you send.
2017-10-12 These hyip/scam site titles just get weirder. Hardly an inviting title.
2017-04-25 DO NOT DOWNLOAD that file. It will do nasty things to your PC.
2015-01-06 If this thief sends you a pot to grow it in, you'd better keep it! You'll be needing it later to piss in.
2017-03-03 And when that doesn't work, they have some Magic Beans you could try!
2018-01-18 Also Crypto AMC Ltd. A bit slow adding these, but they're here now. Stay clear of these serial crooks.
2017-08-15 Lies, lies, more lies, and some pictures of dubious kit. From a serial fraudster.
2016-01-18 Limited is right. Imaginary mining, the scale of which is limited only by your imagination!
2017-11-28 Bitcoinholoadacrap. Don't be a fool and believe this thief.
2016-06-20 Thanks to us, these scammers claim fewer victims every day. Heres another fraud.
2017-02-08 In to a scammers wallet, and it ain't coming back.
2016-02-09 They aren't kidding - You send bitcoin and it's theirs.
2017-03-22 Another fake mining fraudster that has changed domain suffix, from .biz to .site. Right next to each other in our badlist though!
2018-08-25 Every site on here is a scam.
2014-12-20 You will feel so dumb if you end up sending bitcoin to this conman. Don't tell anybody, they will think you are dumb too.
2018-03-21 So many ways to lose your Bitcoin in one place - we're genuinely impressed. Stay away Folks.
2014-05-12 Every link is a link to misfortune and thieves.
2015-08-08 Buy bitcoin with untraceable non refundable payment methods? Your Call.
2015-05-11 A good site that's gone bad. Don't send money here, it will disappear. Yet another BF Member - there's trust for you.
2014-08-31 Bitcoin to Paypal is not inspiration, it is folly. Don't risk it.
2016-05-21 Their scam has another domain. Same scam, new domain.
2016-02-03 We instantly added this site, the instant we saw it, we knew instantly it was just a hyip/scam. watch it as it moves around a few domains.
2016-01-12 Like making Instant Soup, but with Bitcoin apparently.
2017-05-31 Another new bitcoin set up to steal your money.
2015-01-04 So many fraudsters trying to steal your bitcoin. All the more reason to keep it safe.
2018-02-23 Another off the shelf multiplier scam.
2016-05-17 A hyip style scam, set up solely to steal from folk.
2015-10-03 A recurring theme from these scammers. I suppose Bitcoinscamclub doesn't have the same ring to it.
2017-08-18 You are fooling yourself when you allow these hyips to drag you in, the reality is, there are 99 losers for every gainer.
2018-05-13 More from the financial shitpit that is Hyip Frauds!
2018-01-21 Poorly pirated images etc. Avoid this obvious scamsite.
2015-01-30 More diverse ways to get to the USI-Tech Ponzi Scam. More to come.
2018-01-01 A very slight variant on the bitcoin generator frauds. Don't send any bitcoin to these scammers, you won't get anything back.
2018-08-20 He's just a fraudster in a King suit. No doubt the Cowboy Outfit is in the wash. Bitcoin cannot double.
2016-06-28 Look, bitcoin does not have magical properties. These scams promise everything, but if you are dumb enough to send funds, you have sent them to a common thief. Not clever.
2018-10-01 Another cloudmining site that makes no sense. Our advice is to ask for proof. No evidence - No investment. Simple.
2014-12-28 This is a hyip. Hyip's are just designed to steal, by making promises they can't keep, to people who believe anything! You send Bitcoin, they keep it.
2017-09-07 They even have a little graphic that shows you it's a ponzi. Sorry - this won't make you rich.
2015-02-08 Not a very good title, not a convincing fraud either.
2017-11-11 Another con-artist looking for a sucker.
2015-08-24 You don't 'make' bitcoin, you Mine it. This is just a fraud to catch newbies.
2017-02-28 Looks like the hyip scammers are completely out of new ideas. More of the same old fraud format.
2017-05-21 A pretty shoddy copy of the BitATT scam. You WILL get robbed here.
2015-03-06 Another Hyip/fraud trying to steal your bitcoin.
2016-10-18 Already outed as a scam. credit to Cryptocoinsnews, and we concur.
2015-04-29 Bitcoin mega spiel. If you send bitcoin, don't hold your breath waiting for it to come back.
2017-09-28 This is possibly the most implausible scam on the internet! That is some honour. We are talking caveman levels of dumb!
2017-08-28 Cute graphics suck people into trust where it isn't warranted. A cute ponzi fraud is still just a scam.
2018-11-12 What you mine here, doesn't come on a Blockchain, it comes in a Bucket!
2018-06-02 Wondering what the payload is in that suspicious software? It isn't bitcoin mining for certain.
2015-12-07 Bitcoin cannot multiply, so this is another fraud added to our badlist.
2017-02-27 Nothing good about this site, not least the lack of SSL.
2015-11-08 There is no evidence of any mining kit or provenance. Be wary of this site. Don't be the one to discover it's bad.
2014-06-20 Another hyip scam. Don't believe that these are even ponzi schemes, they aren't. They are just thieves who you will never trace.
2018-08-30 Why try to convince you that they are mining, when it is blatant hyip fraud! If you want to mine, visit our safe sites list.
2017-10-29 Matrix=Ponzi. Don't be fooled
2016-03-22 Yet another half arsed attempt at fraud.
2016-08-27 If you think bitcoin can magically multiply x100, email me, I have some magic beans for sale.
2015-05-25 Wwttff jjuusstt hhaappeenneedd?? Mmuusstt bbee tthhiiss ddoouubblleerr ssccaamm.
2017-06-27 Hyip/Scam.
2015-06-03 This serial scammer is now going after bitcoin. Tell him where to go.
2016-12-17 The 'Bitcoin Generator' fraud makes another appearance. 1. Never download silly software. 2. Never believe you will get rich without working for it.
2016-12-26 Address in Tallin, phone number in UK, This STINKS!
2014-03-08 Possibly the most juvenile attempt at fraud ever. Send bitcoin to an anonymous address on a half arsed promise. I despair for those who lose to this.
2018-01-06 Not Paradise, but you'll have Parrot Eyes when you realise you've been robbed.
2016-06-13 A russian ponzi site,like we need another ponzi.
2015-03-10 Oh they cheat alright, don't be dumb enough to download from these scoundrels.
2014-11-29 Scammers think that just putting the word Bitcoin in front, adds credibility - Just ask Roger Ver, he does it all the time.
2017-12-19 This scam is about as popular as a cabbagey fart on the Space Station!
2017-01-06 it's a reincarnation of the Phishing scam - DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR DETAILS
2014-04-17 Don't be too hard on it, this is a first attempt at scamming, webdesign, and life in general for this dimwit thief.
2018-01-01 Just don't send it eh. Only a fool sends bitcoin to a doubler scam.
2016-10-22 Nice try, but of course, it's just another ponzi/scam
2015-12-03 Payout issues from this PTC site.
2015-06-07 Weird? Believe me, we find these hyip themes as weird as you do. The intent is always the same though, to persuade you to be stupid.
2017-06-09 Oh what a sneaky simple little scam! It generates you a QR code for their own wallet, not yours!
2018-09-11 It's all lies folks. Bitcoin doesn't multiply, and if this was an honest ponzi (it isn't) it would be 4:1+Rake, and so a Red or Black Roulette bet is better.
2018-09-06 The proliferate 'Bitcoin Generator' scam. Don't bother eh.
2017-03-15 Is rain normally yellow? So what's that coming down on you from this ponzi thief.
2017-06-07 Of course it's a scam - what do you think? Do you think they would need your money if they could multiply their own. Wise up people.
2015-05-14 The first new scam doubler of 2015. There will be many more.
2015-01-03 As a throwback to, we can see your future if you are dumb enough to believe this insecure site.
2017-01-29 You WILL feel very very stupid if you fall for this simplistic fraud, so don't.
2016-11-09 All these 'bitcoin generators' do, is show you numbers that make you dribble, and then persuade you to send bitcoin, to get the non-existent bitcoin. They cannot believe your stupidity!
2017-08-17 No, bitcoin does not grow. It's bitcoin, not a fkn Tamagochi.
2018-12-30 Bitcoins grow 100x? Not in this World they don't! Please don't lose your bitcoin to such a simple fraud as this.
2018-08-11 Multiplier your bitcoins Did this thief go to school?
2016-03-22 No, they don't. They don't multiply, they can't. Just lies to get you to send yours.
2018-06-04 Ludicrous. Bitcoin can't multiply once, let alone 100x. Put it this way, if they could multiply, they would be absolutely worthless.
2018-09-01 They must have a Chinese Dictionary. Network=Theft in this instance.
2017-01-30 What have we told you about PayPal and Bitcoin? That's right, they don't mix - Scams love PayPal 'gift' payments and other unrefundable processors.
2017-05-04 Well, as long as you don't send them to this ponzi scam they might.
2016-02-04 So many frauds come via Malaysia, and here's another one. Dimond plan anyone?
2017-01-23 Bitcoins Air - Which is why you can't see it.
2017-09-17 It isn't safe, and it isn't an investment. That really doesn't leave much.
2018-10-17 A curious title, and under the bonnet, just a ponzi/matrix scam. They soon fail.
2017-11-16 Exchange Paypal a Btc PayPal and Wix - This is a first. What could possibly go wrong? Just Don't.
2015-06-30 This site is an insult to your collective intelligence.
2016-07-20 Save your bitcoin, this is a Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 Bitcoinsbrain as your title, when you have a cheesier than Brie scamsite? yeah, fucking genius.
2017-05-31 The irony. This is a Moriarty Site, one of the worst scammers. Anything on this site is complete bollocks.
2014-08-21 Another stupid way to attempt to exchange bitcoin! Stick with the big exchanges, and if you have to launder bitcoin - tough.
2017-03-02 But only if you mine more, buy more, or earn more. This is just another fraudster.
2016-05-15 The latest in a long line of doubler scams. I'll tell you what, give me your iphone, and I'll give you 2 back tomorrow. That's how ridiculous it is.
2015-12-12 No they don't. The thief just can't believe that all he had to do was lie to you!
2017-01-18 Another ponzi based on the MMM 'Donation' model. Don't be a sucker - everybody loses.
2017-03-27 Shall we tell you tell you the secret, or do you want to find out the hard way?
2017-01-06 Formulaic is about right. Belief in always profitable bots is like Faith - You have to ignore blatant truth.
2018-06-08 Don't risk it. You don't need to, there are plenty of legit exchanges.

Bitcoinsimple also on Twitter as @BitcoinSimple. This is an obvious Ponzi. Don't be a sucker.
2014-05-14 The site is currently down. Hope it stays down - don't download this potential malware.
2014-07-06 Don't you just hate long names for websites. This is almost a record. Anyway, it's just a shit scam.
2017-02-25 Another scam bitcoin multiplier to add to the badlist.
2014-12-06 A weebly hosted website, with a desire to steal your bitcoin. Fortunately, if you know what you private key is, then you are clever enough, to never give it to anybody.
2017-10-18 Bitcoin doesn't need steroids, and even less, ponzi frauds!
2017-01-14 Trading robots making you rich. If you believe that, you'll believe anything this thief tells you.
2016-02-23 This isn't square - This is Pyramid shaped, like all ponzi scams.
2018-07-08 Best advice is to step over this one, and just keep going.
2016-11-28 Essential for making a complete stew out of your bitcoin.
2017-01-01 Since every doubler is just a thief, we'll leave YOU to work out what a 'tripler' might be.
2017-04-20 Looks like they ripped off somebody elses coindoubler scam to make this one.
2017-01-02 A really really rubbish little hyip/fraud.
2016-07-12 It's a ponzi so don't get sucked in.

BitcoinSV AKA BitcoinCashSV. BcashSV BCHSV. The SV is for Satoshis Vision. It should be named BitcoinDS, for the deluded satoshi that is Craig Wright. Satoshi is probably dead, so this faker feels safe to claim he is the man himself. Deluded.
2018-11-26 This site is going to send you to a load of places that will lose you money and bitcoin, but make a lot in referral income for this sites admin. Your choice.
2017-10-23 The classic scam doubler which of course doesn't, it just steals like all these ponzi's.
2016-01-31 Not much you can say about this fraud. Unimaginitive maybe?
2016-06-07 Our bitcoin task, is to clear our inbox by listing all these scams before Christmas Day, including this one!
2016-12-24 If this crook has taken your bitcoin, and sent nothing, you kind of deserve it.
2016-06-20 Read all about it! is a scamsite - Headline news!
2017-06-01 The bitcoin generator fraud appears yet again. If these sites had sounds, they would just laugh at you.

Bitcointopal (See
2016-05-17 Wonderful software. If you have sound turned up, it may even swear at you. A quick and convenient way to lose all your bitcoin.
2018-02-27 Bitcoin raiders, not traders. It's a scam of course.
2015-10-14 Multi matrices just break this ponzi scam into believable chunks. Don't.
2017-07-04 The same fraud that was on the dot com domain. Thanks to a contributor for this update.
2017-08-22 Look, if anybody ever does develop a trading bot that wins all the time, you won't be getting a slice. That is why all these 100% success bots are just bullshit.
2018-01-14 Yet another poxy hyip/scam after your bitcoin.
2015-02-15 (see
2018-05-08 If we have told you once, we have told you a thousand times. DO NOT exchange Bitcoin using PayPal - YOU WILL get robbed. Any exchange offering this is always just a scam.
2018-03-22 An MLM with no product - So that's a ponzi Scam then.
2017-12-13 (not to be confused with the legitimate stay well clear. From the scammer who brought you ''
2014-12-16 This hyip/scam is only in Spanish so far, but it will no doubt appear in a language near you soon.
2017-03-09 Deja Vu? No, it's that damn "bitatt" scam again. This code is openly sold, and many little thieves try it.
2015-08-29 Many people saying this site has stolen their coins. It appears they keep a spare set of keys to your wallet. If you use one of these addresses, move your bitcoin somewhere safer.
2017-11-07 Not the Wall St of Bitcoin, the Brick Wall of Ponzi. Don't get suckered by a doubler scam ffs!
2018-05-21 This is about as vague as supposed mining gets. Ask for evidence. No Proof = No Mining.
2017-01-06 Surely nobody would still fall for a doubler fraud? Don't let it be you.
2017-03-26 If bitcoin could double, there would be no point to bitcoin. These 2x scams are run by thieves, looking for the idiots amongst you.
2017-10-26 To be honest, any store claiming to have any Crypto Mining Equipment in stock, is pushing credibility. Not real - sorry.
2017-12-15 This one has just appeared and ticks all the wrong boxes. It has all the elements of the classic ponzi - tell us if you have lost btc to this please.
2014-02-09 This scamsite regularly changes name, and host, but always the same B.W. look.
2017-02-05 Stay very well clear of this shitpile. It will direct you to (already listed) and also launch coinhive! That is as many bad things as you need really.
2017-11-07 OK Class, the lesson today is "How to spot a fraud", this is what a fraud looks like!
2018-01-05 Dirty deeds done cheap. Freehosted fraud.
2016-03-19 Every bitcoin doubler is simply a thief with a webpage. If you are dumb enough to send bitcoin, it's your own greedy fault.
2018-02-12 Putting the word Pro at the end, still can't make Bitcoin double or multiply. Send it and lose it.
2018-03-04 Send your bitcoin, but if you expect it back, you will be disappointed.
2017-01-06 The 'bitatt' scamcode on a google hosted blog domain. Tut tut.
2016-02-29 A confusingly titled bitcoin doubler scam. Maths is clearly not this thiefs strongpoint.
2017-02-09 The latest fake Exchange to hit the Cryptocurrency space. Don't be fooled by this pretty convincing fraudsite.
2018-07-11 If you believe this, you will believe anything, and you really aren't safe on the Internet!
2017-08-15 If you want to give money to a thief, we can't stop you, but having read this, you will feel very very silly when you don't get it back.
2016-11-04 Sounds like something you should take for Indigestion, but no, it's just another fkn hyip/scam.
2017-06-17 It's like Deja Vu - all these doubler scams are so similar.
2015-02-24 Possibly, the slowest loading scam in the history of scams. Dreadful - Pay for hosting cheapskate!
2017-05-23 Pay them 3k to then install fakeware. You must be joking. Please don't fall for this dodgier than usual scheme.
2014-08-09 A blatant fake mining scam. Don't believe a syllable.
2016-05-16 All very cute, right up until the site disappears with all the bitcoin.
2017-08-27 From people who wouldn't know a miner if they tripped over one.
2016-06-16 Some company, you don't want to be seen with. People may think you are a thief as well.
2017-03-10 Yeah, a 'Two Bit' company. Just a hyip/scam making impossible promises. Lying basically.
2017-04-16 We can't just call it BitCon, it's too obvious Igor?' 'OK Dimitri, put ary on the end, bitconary lol'
2016-12-19 The aim of this hyip/scam site, is to steal your bitcoin. Nothing more, nothing less. It's what all hyip's do.
2017-09-25 300% in a month - Yeah right. At somebody's expense.
2015-03-13 When the site is reachable, you'll find it's just another poxy fraud.
2016-06-23 We were watching to see how this played out, and it has played out to be just another ponzi fraud. 6/3/16 *update* Now moving to an MMM style Lending Ponzi. Dire!
2017-12-02 Let's get this Ponzi started WooHoo - Quick, put your Mothers life savings in while you can!! Don't be that Idiot.
2018-01-15 Not the most confidence inspiring title, and then the roadmap that says they will keep whatever isn't sold in order to dump (sorry meant to say promote) this shitcoin. Enough!
2018-01-18 As contracts go, this one is bit shit. You send bitcoin, and they keep it for themselves. That really is a bit shit.
2018-06-05 These hyips are coming daily now. They steal a lot of money, and fools keep thinking they can beat the scammer.
2015-01-16 It's all done with mirrors...
2017-01-24 This prolific scam source will soon have used up every spare bitcoin related domain name for a scam. Here's another gone.
2017-02-02 BTX? Don't be a nugget and send your bitcoin here. You will almost certainly lose it all.
2017-10-23 Bitcoin mining has never been simplier English not being the first language of this dodgy (reseller?) site.
2016-04-21 Another dodgy doubler to tempt newbies. Don't get sucked in - you'll inevitably lose.
2016-10-27 They wanted, but another scam has already nabbed that domain. Competition amongst thieves.
2017-09-24 More people who have absolutely no idea what they are blagging. A fake mining fraud.
2016-09-27 A faucet, that won't let you withdraw unless you 'upgrade' is not a faucet, it is a thief. Bitclown!
2017-10-14 Creative, is getting a box of crayons, and drawing pictures of bitcoin all around the walls of your padded cell. This is theft, and not even creative theft.
2018-11-21 Cutesy cartoon graphics, and a pack of lies do not constitute an investment opportunity. Just a Ponzi!
2018-03-29 You shouldn't even have to ask about this shambles of a fraud.
2016-12-10 This isn't the real Bitcurex Exchange - Stay Clear.
2014-03-18 We shouldn't even list this, we should just let you send your money and lose it, since you want to be a hyip thief as well! Go on, face jail.
2017-09-24 When you start to explore the bitcoin arena, you will see many sites offering you unimaginable wealth. 99% of them are frauds, 1% are typo's.
2017-10-04 It tells you it's a ponzi - To lull you into a false sense of insight, what it doesn't tell you is that they will probably run off with your Btc - like all their predecessors. Your Bitcoin - Your Risk.
2014-03-11 A ponzi that claims it is sustainable. You need a limitless supply of suckers to make a ponzi sustainable.
2017-01-05 Some sites make you want to swear a lot. This site makes me want to swear a lot. Fake Mining anyway.
2018-08-19 Fake Investment. This ponzi fraudster also has no idea how stupid it is to put 'Middlesborough' as a trusted business address.
2018-05-09 It almost sounds plausible - but we will assure you that it isn't. It's just aimed at building a large 100 days worth of depositors funds, before fucking off with it all.
2018-05-29 This is just a hyip/fraud from these persistent thieves. Don't get suckered by this.
2016-09-20 This fake exchange has already claimed victims. Stay clear.
2015-12-30 Don't give your details to this unsecured Romanian info' stealing site.
2015-11-28 Nothing checks out around this operation.
2014-07-29 Deep? This scam is shallow enough to paddle in. Don't get suckered folks.
2017-10-05 Fakery, lies and spiel a'plenty. Unless you want to lose your funds, stay clear of this scam.
2016-07-19 We had our detectors, call their detectors, and detected a scam!
2017-10-16 More mining themed scams from these hyip scumbags.
2017-05-23 ALL bitcoin doublers are thieves with a website. Bitcoin CANNOT double.
2017-12-04 You may convince yourself that these hyip scam sites really pay, but our reports inbox tells a different story. Don't fall for these ridiculous but very common frauds.
2017-11-06 Completely outlandish claims of returns from this ponzi - This is classic scammery.
2018-04-03 Take an illiterate, ask them to design a scam based on the MMM ponzi, and this is what you end up with. If you fall for this, there is no redemption.
2017-04-02 The term donate should warn you. Don't expect anything in return - after all, you did 'donate' it.
2016-10-06 Bitcoin cannot double. If you think it can, then go ahead, find out the hard way.
2017-10-17 Another nugget claiming to double your bitcoin.
2016-06-21 If there was a .lose domain, it would be Bitdouble.lose!
2017-04-25 By now, you must have learned that all coin doublers are just straight theft. You lose your deposit.
2016-07-17 We thought it had gone - This is a daft Ponzi and we don't know of anybody getting paid out.
2014-03-22 Lies, fraud and theft. Did we miss anything?
2017-05-24 Yet another hyip scammer trying to lure you into being dumb! Don't believe theives please, they lie.
2017-10-04 Unlimited earnings - right up until the ponzi hits the brick wall, or the admin steals everbodys bitcoin.
2014-12-20 Links you to a scam Blockchain site another scam Bitcoin Doubler. Sigh.
2014-08-07 A bitcoin multiplier system. Most people would just call it what it is, a Ponzi Scam! These are never even proper ponzi's.
2017-10-17 Ridiculous offers should be seen for what they are - Just lies. These returns are always impossible, but are just to tempt you.
2018-07-20 Revshare is rarely what it says. This is just another ponzi, like most of these 'revshare' outfits.
2017-03-20 Another hyip scam that has recycled istself for a changed domain. You will see near exact copies of this scam on different domains.
2018-07-14 Why not just call it For-ex-bitcoin-choose-us.con It is just a fraud after all.
2017-07-27 Yet another hyip/scam. Another spoof UK Company, and another load of victims.
2017-04-17 These hyip frauds are not unique to bitcoin. They will steal anything that they can persuade people to send. Just a thief with a webpage.
2017-09-03 Bitnaff as well. Another rubbish example of fake mining.
2017-01-26 It reads like a Slimmers SnackFood - They needed the hyphen. Just a hyip scammer.
2018-04-27 This will try to suck you in to the Bit Monster/Bit Monstar Ponzi.
2017-05-04 Yeah, right in that miners arse.
2016-06-26 Bit hard, to build a Bit Empire by stealing funds, and going to jail - just saying.
2017-09-12 Enlarge your bits. Sounds rude, but it's just a scam.
2016-02-21 Experienced traders blah de blah.. all the usual shite from this hyip.
2017-01-23 All the usual lies and deception from this hyip/fraud.
2016-02-20 It's just another hyip fraudster - don't become his victim, don't get fooled into this fake.
2018-07-02 All coin multipliers are run by thieves. All depositors lose. There are no exceptions.
2016-10-09 An odd title to this doubler scam. Doublers just steal your funds to pay for ads, so they can attract that big sucker.
2017-01-03 If this page simply said "Send your bitcoin to me and I will keep it, thanks" would you still be dumb enough to send it? Sadly, some of you would.
2017-07-09 We are receiving complaints about this new russian site not doing what it claims. Lack of SSL/https is a big red flag.
2015-04-17 If you use PayPal to buy or sell bitcoin, you have no buyer protection, and you will get robbed. Everybody does.
2017-07-04 The clue is in the site title. Another PayPal/Bitcoin screw-up of a fake exchange.
2016-09-11 If the name isn't enough to scare you, will the fact that this is a fraud?
2016-07-11 Exploding bitcoin? That doesn't sound safe, beside which, it is a basic fraud.
2017-06-18 you can't doublespend bitcoin. Anybody who says you can is either a genius or a liar. Guess which this is?
2017-02-08 Just another ponzi, along the same lines as ore-mine, chicken-coins etc.
2015-11-08 Another Telegram scam. Telegram is fast becoming the platform of choice for the trendy scammer, dumb though, as hardly anybody on Telegram has any bitcoin.
2018-10-30 A bit too fast. Avoid this thief and his pathetic fraud attempt.
2016-06-13 It even tells you it's a hyip, so expect to lose everything you send.
2016-03-01 A great site - if you never want to /be paid out. However, if you DO want to be paid out, this isn't the TC site for you.
2014-08-25 So, you send Bitcoin to a scam site called Bitferno, and you wonder why you just got burned?
2018-03-26 Utter fantasy. Don't get sucked into a fraud by a photo of a shiny red car ffs!
2017-07-21 Aka Bitcoin Financial Ltd. Just more kaka from the hyip/fraud thieves.
2016-08-25 If you send bitcoin to this site, or any other site offering 22% a day, you will lose your bitcoin. It isn't hard to understand surely?
2017-07-05 Rubbish, it isn't even a little bit financial. It's just a bitcoin thief.
2017-01-06 Bitrubbish would be a much better title. Look, these crooks go to the extent of registering a fake UK Company, and that isn't because they are honest, it's because, quite rightly, you wouldn't trust them otherwise.
2017-11-14 We'll match their 100% guarantee with our own 100% guarantee that this is just another scammer.
2016-09-01 If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit! This convoluted complex operation is hiding, that the engine is in fact missing!
2017-11-20 Another straight off the shelf Hyip/Scam - Crypto themed. It doesn't matter what you send, you'll probably lose it all.
2018-06-01 Nice site title, but sadly just a hyip. A fake investment programme - They don't even know what a mining controller is!
2017-05-06 Just a pack of lies. This scammer wouldn't know a mining rig if you slapped him with it.
2016-01-16 A brand new, but very buggy fake mining fraud. Hopefully it won't fool you clever readers eh?
2017-04-24 Actually, not even remotely flash. Just a poxy little shyster with a hyip website.
2017-07-27 An old closed down hyip scam, relaunched on a fresh domain. If you send funds to a hyip thief - you lose them - it isn't science.
2018-03-06 Skilled Traders is another common bit of spiel. There are no skilled traders, there is no business behind this, it is just a scripted fraud.
2018-01-13 Lots of bs surrounding this site. Paxful was already bad enough. Never ever ever trust any site that sells or buys bitcoin using yours or their PayPal. You will get robbed.
2018-01-09 Fog, smoke and mirrors, yes it's all here.
2016-05-21 If only bitcoin mining were this profitable - It isn't though, which makes this a scam.
2017-11-24 You see all those happy smiley people on the images - well you won't look like that. You will look 'suckered'
2017-03-19 20% hourly - Well, if you are going to lie, better make it a doozy.
2017-05-13 If you have downloaded that file, then your computer is toast. Sorry.
2016-08-10 This thief gains, but you just lose your bitcoin, like with all these multiplier scams.
2016-06-22 Are you tempted? Don't be tempted, it's all just spiel.
2018-08-23 What a complete load of drivel. A complete fail of a ponzi attempt.
2017-01-03 Just pause for a moment, and really really consider what you are doing. Bitcoin doesn't grow. This is a thief.
2017-05-16 Nothing like a Stargate, pass through this one and all you'll find on the other side is tumbleweed and an IOU from a missing thief.
2017-08-15 Oh, it's a bitcoin exploit kit alright, but you are the one being exploited. Don't be a mug.
2017-04-14 The scam that appears on any spare domain - Don't be foolish enough to send any Bitcoin.
2018-05-23 If you send any bitcoin, you will never ever see it again. It is that simple.
2018-08-13 This is about the least effort you can put in to designing an online fraud. Incredibly, there will probably still be a few victims.
2017-06-27 You can mine (not generate) bitcoin, with an Antminer S9, but that will cost you thousands of dollars! This site though, is a scam.
2017-07-24 There are no Bitcoin exploits - The only thing being exploited, is your naivety.
2018-02-10 They want your bitcoin, and they won't give it back. Another scam multiplier.
2015-02-19 And This 'site linking' is the new method that fraudsters are deploying to add credibility. Stay clear of these frauds.
2016-12-22 And This 'site linking' is the new method that fraudsters are deploying to add credibility. Stay clear of these frauds.
2016-12-22 Love it when they use 'pro' in the title. Is there a professional way to become a victim of fraud? Send answers on the back of a bitcoin to...
2017-05-31 If you send your bitcoin here, it won't be a golden day that you are having, it will be a bitcoin losing day.
2017-07-18 If you send bitcoin, to a site calling itself 'Bitgrab' then you are beyond any help.
2016-06-09 Currently the 'bitcoin generator' scam, but others may appear on this domain.
2017-04-05 So far this hyip fraud is only in Portuguese. One aimed at the SA market.
2017-01-14 In the case of this fake investment - Green, means Naive.
2017-08-17 This is what websites looked like in the days of Netscape! 3rd World Fraud eh.
2018-01-21 So how do you suppose they do that? Please sharpen up people, bitcoin is a P2P store of value, not magic Beanz!
2017-05-03 Ruthless thieves, and already claiming victims! Stay away from this scam.
2017-12-06 The title says safe. The content though is pure unfiltered bullshit. Don't be robbed by this petty crook.
2017-07-11 Bithour, the new fake mining kidder on the block, or off his block in this case.
2017-02-08 just before you get too excited, and start jumping around singing 'hammer time' you need to know that this is just a hyip/scam. You lose what you send.
2017-10-24 Don't hold your breath waiting for kit from this faker! Use Aliexpress or similar, and check reputation!
2017-08-02 There is no mining to be seen here - move along please folks.
2017-03-10 More fake mining. If you are new to bitcoin, better to learn much more before you try out mining contracts.
2017-04-06 Yet another ponzi scheme. Every bitcoin ponzi involves the admin running off with a pot of your bitcoin. Why be a mug?
2017-11-03 Another fraud that can't make it's mind up what it is lying about doing with your funds. Wise up people.
2017-02-18 There are loads of similar frauds to this one out there, they are called hyips, and they fool you into believing their bs. Not us though.
2017-08-14 Like we need another fake Exchange! Stick with the few safe exchanges, it is worth it.
2018-02-06 If you send your bitcoin to a site called Bithaul, you almost deserve to lose it.
2017-09-07 A fake Exchange. Prices that are so far removed from reality, they will only fool fools!
2018-01-29 Not somewhere to put your screwdrivers, somewhere to get screwed.
2018-03-20 They'll be holding your bits a bit longer than you may expect. Don't hold your breath.
2017-01-31 Bitcoin Rule 1. Don't buy bitcoin from any illiterate exchange.
2015-11-20 Move domain, leave a load of losers, rinse and repeat. We hate thieves like this.
2017-06-09 In actuality, not even a grain of honesty. Just a thief with a cheap domain.
2016-10-25 How did this domain slip past. Of course it's just a scam.
2016-01-31 Another scam from Eastern Europe. Don't lose your Btc trying.
2014-12-14 Another off the shelf hyip/scam. Why not just burn your money, at least it was your choice.
2017-01-16 3% per day gives them a good run of collecting bitcoin before a single person even has their capital back. Then they are gone.
2016-10-06 Like the world really needs another hyip/scam, but here's another one anyway!
2017-07-05 I had to spit it out. It didn't taste of mint at all.
2016-08-20 It's the fake exchange on a new domain.
2015-10-07 Bad reports about this supposed exchange. People getting robbed. Anyway, why would a california company run their site from Russia?
2015-03-11 A fake mining theme from this hyip fraud. Don't kid yourselves, it's all lies.
2017-09-18 Not a typo, but it is a scam.
2016-05-27 The only interest from this scammer, is his interest in stealing your bitcoin from you.
2017-08-18 lets just move this fraud from a dot com to a dot co, and hope nobody notices. WE noticed.
2016-09-04 Should you trust any investment that cannot spell 'Investor' No.
2016-07-07 A page full of words that try to convince you that this has something under the bonnet. Just a hyip/scam.
2017-06-09 This scam will keep appearing on similar domains, and we'll try to keep up with it.
2017-06-30 This island with all the bitcoin on it, can be found next to that island with all the pens on it. In LaLa Land.
2017-07-05 They have one plan, and that plan is to keep any bitcoin that anybody is dumb enough to send to them.
2016-12-06 Seems to be a Jam theme going on from one set of fraudsters. A bit odd.
2016-12-11 At least it is a different theme than gold and oil - still just a fraud though.
2016-11-27 If this fake exchange was selling Red Flags, it would still be stealing. NEVER buy or sell bitcoin with Paypal or unrefundable means.
2017-12-05 Well, the clue is in the title, you can't say they didn't warn you.
2017-01-10 Now they have SSL (July 16) but they are still just another ponzi fraud, MMM stylee!
2015-12-29 King? In your dreams you pathetic pointless wannabe fraudster.
2016-07-14 Also This hyip/fake mining operator stems from the 'Kipisa' ponzi fraud - no surprises.
2015-11-02 The title should tell you what they intend to spend your bitcoin on. Don't send bitcoin to these frauds!
2017-05-25 Is undoubtedly a scam. Just stay clear, they just wait for the big mug to come along.
2014-06-08 Why would you throw your bitcoin into this muddy puddle of a hyip scam? Please don't.
2017-08-07 Outlandish! Wild claims, not backed by realities. Just your typical Internet Ponzi.
2018-03-27 Fake bitcoin mining at it's most basic. It is just a ponzi, and you will get scammed.
2017-05-13 This hyip will bitle you right in your bitcoin wallet.
2016-05-24 Follow this leader off a cliff. A Hyip/Ponzi/Fraud
2016-09-24 Yeah right. Just another hyip/scam. Please learn Maths!
2017-03-23 A thinly disguised ponzi fraud. Never a lender or borrower be!
2018-08-29 This hyip site gets the distinction of being the first scam added in 2018.
2018-01-01 Double your bitcoins . where have we heard that before? Bitcoin doesn't double, but it does get taken off fools!
2017-07-17 This Liner will leave you standing on the shore as it fucks off into the sunset with your funds.
2016-10-22 A bit of lying here, but naff all mining. Just a faker.
2016-09-15 Who wants to be a bitllionaire? We certainly don't with this sketchy operation.
2017-11-22 Loaded with bullshit and nothing else. Don't be silly and send anything to the gaping wallet of this shit little thief.
2018-07-04 Lucre, is a word used in the criminal community, to refer to stolen money. That tells you all you need to know about this domain.
2017-11-01 Don't let luis have your bitcoin. He will just keep it all.
2017-05-13 This is quite a clever fraud. Pre-launch, $10 if you sign up now (try and get it out though) 2.5% a day forever! Pre launching a Ponzi is not original.
2017-01-10 No mining to be seen here, move along please folks.
2016-04-20 This is just a waste of what could have been a good site on that domain. Just a shit fraud.
2017-01-15 Many frauds are now launched across a few domains. This is another one.
2017-01-28 Bitmain does not have any partners. Any site claiming that is a fraudster.
2018-01-13 This site has a lot of pictures of Mining Rigs. It doesn't have any real Mining Rigs, because it's a scam.
2018-09-20 A totally fake supplier. We'll remind you again, there are no resellers for Bitmain, you buy direct from Bitmain, that's it.
2018-07-06 This is a great example of a fake store, see how many warning signs (Red Flags) you can see just with the landing page.
2017-06-25 And 2 parts of the same scam. All just lies and deceit.
2018-12-05 Another fake supplier - Nobody has S9's in stock right now!
2018-01-01 A clone of the Bitmain site. Always check you are on the correct domain!
2017-08-02 Fake mining and impossible promises. They even spelt hyip as hypi - so there's no hope.
2017-07-07 A fake bitcoin mining equipment fraud. Don't send funds, you will not get a good deal, you will just get robbed.
2016-12-19 A scam that is following a new trend - They won't tell you what they do unless you register. So don't register, and we'll tell you. They run a ponzi.
2017-06-15 Loosely titled to sound like it's something to do with Investments and Bitcoin, when in reality, it isn't either. Just a hyip fraud.
2018-12-13 Yeah right, he probably says the same about his knob, the dickless scammer that he is!
2017-08-28 Satoshi on steroids? Nah, just a fraud.
2016-05-09 Some fake mining is easy to investigate, and this was super easy. Stay clear of this scam.
2018-12-13 Please don't ever try a hyip - you will get into a hole that there is no getting back from.
2017-01-24 Also Fake cloud mining. If you want real mining, visit our Safe Sites list.
2017-07-10 Every bitcoin ponzi, like this one, will leave a pile of victims behind it. Don't give your hard earned bitcoin to thieves please.
2018-01-25 Great minds think alike, and they all think this is a silly hyip bitcoin scam!
2017-04-15 A really basic mining fraud site. There is no real mining to be bought here.
2016-07-28 Another hyip script to lure you. These are all just fake promises people!
2018-10-24 Where it says Beyond Crypto Mining - it really means beyond credibility. Just a faker and thief.
2018-03-06 The UK company reg is a red flag - not a white one. The usual convenience address, no real entity.
2016-02-08 Don't download that plugin. There is nothing legitimate about this project. You will get scammed. The site has sat here for years, people send btc?
2016-07-22 Thousands of people lose bitcoin to similar scams, but they only fall for these frauds once. Don't make the same mistake once.
2018-10-14 The bitcoin generator fraud. They will ask you to send funds to get your magic money out.
2017-04-10 Fake mining, an added ponzi, and then if you want to withdraw the sham earnings, they want you to send even more - and they keep that as well! Don't get laughed at eh.
2017-12-21 Is it me, or are these serial thieves running out of ideas. Buy gravel with bitcoin? Don't make us laugh
2015-09-25 Bitdodgy, bitrisky, bitunbelievable, but not bitmining.
2016-02-01 Another place not to buy from. Your miner will never arrive, they don't currently make Bitcoin Miners in Bulgaria.
2018-01-10 The latest fake hardware supplier - Don't be the first to get burned.
2017-11-18 As this scam will keep moving domains, as each gets shut down, you are probably best avoiding any you come across. You can always ask us.
2018-01-23 Just another ponzi fraud.
2016-03-15 You WILL lose your bitcoin if you send it to an obvious ponzi scam.
2016-01-09 Fake mining is what this site does. Just a cover story while they build a ponzi pot to run away with.
2017-12-17 The first time there is a genuine use for the term Zone Out! When it comes to scams like this one, tune out, turn off, drop off.
2018-09-26 Wow - this scam is like a rave from the grave! This fraud design was around in 2013! Still used as fraud.
2017-10-15 This site doesn't even tell you what you are buying. Send them money if you no longer want it yourself.
2014-08-28 I suppose he's there to read the last rites to your bitcoin wallet. Don't fall for this fake mining scam.
2016-06-07 Mixing your coins is always high risk, but this is apparently a clone copy of, mix at your own risk.
2016-07-26 This is a phishing site - the real mixer is - check the URL.
2015-05-19 Bad reports about this site. We can see why. But then if you use this site, you are probably as bad as the crook who runs it
2014-05-20 Don't know about you, but to us that reads as "Bit More Lie" Sick little Mofo thinks he's cute. Nothing to add really.
2017-09-24 Another attempt at fraud from the hyip scammers.
2016-07-05 More lies deceit and general bullcrap from this generic hyip scammer. Why would any of you send bitcoin to an anonymised thief?
2017-03-09 Not a typo, and not a very good fraud attempt either. Has anybody been suckered by this?
2016-12-21 Another site making wild claims that could never be honoured. Keep your bitcoin away from these thieves.
2017-03-23 These titles just get weirder. Whatever they call it, we will call it by it's real name. Scam.
2017-08-16 Nothing special about this hyip. Lies, to encourage you to send bitcoin, which you will lose.
2017-08-29 Any site offering to make you rich quickly is just a lying thief. This is classic.
2016-12-01 The last thing that bitcoin needs, is another Ponzi. This is just another Ponzi.
2018-03-21 If we've told you once, we've told you a thousand times. Do not buy or sell Bitcoin with PayPal. At this time it is common to fraudsters.
2017-01-18 Yes of course it's a ponzi scam, like 99% of the sites right now.
2015-03-12 PayPal and Bitcoin are a NoNo! A site that goes further and boasts they are a PayPal Partner is really pulling your plonker!
2018-01-01 If you send funds to this russian site - you'll lose them to a thief.
2015-04-23 Some offers are too good to be true, this is one of them.
2017-03-15 All the usual lies, UK Company and blah de blah from this fraudster.
2017-02-14 Oh well, if you insist.. Waddya mean, not that sort of hash? This is a fraud dammit!
2016-07-11 This system appears perfect, except it isn't. You don't get those rates on exchanges, but the sites author does get commissions from your loss.
2018-12-25 It isn't mining, it is ponzi scam. You'll just lose all or most of your deposit.
2016-12-01 Another Hyip/Scam. If you believe a word they write, then they already have your bitcoin.
2016-01-09 A goofy bitcoin multiplier fraud (get the joke?).
2016-07-05 Another coindoubler fraud. Bitcoin doesn't doublle, the fraudster just keeps it. What don't you understand?
2016-09-13 If you send bitcoin to this scam, it may as well be in orbit, because you won't be able to get at it.
2017-09-19 Bite into this Orion scam, and you'll lose your teeth as well as your bitcoin. Bite Orio's not Orion's!
2018-06-04 Every so called investment through this portal is just a a shitpile hyip scam. This scavenger sits in the middle and gets a slice of your money too.
2018-03-18 Wow, how do they do it? They don't do it, that's how. You send them bitcoin, they keep that bitcoin. That is the entire business plan.
2017-11-06 Another russian scam coin doubler. Expect to lose your coins.
2015-03-17 Whatever the intention of anybody transacting Bitcoin to Paypal or back again, it will ALWAYS screw up. PayPal hates Bitcoin.
2016-08-30 10% daily forever! Yeah right. Forever, is about Tea Time, on Tuesday.
2017-06-12 This is NOT the real company. is just a fraudster.
2017-01-17 Best stay very far away from this crime scene. Pathetic scams like this are everywhere.
2017-07-09 This is a hyip scam. These are ALL set up to steal. The only person getting rich, is the scammer.
2017-12-05 They say "Impossible is nothing". You may not want to bet your bitcoin on that.
2015-08-20 It ain't ads - it's a Hyip/Scam.
2017-03-16 Even crappy hyip scams like this are struggling to find victims because of high TX fees! Every cloud has a Silver lining.
2018-01-11 The usual lies and deceit that we have come to expect from every hyip scam. There is no such thing as a good hyip.
2018-04-15 This is a fine example of a worn out hyip/scam approach to fraud.
2017-07-09 You've either found a source of free income forever, or a very common Internet Ponzi Scam - Which do you think it really is?
2018-03-26 These hyip fraudsters have no intention of paying you what they claim. All they want to do, is steal from you.
2018-04-06 Ahhhh...bitpetite, the kind of scam you never wanna meet! (For earworm, think Jackie Wilson)
2017-06-18 Another fine example of bitcoin and paypal's incompatibility. Don't buy bitcoin via PayPal - EVER.
2016-11-19 These scammers think that you're on another planet! Send bitcoin, and you will lose most or all of it.
2017-12-26 It isn't gambling, it is a ponzi scam, with 100% guaranteed loss. Just a thief with a website.
2017-11-04 We should add this site just because we hate misuse of Javascript so much, however it is a scam too.
2017-12-01 No. This fraud is not in the least bit popular.
2017-02-10 Another hyip scam. There are hundreds of wannabe thieves scratching for those few fools to steal from. Don't let it be you.
2018-03-02 In our experience, any site offering unrefundable anonymous payment methods, will screw you. bad reports about this one, and PayPal to Bitcoin is always just NO.
2017-10-22 Don't send that Up Front Fee, you won't ever see it again. This is a one way ticket for Bitcoin.
2018-07-09 The classic hyip/scam with the impossible promises. They all leave a shedload of losers.
2017-03-28 This wannabe ponzi fraudster has made some basic mistakes. Tut tut.
2016-12-07 What these persistent ponzi scammers fail to even consider, is their advertising cost. You as the depositors pay 100% of that as well.
2016-12-08 Well, let's hope we can stop that progress. Stay away from these scammers!
2017-07-10 An unimaginitive attempt from the hyip scammers. You won't fall for it - will you?
2016-07-27 A picture is worth a thousand lies, and this fraud site has more graphs than the King of GraphLand.
2017-07-08 Don't trust us? Er, no we don't actually. All ponzi's are scams.
2016-03-19 Nobody falls for these coindoublers nowadays - we have been warning you for over 3 years.
2017-05-26 Crazy dreams don't even begin to describe this ICO. Good advice would be take a tab of acid, and only then read the sales pitch.
2017-11-16 A slight variant on the prevalent 'Bitcoin Generator' scam. Don't send bitcoin, and don't waste your time.
2017-04-12 This is a HYIP. All hyips are just scams, so now you know.
2018-01-14 False everything on this page, and just another thief behind it.
2017-02-28 A very outdated plain old coin multiplier scam. Don't be the only one silly enough to try it.
2017-05-16 More of the same old flannel from this hyip. These people are not your friends.
2017-03-11 Very rare we would like to hope. They call themselves professional hyip investors. That's like calling yourself professional suckers! Absurd.
2018-03-25 Another scam listed, means another scammer stealing far less than they expected.
2016-06-06 All the usual spiel we have come to expect from Internet Thieves. Just thieves, not mining.
2018-06-05 A very very formulaic hyip scam. Why does anybody fall for these ponzi's - do the maths ffs!
2017-10-06 In Ireland, they would call this 'Blarney', everywhere else, they call it bullshit.
2016-07-26 So many shit domains have been registered by these same reg details, and they are all fails and scams. This is too.
2018-03-26 About as basic as a scam can get. There is no such thing as a good hyip. They all just fuck off with all the funds, and nobody can stop them. Please all of you stop being schmucks.
2017-09-29 Mining themed hyip scams abound. Here's another fake miner to add to our list.
2017-01-05 A simple scam, on a simple domain. Very fitting.
2017-04-24 There is such a thing as an "Off The Peg" scam. Modified to order. Most hyip frauds like this one are bought ready made.
2018-06-09 Please don't try to read what they've written on this site. It is so indecipherable, it makes your brain bleed.
2017-02-17 You're on a road to nowhere. Just a ponzi calling itself an ICO. Is there a difference, I hear you all ask!
2017-12-19 Don't send bitcoin to this thief please.
2016-02-23 With so much shite and lies on a landing page, you would be wise not to join the imaginary 700 thousand users that they've got!
2018-08-30 It isn't really an ICO (not that that improves anything) Just another lending ponzi scam. Who borrows at 10% per Month, and where are those 'borrow' buttons? Hmmm
2018-02-18 It's almost saddening that this is after all just another Ponzi. Nice theme though.
2018-04-02 Helicopters have rotors, bitcoin miners don't. What a silly attempt by these hyip crooks.
2016-01-20 Bitrubbish actually.
2016-04-08 Lose your bitcoins in No Time, did they say Multiply? Bitcoin doesn't multiply, but you know that.
2017-02-26 This java'd to death hyip is a train ride to poverty.
2017-02-07 If this crook called it Scams-world, you might not send any bitcoin. So Bits-world it is then.
2018-06-21 And Nuts2u scammers. What a ridiculously obvious fake site. Don't get suckered, don't send funds, just don't.
2018-03-14 No it isn't. It's not even a little bit safe! 100% certainty that anything you send here is gone forever.
2017-10-15 With offers of "100% Proffet" It must surely be tempting.
2016-10-28 Looks like we saved your bits from this ponzi just in time.
2016-01-28 Associated with a known russian scammer
2015-01-17 The Bitcoin Generator scam. Don't be silly - you know it's a scam. If you send a release fee, they keep it.
2017-12-12 A fairly routine hyip/fraud. 100% lies, 100% loss if you send you money to this thief.
2016-11-04 No they don't.
2017-03-31 Since bitcoin doesn't double, and this isn't mining, then there is no reason to send bitcoin here. We WILL say we told you so.
2017-06-16 Seriously, does anybody still fall for these multiplier scams?
2016-03-03 Just because a hyip site looks good, and there are a lot like it, doesn't change the fact that it is just a thief.
2016-11-25 The scam has a new home. We've just sent an eviction notice lol.
2017-02-02 This scammer has overdone it with the Javascript, so you probably won't even get past the swirling graphics - but if you do, be aware it's just a thief.
2018-06-25 Your bitcoin is amazing, but not in such a way that it will make you 30% a day. That is called a Ponzi and a Scam.
2017-12-26 Binary options is a scam, and this a binary options scam. Yes, that bad.
2017-12-20 Don't shake your bits on the Internet - Anybody might see you! and while you're at it, avoid this hyip fraud.
2017-09-17 If you are daft enough to send funds to a site called Bitshark, you should not be surprised that you lose them.
2017-03-29 From the stock photos of the supposed staff, you'd think they were selling whitening toothpaste, but it's just a hyip/scam.
2017-03-05 Another filthy rich philanthropist who wants to give all his excess money to you - or a thief? Go on, guess.
2015-11-26 Showered with bits - That has to hurt! Fortunately, it's all just lies.
2017-07-19 A hyip/scam. Everybody falls for these overblown claims, and regrets it soon after.
2017-06-09 Yes they do, they 'ide everywhere - down the back of the sofa, at the back of drawers, everywhere! This site just steals them though.
2017-11-20 It used to be, but like many scams, it moves domain and tries for a fresh load of victims.
2018-06-21 One more dull formulaic Ponzi Scam to add to our badlist.
2018-05-25 A hyip/scam that is virtually indistinguishable from all others. Same rules apply - send bitcoin, and lose it.
2017-04-05 Here's a nice new fraud site to take your bitcoin from you, and keep it.
2016-07-04 You should read the faq - it's funny. They commit to 'Do not return your investment' You can't say you weren't warned.
2016-08-23 This is not a real company or real investment, it is just another faker like so many.
2016-11-03 Odd choice of title for a blatant ponzi scam! This isn't legal.
2017-08-16 In reality, not at all smart. On our DumbOmeter, this hyip fraud registered a 9!
2018-11-19 You will lose any funds that you send to this thief and his website, so don't send any.
2018-11-09 The fake mining software, that tries to get you to send a 'mining fee' which you will lose.
2017-03-09 This is a joke - surely? If you fall for this, then sorry, but you cannot be helped.
2016-10-19 Just another of these 3% a day hyip/frauds. If you send them bitcoin, it's lost. Simple.
2016-08-11 You won't be so solid after this laxative of a scam. Just saying.
2017-11-09 Bitcoin and PayPal are a toxic combination. Every time that PayPal meets BTC, people get ripped off. You have been warned.
2018-08-01 They aren't traders, they are just Twats.
2016-09-09 As fake casino's go, the lack of https should be enough to warn most savvy folk. Stay clear of this shambles.
2017-01-24 Just remember that everything is a lie, everything. A thief will tell you what you want to hear, but it is all hot air.
2016-10-25 The latest fake mining site to filch your money and bitcoin.
2016-01-15 This is one of those scams that sting you at the withdrawal point. Don't ever send bitcoin to get your trapped bitcoin out.
2017-01-10 This is like being locked in a carboot sale with only other carbooters, desperate for a new customer between you all.
2017-02-22 a subscam of the scam.
2017-08-29 Not worth a witty comment. Just a basic hyip fraud, and not mining.
2017-02-03 You'll be a Bitskint if you are daft enough to believe this offer - You know it's a scam.
2018-02-06 You know it's a fraud, so don't send btc to it. Simple.
2016-05-20 Just put the word bit in front of any word, and you have a hyip title. All these hyip's are frauds, there NO exceptions.
2017-10-08 Standard Plan-Lose all your money, Advanced Plan-Lose all your money, Premium Plan-Lose all your money. It's so hard to choose.
2016-08-05 More shenanigans from the Hyip production crew.
2016-06-20 Another UK company that doesn't speak a word of English. The UK Company Reg means nothing. Just to add, when a site calls itself a Lending Platform, look for how to borrow!
2017-02-12 The only strategy is to steal your bitcoin.
2016-05-18 Let's hope you know more about bitcoin than this scammer. If you find this fraud believeable, then you still have a lot to learn.
2018-03-18 Bitcoin. Paypal, and Ponzi, all mixed together to bake this scam. What could possibly go wrong?
2018-07-30 A really basic scam. We will give this scammer 1 out of 10 for effort, you shouldn't give him anything though!
2017-11-20 It's just another scam multiplier. Don't try it please. You'll only lose your bitcoin.
2014-10-28 The best thing about this site is the lack of SSL, so you won't be stupid enough to enter any details - will you?
2017-12-23 Another site that mines it's clients instead of real mining. Simple theft.

Bittoc It's an out and out rip. Don't put into ithis scam.
2014-04-30 Fake mining seems to be the flavour of the month for fraudsters. Here's another one.
2016-08-16 Surely, if we put bit and token in the same site title, people will get sucked in by our fraud? We hope you don't.
2017-07-21 Malicious site and software. Just don't find out the hard way.
2015-06-27 The Min Genenation' Their words - but what do they mean? Anyway, as it's just a fraud, it doesn't matter.
2016-12-30 Or Btc2y, you aren't investing - you are giving.
2017-06-25 Ooh, stay well away from this one. This faker is fishing for Big Bucks, your little contribution will just get spent on their advertising.
2018-09-05 This scam is not a product of the bitcoin industry, but of old school hyip/scammers.
2016-12-17 Another example of a fraudsite ripping people, changing name a bit, and moving domain. Very nomadic these scams.
2017-03-20 Bitcoin doesn't double. If you send bitcoin, it goes into the scammers pocket, where it will eventually get spent on crack!
2017-10-30 They only trade on you being daft enough to believe these lies. You won't get rich, you will get robbed.
2017-09-29 They want to trade your bitcoin for more crack.
2017-01-12 This scam is aptly titled. Like every transit - the wheels will eventually fall off.
2017-05-19 Always check the domain name in your browser address bar! This is a really accurate fake/phishing Bittrex site.
2017-10-21 For those new to this space, this is a hyip scam. Everything is just a lie to persuade you to send more and more Bitcoin. You will lose it to these con artists.
2018-03-01 It's sad that the words Bit and Trust have been put together to create this scam, but hey, thieves don't give a shit.
2018-11-30 More than a bit twisted. Don't complain when this thief screws you.
2017-02-01 Please send these crackheads your bitcoin. They need it more than you.
2016-02-01 Sending bitcoin to this site is dumb. Don't be dumb. Thanks.
2016-11-04 Implausible, is possibly the best description for this fraud site. They have tried to make it appear plausible, and failed badly.
2017-09-08 Another ponzi/scam from Eastern Europe.
2015-12-06 If you do value your bitcoin, you won't send any to this shite ponzi fraud.
2017-07-05 Just don't venture here, not even a bit, it's just another fraud.
2017-03-15 Even the level ups and bank completions are fake on this site. False contact details, location, logs - Don't go there - you WILL lose your coins (all crypto's -they take 'em all)
2014-02-27 Multiplier fraud attempts must surely outnumber fools by now.
2016-05-07 We looked into our Crystal Balls, and saw visions of much lost bitcoin, jail cells, and general stinkiness.
2016-11-06 Look in our safelist for trusted exchanges - and NEVER transact Bitcoin with PayPal. you WILL get screwed.
2017-08-05 If you think this is genuine investment, you are in for a shock!
2017-08-20 Also The wallets with a big hole in the bottom. Don't fall for these frauds.
2016-07-27 You are fooling yourself if you think getting rich is as simple as sending your bitcoin to an anonymous fraudster. The sun's shining, it's a nice day, now don't be a victim.
2017-09-24 What is a Bitwam? Perhaps a pointy tent full of bitcoin? No - it is a fraud. A ponzi/hyip.
2018-01-08 Your bitcoin just waved alright, it waved goodbye! Just another fraud folks.
2017-07-08 It's starting to look like the term 'HYIP' is now worn out, so the scammers now use 'Donation' instead, the Sad little lowlife scum.
2017-02-22 Crypto Mining is the theme of choice for this fraud. It isn't real mining, it isn't a real investment, it is a thief with a website.
2018-12-09 The 12daily scamcode being put to bad use on another domain.
2016-02-15 The bitwealth hyip/fraud renamed.
2016-04-28 Another ponzi scam moving through similarly named domains.
2016-06-08 There is no genuine bitcoin doubler. Bitcoin cannot double - Send it, and expect to lose it to these ponzi schemes.
2018-09-25 Bit ridiculous if nothing else. If you missed your maths lessons at school, then it's you that this fraud is goin after!
2017-08-02 This isn't what real exchanges look like, no coincidence that it isn't real then.
2017-04-04 It's another Ponzi/Scam from 'expert investors' They aren't investors, they are thieves. They WILL steal your Bitcoin
2014-07-28 Or,, take your pick. They don't seem to know. Not very clever these scammers.
2017-10-16 Fake cloudmining is the theme from this hyip/scam.
2017-04-29 Every kind of anonymised payment system, and PayPal too! Unregulated, anonymised exchanges aren't worth the risk.
2017-10-19 As a general rule, any supposed Cryptocurrency operator, who spells it Criptocurrency, is probably worth avoiding. lol.
2018-05-23 Also Complete bollocks, from a serial fraudster. There is not, nor ever will there be real mining from this scammer.
2017-02-22 Bitcoin CANNOT double. This ponzi will just keep anything you send.
2017-03-28 Also He's duplicated it from his domain, because we're on it. Same twat, and don't believe those logs, they are often his own addresses.
2014-08-20 If you are so greedy, that you will send bitcoin to an obvious scam, then you will remain poor. Just HODL.
2017-09-22 A ponzi, that goes one step further by encouraging you to keep putting it back in as part of the 'system'
2016-02-25 A laughable attempt at robbing you. Don't buy btc here.
2016-04-06 We got traders in the backroom innit', and dey iz hot bruv'. Is what this scam would have you believe.
2017-06-23 Nothing spectacular, just another hyip/scam with undeliverable promises.
2017-02-28 Don't try and question how your investment actually gains profit, they really don't have an answer.
2018-12-27 No genuine Investment will ever offer yields like these. These big 'guaranteed' returns are just there to sucker you.
2017-01-26 Brought to you by the same same dumbass that brought (Non-Crypto) Only one question still to answer - Is N.Y. really in Nigeria?
2018-10-03 Yet more in the series of bitx frauds. Unimaginative hyips for the most part.
2017-06-13 Tempting isn't it? Don't be soft, it's a ponzi/fraud. In all ponzi's, no matter the intent, the vast majority of participants will lose.
2016-11-24 Also A crypto ponzi scheme from Malaysia. Don't let your mates talk you into this scam.
2018-10-15 Bizarre, no T needed. What you have to realise, is that there is no such thing as an honest Ponzi. All are run by people with the intent of stealing as much as they can.
2018-10-29 Hopefully, this cheaphosted fraud site won't load for you. If it does, just close the window.
2018-04-14 This isn't mining bitcoin the traditional way, this scam 'mines' it from you, by digging into your wallet.
2017-03-20 Oh yeah, you are really going to earn all that. Wake up, don't be a fool - these sites are just crooks!
2018-01-22 Dynamic Cloud Mining wtf is that supposed to mean? More Cloud-Cuckoo mining just to trap newbies.
2017-02-08 Another hyip style fake investment fraud.
2017-05-04 NEVER buy or sell bitcoin using PayPal. No exceptions, you WILL get burned.
2017-11-15 They may have been stealing bitcoin since 2013, but not from this fake mining scam.
2016-09-25 Bitcoin mining doesn't look like this. There are only a couple of legitimate contract mining companies, this isn't one of them.
2018-10-06 Another of these poxy scam multipliers that continue to blight the web.
2016-06-26 The only thing to get bitzed, is your bitcoin. Another hyip/scam with impossible claims.
2017-04-08 More of the same old Ponzi/Scam - Don't EVER believe the logs on these scam sites. Everything is illusion.
2014-05-03 We haven't seen many hyips recently, they all became ICO's, but the heat from regulators means they are back again! Welcome to a fake mining hyip scam.
2018-02-08 There's an old saying, "If you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance - baffle 'em with bullshit" and boy is this site bullshit.
2015-11-26 Much vaguery from this hyip scam. When there is nothing behind the curtains, you have to be vague.
2017-04-19 Who the fuck comes up with a word as dumb as Bizzilion? Don't be even dumber, and fall victim to this fraud.
2018-11-19 Water Purification?? Oh ffs whatever next. The only thing in Black and White is our appraisal of this fraud.
2016-07-16 It's dark in that cloud - don't go in there! There be monsters.
2016-12-23 Gold that is so feckin black, you can't even see it with the lights on. Sigh.
2016-01-08 The white option, would be to stay the fuck away from this fraud!
2017-09-06 The sooner this scam goes up in smoke, the better.
2018-04-15 Not a very convincing offer, no https on login page, and you are asked to download dodgy software!
2015-12-09 Don't be foolish and download some unknown software. You won't make any money, and you will regret it.
2017-02-14 Beyond the ordinary - is their tagline. Well, ordinarily, you don't get mugged on the Internet, so that maybe the only thing on the page that isn't a total lie.
2018-06-29 All the usual spiel you expect from one of these hyip scams. Grow up, nobody owes you a free lunch, and certainly not these crooks.
2018-02-20 A domain currently being used to phish (steal) your blockchain login details.
2017-08-26 Uses genuine graphics to make a convincing enough site but it's a scam.
2014-04-22 Off the shelf ponzi code deployed to catch naive bitcoin newbies. Bitcoin does not double.
2016-11-15 Aka - All bitcoin multipliers are frauds. Bitcoin does not double.
2017-07-29 See
2017-10-14 see
2017-10-14 The latest iteration of this scam, now on it's third domain.
2017-10-14 Let´s just keep this really vague shall we? Plenty of flannel, but a very noticeable lack of anything tangible. Fakers are everywhere.
2018-09-26 If this fraud is supposedly the solution - Then what is the problem?
2017-02-21 Somebody sat Phishing for your Blockchain login. The site won't be up for long.
2017-08-30 Phishimg for your login. Check that URL !
2017-09-22 Ffs - this has to be the cheesiest fake mining fraud to date. With sites this transparent, you don't need a warning - or do you?
2017-06-22 A bitcoin Ponzi. Don't be a blockhead and profit this fraudster.
2016-09-18 That isn't Blockwake, that's Pugwash - don't step in it. At the same time, stay clear of this silly scam.
2017-06-28 Also 2 half baked 'phishing' clones. Don't get caught out.
2016-12-06 Just a blooming scam. Keep your bitcoin safe from this thief.
2015-10-28 They tell an awful lot of untruths on this bogus exchange page, nobody can miss so many red flags, surely?
2018-12-10 They are developing the world's most technically excellent blue chips - they will be all the rage at Christmas!
2016-12-09 You can write your own 'bitcoin blues' song about how you lost it to a doubler fraud.
2017-01-07 All you need do is dream, they say. You must have some weird dreams, we say. This is another hyip scam.
2018-11-16 The perfect investment for Airheads, but not for you clever speculators, you don't invest in scams.
2018-12-14 The scammers will try anything to steal your coins. Dazzle you with brilliance - or like this site, baffle you with bulls#it.
2015-02-13 Consulting, yeah good one - pull the other leg, it has bells on. Just thieves with a cheaphosted webpage.
2018-07-02 Just a hyip/scam, don't get excited, it's all lies and deception.
2015-12-15 OK, so ETH isn't worth that much now, but it is still worth more than sending it to a giveaway scam. Don't be dumb.
2018-09-04 A follow on to the Bnbdexlaunch scam. Just moved domain. Don't be dumb, this isn't the real Binance offering this.
2018-09-14 Not the real Bank to the Future. A phishing site. Don't be fooled please.
2017-06-19 The bitcoin bot baddies are at it again. Bullshit bots as always.
2018-08-10 A fake of the real online wallet phishing your login. Always check that the address in your web browser is correct.
2017-10-06 The scammer behind this site has 2 braincells - but they aren't connected. Sigh.
2014-08-17 A well put together website that will unfortunately fool a few people. Don't let it be you, this is just a scammer.
2018-02-23 Yeah, it's an exploit, but it's exploiting YOU. The bitcoin blockchain is safe for another day.
2017-06-29 Boom, and the bits are gone. Leaving your wallet clean and shiny.
2015-08-22 Everything, including their copyright notice is utter bullshit. Don't send any bitcoin you ever want to see again.
2018-10-15 What a very very silly site title. What a very obvious scam. What is the point?
2018-04-12 Boost your own sense of regret at having been suckered a hyip scammer - but boost your bitcoin, nah.
2018-03-05 A half-arsed attempt at a scam. Unless you want a Sliver plan.
2015-11-08 Yeah, right up until you sent bitcoin to this hyip thief.
2016-02-26 Before you click send, ask yourself "Just how stupid am I ?"
2015-10-25 From the hyip crook who brought you nano invest.
2016-02-14 Love the spiel about why pay with bitcoin! This fake supplier can never send you any kit, so please don't send this idiot any bitcoin. Thanks.
2017-09-23 I have a used tray of Cat Litter you can buy. Only 75c today, but tomorrow it will be $1, you'd better be quick before it goes to $1.50
2018-03-05 Just a cheesey hyip/fraud.
2016-11-29 You would have to leave your brain at home before you'd understand this fraud.
2017-03-20 Unlucky for this fraud to go into our badlist on it's first full day of stealing. That's life eh.
2017-06-13 The Ponzi that ran out of money, and decided to go after bitcoin instead. Don't get involved and become a victim like so many before you.
2017-08-04 Dammit man, if you have to pull a Brexit fraud, put some bloody clothes on. It's not British!
2016-06-25 Thick as a brick was a Jethro Tull Album, and is also a good term to describe anybody who falls for this scam.
2016-02-19 They describe it themselves as Investors Heaven. We would also describe it as Investors Heaven, it's where Investors go to die!
2018-09-30 Nothing new to see from this hyip/fraud. It's all lies you know.
2016-08-09 And on the landing page is a photo of Forrest Gump's thicker brother. Avoid this fraud.
2016-09-09 If Britain made bitcoin, it would go rusty and fall apart. Be glad this is just a scamsite!
2017-08-20 There is nothing Great about this hyip fraud.
2016-04-06 You don't ROI in 3 months by mining Crypto, and as this isn't real mining, you don't ROI ever.
2017-03-06 They also have Greenie, Reddie, Bluey and other absolute shite to offer! Just a fraudster.

Sites Bit*-Btb* Claims great returns on 'Arbitrage' - love that word. Anyway, the numbers shout PONZI. We've looked into this, and it makes us very nervous
2014-03-18 Please don't send funds to this fraudsite.
2016-07-01 A total clone/phishing site of the genuine site. Always check that url! If in doubt, google it.
2018-01-28 This is a thinly disguised scam. Bitcoin generally doesn't earn Interest, There is no Base Rate for starters. Thanks to a Btc user for the report
2014-05-21 Another PayPal to bitcoin shyster. Paypal and Bitcoin currently remain a complete No No.
2017-01-05 Don't let this con-man seduce you with this fake investment.
2016-01-29 Oh boy! - If you've been scammed by this, you genuinely aren't safe on the Internet. Cryptocurrency cannot multiply, this is all just lies.
2018-07-05 We've told you before, and we'll remind you. Bitcoin and PayPal don't mix. If you use this site, you will simply send bitcoin or money to a thief.
2017-02-20 That 'bitatt' scam on yet another domain. Don't get caught by it.
2016-02-16 Just a hyip/ponzi to avoid.
2015-03-31 So a clone of the now discredited, and 100% scam from the outset.
2015-10-01 What a silly concept. Workers would indicate some sort of work, but no, it's a half-baked ponzi.
2015-04-27 Just an insult to your intelligence. Don't fall for this fraud.
2017-02-19 Please please please - if you got conned by this fraud site, keep very quiet about it - it's embarrassing!
2018-09-18 Bitcoin cannot double. Don't believe any site that says they will multiply your btc, they don't. They steal it.
2018-12-16 Those cheesy looking people on the main pix should be enough to scare you away from this scamsite.
2015-01-12 Bitcoin does not double. Send it here, or any other multiplier, and you will never see it again.
2017-06-04 Bitcoin doesn't double, it gets stolen from naive holders, but it doesn't double.
2016-12-30 Thanks to an anonymous report - we got this listed in it's first days. A doubler scam. Bitcoin does not double.
2017-06-06 The old worn out 'flaw in the blockchain' better known as the Bitatt scam.
2016-03-07 Also any address starting with Used by phishing scammers
2014-03-30 Starts out OK, but after the icecream shop, it just goes complete ponzi, with unsustainable rewards offered.
2015-05-17 Same old scam. Don't send any Bitcoin - they will simply keep it and laugh at you while they get stoned on your money!
2018-04-04 Not extracting Bitcoin, just extracting the piss out of you.
2018-04-12 The 'Bitatt' Doubler fraud makes yet another appearance.
2017-01-07 Your bitcoin - gone in a flash. What hocus pocus is this?
2016-12-10 It is a Ponzi, a weird Ponzi, but a Ponzi nonetheless. Withdrawal threshold rising as well.
2015-02-20 Not if you don't send it to this serial thief it won't. also goes with the title "Get 100x bitcoin on your invest"
2015-08-29 A weally cwappy weebly fweehosted fwaud.
2016-05-27 If your bitcoin are shouting free us, just ignore them, especially where this scam is concerned.
2017-01-21 They don't have any btc and so they want YOUR btc so that they do have some. They won't give it back - why would they?
2016-11-27 The only thing you'll gain, is experience. Everything else will be a dead loss.
2018-09-04 Hey somebody started this club especially for Fools and their Bitcoin! Join that long queue.
2018-06-11 Bitcoin cannot double. If you want to find out the hard way - go ahead.
2018-01-15 Your bitcoin has just entered the twilight zone, where it gets cloned!! Nah, just a thief.
2015-09-17 More of the same old fake multiplier bs. Don't fall for it.
2015-10-19 You probably ended up at this scamsite from a link in a spam email. Never follow links in uninvited emails.
2018-12-27 I suppose calling it Btc-go-hell doesn't have the same ring to it.
2017-01-09 This Gold doesn't glitter, but it does smell of cow poo.
2016-02-21 Another one that goes pure ponzi after the free level. This seems to be a new strategy from the ponzi creators.
2015-05-20 If you don't have a Trezor, Electrum, or Ledger hardware Wallet, just get one. You will never need to test dodgy wallets ever again.
2017-10-21 Grow your Bitcoins Here we go with that Bitatt scamcode again.
2016-06-08 Don't be silly. Since you know that bitcoin cannot double, you must also know that sending bitcoin to a doubler is a bit careless.
2017-07-07 Last time we saw this hyip template, it was called Same scam.
2018-03-16 Another scam multiplier - bitcoin doesn't earn interest for nothing.
2014-12-20 If this actually was a club, it would be the kind of club that you beat baby seals to death with! It's a fraudster.
2018-04-04 There will only ever be 21M Bitcoin - It cannot multiply. Your deposit goes to pay for a criminal lifestyle.
2018-01-15 Another coin multiplier fishing attempt. Don't be daft.
2016-12-03 Just keep your bitcoin safe, don't send it to sites that offer impossible returns - it all ends in loss.
2017-11-01 These scammers have nothing to offer.
2015-08-19 Get rich quick? afraid not. You just lose your bitcoin to this scam.
2014-11-04 A Wix (free) hosted scamsite. Yet another multiplier.
2015-03-04 The Bitatt scam code appears yet again.
2016-02-06 Matrix=Ponzi=Fraud. Any questions?
2015-12-17 If you have a Goose that lays Golden Eggs, you don't give it away. Slow down, think about it, and don't send any bitcoin!
2018-03-22 This is, they have added the BTC to the start. Doesn't make it any better though, it's still a scam.
2014-06-22 What have we told you about bitcoin? That's right IT CAN NOT MULTIPLY. Its magic, but it ain't that magic, this site and others like it just steal bitcoin from uckers.
2015-04-06 As bitcoin isn't magic, it must be another scam multiplier.
2015-06-27 Btc cannot multiply - so if you send it here, you shouldn't expect it back again.
2018-01-06 They are anonymous, you are anonymous, your Bitcoin isn't coming back, you haven't been paid, and they also have your Bank Details and email address. Now what?
2018-01-19 Somebody profits from this, but not you, just the thief who runs it.
2015-03-09 Mostly using spam mail to try and get users, but don't use it, it's just a scam, a fake cloudmining site.
2015-10-10 You want to buy rocks - we have a few, just send us your bitcoin and call to collect them.
2016-08-12 No, it isn't mining, so please don't invite your friends to follow you into this fraud.
2016-12-29 Well blow me, how has bitcoin managed to survive without Coupons. Must be a genius crook, on the level of Lex Luthor to dream this up.
2017-02-24 Scam. Send bitcoin and expect to lose it. Bitcoin doesn't just grow, and nobody has the power to 'multiply' it.
2015-09-02 Another 'official' domain. Whatever you do, avoid the unofficial thieves, stick to the official slimeball.
2016-01-20 Coindoublers are the simplest of scams. Like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey.
2017-01-06 Today is not a good day to be sucker. Avoid this site, don't give this thief your bitcoin, and don't be that sucker.
2015-10-21 The bitatt scam in Chinese! That's a first for this common fraud.
2016-07-24 Also We have reports of these related ptc sites not paying out. Your risk.
2014-12-19 This site is still only in Russian, but expect this scam in a language of your choice soon.
2014-07-12 Don't be a numpty and send your private key to this crook! He will have ALL YOUR BITCOIN !
2017-08-06 The old "Highly qualified investment team" spiel. So why do they need you? Because it's all lies and theft as usual.
2015-04-07 You know it's just another thieving dropout somewhere.
2016-02-07 Yes it's a ponzi.
2015-02-03 Not professional mining, not even professional scamming, but everybody has to start somewhere.
2017-11-10 What have we told you about bitcoin and paypal, like oil and water, they don't mix. People are getting scammed by this site. Works in cahoots with No SSL on either site? Alarm bells time.
2014-11-23 These scam doublers just keep trying. Think about it?
2015-12-03 When scams, of scams come along, you have to smile. Hopefully, 2x won't happen, but regardless, this site is just a fraudster.
2017-11-08 Same old scam. Bitcoin cannot double, and nobody can double it. If you are daft enough to send it to an obvious fraud, it's your own fault.
2018-04-25 All bitcoin doublers end in tears for about 90% of (and i use this term loosely) Investors. Don't be an idiot.
2016-07-24 Nobody, but nobody falls for these coindoubler scams anymore. You didn't did you?
2017-04-03 A generic doubler fraud.
2016-05-07 Hopefully, you will easily spot this fraud, and so you won't lose your bitcoin.
2016-08-08 Doublers, and get rich quick schemes are always frauds. This is as well.
2016-07-19 Another multiplier fraud attempt.
2016-05-23 Another bitcoin doubler. Bitcoin cannot double, please understand this basic condition.
2016-09-08 Also All multipliers are frauds, these are no exception.
2016-04-27 Me share btc with you long time mister.
2016-03-22 It's a total fraud, like all these multipliers. What makes you think bitcoin can multiply? It can't.
2016-02-19 Also, This scam promises to double your Btc. They still just steal it though. Bitcoin doesn't double by magic.
2014-10-10 Also The common double bitcoin scam.
2015-11-17 Without wishing to be too insulting, you would have to be pretty fkn dumb to send money or btc to this clown outfit.
2016-12-17 All those cutesy graphics just go to confirm that it is just a ponzi like any other. Every ponzi leaves many more losers than the few winners.
2017-03-01 Err, no. This is Btc bunk Bud'. Just a thief.
2016-07-14 Another scam that's moved on to a new domain. Gotcha.
2016-04-25 Just a doubler fraud like soooo many.
2016-12-29 Pro? It isn't even amateur, in fact it isn't even a Bank! Just a poxy little shit with his own poxy little doubler scam.
2017-01-20 It isn't a robot, it is just a thief. NEVER exchange Bitcoin using payPal. there are a few ways you can be robbed, with zero protection.
2018-01-15 It isn't a bank, it's a rubbish scam. Don't let this cheap thief steal your coins.
2015-06-10 A lot of Javascript, a lot of shiny pictures, and a complete pack of lies. Don't send funds to this undeserving individual.
2018-06-29 The longstanding mining site, that actually only launched today! Pure unfiltered camel piss!
2017-12-17 The btc bay coindoubler fraud relocating to a cooler domain. Same old scam though.
2017-03-31 Nothing pro about another poxy doubler fraud.
2017-02-13 Another hyip/fraud.
2016-09-29 If you can even figure out what they are offering, it's probably because somebody else clued you up, who is simultaneously trying to suck you into this ponzi scam.
2018-08-04 Cards - ficticious cards, that earn money. This fraud site is proof that you can think this stuff up!
2017-06-22 The only bonus, is if you found this warning before you sent bitcoin. If you have sent it, you are too late.
2017-07-16 Boom, and the bitcoin's gone. Barry Scott would love this scam.
2018-11-14 Exploding bitcoin - whatever next will scammers tempt you with.
2017-11-10 Just another fake doubler. Don't fall for these scams.
2016-01-17 This box has no bottom in it. Not a very good box really.
2017-11-17 You'll certainly be broker than you were if you send btc to these thieves.
2016-06-29 Janus Innovation. It's just another scam coin doubler.
2015-03-17 It's not a ponzi, it's a whole load of little ponzi's, and of course it's unsustainable. Better mention zero user security too.
2015-09-26 The crook running this basic fraud may get a buzz - but you won't.
2017-03-19 100% risk for a possible 10% Ponzi Payout is bad odds even by scam standards. Just designed to build unwarranted trust!
2018-02-27 (See PTCircle)
2014-06-25 It isn't an investment, quite the opposite.
2018-04-26 Don't be a Btc Cock, and fall for Btc Clock! It's just a ponzi fraud.
2017-05-05 Google translate and The Romans make most of this hyip fraud completely incomprehensible. That will save a few victims.
2017-12-26 Btc con-artists. Just pass this by.
2017-01-09 Just con merchants out to steal your cash and bitcoin.
2017-08-17 Make sure the crazy MoFo's behind this scam site don't get your bitcoin eh.
2017-09-16 literacy is the least of this sites problems. It's a really poor attempt at fraud.
2017-02-13 A very poxy little hyip/scam.
2016-10-01 3 Years in mining, from a site that is 24 days old. Nah.
2016-06-28 Lo and behold, another bitcoin ponzi wannabe thief. Get rich at your expense. Don't be a mug please.
2017-11-22 Apart from setting a record for the most c's in an 11 letter domain name, this site has no worth whatsoever.
2017-11-08 Just DON'T download from this site. Scans show malware in btcprotradingv3.exe and btcpropredictionv1.exe.
2014-11-07 Your deposit isn't coming back. It is just a fraud.
2016-11-02 The Bitcoin-doubler fraud in a fresh location.
2015-11-06 Their btc will double - but yours won't!
2016-10-22 They only thing this scamsite deals in, needs to be carried in sacks, not wallets!
2017-09-05 Just don't deposit btc, because this is the more intelligent option.
2015-12-02 A totally new way to Invest! You send them Bitcoin. That's it. You won't ever see it again, but they miss that bit in their blurb.
2018-01-21 Your bitcoin won't be dominating very much if you send it to a hyip scam. Scams like this are everywhere.
2018-09-14 Oh you're donating alright, you're donating straight to the thief who put up this laughable fraud!
2017-08-13 This fake bitcoin generator has one purpose, to persuade you to send a 'release fee' You WILL lose it.
2017-08-03 Bitcoin cannot double. Send it here and lose it.
2017-10-18 The first scam doubler of 2016. Don't feed these thieves.
2016-01-01 A doubler fraud with a hyip theme. 100% Scam.
2016-10-22 If this site gets you - then the final thing you need to google is 'hopeless case'
2016-10-22 This is your warning, you WILL lose bitcoin if you send it to any doubler. Bitcoin does not double, it is not magic.
2016-10-22 The latest in a long line of scam doublers.
2016-01-26 It won't double if you watch it though - keep your eyes shut.
2016-04-23 Don't send any bitoin to these generator scammers. All these bitcoin generators are just bollocks. They want you to send a 'fee'.
2017-06-14 This is what happens. You send bitcoin, and they keep that bitcoin. You never see it again.
2017-01-04 Another one of these P2P Ponzi's. Don't kid yourself, you will just lose everything to this thief.
2017-02-05 We aren't sure how the word enjoy really goes with being arse raped by scammers - but if that floats your boat - it's a free world.
2018-06-19 The Korean version has Ho Lee Fuk as CEO and Sum Ting Wong as Treasurer. Sarcastic fraudsters - whatever next?
2017-07-24 Express Bitcoin Ltd. Currently only in Russian. Stay clear of this hyip fraud.
2016-05-17 It is YOU that will be exploited by this shyster. There are no holes in bitcoin's code.
2017-02-26 The scam that makes you believe you are rich. Don't be a mug.
2017-09-08 Virtual Mining' - I'll fkn say it's virtual, it isn't real anyhow.
2016-05-24 Another silly fraud - Of course they won't pay you, they are thieves ffs.
2016-07-12 If this were a poker game, this would be called 'overplaying your hand'. Rarely will you see such grndiose claims! Binary options is at best, a Zero sum game.
2017-09-05 Bitcoin cannot double. If you send it here, you are sending it to a liar and a thief.
2018-12-28 Is this the BTCgaw scammer at it again? We reckon so. No such company, no ssl, all means no way is it legit. Now reports of losses to this thief
2015-04-23 Just a hyip/scam to avoid - unless you like giving bitcoin to thieves.
2015-06-13 And I quote - "Register with us and get Educate" Do you get a Cerfiticatt for Gurdurating?
2017-03-05 They must just copy and paste this bs from other bs hyip scams.
2016-07-06 Don't be in too much of a frenzy to send your bitcoin to a crook.
2018-04-18 The joy of community mining" That should read "The joy of mining the community" It's a go back to start ponzi, a sort of snakes and ladders ponzi.
2015-08-03 Utter drivel. This is just a $25 off the shelf fraud.
2017-01-10 We nearly made it a day without a hyip. Not quite. Avoid this ponzi scam.
2014-08-31 Don't be a fool and deposit to this, you are 100% certain to lose this particular bet.
2015-09-11 Don't fall for this scam. They WILL steal your money.
2015-04-10 If it isn't fake mining, it's bitcoin multipliers. Easy scams to put up, anonymised theft, but they rely on you to send bitcoin, they can't just take it.
2018-02-17 The only exploit in this tired scam will be you. There is NO flaw in the Bitcoin Blockchain.
2017-02-07 The bitcoin generator scam works by fooling you with fake earnings, to persuade you to send a fee to release them, just like those letters that come through your door, saying you've won a lottery that you never entered.
2018-03-11 Another of these 'lending communities'. Who the fuck would borrow at 40% per month interest? Nobody, that's who. These are just Ponzi schemes.
2018-02-13 Are you ready to join the "Sucker Club" good, then this site is for you.
2017-10-16 Fun all the way to the FoodBank! This scam used to called Btc Adder.
2018-06-10 This scam unfortunately will keep reappearing. It is the most basic of scams. An anonymous stranger persuades you to send him funds. You never see them again.
2018-08-10 The Bitcoin Generator is the simplest of scams. Similar to telling you you've won a prize, but you have to send funds to get it. If you can't see the con in this, stay off the Internet!
2018-07-02 Yet another 'Donation' ponzi/fraud. You are 'donating' directly to a thief, who will keep your 'donation'. Get it?
2017-02-19 Don't allow yourself to get sucked in to this bullshit ponzi scheme, because that is all it is.
2017-10-30 Yet another scammer promising to double your money. Ask yourself why and how?
2015-10-23 And another doubler. People send us emails and sound surprised that they sent btc to a doubler, and nothing happened.
2016-08-28 Exposed by Cointelegraph as behind a few scam exchanges.
2015-02-19 All that glitters on the Internet, are pixels. This is just a dumb hyip scam.
2018-04-13 The clue is in the name. This thief just wants to grab your btc and run for the hills with it.
2015-08-30 All these pix of smiley people with their thumbs in the air - Is that supposed to mean anything?
2016-09-29 If it breaks, bring it back with your original receipt. What, you don't have a receipt? Just a hyip folks.
2017-05-22 100% guaranteed to lose it.
2016-12-04 Everything surrounding BitcoinGold is proving to be very scammy. Here's a very scammy wallet for you.
2017-10-27 Ponzi/scams like this are everywhere. If they were ponzi's they would be bad enough, but they just steal everything.
2017-06-19 Surprise surprise it's another bloody ponzi/scam.
2016-12-18 Ridiculous. Btchamp was a ponzi, that left a shedload of victims, and the scammer now launches btchamp2? Don't be a nugget and send to this, and if you do, don't complain to us eh.
2017-09-14 One of many hyip scams that want to steal bitcoin as well. Fake mining.
2017-10-16 A lot of people are wasting their time with this non-paying site, and whatever you do, don't send any bitcoin.
2017-11-02 Cartoony graphics are a common ploy to take your mind off the fact that it is just a Ponzi, and the odds are stacked against you.
2017-03-11 Seriously, 850% in a day. Better stop eating those mushrooms boys.
2016-07-16 If you haven't seen a hyip/scam before, this is a fine example.
2017-04-20 Nice design, but that's it. Just another slimeball after your bitcoin.
2016-04-20 The kind of returns, that real mining can only dream of. Purely aimed at complete novices, and totally fake.
2018-05-16 This supposed faucet site is asking you to download software. DON'T be the one to find out what it does.
2014-06-21 Another scam multiplier. You know it's going to rob you, so don't act surprised when you lose your money or even worse, your bitcoin.
2015-09-29 This is relaunched - they fake the logs, fake the level ups and then they WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY
2014-04-20 Fake mining offers from this hyip scam. Hyip's are frauds, styled on ponzi's, and anonymised so they can run off with all your money, anytime they feel like it.
2017-12-29 Nothing innovative about an old fashioned hyip/scam. All hyip's are ponzi's, and will fail very quickly.
2017-04-20 A multiplicity of multipliers doesn't make them real. They are all frauds, as is this one.
2016-04-28 If you really don't want your bitcoin, then this is the ideal 'investment' to never see it again.
2016-11-23 Unless society creates useful roles for these toerags, they will just keep producing frauds like this.
2016-05-27 A pretty poorly put together scam multiplier. If you fall for this, you really are not safe to own bitcoin.
2015-05-07 As ever, it's a scam. Guaranteed returns? This promise should always be your first warning.
2015-03-22 If you were in any doubt, don't be. It's a Ponzi/Scam, you will lose it all.
2016-12-18 Not a system, just dangling a big hook, after that big loser. Don't be that sucker please.
2016-12-21 NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH BTCJAM. Btcjams is a ptc video site. We have bad reports of accounts cleared, work not paid etc. Our advice is stay clear of this site.
2014-07-09 Oh, your bitcoin is going on a journey alright. A one way ticket to oblivion.
2017-03-24 Also Yeah right. King Con.
2016-01-30 Also Yeah right. King Con.
2016-01-30 Bitcoin mining my arse. Stealing bitcoin is all this thief has set up this site to do.
2016-12-16 The Bitlake ponzi scam must have overflowed, and spilt into this! Anybody got a mop?
2017-09-02 Blow me - bitcoin can fly now! They even have a "Memeber" login, overall, a bit poo.
2017-03-11 No you don't need a shower - it's this site that stinks. Stay clear - stay happy.
2014-08-07 Yeah, the lifetime of a Mayfly. Just a scam like so many.
2017-01-08 PayPal Reverse payment scamming is all too common, and we have reports that this is the latest.
2014-12-23 A hyip scam aimed mostly at Russian speakers, and happy to steal a range of currencies, including bitcoin.

Btcm No such company registered - the transaction log is BS - Stay well clear peeps
2014-09-09 You can lose money to this fraud in a number of ways, including bitcoin.
2016-01-11 I wonder if this Major wears a little major suit, and likes Ice Cream and Jello. A childish scam anyway.
2017-06-24 The Btc that this scam makes is really cheap, and will just fall apart on you. Best stick to the real stuff.
2017-04-07 If you don't send them bitcoin, you won't lose bitcoin. It ain't science.
2017-03-17 This little scam is running on a few domains - don't be the one that sends bitcoin eh.
2017-03-19 That fake bitcoin generator again. This is all illusion, except your loss when you send them a release fee, that's real.
2017-03-10 The bitcoin generator fraud which is doing the rounds. Don't send anything, you will simply lose it.
2017-03-12 Hollow promises. This thief can promise you anything, but you don't know who to go after when you realise it's all lies. All fake.
2017-08-05 A clone of a popular crypto scamsite.
2015-03-01 Matrix' is just another name for Ponzi. From their own faq. this is a 10:1 Ponzi.
2014-06-29 Except in this case, everything that this scammer touches, just turns to kak.
2017-03-24 These scams are fairly common. Not only isn't it real bitcoin you are generating, you cannot get it out without sending real bitcoin, which the thief keeps of course.
2018-01-26 Fake cloudmining schemes are making a comeback - Just don't trust anybody who isn't in our safelist!
2017-08-15 Complete bollox. Just another attempt to relieve you of your bitcoin.
2016-04-03 Also That domain has been used for a number of scams now, this is no exception.
2015-08-07 This serial scammer is back with another fake miner store. You have been warned, you have no excuse.
2017-06-25 They apparently share offices with the known scam - Hmm. High risk is putting it mildly.
2015-05-26 Will this generator fraud run out of new domains to propogate to, before it runs out of suckers?
2017-08-15 Theft of bitcoin is neither a service, nor is it mining. These generators try to persuade you to send a withdrawal fee. Don' be that sucker.
2017-08-05 The bitcoin generator scam. You haven't really generated bitcoin, so don't send any real bitcoin eh.
2018-03-20 Bitcoin cannot be hacked, exploited, doubled or cloned. Sites like these are after newbies who don't get it yet.
2017-09-08 Don't download the software, don't run the software, don't send any money or bitcoin. Have we missed anything - Oh yeah, if you have done the first two, undo it asap!
2018-02-20 Another Ponzi scam with a mining front cover. Be realistic - they have to lie to you, so why trust that they will ever pay you? They won't.
2018-01-18 Become a Millionaire? Not here. Here, you will simply learn one of lifes valuable lessons - Don't believe everything you read!
2018-03-15 These are the kind of sophisticated scams that are a big trap for bitcoin newbies. They are after stealing your money and bitcoin, nothing less.
2017-11-09 There are Red Flags everywhere! This is a great example of the kind of fraud site to laugh at, not to spend at.
2018-09-21 The btc generator scam. Don't send any bitcoin, you'll just lose it.
2017-04-09 A kiddy attempt at fraud, and a scammer that should choose a different career.
2017-11-08 Suckers wanted - apply here! is what this site would say if it was truthful, which it isn't.
2017-08-21 An MLM has product, which means that this is a Ponzi, not an MLM
2014-11-26 Everybody wants to steal your bitcoin, including this scam. We can only warn you.
2017-01-01 You don't need a calculator, let alone a lab to spot a Ponzi.
2015-11-08 Do the maths. If 100 other people signed up, that would be all the existing bitcoin accounted for. Exaggerated claims is putting it mildly.
2017-03-17 Btc NoNo. 'nuff said.
2015-08-30 A new scam multiplier. Bitcoin isn't magic. You know you will get robbed, so don't bother trying it.
2015-05-25 Another freehosted cheap thief. Don't think you'll multiply your bitcoin, you will simply hand it to a thief.
2015-10-04 Fraud, lies, deception.
2016-01-04 A very naive attempt at a fake investment site.
2016-05-30 Another of these multiplier scam attempts, surely nobody still falls for these?
2016-07-19 You may go into this thinking you are smart, and that you know it's a ponzi, but you are smarter! Come back and tell us how you got on. lol.
2018-08-26 There is only one option - close the page and don't send bitcoin to this crook.
2018-02-21 If anybody knew how to get a few percent per day on their funds, they wouldn't share their fortune with you. Stop dreaming.
2017-02-21 This cute little Panda will bite your arse off.
2016-06-26 Your bitcoin may end up in paradise, you will be on the street.
2017-05-21 A plain and simple fake investment site.
2016-01-25 The real BPG Ltd are surveyors and nothing to do with this Hyip/Ponzi/Scam
2014-06-27 One of the thousands of hyip scamsites out there. Don't fall victim to any of these.
2017-11-08 Peak stupidity, but nothing else.
2017-04-03 Also This is a hyip, that pretends it isn't a hyip, and fails dismally.
2017-06-14 Illustrating the complete lies told by these sites, this domain was created 2 days ago, yet claims 67 days online! Another lying thief.
2016-09-05 Perfect for thieves to try and steal from you. This is a thief, don't give him your bitcoin please.
2017-12-05 No doubt they will say 'Toodle Pip' as they stroll off into the sunset with the loot.
2016-09-25 What a nicely presented ponzi/hyip/scam. 10/10 for effort.
2015-04-12 Just a scammy scammer, trying to scam you. Tedious.
2016-07-19 It isn't a mining pool, or mining. It is a pool full of the tears of victims, who have been conned by this thief!
2018-09-30 Hyips are coming thick and fast today.
2016-01-28 If you give your Private Key to someone else - It isn't Private any longer, and you will lose all that is in that wallet. Get it?
2018-03-22 A scam to steal your coins professionally steal them in this case.
2015-04-30 Is it even possible to be a professional idiot? If you have been scammed before, and you fall for this too, then perhaps it is possible.
2018-11-06 Even with the best intentions, the PayPal and bitcoin combination always goes horribly wrong. Don't risk it, you have no protection.
2015-12-08 We iz registered and insured innit. Now giv uz yer bittycoin bro'
2016-03-22 All this site will produce is Fraud Victims.
2017-01-15 They have the usual 3 public plans, but only ever one real plan. To steal your bitcoin - the sad little weasels.
2017-11-22 These scammers are getting lazy. Don't fall for this half baked scam.
2015-09-09 Btc BS Network. At best this is a Ponzi, at worst straight theft.
2016-09-10 People buy hyip code, and run these scams, little knowing that they are traceable, and do go to jail! Stop it you numptys.
2017-11-06 Apparently this scammer needs his pro' fix. Dirty boy.
2016-01-08 What a really sht ste to nvest n. You wll lose t all!
2017-10-17 It is mining fools, not bitcoin. Don't be a fool.
2017-05-04 Coin giveaway? Please don't be this dumb, don't send funds.
2018-06-01 Don't risk it. None of the claims check out.These scams are common, and the PayPal aspect just adds more risk.
2014-06-01 You don't send Bitcoin and get more back, you send Bitcoin, and never see it again. Don't be a fool eh.
2018-04-12 Coindoubler scams running on subdirectories of this domain.
2017-02-27 When someone you never met, invites you to come along with their plan to exploit some people - Don't any alarm bells ring in your head? They should ring loud enough to make your fkn ears bleed!
2018-05-28 Only one way to reacter this, and that is to not be stupid enough to send bitcoin.
2016-03-23 Using a very tired old scam template to mop up as many naive bitcoin users as possible. Hopefully not tooo many of you.
2018-06-17 Bad Bad - Stay Clear, Return is not what your Btc will do !
2014-04-06 Quick Bitcoin Investment. It's a plain Scam. Stay away.
2014-07-09 Another fly by night faker. Don't believe these lying thieves please.
2017-02-23 This half baked hyip scam, assumes you are as stupid as the scam itself. It is a hyip, and all hyips are run by thieves - period.
2018-09-23 What you and the next victim invest, becomes somebody else's 'profit' and how long do you think that can continue?
2017-01-13 We keep warning you about bitcoin to paypal conversions, and it isn't sinking in. Just don't use PayPal to sell or buy Bitcoin, there are numerous ways to get ripped.
2016-07-19 If everybody wins - who loses? We have an inbox that tells us that everybody loses.
2017-01-04 Also and Bitcoin doesn't multiply - it isn't magic. Please stop falling for these scam multipliers.

Sites C - Crypn* A very well designed "Boiler Room" scam. Make it flashy and professional looking, people may fall for it. Don't. These people are professional crooks.
2015-04-29 You'll never C your bitcoin again if you are daft enough to send it to this thieving little scrote'
2016-07-11 However, you won't c any cloudming here, this is simple fraud.
2017-06-21 A doubler scam from Max Crypto, the close cousin of Lost Crypto.
2015-12-11 A very slight domain move from the scam. Why waste all that web design eh?
2018-04-29 A hyip fraud - You cannot make 22% a day, stop deluding yourselves.
2017-07-04 Rule 1 of keeping your Cryptocurrency safe, is to never reveal your private key. Just never ever reveal it to another party.
2018-03-22 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 Those offers look too good to be true don't they? So why fall for them. Bitmain don't have distributors, you buy from Bitmain, or get ripped off.
2018-09-27 Capital delusion. Just another half baked attempt at theft.
2016-10-07 I don't have a worst enemy. Do you have one? If you do, this is the perfect Investment for that worst enemy.
2018-06-29 This is a Capital 1, and this is a Non-Capital 1 - This site is just a fraud though.
2017-03-23 This is what your typical hyip/fraud looks like. 100% lies.
2016-02-16 These hyip scams are running out of ideas, domains, templates! This is identical to the Optimumbtc scamsite.
2018-02-18 You know those Bouncy Castles that kids love? Well, this is comparable to those. It just needs a Clown, sticking his head out of the top of it.
2018-06-26 If you have capital to invest, keep it away from this ponzi fraud.
2016-02-01 Just lies and false promises - just don't send funds, you'll just lose them.
2018-04-21 A very generic Hyip?Fraud.
2016-09-18 Another fake investment site from the usual suspects
2015-08-09 An archetypal Hyip/Fraud
2016-05-23 The Carbon7 fraud is relaunched. What do you suppose happened to the first load of (and we use this term loosely) 'investments', in the scam? All hyips are thieves. No exceptions.
2017-04-22 Who even comes up with this stuff? What next, invest in Kryptonite? Anyway, it's a hyip, and will steal your money.
2015-08-06 Investing in fake coal mining might just send your bitcoin up in fake flames! Better not do it then.
2017-03-24 Some scams are so obviously scams. This isn't even trying. Formulaic, fake hyip promises.
2017-07-25 Bitcoin trading bots! We've heard it all before, and it is as usual, pure fantasy.
2017-08-25 If you don't want your bitcoin, give it to somebody who will use it wisely, don't send it to this fraud.
2017-10-18 Draw a cartoon of your bitcoin, and send that. If you send real bitcoin, it isn't coming back.
2015-11-27 Look in the mirror. Do you see a fool? If you don't, then don't send funds to this blatant ponzi scam!
2018-07-20 However you got here, whether by email link or referral, it is just a scammer. No doubt you need to send a withdrawal fee for your free bitcoin. Don't be dumb.
2018-12-19 For starters, it loads malicious mining softawre on your PC and there are lots of other reasons not to go here!
2018-05-18 A hyip fraud.
2015-08-06 You wouldn't borrow at 6000% per annum, so who is borrowing from you at those rates? Get wise people.
2018-03-16 And by association, PayPal and Bitcoin are a great big NO.
2017-06-08 It will be the last you will ever see of that cash. Don't become a victim today.
2018-10-16 Yeah, they cash in your deposit and keep it.
2016-05-07 If you advertise, you are giving the revenue to scammers. The ever rising payout threshold scam means people can never reach payout for their work. Your work here benefits only the scammers. Go for low threshold PTC's. Oh. And no https on login.
2014-07-01 If you follow the instructions very carefully, this author will get rich. You won't. All good fun.
2018-11-01 Another hyip that shut up shop and has now restarted on a fresh domain, to catch a fresh lot of suckers. Don't be a sucker.
2017-04-14 A follow up fraud to Really basic and rubbish design, with a pre scripted scrolling payout - Yawn.
2016-11-04 If you can't see how dumb it is - go and try and sell the idea to your wife. She will probably put you straight.
2018-04-27 If websites were physically real, this ponzi would have buckets attached, to put the bullshit in!
2018-05-16 Also Two related hyip/ponzi/scams to stay away from. Money does not have the properties of your god(s), it isn't magic.
2014-07-08 Yeah go on, invite your friends and family! All lose everything together. Unity is a great thing isn't it?
2017-05-07 Another total fail of a get rich quick scheme. A fool and their money are soon parted.
2018-11-21 1% per day forever - There must be a catch right? Right. So don't be a fkn idiot, and don't send your bitcoin!
2016-09-18 Another domain that goes away and returns again to scam a fresh bunch of victims.
2016-03-28 Yeild isn't even a real word. A sad attempt at a hyip/fraud.
2016-07-11 A Hyip/Fraud.
2016-08-20 May as well be a bitcoin burial service. Just what we need lol.
2016-05-20 They may promise to get you out of 'Pawn' but you'll never get your 'Check Mate' (excuse Sunday Night puns please)
2017-07-23 A faker! You will just lose your bitcoin to this scammer.
2017-12-10 We certainly aren't convinced. Bitcoin is P2P - No Post Req'd. There is some evidence of transactions, but it is anonymous, and YOUR risk.
2014-09-05 Almost plausible, but no it's just another scamsite.
2015-06-30 Crypto Currency Bullshit MLM. Did you think CCBMLM meant anything else?
2017-07-13 Not much effort gone into this fraud attempt.
2016-04-20 Never take the label of UK Ltd Company as any label of Trust. This scam is another example, a faker with a UK Company.
2018-01-13 The site has now addressed the https absence. However, make sure you read all the small print, and ask a lot of questions before investing in any mining.
2015-06-27 This scam is using details from a dormant company. Don't go near it
2014-10-16 We hope that no more of you get sucked into this 'Con Kings' shitpile!

Centauricoin And,, - All parts that make up this Ponzi/Fraud. One for the Feds.
2016-09-12 Malware malware, come and get your malware. Need malware? this is the site for you.
2015-09-04 These bots are made of software, so of course you can't actually see them. Would they lie to you? Fkn right they would.

Centurion Club Just avoid this blatant ponzi.
2016-03-22 This is a bitcoin doubler. Bitcoin doublers don't double bitcoin, they keep bitcoin from anybody dim enough to send it.
2017-02-08 When you see a site so blatantly fake as this one, it makes you wonder why the scammer even bothers to put it up. You didn't fall for it did you?
2018-01-11 This may catch a great many people. Not associated with the (debatably) genuine Cex!

Cfive2btc Aka five2btc. No product, means ponzi. Always the golden rule.
2017-01-24 Also More parts of a web of sites associated with
2018-12-19 A very very shiny and posh scamsite. At least this thief put some effort in.
2018-04-14 Like every online ponzi, you will just get robbed. These people are just muggers, using the internet instead of a bat!
2017-08-07 A bitcoin doubler fraud in Spanish.
2016-12-26 It's a scam.
2014-11-25 it's a good job it is just a scam, you would never find the money to pay a management team that size!
2018-01-25 Yes it's an exchange, but one that exchanges your funds, for IOU's that can never be cashed. Just a scam.
2018-10-12 With this much charisma, your money will go farther! However, we don't believe in farther charismas.
2017-11-18 If this faker hadn't included Cryptocurrencies in their fake portfolio, we wouldn't have listed them as a fake Investment site. There's a lesson in that for fakers.
2018-08-24 Your first impression was right, it's a ponzi fraud.
2017-01-04 It costs you everything you send - How is that cheap? It's the same price as every other scam.
2017-12-01 Ooh cherries! Not as red as your face will be if you get suckered by this scumbag.
2016-09-07 Hyip/Scam
2015-05-06 Please people, don't blame bitcoin when you send to a ponzi fraud like this - It is your own learning curve, not bitcoin's fault.
2017-08-03 Also This is the Golden Cows scam reborn. Lovely design by these scammers
2014-09-24 Chicken themed ponzi's from Russia, have been around almost as long as Bitcoin! As long as you know it's a Ponzi, you shouldn't grumble about not being paid out.
2017-12-26 A rework of previous H/w scams by a serial african scammer by the name of chris,who needs to be boiled in Camel Piss !! Goes by the email
2014-05-08 The China arm MMMglobal, a massive Ponzi/Scam added
2015-11-08 We can only assume, that somebody pulled a CD out of a bin, and it had a shedload of ancient hyip templates on it. Or, an online fraudster just got out of jail, following a ten year stretch!
2018-06-29 Hey - if you are going tell a lie, make it a doozy. China fkn oil corporation!
2017-07-13 Now it's in our badlist, you won't send your bitcoin to this thief - we hope.
2016-07-21 China's in OPEC? News to us. Anyway, stay clear of this blatant hyip/fraud.
2016-09-28 Some hyip scammers just cannot get away from their repetitive themes, in this case China. Ah well, at least now you know it's a fraud.
2017-07-28 The only thing missing from this fraud is an animation of Mao Tse Tung dancing for joy.
2016-12-22 To be fair, this hyip has a pretty good disclaimer explaining 'normal' risk, but these sites are set up to steal, so there is no normal.
2016-12-05 If you can't be honest, at least be funny. Quite entertaining as scams go.
2015-10-11 These hyips are starting to take the piss. This is ridiculous by any measure.
2016-03-22 Aw, it's always refreshing to see someone new in the scam scene. We would give this first attempt at a fraudsite 2/10.
2018-12-07 The tap is turned off according to many reports. Don't waste your time work, you won't get paid.
2015-03-01 You'll Cry SOS when you realise how silly you were. Lending program nowadays, means scam.
2018-01-19 Many Ponzi's now call their systems 'donations' to skirt around regulators. You lose whether it's called Ponzi, HYIP, MLM or Donation.
2017-07-25 It's bitcoin you'll be burning, not tobacco. A common scam.
2015-08-20 The theme of the day, is fake mining, and a completetly unassociated sitename. This is a scam.
2018-04-12 (See PTCircle)
2014-06-25 Well, if it goes around and comes back, there is no point sending it in the first place! besides which, this is just a ponzi.
2017-06-14 A mining themed hyip script. These are never investments, they are just ponzi's put there by common thieves.
2018-10-06 Bitcoin is one of many unrefundable investment methods offered by this scam.
2015-10-05 Some days (today is one of them) we just get hyip after hyip. All hyips are frauds. You will almost certainly lose some or all of what you send, so why send it?
2017-10-30 The blatant errors on this site are more than enough. Can you spot the Elephant on the mainpage?
2016-12-29 So, who are you sending your private keys to? Why do you suppose an anonymous stranger can be trusted - will they send the BTG shitcoin? Are you mad? and more unanswered questions.
2017-10-30 Oh ffs - do NOT send your private keys to any 3rd party site. They will own all your bitcoin!
2017-10-04 This half arsed fraudster could claim to come from the moon, and that would be a lie as well.
2018-06-29 This 'faucet' isn't what it claims to be. They will persuade you to deposit, and you will lose it.
2017-07-21 This nasty little operation will steal your private keys, and phish other information. Stay well clear.
2017-06-30 This is an exercise in using lots of words, but saying absolutely nothing. Of course it's a scam.
2015-04-23 Prince William has not gone into bitcoin mining, this is just another faker.
2016-08-01 Another cloudmining scam. You know there is no such thing as 'cloudmining' as bitcoin mining needs specialist equipment, not regular cloudservers.
2015-10-23 See
2016-06-20 This site WILL take you to the cleaners. It is a malicious site.
2016-01-26 Hyip/Scam - you could spot this scam through the wrong end of a telescope.
2014-08-07 No secure login/registration, no evidence of real mining, need we go on? Ok, and it looks more like a ponzi than mining.
2015-03-18 Anything offering 3% a day, has no means to do that. It will always be a Ponzi, and you WILL lose.
2017-04-20 Not somewhere the clever bitcoin users would send btc. It's just another thieving scrote.
2015-12-31 As for this site, a rising cashout threshold means you will never be paid for your clicks.*Relisted*
2014-07-27 Reports about this site not paying, and the host is uncontactable. Looks like a wide berth is required.
2014-05-07 Put simply, you ain't going to make 5% a day contract mining. Any site claiming to pay you this is lying.
2018-07-01 That explains the ticking noise coming from under my shirt then.
2017-02-07 The faq will tell you everything, including that this is nothing to do with mining, and is just a ponzi.
2017-04-16 That's right - They cloud mine you! Pickpockets.
2017-08-15 Offering returns that you cannot achieve from mining bitcoin, and that is where the fakery begins. Don't send the TX Fee.
2018-04-10 Bitcoin just doesn't work like this. Sites like this are just thieves.
2017-03-17 The site is down for now - but may reappear. Anyway - it's a scamsite.
2014-12-03 Interesting to watch a fake site still being constructed and debugged. Anyway, now you know.
2016-07-01 If you can't afford your own mining rig, just don't mine. There are too many fakers like these.
2018-03-13 It costs a bit of time, and a few Euro's to put up a fraud like this, and they have hundreds of similar ones. Don't be tempted, there is absolutely nothing beyond these webpages.
2017-02-24 Quite a few of these fake bitcoin mining sites
2014-06-24 Complete fakery and fuck all to do with Bitcoin Mining. Stay away from this pile of KaKa.
2017-04-02 It looks like this scam web template is being launched across a few domains, in a few names. Pure fraud.
2018-03-06 Another "too good to be true" scam from the usual suspects.
2015-11-05 Fakery, fraud, and all the usual lies from this generic scam.
2017-02-28 An old domain used by fraudsters, has relaunched with a fresh fake mining fraud! Recycling is fun isn't it?
2018-01-09 These crooks keep trying with these fake mining sites
2015-06-02 This is one of the more pathetic attempts at a mining scam. If you get sucked in by this one, then there are many more that may get you.
2017-02-28 Love the photoshopped images. This anonymised site has no user security, or real mining for that matter.
2014-12-09 Pending a response to our enquiries, we would advise you to hold off investing in this unproven mining operator.
2014-11-19 You should not invest in any mining operator, without knowing what you are buying. If you understand this stuff, you wil never fall for bs like this.
2017-11-05 Oh dear, what a shockingly shite attempt at the ubiquitous fake mining fraud.!
2016-04-13 a subscam of the scam.
2017-08-29 200% in a year - or even their own 'CSC' Coin. Don't all rush at once to this dodgy offering.
2015-02-13 Esta es una hyip / estafa. El administrador ha encontrado y ha sido detenido, pero el sitio aún está vivo, por lo que mantenerse alejados.
2015-05-30 Before you ask - Yes, they are completely taking the piss. Don't fall into this ponzi.
2018-06-29 Only one thing coming out of this cow, and that is the stinky stuff, bs.
2016-02-12 Nothing notable, just a really lame hyip scam.
2017-03-26 A 2x2 matrix just means mini ponzi. It's a scam like all ponzi's
2015-05-06 Yawn. This is a hyip. A hyip is a simple fraud. They claim to pay you lots, you send money, you never see your money again. See, simple.
2018-08-15 (re-added following accidental omission) A hyip/scam. 6/6/17 originally
2016-03-20 Same scam as on the .com domain.
2017-06-06 Quite a lot of space - It certainly isn't clogged up with any mining rigs.
2018-02-01 A chinese oil theme, just to make a change from the arab oil themes from these fraudsters!
2017-11-02 As long as you understand, that by 'game' they mean ponzi. (moved from
2015-12-08 Make yourself a nice cup of coffee, and then visit a different site, this is just a thief.
2017-03-19 This site directly recommends you to a lot of frauds. Are they complicit? Would you trust their wallets? No.
2017-06-12 Please stay well clear of this complex fraudsite. They have worked fairly hard to make it almost convincing.
2017-05-24 Fake mining, even using ripped off graphics. A Ponzi in Miners Boots!
2018-06-22 Another hyip fraudster aiming their sights at naive new bitcoin users. Please have more sense.
2018-06-22 Join the Mug Club why don't you!
2018-02-11 Bitcoin cannot make crazy interest. This is just a big scam carrot on one end of a stick - guess who's on the other end?
2018-02-21 We were surprised to find that this extract doesn't come in a jar or bottle, it comes in a Cows Arse!
2018-06-29 A desperately poor pretence of Coinmining. Dire.
2018-01-29 You know the drill - This is all pretence, but they try to persuade you to send real bitcoin, to withdraw the ficticious bitcoin. All a bit silly.
2017-04-15 Complaints regarding every aspect of this dodgy operator.
2016-04-04 This hyip scammer has another site,
2018-11-20 Another ponzi that will just take your bitcoin off you.
2015-07-10 A pretty badly put together hyip attempt. They should buy an off the shelf fraud, and do it wrong, right!
2017-02-01 Mucho bullcrap from this unconvincing fraudster.
2017-05-21 This is one online wallet that you need to avoid. A Hotel California for your Litecoin. Get a Hardware wallet, it's worth it. (see our safelist)
2017-09-24 There's no such thing as a coin maker. This is a fool maker.
2017-06-14 A very familiar scam format - don't get duped by these false promises.
2016-10-28 One of many baseless ponzi scams out there. Keep you bitcoin safe.
2018-04-10 One of many scam coin doublers.
2015-03-19 Another coin doubler scam. Wake up please people.
2016-06-06 Sometimes, these scams actually offer something that could really fool you. Don't be fooled by this scam, there is nothing beyond the webpage.
2018-09-25 These ponzi's don't realise that the feds are on to them. Many ponzi admins can expect an ealy morning wake-up call.
2015-03-08 Don't get suckered into this dodgy ponzi fraud. Like all these, you will only lose.
2017-01-29 Any site where you enter personal financial information, needs https encryption at the very least. Experienced fraudsters know this. This is an amateur thief.
2017-07-05 A freehosted fraud from a cheap thief.
2016-10-22 But just another Con2us. Don't fall victim to this tempting hyip trap.
2016-12-13 Call this a fake mining fraud?? Utter crap, now go and stand in the corner till the next lesson.
2016-07-08 They can offer a Zillion percent, but it doesn't make it real. You are sending funds to a thief - Why would you expect them back?
2017-03-27 This new style of design on this Hyip/Scam will definitely catch a few newbies. It's a ponzi, and a fraud - Not an Investment!
2018-05-31 To date, there has never been a legitimate always profitable bot. Here is yet another faker, trying to steal your bitcoin.
2018-10-16 Another of these P2P Donation scams from Nigeria - Following the model of the MMM fraudsters!
2017-11-02 You would expect this to be an art store, but no, it's a scammer with a fraudsite.
2017-09-11 To pay interest, someone else has to borrow it, and since there is nowhere to borrow it, then all this must be untrue. It is simple logic.
2018-03-18 A cycler is just another name for a Ponzi. Where do you think your profit comes from?
2018-11-14 We'll have a bet with you - We bet you LOSE if you try this ponzi.
2017-02-18 One coin to rule them all, and in the darkness, bind them. To be honest, the entirety of this bargain basement scam attempt is something of a bind.
2018-08-16 By far, the most common frauds on the Internet, are these hyip scams. Fake Investments.
2018-08-13 Lots of reports. This is one of those faucet front, ponzi back-end scams. A common scam Don't buy these 'upgrades '
2015-10-22 An off the shelf coindoubler fraud. Bitcoin cannot double, it doesn't work like that.
2017-01-08 That sounds like a really weird sex-game involving coins and well... you know. But what do you know, turns out to be another ponzi/fraud.
2016-10-27 Don't worry about getting your funds back from this fraud, there's no point.
2017-02-26 This site isn't paying since 9th September. Don't use it.
2014-10-06 If you send your bitcoin to this site, or any doubler - it is gone and lost forever. Please get this basic message.
2017-01-27 Did they mean Breeders? Linguistics aren't great in scams from Nigeria, so maybe they did mean Breeders.
2018-09-13 Coinbrook Ltd, Don't be fooled by the UK Ltd Co. This is to try to add trust where there is none. Total Scam.
2015-09-15 Bitcoin cannot multiply. If you send bitcoin here, it's gone to a thief.
2018-07-02 This site makes me yawn with the unoriginality. Just like every other hyip scam.
2017-08-15 If you even understand the site you are doing well, but it is just a Ponzi/scam
2015-03-09 Most of these fake mining sites just copy the content of real mining operators, and this one does too. Just a faker, you will lose anything you send.
2017-03-20 Or is it They can't decide what they do, but we can. They steal bitcoin.
2017-03-13 Only new bitcoin users fall for these doubler scams. Keep that in mind.
2017-05-12 Don't believe a single word you read. It is just a hyip/scam.
2016-01-24 This scam is another regular, and appears on a few domains. 'The Bicoin Generator Hack' Of course it's all lies.
2017-02-10 Lies, deceit, disinformation, and a fraudster waiting for you to send him your bitcoin. Don't.
2017-02-14 A fake mining scam. To even mention an ROI from mining is deluded. Expect to mine at a loss like the rest of us.
2016-06-02 CoinConman2us though. This isn't even remotely convincing.
2016-07-22 A flashy site, but don't be fooled it's just a hyip/scam
2015-03-17 Coincome? Some new kind of Data Leak lol. Anyway, this is a blatant ponzi - don't lose to these prevalent scams.
2018-03-26 These Ponzi's are coming thick and fast, and still parting fools and their Bitcoin.
2014-03-26 They got that right - Your coins will contract - to the point where you have none left!
2018-02-26 If you haven't seen a site like this before, it's called a HYIP. They promise everything, but just keep anything you send. You are a victim of your own greed.
2017-07-24 I wonder if this creed make you wear funny hats? Anyway, it is a creed of fraud and treachery, so not for the likes of you.
2017-01-07 Some scammers make it very easy for us. This one is the Mr Bean of fraudsters!
2017-08-18 Another waste of webspace. Just one more hyip fraud to add to the vast archive.
2018-02-27 You weren't about to fall for for this doubler scam - were you?
2017-01-02 Not a coindealer, just a thief. You won't get your bitcoin back.
2016-08-22 They'll arbitrage your bitcoin alright - just not back to you. It's a familiar format, Ponzi/Scam
2014-04-14 A fraud from those proliferate hyip scammers.
2016-07-13 How many people will get scammed before they read this?
2016-02-12 Why would somebody want to double your bitcoin? Seriously, wake up.
2015-12-26 It is not hard to understand, but here goes. If you send bitcoin to a bitcoin dubler, you will lose your bitcoin. There, said it.
2017-09-28 So how do you think they double your bitcoin then? and if they can double bitcoin, why would they need your bitcoin? Come on people - Wake Up!
2016-11-27 There are more doubler scams than fools to fall for them now. Don't be that fool.
2015-03-21 You can't double bitcoin. If you send it to one of these thieves, you will never see it again.
2017-09-21 Another formulaic scam coin doubler. Thieves.
2016-01-21 Just remove the I. You get Con Me! Much more truthful.
2017-03-27 Big promises, but the reality is just theft by this hyip scammer.
2017-11-05 When this ponzi runs with the money, like they all do, will you be a victim? Why would you take such a risk with your precious bitcoin?
2017-09-08 Also and All parts of the same scam. All places to lose.
2017-12-04 The usual 'team of preofessional.. blah di blah from this fraud. A tired approach.
2016-07-16 For those new to Bitcoin - This is what fake mining often looks like. This is a ponzi scam, with a mining theme. Just a thief.
2017-12-11 So, which faucets do we have shares in then? (formerly
2015-07-13 Go on, find out why it is called coiner-ex, we dare you!
2018-01-21 Coin Error dot fail. Just another fraud.
2016-08-28 A very naive attempt at fraud from this rank amateur.
2016-10-25 A hyip/fraud.
2016-07-11 Pronounced "Coin Eater" Nothing to do with Crypto, apart from stealing it.
2018-04-09 Linked to, and a fraud.
2016-12-19 Professional Ex-Coins, but still ex coins and not yours anymore.
2017-04-14 Rule 1 of creating your scam, should be to try and make it NOT look like a blatant scam. This is like the scammiest scam, from the Mayor of Scam City! Pathetic.
2018-04-17 Look. This site is run by a thief, nothing it says is true - Shock News!!! Thieves lie to you. Whatever next eh.
2015-01-21 Faking details from a dormant UK Co. Stay well away from this scam investment platform. It's just a cheap thief.
2015-09-29 Yet another hyip/scam from the Con-Factory - that is Eastern Europe!
2017-03-31 More of the old 'double your bitcoins for you 'guvnor?' It is just a cheap thief.
2016-12-04 Just a lying, cheating thief with a website. Don't be dumb enough to send bitcoin to these lowlife.
2017-10-01 This, and every other coin doubler WILL steal your bitcoin. Don't be stupid.
2016-11-16 When these scams realise they have been publicised, they often move to a similarly sounding domain. This fraud has moved twice already.
2018-11-09 Ask the people who sent funds to other hyips, what happened to them? That's what will happen to you too.
2018-09-04 Your coin will finance their drug habit. Just don't fall for this scam.
2016-10-21 The most basic of all Bitcoin scams. Send us Btc and we'll double it - Sucker!
2018-04-03 Is starting to emerge as a scam, it supports our warnings about cloud mining contracts.
2014-06-13 This scam is just wasting a really good domain name. All coin doublers are frauds. Bitcoin doesn't double.
2017-08-21 Don't get sucked in by this smooth talking fraudster. It is all lies and fakery, lik every Ponzi.
2016-10-22 Oh the claims that people make, when they have no intention of honouring them. Don't inadvertently send bitcoin here eh.
2017-06-24 A clearly stated Pyramid. You would be a FOOL to deposit.
2014-05-09 And, someone else tries their hand at a doubler fraud.
2016-06-23 Another generic doubler fraud attempt.
2016-05-15 I didn't know I'd dropped it, but thanks.
2016-05-11 Coinfx? What, do they light up, or morph into mini terminators? Oh they mean Forex - Pure fraud though.
2017-07-03 Where OompahLoompahs will tend to your bitcoin, water it with Unicorn Wee, and send you the fruits - oh ffs.
2017-05-08 or DigitalGeneration. This has been going a while, but the software is faked, keyloggers and screenloggers built in, and doesn't do what it says. It's a Ponzi/Pyramid. don't invest
2014-05-06 You don't generate bitcoin, you mine it or buy it. This is a hyip/scam.
2017-04-01 Nothing special - The Bitcoin Generator fraud. If you send any Bitcoin, they keep it. A simple but effective way to steal bitcoin.
2018-03-31 This is simply a Ponzi/Matrix fraud, like most sites in our badlist.
2016-07-17 What do you think they do - Plant it? Anyway, fat bitcoin gets stuck in Coke Machines!
2018-07-14 Sending bitcoin to a ponzi called coinhack is an act of stupidity for which you have no excuse.
2016-02-12 Fake mining. This sets off as a 1:2 Ponzi structure, until of course the operator runs off with everybody's money, like this scam did on it's previous domain.
2017-04-23 Don't be tempted by this totally fake mining operator.
2016-07-20 Not so much a deliberate scam, but regardless, it isn't paying out.
2015-10-02 If you do hold some bitcoin, and you send it here, then you don't hold it any longer. It has gone to a ponzi scammer.
2018-09-16 Coinhunter meets Con-Hunter, and Con-Hunter wins.
2016-06-24 You all need to understand, that Registering as a UK Company needs no real proof of identity. This and many other frauds will use it to add credibility.
2018-12-22 A very regular ponzi scam. The crook running it will swan off with the pot at the optimal monment. Every time, without fail.
2017-12-05 Yeah... I Feel Coinified. Or robbed in other words.
2016-08-31 You just don't appreciate the irony of using the suffix pro, when you are trying to defraud people, as in "Yes this site robbed me, but they did it in a very professional manner"
2017-09-16 Coinin, but it doesn't come back out again. Faked payouts and all the usual spiel.
2017-06-21 It won't increase - it just won't come back. Just a fraudsite.
2016-08-01 The Island where all the lost bitcoins go, next to the Island with all the lost Ballpoint Pens and Umbrellas.
2016-11-16 People, people! Just do the maths please. Ponzi's depend on many people following you over the cliff. There just aren't enough like you.
2016-12-24 They've moved on from "Ethirium" (their spelling) and they now want bitcoin. That's where we step in and say NO. This has gone too far now.
2018-08-08 You can now buy fake stock. in a fake wallet. We would advise you pay with Fake Bitcoin - Such as Bitcoin Cash lol.
2018-09-21 Bitcoin is maths, not magic, as you will discover if you are foolish enough to send it here.
2018-11-09 You don't get rich this easily. What happens is, you send them bitcoin as a tx fee, and they keep it.
2017-11-30 The well worn 'flaw in the blockchain' or 'Bitatt' scam multiplier.
2016-07-06 It isn't 'trading' it's just another fraud from the Hyip makers.
2016-05-24 With Mates like this, you don't need Enemies! By the way, about half the sites in here are UK ltd Companies!
2018-01-17 The only mining going on, is them, mining your wallet. There are loads of faked mining sites just like this.
2016-12-01 If this site comes back online, be aware that like all doublers, it soon hits a wall.
2016-12-21 If they manage to min enough fake bitcoin, they are going to buy a new letter E.
2017-10-12 An identical copy of the Coince hyip/fraud, renamed to Coinmine.
2016-07-30 Not mining, just very straightforward fraud. Any 10 year old thief can put up a site like this, so why send them your precious bitcoin?
2017-07-07 Nasty software that exploits your pc. You won't earn anything, you will subsidide some twat to mine using your electricity.
2017-10-01 Very little effort gone into this fake mining site, certainly not enough to fool you clever people.
2016-12-08 More hyip malarchy. If you want real mining, look elsewhere.
2017-12-12 Con-miners. Don't let them steal your bitcoin.
2016-01-12 Don't hold your breath awaiting that delivery - It isn't going to happen. Sorry.
2018-02-02 We are all starting to get a little sick of these fake mining sites. Here's another one.
2017-04-05 We can sell you non-existent bitcoin mining even cheaper than this fraudster.
2017-01-14 A fake front end with links that will send you to random bad places - possibly even
2017-09-20 Connected to the Fortacloud/Fortatrust frauds, all set up to steal your card details and money.
2016-07-16 It is a Ponzi, run by liars and cheats. Stay Clear.
2014-07-01 Not mining, not a mixer - Just another hyip scam.
2017-12-12 Don't be silly. You send bitcoin here, it is staying here.
2017-01-20 Just another con merchant. Don't be a sucker.
2016-06-23 Also Yet another scam on the domain.
2015-02-21 So, who are you going to complain to when you lose all your bitcoin to a very anonymous site? If you are needing to mix it, you aren't the kind of person to complain anyway, and they know this.
2017-10-31 Very little work gone into this fake mining website - hope they steal very little as well.
2016-10-06 A doubler fraud. Bitcoin cannot double.
2016-04-24 This scam is already attracting ban orders from various Countries and States. Don't get sucked in will you!
2018-04-04 Oh. they are going to make you so rich, you will be the richest idiot in your Hometown. Wake up dopey! Don't endorse peoples opinions of you, this is a fraud.
2018-10-13 Bad grammar is the least of the problems with this fake mining fraud.
2016-09-29 Crypto-exchange. If we ever get a reply from the site owner, we'll let you know. Stick with the Big exchanges for safety.
2014-04-30 We have major issues concerning this site, not least the PayPal aspect. PayPal and bitcoin still don't mix, and we advise you to NEVER attempt to buy Btc with PayPal. Free delivery worldwide? In your dreams.
2015-06-17 A rubbish little hyip/fraud.
2016-10-01 This is definitely a Ponzi, the rest appears a bit strange - Please don't risk your Bitcoin
2014-03-16 Another scammer, depressed to see their efforts turned into futility with our listing.
2016-06-13 Bold claims from this fraud. Behind the curtains, there is just a scumbag.
2017-01-04 Heard it all before, lies and fraud.
2016-05-02 A very run of the mill hyip scam. These pretend ponzi's are set up to steal.
2018-04-12 Coin plus bs. All these unbelieveable offers are exactly that, so you really shouldn't believe them!
2017-10-26 You can get professionally fleeced. Whoever wants to be robbed by an amateur, that would be embarrassing.
2017-01-20 Coinplus is a recurring theme from this fraudster. If you believe you can make 500% in a day, you are really really naive. You can't.
2018-06-23 Another B2G scam site (see
2018-05-12 Dont ever be fooled by the UK Ltd Company status, many of these hyip scams set up a fake company. It costs less than $50.
2017-07-20 These doubler scams, for some reason, still attract depositors? Bitcoin cannot double (even with the Bitcoin Cash attempt!)
2017-07-26 A ponzi that pays you for sucking in more victims behind you - or you are the victim. $2 is still $2 and better in your wallet.
2018-01-22 Nah. Just another chancer. Don't be dumb, don't try it.
2016-06-30 You might want to choose an established, and ideally a regulated exchange to buy your bitcoin, not a 3 day old cheaphosted ponzi site.
2017-09-18 Con-profit for the scammer, but just a loss for you.
2016-03-24 A basic scam multiplier. Don't let your first bitcoin payments go to a thief.
2015-03-26 Nah. Just a load of little ponzi's run by a bitcoin thief.
2015-12-08 If you send bitcoin to an anonymised thief, it isn't coming back. It isn't rocket science folks.
2016-11-17 Nobody still falls for coindoublers - surely?
2016-09-15 Quite sophisticated for a phishing site. A phishing site is one that pretends to be a real operator, but is on a different domain, and just wants to steal your login details for the real site.
2017-09-21 Why do scammers adore javascript graphics? Maybe because they think we are as dumb as they are, and just don't know any better.
2018-10-10 A pretty basic hyip style scam. 9 out of 10 of you will lose everything as usual.
2017-09-13 Vroom, and your bitcoin is gone. The Cillit Bang of the bitcoin fraud sector.
2017-04-11 Well waddya know, another scam doubler.
2016-04-27 These hyips are desperate for your bitcoin. Don't be a fool and try to play these ponzi's, you all lose. Period.
2016-02-11 Hey - they offer a Professional Package - You can get robbed 'professionally' no rough stuff!
2018-02-06 Now you see your bitcoin - now you don't! Excellent FX. Just another dull hyip/scam.
2017-07-30 Any exchange offering PayPal should be a straight warning to you. This fake exchange has various ways to relieve you of your funds.
2018-08-01 And More parts of a web of sites associated with
2018-12-19 Another total scam Hyip site. Don't get taken in.
2016-06-05 Not what it says on the tin - two sites are running, one encrypted, one not. We do not have much confidence in this site. It should be noted that this site appears in a lot of HYIP reviews. Is the mining real? Well it would appear not. Updated
2014-06-05 Do people really still get suckered by doubler frauds? We'd like to think not, but people are odd.
2016-06-07 They don't circle much, when they hit the dead end that is this fraudsters wallet!
2017-07-21 Not associated with COINSCloud. No evidence of any real mining, Lot's of other issues, no SSL, A Very High Risk.
2014-07-13 Do you really believe that you can send bitcoin, and receive 99% profit a day forever? If you do think that, stop it now.
2017-10-31 Another from the Hyip Fraudsters.
2016-06-01 Oooh, trade robots. If you believe that, then you need to know that I still have that bridge for sale, any offer considered.
2017-02-10 60 other people would have to be suckered by this, and then you still won't get any withdrawal. You will be asked to send more, and no doubt, some of you will. Sigh.
2018-10-14 Here we go again - will you 'investors' never get the message? It is a thief, it isn't santa claus.
2015-01-20 Yawn... give it up boys
2015-02-14 1% a day forever - Bollocks (and that's the long description)
2017-11-17 A typical bitcoin ponzi, no different to any coin multiplier scam.
2015-04-20 Here we are again, making sure that this scammer has a hard time of it! Tell your friends about us, and help them avoid Bitcoin Frauds.
2018-05-29 An extremely unimaginitive Hyip/Fraud.
2016-06-18 Aw come on - you really don't genuinely believe Bitcoin can really double - Do you? Send it if you like, but it isn't coming back again.
2018-05-24 Fake mining suppliers have been around almost as long as mining kit. Here's yet another faker!
2017-08-21 Oh, they'll shift your coins alright - straight to their own wallet! Fake endorsements from top Crypto Influencers etc - are you in there?
2018-02-28 Not much variation from the usual coin multiplier scams.
2016-11-30 Trouble is, it's their Coinsilo, not yours, that is filling up with bitcoin. You won't see your bitcoin again if you send it here.
2018-06-18 You will discover that your coins are a long way from finite, when you don't have them anymore. You would need 800 people as dumb as you to follow you in, in order to get that return!
2018-09-24 You have been warned! Now please don't write to us saying you sent bitcoin to this, and they don't return it or respond. We told you so.
2017-10-04 This exact scam hyip template is on a few domains right now. You aren't going to multiply your funds 60x, you are going to lose them.
2018-08-15 Matrix is just a way of making a ponzi appear manageable. It's nothing more than another layer of illusion forom these fraudsters.
2017-08-05 This fraud site is not mining, nor do they ever intend to. They just want you to send them your bitcoin and cash.
2017-10-02 They ate your bitcoin? Well what a surprise for a hyip/scam!
2017-04-05 The fraud is now also on another domain. Fail.
2016-11-24 This is a non-starter. Additionally S-coin is just a 'bux' type offer and has zero value in the altcoin world.
2015-08-11 A Hyip/Fraud
2016-05-20 Also I love the bit about 'Even the best typewriter cannot challenge this speed' As well as being daft, it's a fraud.
2016-05-18 A meaningless hyip/scam. The logs are faked, the promises are just lies - Don't be foolish and send to these sites, they just keep it all.
2017-04-10 Hmmm. Read the faq. Some fool puts in a big deposit, and it's game over. Just another ponzi/scam.
2015-08-10 Danger Will Robinson!! or is that a real Robot? More real than this ponzi fraud anyway.
2017-11-15 A fake exchange and wallet. Don't send any bitcoin, you won't get it back.
2018-03-24 You know that Advertisement you just clicked to end up at this coinstourb site? Well, the last sucker paid for that advertisement.
2018-10-02 There is so much wrong with this P2P Exchange operation, we don't know where to begin! Just stay well clear, it is such high risk.
2017-10-24 This Crypto themed Ponzi is taking mostly money from people, but they are happy to take anything you send, especially referrals.
2017-12-12 So, you pay them to 'Cloud Mine' but the estimated returns are impossible and scream PONZI. We advise you to steer clear of this strange Estonian operation.
2014-08-20 As with all multipliers, they aren't multipliers, they are ponzi/scams and the odds are piled high against you.
2017-06-05 You don't double your Investment in a year in any genuine Investment. Any more questions?
2018-08-29 From the same dipshit that brought you the Cryptonius scam. Hasn't changed career then.
2017-12-15 Probably a fitting title for this ponzi. Have you ever played Jenga?
2017-08-28 YABP. Yet Another Bitcoin Ponzi.
2017-02-12 At best the downloaded software will lie to you, and then they'll follow it up with a 'you need to deposit to withdraw' all old school.
2017-02-26 This is typical of the coindoubler frauds you see everywhere. Bitcoin cannot double.
2017-01-02 These sites, that claim billions in turnover, yet are a matter of days old, are amongst the easiest scams to avoid. Do some basic chacks.
2018-11-17 Don't be a sucker. You now know it's a scam, and a thief.
2015-10-09 One more fraud from the Hyip scammers. Now redirects to another fraud.
2016-06-27 Here's our update - It's a hyip/fraud, and you will get robbed. Update over.
2016-11-01 This scammer has a tool in his hands alright! but it isn't an 'Innovative Trading Tool' as claimed lol.
2017-09-05 Oh dear, the sarcasm of some fraudsters. You will work longer to make up your losses to these thieves, you won't get rich.
2016-11-13 hyip/scam
2015-10-12 Over 1000 companies share the same office address as this scam exchange. You can't get near the coffee machine.
2016-02-16 A really cheesy design, and just another scam ponzi.
2015-04-04 Baffle 'em with bullshit is a common tactic with ponzi fraudsters. You won't get rich, but you will feel suckered.
2017-06-17 One more ponzi fraud to add to this list. How many suckers are there out there? It beggars belief.
2018-03-21 One more coin doubler fraudster makes it to our badlist.
2016-06-28 How far can this thief get with 99 hours worth of deposits? That's the plan.
2017-01-17 A curious title, but nothing curious about the site, it's just a hyip fraud.
2018-04-07 Unless you want to end up with the "Mark of Zorro" on your sorry ass - then best just never believe any coindoubler, they are just fibbing.
2018-05-17 Another one that has it's own 'client' software. Scam.
2014-06-21 Also Total scam. Nothing to add.
2018-04-29 Not much we can say about this, apart from it's a pretty crappy attempt at fraud.
2017-10-11 The MMM scam moves around the World, leaving a trail of broken victims. A few at the very top laugh at you all.
2017-06-25 Another copycat hyip scamsite to avoid.
2015-01-12 Hyip/Scam
2015-07-07 No doubt the same fraudster who brought you Comexbrokerage, they aren't very imaginitive these lowlife thieves.
2016-10-17 As cheesey as a hyip can get.
2016-03-22 Don't kid yourselves, it's just a ponzi and it WILL fail.
2015-11-30 Another scam doubler.
2016-04-21 A pretty obvious ponzi fraud. If you still go into these, knowing they are ponzi's, then you really are just beyond assistance.
2017-05-30 This gets a vote of No Confidence. It's just a Cofidence Trickster
2016-04-26 With the emphasis on 'Con'. Just a hyip with no bones behind the lies.
2017-04-02 Far too many disgruntled users for this to be real. Use a Segwit wallet, and soon a Lightning Wallet, and these will be history anyway.
2018-01-25 Been a while since anybody did an Ad-Pack ponzi scam. This is one of those scams.
2018-04-09 This fraudsite makes no sense whatsoever.
2016-08-13 Any site that has to tell you it isn't an MLM, Hyip, or Ponzi - is an MLM, Hyip, or Ponzi.
2017-10-20 This ruthless referral site will send you anywhere to benefit the author. Most sites on here are in our badlist.
2018-03-23 Yeah, contingent on finding somebody dumb enough to fall for this scam.
2017-01-01 Whatever the producer of this ponzi is wearing, this is still a scam, and he is still a thieving cont!
2018-01-25 More ridiculous claims. Like all of them, this site will stop answering your emails long before you get your anticipated profit.
2017-07-25 Don't complain when they tell you that your funds are frozen!
2017-01-07 You won't think it's so cool when you get robbed by these fakers.
2015-10-05 Better hope this one doesn't sucker you.
2018-01-30 As business solutions go, this fraud is possibly not the best solution.
2017-06-09 There are a lot more hyip/scams from this same team of fraudsters. One more to miss.
2016-10-01 A flashy hyip/fraud that people are already crying over losing to. Don't get sucked in by these common frauds.
2016-11-24 You can't look cosmopolitan in your vest. Silly Scammers.
2016-08-21 A fake wallet site, trying to steal your Counterparty XCP.
2017-09-03 A "Could Mining" scam - makes a change from Cloud Mining scams at least.
2017-03-20 consistently profitability yeah alright. Another hyip/scam
2015-12-22 Free mining? This could be the most expensive free stuff you ever got sucked into. Just stay clear of this blatant fake.
2018-05-09 Another scam bitcoin multiplier. You WILL get robbed by this serial scammer
2014-11-20 Incredible - if all these multipliers work, there will be 42M Btc. They don't work, they are all scams.
2015-01-31 You know that the crazy people are those who put into this blatant ponzi/fraud. There has NEVER been a succesful ponzi.
2016-12-16 Crazy - Yeah, that's the right word.
2017-03-16 Yes, we'd go along with that. Definitely crazy to deposit to this thiefs wallet.
2016-08-09 Sometimes, just the numbers are enough to wave big red flags, this ponzi is just such a site.
2017-08-31 A scammer trying to sell you a scam. Messy.
2015-03-23 A typical example of a hyip scam. Don't send money or coins, you simply give them to a slimy thief.
2015-04-28 Just another fake investment hyip/scam
2015-05-15 Curiously, in 5 years, the first scam we've had beginning with the word Credit. Besides that, it's just another hyip fraud, like every other hyip fraud.
2018-09-30 A more obvious Ponzi Scheme is hard to find. This isn't mining, it hardly even pretends to be.
2018-06-08 When you have had a scam called Crestcoinoptions, and you can't be arsed to create a whole new site - This!
2018-08-22 Offering you three increasingly large ways to lose your bitcoin. Just a total failure of a thief of course.
2017-10-06 Another 'Exit' scam. You need to send a withdrawal fee. Ask yourself why you you would ever have to do that?
2017-10-10 (See PTCircle)
2014-06-25 They spell Crypto wrong to set off with, and unsurprisingly, that is the best part of this fraud site.
2017-03-21 There is nothing 'Pro' about a half baked Ponzi/Fraud. Bitcoin cannot multiply, please get this simple truth.
2016-11-13 Please please - If you are a victim of this scam, stay silent, and retain your dignity.
2018-06-23 The title says it all. What do you suppose they mine? Anyway, if you still don't get it - it's just a scam.
2018-01-23 Just another fake investment, with fake stats, fake promises, and a thief behind it.
2015-08-26 Another hyip/scam
2016-01-05 Crude, crappy, and other 'c' words spring to mind. Another hyip scamsite
2015-01-16 Don't be fooled by this brand new scam (the copyright notice is just another lie) It isn't Escrow, it is theft.
2018-03-01 This is yet another global Ponzi scheme after bitcoin as well.
2016-07-05 Having been suspended by the previous host, this scammer has found another host, and a new look. Just fraud though.
2017-11-10 You mine bitcoin, you drill crude. All arbitrary though, as this is just a fraudsite.
2017-01-09 A hyip/fraud.
2016-08-14 Don't go into any ponzi scam like this hyip, and expect to make money, losers outnumber gainers by about 100 to 1. You WILL be a loser.
2017-12-16 This Ponzi adheres to the classic approach of baffling you with bullshit. Lots of words written, but meaningless.
2018-10-15 This hyip/fraud is just Hogwash (whatever hogwash is - it doesn't sound nice)
2017-01-01 Another hyip scam to tempt you! Cryptocurrency doesn't earn interest, sites like this are just Ponzi's.
2018-08-20 A cool sounding title from these scammer dudes. It is a ponzi - you will almost certainly lose some or all of your reckless deposit.
2017-05-05 A very odd site indeed. Send funds here at your peril.
2016-12-06 It sounds a bit horrible to say this sitename, kind of not a nice word - anyway, it is just a scammer.
2018-03-15 We're getting sick of telling you, but we heve to keep trying - DO NOT use PayPal to buy or sell bitcoin, you WILL get burned.
2017-11-18 Also Cointradder. Seriously - Cointradder? Give this little illiterate scam a thumbs down.
2018-04-22 Crytpo Boom - Boom and the bitcoin's gone. Barry Scott would like this scam.
2018-05-16 These (russian?) scammers are working hard on the web design, but don't be fooled.
2014-09-08 Just a clone coinsdoubler - You know they just steal it all.
2015-03-29 A Hyip/Fraud.
2016-05-24 From the front it looks like a cheesey scam investment. From the back it IS a cheesey scam investment.
2015-06-26 The only thing this site produces, apart from victims, needs to be collected in a wheelbarrow!
2017-08-05 Ex' as in your bitcoin and other coins are gone. It's a scam.
2015-11-07 This scum clearly liked the name Cryptex, as they've used it again, for this hyip scam.
2018-03-15 Crypto Group' Not a group, not an investment, just a poxy little herbert after your bitcoin.
2016-10-04 Not much we need to say. Impossible offers are only possible because they have no intention of ever honouring their promises.
2018-04-21 To be "Cryptified" is the digital equivalent of arseraped.
2017-05-03 Expert Traders? of course not. Just amateur con artists.
2016-09-22 We can only hope that the thief behind this hyip scam ends up doing Crim-time.
2018-12-21 Only one question for this scammer - Did you come up with that title all on your own - or did Mummy help?
2017-02-18 What have we told you about PayPal and bitcoin? That's right, and so of course you know this is a scammer.
2016-05-09 Just don't go here - nasty things will move in to your PC.

Sites Crypto*-Cz* Impossible promises are no more possible because they are on a web page! This is just a fraud.
2017-03-03 This scam will try to sting you twice, by asking for more when you attempt to withdraw.
2018-02-20 Yet another damn hyip/scam backed by a vault full of Unicorn Horn.
2015-06-05 You maybe got scammed by this hyip on their previous domain. Just above this in our Badlist.
2018-06-29 Bob The Builder won't steal your Bitcoin, but this scumbag will.
2018-03-24 We left this alone as it called itself a game. It isn't a game, it's just stealing bitcoin.
2016-11-11 Wake up and smell the coffee! These hyip scams will not make you rich, they will rob you, like they do to everybody.
2017-10-04 Every doubler just steals bitcoin. Try to grasp this simple concept.
2016-02-03 What an absolute shambles of a fraud attempt. This shouldn't fool anybody, in any language, however, if it did get you, and if you have submitted any documents, cancel and replace them!
2018-09-16 Another scam doubler on this domain.
2015-03-02 A pretty formulaic Ponzi. It certainly isn't a mining operation. Hosted in Russia, probably from a Kazakhstan scammer in Temirtau. Stay Clear or risk losing your investment
2014-07-14 For ex crypto, this might be just the fraud for you. If you don't want to lose it though, it might not.
2017-07-09 Yet another scam coin multiplier. There is no real investment - there is just a thief trying to fool you.
2015-04-21 We've seen some badly translated scams, but this takes the biscuit.
2015-11-24 The numbers say Ponzi. There is no way that mining will return those rates. Stay clear of this scam operation.
2014-12-28 For a site less than ten days old, that's one hell of a claim, to go back to 2013! Utter shite. Stay well away from this lying fraudster.
2018-09-18 Another site that asks the question 'Why Trust Us' we would ask you the same question? They are thieves ffs!
2017-07-23 Why would you believe such impossible promises? Do you think these people are stupid - They certainly think you are!
2017-10-14 Also A free Cuckoo Clock for every sucker.
2016-02-18 You've just earned 5 Bitcoin for reading this! Now just send a 0.01Btc Transfer fee and it's yours!
2018-03-30 Never, in the field of websites, has so much bs been put into one site. Dream on suckers.
2017-02-08 A desperately poor scam attempt, and sod all to do with real bitcoin mining.
2016-01-04 More fake mining offerings. Stick with the main operators for safety.
2016-04-24 A classic coin multiplier scam. The logs are faked - They are just thieves.
2015-05-09 5-4-3-2-1 and your moneys gone. This Soyuz rocket only goes down in flames. Of course it's a scam.
2015-01-21 Stick with Ketchup - this leaves a nasty aftertaste. (and yes we can spell sauce)
2018-03-15 Spillover System, just means Ponzi. As all Ponzi's are set up by anonymous crooks, you are wise not to believe a word on their websites.
2018-09-25 All looks great until you come to withdraw, then of course you have to send a fee, which they kindly keep and ignore you thereafter.
2017-02-13 The domain changes, but the scam remains the same. It isn't trading, it is a little shit who is trying to teal from you.
2018-11-13 Nothing real is going on in this fake trading site - It is just a "HYIP Script" an automatic Ponzi scam.
2018-05-11 Another hyip/fraud
2016-04-26 Trust is not the word we would have chosen, for this untrustworthy as fuck scamsite.
2018-08-22 A return in 2 months from mining. Is it April 1st again?
2016-06-10 Bitcoin doesn't really earn Interest, so what makes you fall for these scams? Just a hyip.
2018-03-09 Bad in so many ways, not least wanting to plant a load of malware on your PC.
2015-07-27 This exact scam will appear on many domains.
2015-02-26 Deliberately vague about what they profess to do, real advertising isn't like this. The reality, is that this is a Ponzi, nothng more nothing less.
2018-08-18 Some wild claims made by this 1 week old insecure website. High risk.
2015-12-12 Also Interesting characters behind this site. Avoid this scam.
2015-08-19 We've seen more fake bots than a Hollywood Surgeon - Here's another fake bot. It's just a con.
2018-04-05 Found this scam at the expo tonight. The testimonials are all faked, so the whole operation is probably just as fake.
2014-12-05 Another hyip to scam lose your Bitcoin and money to.
2014-09-18 A hyip fraud has now appeared on this domain. Don't kid yourself, everybody loses.
2017-03-11 It's a lot like real Bank - They keeps everything you send and say it now belongs to them. You can't have it back.
2017-07-05 and,, All parts of this multi-faceted fraud. More to come we don't doubt
2018-01-22 Mining themed scams like this, are still right up there amongst the most prolific frauds. So many people lose their savings, it really saddens us.
2018-11-30 Another 'cute' russian ponzi. Goldenbirds with a new name.
2017-04-19 Another fake Cloudmining operator. Many more will follow.
2016-09-23 It'll bite you right in the ass if you are foolish enough to fall for this scam coin doubler.
2016-02-29 The content is mostly cloned from other sites, but this scam looks like a 4 year old put it together!
2016-12-10 If you didn't lose your coins to cryptodouble, why not lose them to this ponzi.
2015-01-13 Yet another scamsite title that is just 3 words strung together. They are running out.
2016-11-04 With a withdrawal threshold of 0.03 btc, you are trusting this site far too much with your bitcoin. That's over $200 at the time of listing!
2017-11-02 Oooh.. a 2x7 Matrix? All much of a muchness really, as these sites just keep all the deposits, and it's all just lies.
2017-01-17 A freehosted, and quite frankly a failure of a fraud.
2017-02-07 Warning, don't use the cryptobitxcycler on normal roads. Scams don't ride well.
2017-06-09 Crypto bollox. Just a Hyip/Fraud
2016-06-06 Lies, more lies, and then just to finish it off, more lies. Just another scammer.
2017-11-27 One more hyip scam to add to the hundreds of hyip scams out there! Every one a thief folks.
2017-10-15 The page describes investment 'games' - it won't feel like a game when you lose your bitcoin.
2016-02-01 Your crypto is quick enough - it doesn't need boosting.
2018-08-20 If you put your crypto into this fake investment, you'll definitely be broker. A very descriptive title.
2016-08-08 You cannot mine profitably on your laptop or PC using Cryptotab software. You can burnout your CPU and GPU though. Is it worth it? No.
2018-12-17 Yep. It's a fraud doubler. These are like Mr Smiths, they are everywhere.
2016-04-28 Bitcoin is making about 3% a day anayway - why would you want to send it to this thief?
2017-05-02 If they trade (which they don't) let them do it with their own bitcoin. This is just a ponzi anyway, so avoid it.
2017-10-01 Making hyip/scams look like real Investment Companies, to con you into parting with your asset, should tell you all you need to know about the 'real' ones, as well as this 100% fraud.
2017-02-26 Yeah right! Your career as an investment guru will take a dive in this fraud.
2017-08-23 You're waitin' for your bitcoin from cryptocate, you may as well just masturbate, but don't worry, be happy..(sing along)
2016-07-20 where have you gone...... We should have a prize for best poem. Site disappeared owing depositors on
2014-06-18 A fraud that is setting out to steal a basket of cryptocoins. You will lose your money - we guarantee it, so just don't send it.
2017-06-19 A hyip, is a fake investment site, that steals everything it can. This is a hyip.
2017-06-24 Mycryptocoin 2. So if the first one didn't rip you, they want to try it agin. Oh what fun.
2016-12-22 What a load of rubbish from this hyip/scam. Just Crypto-ConMen.
2016-07-27 There are a thousand other sites, just like this one. They are hyips, and some people get suckered in to them. Don't let it be you.
2017-10-30 If we find anything right about this site we'll let you know. It is very high risk. Don't give them your NI/NIE number.
2014-07-24 One more bitcoin ponzi with java overkill to add to our badlist.
2018-01-10 Invest in Cryptocoins, just don't invest in this fraud.
2016-08-31 They moved the scam to a new domain by adding 'ment' and thought it would slip past! Oh ffs.
2017-11-10 Another scam doubler. Remember these people lie, they fake the input and output logs to look good, but all they exist for is to steal your money.
2015-03-01 And the prize for cheesiest scamsite title goes to '' Well done.
2016-11-23 Another scam from the hyip crew. Slimy people.
2015-04-07 Losing all your bitcoin, made easy. These hyip frauds are put up by kids, who are happy if they can steal a hundred bucks. Don't be a fool.
2018-10-15 Utter twaddle. They steal, that's what they do.
2016-09-29 This is Crystal Balls!
2017-08-13 Another malware distributor. Don't download their scamware.
2014-11-08 Aaarghhh... this scam nearly slipped past, we all thought we'd already listed it. Too many frauds with similar names.
2017-06-22 Yet more ponzi offerings. How many fools must there be out there, to keep all these ponzi scammers buoyant?
2017-12-01 This team of skilled traders get around a bit! or, could it be bullshit? Hmmm.
2018-07-16 This site can't decide what business it is in. We can. They are in the theft business.
2017-02-14 Yes, it's a hyip/scam.
2016-10-01 This mega ponzi shows how herd mentality manifests itself.
2014-12-20 Everybody knows now, that these doublers are just frauds, so put the word Pro on the end. That will deceive some more people. Doh!
2017-07-09 Wake up! Bitcoin may double in your dreams, but never in reality.
2016-01-14 Rubbish title, desperately basic scam - in short this hyip fraud site is Kaka!
2018-02-04 Lesson 1. This an MLM (Ponzi) Lesson 2. You can get all that information for free on You Tube and from us.
2017-07-23 Another Hyip from the regulars.
2016-06-21 Damned complicated stuff this crypto energy. You have to solve a Volt before you can use it. Or is it just a fraud? (A. Yes)
2017-06-30 The system that makes money in referrals for the author, but you make a loss every time. The plan is a dud.
2018-12-09 A total fake exchange site, just a few days old and already stealing from people.
2017-12-18 They will happily exchange your bitcoin for drugs and beer, but you won't be getting any of it. Just a fraud.
2017-02-15 They will try to persuade you to send a fee before you get all that easy Bitcoin. Don't.
2018-02-08 Maybe they thought it was funny to give their supposed Office Address, which is in fact a Social Security Office! Laughing at the potential victims with that.
2018-06-18 More like rippedoff. Another hyip/scam, just another bitcoin thief trying their luck.
2015-10-16 We've given them their wish - They are now famous.
2016-05-18 Hyip fraudsters like stealing bitcoin. They like the anonymity, and they like that people simply send it to them, when they put up a bs site like this!
2018-05-07 Another scam multiplier. When you send bitcoin to these obvious frauds, what goes through your head?
2015-11-12 Here's your fate in a nutshell. "You lose your bitcoin to a thief" We must be psychic eh.
2015-10-29 Another hyip/scam making promises that they never intend to keep. Don't get added to their 'Sucker Lists'
2017-03-29 Everybody says go with the flow, but some flows, are best not going with. This Ponzi scam is one such example.
2018-08-25 Crypto PieInTheSky. You can't possibly believe you will get money forever? It is just a thief and a website.
2017-09-24 A Hyip/Fraud.
2016-08-20 If you really want to get forked, then this is the scam for you! Bend over, and send your Bitcoin.
2018-04-03 Whoever put this scam together, knows absolutely nothing about Cryptocurrency, and it shows.
2018-01-25 Scammers, are, as a general rule, a little smarter than their intended victims. Not in this case.
2018-06-06 Another day, another fraudster. Groundhog for lunch - Yum!
2018-03-08 The exeptionally prevalent "Bitcoin Generator" Fraud. Please don't send bitcoin - you are guaranteed to never see it again.
2018-06-06 It's a scam run by a thief, and that's all the info you need.
2015-08-23 Yeah - Going down, in a blaze of glory!
2016-08-22 Associated with and, just hyip scams.
2017-09-27 Associated with and, just hyip scams.
2017-09-27 Harvesting isn't a nice word when applied to a scammer. Theft is just unpleasant, and this is what these hyip's are set up to do.
2018-02-10 Some of these ICO's are blatant scams - and here is a blatant scam. Don't get sucked in.
2018-01-18 No surprises here. You send bitcoin, they keep it. Fun eh?
2015-10-23 Another ponzi scam not paying depositors. Please stop "playing" these ponzi's, they just make crypto a laughing stock.
2015-05-20 Nobody is going to make you rich - They are just going to make you ashamed of your own stupidity.
2017-11-23 This fake review site will lead you to ALL Scams - Saves you a lot of surfing at least.
2014-03-06 No Cryptooutbox though!- This is not a cloud hashing platform, it is a bitcoin stealing platform.
2017-11-23 Don't show them your silly side. If you fancy being reckless, try bungee jumping. It's a scam
2014-10-19 Multi rounds just mean more rake for these crooks. All Ponzi's are bad news.
2014-03-10 Yet more Crypto-Crud from serial scammers. If you want to play in a ponzi go ahead - you were warned!
2017-12-04 And that's where your btc is headed.
2016-04-29 In this instance, just another fraudster wanting your Bitcoin.
2018-05-07 Yet another hyip to tempt you. Eat chocolate instead. Much nicer
2015-07-30 Hello, welcome to Bitcoin, please don't lose it to a scam like this one. Look after it, and it will look after you.
2018-01-04 The Cryptoinvest.amateur site must have been an even worse scam.
2017-01-25 Yet another scam doubler
2015-02-06 All reading well, then hyip turns up in the faq, and other nasties. Nah.
2015-06-28 No it isn't, it's just a sad little crypto thief.
2016-02-12 Another Hyip/Fraud trying to steal anything they can.
2016-09-06 Some crypto crap from creative crooks. Makes me cross.
2016-10-14 Dear oh dear. How bad does a scam have to be before people stop falling victim.
2016-11-01 How does 100% loss equate to doubling your coins? It's a common fraud.
2015-07-20 Also Another ponzi fraudster trying to steal your bitcoin. This is being promoted via social media, don't fall for it.
2018-12-02 This slow loading fake mining fraud has just come to our attention. So many mining frauds nowadays.
2016-11-03 There are a spate of these get rich quick method scams right now. The numbers are made up, you don't get those rates.
2018-11-29 In Cryptoland, nothing is as it seems. It is too good to be true.
2018-03-30 Take me to your leader! On second thoughts, take me somewhere else, a bit less scammy!
2018-05-28 A ponzi - on every level.
2015-03-19 Vague, doesn't even begin to describe this pile of shite fake offering.
2018-03-06 This currently redirects to A cheap scam.
2017-05-20 However you got here, just get out of this ponzi fraud.
2017-05-20 The claimed card issuer was banned by Visa over a year ago, and that is the best part! Fake wallet, fake claims.
2018-11-14 It's a scam. Stay clear of this fake mining site
2014-10-23 So many frauds use a mining theme. This is so they can offer drip drip returns, giving them time to build a bigger pot to steal.
2017-11-05 This site is waving every red flag possible, if you lose bitcoin to this, it really is your own fault.
2015-11-10 A former scam domain, it went away, but now hosting a fake mining ponzi scam.
2018-02-12 Utter rubbish. This is simply a ponzi/scam and will just steal your bitcoin. 12/7/15 Scam relaunched
2018-02-12 Endorsements from dead rock stars don't really swing it in their favour. They are just laughing at your naivety!
2017-10-05 Can you mine bullshit? If so, this fake bitcoin mining site may have a future. Probably not.
2018-05-17 If you send to this hyip/fraud, expect to lose everything.
2016-08-29 All multipliers are scams that steal your money. As is this one.
2015-04-28 They have a typo on this fraudsite. They actually launched this scam in 2018, not 2013, but hey, it's an easy mistake.
2018-12-27 You aren't going to be a 'Cryptonaire' ever, if you keep falling for these ponzi's!
2017-07-23 Crypto No No! Just a hyip/fraud where 99% of 'investors' will lose everything. So that's you.
2016-10-14 Ubelievable how many fake mining sites are springing up. As far as we are aware, there are currently only two genuine ones.
2016-07-13 Another hyip/scam to add to this long badlist. All hyips, regardless of offer, will simply steal your bitcoin and money.
2017-04-12 A subscam of the fraud.
2017-11-21 All gambling carries some Risk - but some, like this scam, carry greater than 100% Risk. Greater than 100%? I hear you ask. Don't find out how.
2018-06-15 Just an insane page of complete twaddle! These thieving people literally know fuck all about bitcoin mining.
2017-07-25 Another fraud UK Company to go along with this fraud website. The UK is slack on these.
2016-07-22 Cryptonium, the only thing that can bring down SuperMug.
2017-01-20 The next in a new rush of scam doublers. Go on - give your bitcoin to scum.
2015-01-08 Not much to say about this. A very dull formulaic hyip fraud. They will be long gone before you get your deposit back.
2018-08-20 Real Cryptocurrency mining will never look like this. Sites like these are simple ponzi schemes.
2018-11-01 A hyip/Fraud
2016-04-21 The site is currently unavailable, but if it's up, it's worth avoiding. Impossible returns just shout Ponzi.
2014-10-25 Don't open that parcel! We know what's in it, and it smells like poo.
2016-05-24 More lies and deception from these serial scammers.
2015-11-18 Send this thief your bitcoin, sit chewing your fingernails, slap your forehead for being so dim.
2016-09-07 Yeah, just invite 3 other suckers to follow in to the club - Why not your, wife, mother and brother!
2018-02-05 This thief has stolen our badlist! The site should go down soon, but let that be a warning. By all means provide a link, but copy our work, and we will get your domain taken down.
2017-12-02 Love that tagline - How do we make money? If you haven't figured out how they make money, you soon will. The hard way.
2018-03-17 Fake mining scammers just doing what fraudsters do. Btw, the guy in the promo vid is just a paid actor.
2016-02-14 Nothing special, just another chancer trying a coindoubler scam.
2016-12-29 Crypto profit for the site owner, but a total loss for you. These schemes don't work, if they did, the author certainly wouldn't tell you about it!
2018-12-22 So, you feel like you are Crypto Pro for sending BTC to this site? Sorry, but you are now a No-Crypto Pro.
2018-07-15 If you want to be a "Crypto Pro" just buy the book Mastering Bitcoin, by Andreas Antonopolous, it is a lot cheaper and more informative than this ponzi.
2017-11-24 A pyramid scheme is just another name for a Ponzi.
2015-03-15 Yet another Ponzi. All Ponzis inevitably fail and leave a lot of people broke.
2015-02-13 Only a couple of weeks old, and multiple complaints that withdrawals aren't possible. Don't lose to this fake game.
2018-08-12 Love that splash page '...not just another hyip'. It IS just another hyip, and will steal your bitcoin.
2017-01-19 Exactly what it WON'T do.
2016-05-20 Nothing left but empty desks, and tumbleweed.
2017-02-18 Also and All from the same scumbags who brought you Tradecoin.
2017-11-21 (see
2017-11-21 (see
2017-11-21 If anybody finds a real way to get rich (which this isn't) the last thing they will do, is give that to you. Stop dreaming, and start seeing these scams for what they are.
2017-09-05 Oooohhh, what a rush, now where's my bitcoin fucked off to?

Cryptory AKA Dublin Cryptorium. It's been going a while, but we'd better list it. It's well known as a Hyip (Ponzi) and not a genuine miner.
2014-06-03 Slight variant on domain, but this site will auto download shedloads of malware to your PC.
2015-08-11 A new site, but an age old scam. Don't lose your coins to this multiplier theft.
2015-05-14 It might help them if scammers learned how to spell Cardiff. This fake reg has been used on previous scams.
2014-10-09 Better bank elsewhere if you really value your bitcoin. This is a scam.
2015-12-01 It's not a game - it's just another damnable ponzi scam.
2015-03-08 Another hyip scam. Hyip fraudsters love the relative anonymity of bitcoin, so when they steal it from you, you can't find them.
2018-10-18 You guessed it, it's another scam doubler.
2015-11-13 The clue is in the title.
2015-02-18 A Hong Kong Reg'd scam company, it makes a change from UK Reg'd scams at least.
2016-10-28 This sorry little scammer isn't even fit to shine your shoes.
2017-03-22 When buying Mining Kit, buy direct from the Manufacturer, get a few friends together and bulk buy. Don't use any of these fakers - It's too big a risk.
2018-04-16 We have seen this foolish matrix idea so many times, but there is such a small pool of idiots that get involved in these scams, that they all hit a wall very quickly, at which point every participant loses.
2017-10-29 These hyip crooks will keep putting up these cheesey fake investments until you lot stop giving them money!
2015-08-26 Lets stop this ponzi before it starts to steal too much. Day 1.
2015-06-01 *Note the spelling sLocks not sTocks* This is designed to phish your login details. Easy to fall for it, so be EXTRA careful to check.
2014-06-18 You will probably get to this from a spam email. It is just a Boiler Room Scam - You will get fleeced.
2018-03-17 Another hyip/scam. They all steal.
2017-03-22 A ponzi/scam that does what it says. You send your crypto - they split. You never see it again.
2015-04-12 Er, the clue is in the name. 100% Risk.
2015-06-22 Passionated are they, crooks are they, illiterate are they too.
2016-05-09 Another hyip scam. The stuff about Trading and Investments is just fantasy.
2018-07-27 Another mining themed Ponzi/MLM scheme. Real mining is hard to find.
2018-07-12 Pro fake mining. Does that make it any better? No.
2017-07-04 Nice title, lousy scam. An off the shelf hyip fraud, one size screws all.
2017-12-21 Hyip scams are back full force, since the ICO scam bubble popped. Don't fall for these blatant frauds.
2018-02-21 Excess javascript is the trademark of this fraudster, if the site doesn't make you puke, you are probably so out of it anyway, that you are a perfect target.
2017-08-13 One from the hyip thieves. If you are a 'newbie' this type of fraud is out to catch you.
2017-05-26 Another bitcoin ponzi fraud. That's novel.
2017-03-10 Yet another hyip scamsite to add.
2015-01-12 We remember this domain when it sold an Encrytion Suite, but sod all to do with Cryptocurreny. The domain now host a Ponzi, with a Crypto Theme. There is no "Autobot"
2018-05-27 Yet another scam coin doubler. how many more can we take. 5/1/15. Now CryptosX2 Reloaded
2015-09-16 All the usual bs you expect from a ponzi/scam. Please don't believe any of it, it's just a thief.
2015-11-01 You will burn out your PC without ever reaching payout thresholds - Just don't install any shit software for home mining. Buy an S9 or don't bother.
2018-02-15 This scam is mining you, not digital currency. Don't be fooled.
2015-04-24 Where hyip scams, meet bitcoin mining scams, and the result is this crime in progress.
2015-10-03 Just Cryptothieves, even though they offer as much bitcoin as you can eat.
2017-11-08 An automatic trading bot, that always wins - in your dreams that may exist - This is just a Ponzi scam though, and the bot is bs.
2018-03-16 Of course it's a scam. There are a few of these 'bot' themed frauds right now.
2016-12-03 DON'T download - this is the Cryptobot Ransomware - Download and you are toast.
2014-11-26 A good old fashioned hand carved hyip scam. Who says they don't make stuff like they used to?
2018-09-04 They've gone to some trouble to add covenance to this shitty hyip fraud - Don't fall for that fakery.
2018-05-17 If it were true, it would be impossible - so it isn't.
2017-01-19 This train is a wreck in progress. Just a very unoriginal fake investment.
2017-03-21 Grown from magic satoshi seeds, watered with fairy pee, fertilised with unicorn poo - what could possibly be wrong with this surefire ponzi opportunity.
2015-12-07 Proof that you can make a website appear to be anything. This is trying to convince you it is legitimate - It isn't.
2018-01-11 As always, it's a total scam, faked payment logs etc.
2015-03-30 Love the term'professional bitcoin doubler', by that they must mean 'career criminal'
2016-05-26 We are tired of telling you this, but PayPal and Bitcoin are a fucking nightmare when they are in the same room. Expect to come out bleeding.
2017-05-24 Vauxhall/Opel, used to produce a Car called the Viva. Like this scam, it was also a heap of shit. It really was!
2018-09-18 They don't hide that they are pure ponzi, however, in most jurisdictions this is criminal.
2018-12-11 Oh dear me, this is just dire. If you fall for this - just keep it to yourself.
2017-01-04 A very typical formula for this hyip/scam. Another bitcoin thief.
2015-11-28 Barely altered from the previous Cryptowealth scam, you get a second chance to lose bitcoin.
2016-01-27 Related to and The cryptodouble format. This russian scamsite will steal over 200 Currencies. Don't think you can beat the scammer. A lot of smartass people thought they could outsmart cryptodouble - and lost everything.
2015-01-17 Don't you get the Irony? Your bitcoin may as well have wings if you send it here, because you won't get hold of it again.
2017-02-20 Another site pumping the worthless relaunched 'Mycryptocoin' pump and dump scam.
2016-12-23 Remember the Bitconnect ponzi fraud? Well this is going the same route with live events - Creeeptoworrrrrld, creeeptoworrrld money money money(edited 8/15/2018)
2018-07-27 The usual spiel about "our team of experts" and "trading bots" Yawn. Just bs from a smalltime thief.
2017-11-05 A toxic mix of lies, fraud and bitcoin.
2017-02-20 Cryptocurrencies cannot double, so don't even try it.
2017-11-08 Zen and the Art of Bitcoin Theft, doesn't quite have the right ring to it. Bitcoin cannot double, so what does that make this? Go on, think!
2018-10-03 The first reliable bitcoin doubler, is exactly what the last reliable bitcoin doubler told you. Bitcoin cannot double, you just lose everything you send.
2018-10-28 A ponzi fraud aimed at the Indian market for some reason. So anyway, you have been warned, you will most likely be one of the 99.9% who are fated to lose.
2017-08-26 Traders that are so good, and so philanthropic, they just want to share their fortune making with you. Oh please...
2017-12-27 A domain that is set up purely to 'phish' Cryptsy users details. Don't trust any contact from this domain.
2016-01-13 Does this scam make any sense to you? Thought not.
2017-02-13 Nothing but lies - Crystal Balls - you could say!
2018-04-09 That explains why you can't see them then. At least you can't say they weren't transparent.
2016-10-29 A domain title more suited to a Pornstream, but in this case a really dull hyip scam.
2018-07-03 It isn't just the P that's missing from the title. The whole site is taking the P.
2017-12-02 No Chance. All multipliers are fakers.
2016-02-03 Also A bullshit altcoin with a bullshit ponzi to go with it.
2017-09-11 Why people want to send bitcoin to obvious frauds is beyond us. These people are just thieves, they do not do what they claim!
2016-12-07 Aw, it only took them a day to make it to our badlist - No time to steal from innocent victims, and a wasted website. Don't spoil their duck.
2017-11-26 You are the Curio that they are hunting. Don't end up as a trophy.
2016-10-05 More of the same old, from the hyip fraudsters.
2016-04-30 Hyip/Scam
2015-11-28 These sites are run by crooks who LIE TO YOU to steal your money. Don't believe the logs, or anything else.
2015-02-22 That dodgy looking mofo, with his hood up in the cybercafe, is the investment Professional you are sending your money to. Don't be a mug.
2018-04-10 When someone tells you that they can make you 22900%, you should tell them to get back in their Rubber Bedroom!
2018-05-09 More pretend Cloud Mining from idiots. There are only a couple of genuine ones, and we have them in our safelist.
2017-10-10 A barely altered Wordpress theme, and a bit of spiel but bugger all else to this scam.
2016-11-16 They self describe themselves as 'Best in The Field' By that, they mean that stuff in the field that you step in.
2017-03-15 Made me think of the old Bruce Lee movie, Enter the Dragon, one line in particular that goes "Bullshit Mr Han Man"
2018-09-28 Look, you aren't going to earn 1200 bucks a week for clicking ads. Stop dreaming, close that page, and count yourself lucky you didn't send money or bitcoin.
2017-10-26 To these fraudsters we say 'On yer bike scammers'.
2017-06-21 You can avoid this site by cycle, avoid it by roller skates - we don't care how you avoid it, just avoid it if you can.
2017-06-21 Cycler, doubler, ponzi, hyip all mean the same thing, Scammer who wants to steal as much of your money as they can.
2015-01-18 Note the spelling. Cyrpto. Another dodgy hardware supplier.
2017-09-23 No it isn't misspelt. It's the Cryptoshare fraud on a similar domain.

Sites D Another non-existent 'fund' - aka a scammers wallet.
2016-04-06 It isn't a Hedge Fund, it is just another sorry little man somewhere with dreams of a yacht.
2017-01-18 They wouldn't know what a mining rig looked like if you hit them with one, and do they trade or mine? Stay way away from this schizophrenic scam.
2015-10-13 Another scam from the hyip scam factory.
2016-01-31 Bad grammar is the least of the problems with this worn out multiplier scam.
2016-03-28 The Bitcoin Generator - a "Newbie Trap" - Don't send bitcoin to get bitcoin eh.
2018-05-21 Daily encounter for us. One of many sites out there tempting you to send bitcoin, which you'll never see again. Just thieves.
2017-11-26 Total and utter Cow Poo! Please don't fall for this scam.
2017-10-16 Looks like somebody's trying to outscam the Coince scam. This could get interesting.
2016-07-08 These hyip thieves depend on your greed, outweighing your common sense. Common sense just isn't all that common.
2018-02-20 Some scamsites look so familiar, we almost skip past them, This fraud almost got past.
2017-05-25 Don't send your bitcoin to this ponzi and expect it back. It's a typical fake investment scam.
2015-05-28 One of a new batch of hyips. These appear over the weekend, when the schoolboys have time to write them.
2017-04-24 This fraud template is getting used a lot. There is real mining out there, but not here.
2017-03-04 This is a great example of a really mixed up desperate attempt at fraud. You weren't fooled though, eh?
2016-08-02 Dunno about Dango, just don't go. Just a really bad (as in piss poor) hyip fraud.
2017-08-02 Fuck it's dark - It's so dark, they can't find that bitcoin you foolishly sent.
2017-02-15 The dot com fraud moved to a new domain, and we just pissed on their bonfire - again!
2017-03-22 The site has No SSL - avoid it for this reason alone, although reports are coming in that it is a scam. No https on login = NO WAY
2014-12-10 You'll see your bitcoin on the Dark Side of the Moon. What do you mean you can't see it?
2016-07-06 This is the Darkcoin-e scammers at it again. Don't lose your Dash to these scoundrels.
2015-08-09 A ponzi/scam aimed at stealing Dash. We like Dash, we don't like fraudsters.
2017-06-15 I guess you were stood up! Very fickle these bitcoin blind dates, ah well, plenty more fish in the sea.
2017-01-09 Who pays for lunch? You know there's no such thing as a free lunch.
2016-12-06 This is a fake review site set up to steer you toward hyip/scams
2016-02-15 Another of these bloody HYIP's. These are all just old school cons. They WILL steal Bitcoin.
2014-06-15 All these lending ponzi scams have something missing - Borrowers!
2018-01-14 An anonymised cheap thief is asking you to trust them. If you do, you are just a fool.
2017-03-06 It gives us great pleasure, knowing that we save people falling victim to scams like this hyip.
2016-10-19 Real mining doesn't look like this - just so you know. Mining is a common theme for scams, as they can drip a return to users while they build their own stash to run off with with.
2018-07-10 They have 4 plans, where you can lose a bit, a bit more, a lot, and finally shitloads! They actually only have one plan, to steal!
2017-08-21 Not new supermining, but just plain old hyip script run by a crook. Don't waste your time and money.
2018-11-05 Another hyip/scam. They all steal. 3/23/17 Update - now mirrored as
2018-05-22 That's our hyip listed for today then. That feels much better.
2014-07-14 Paypal and Bitcoin are like Oil and Water, they just don't mix. It's just another unlicensed fool.
2014-08-11 Let your bitcoin multiply! If you ever watched that Star Trek episode "The trouble with Tribbles" you might think about that. Little bitcoin running everywhere, food bowls, vet's bills etc.
2018-10-23 These thieves think they're untouchable, but there are a few in jail already, assets seized, and many more will follow.
2015-10-07 They'll de-center your bitcoin, your money, and anything else you send. Money with holes in just doesn't work.
2017-01-31 A great sitename, for this shit ponzi. Yin and yang in perfect balance.
2017-09-22 Every lending scam like this has one basic flaw. Try borrowing? Now where is that elusive borrow link??
2018-03-17 Deepdoodoo if you send your bitcoin to this thief.
2015-10-21 When it comes to unrelated to Crypto domain names, this is right up there! Yet another fake mining offering.
2018-04-12 There are other scam sites that offer this fake kit even cheaper - Shop around for the best fraud!
2018-02-16 Taking your finances to the next level but they don't mention, it's a level DOWN!
2017-03-09 They say you will never resist. But DO RESIST, It's a scam
2014-05-22 Very flash, very professional - but that is the webpage. The operation though, is pure ponzi fraud! Don't be an idiot, these are thieves with a webpage.
2018-02-21 So, you'll end up with a bucketful of nothing. This is just another faker.
2017-06-24 Another fraud from the hyip writers.
2016-05-18 This site nearly made me weep. That some of you will inevitably send money to this absurd fraud.
2017-03-25 Good advice would be to deposit nada to this fake investment.
2015-10-08 You have to be pretty gullible to believe anybody offering 600%. It works like this. You send bitcoin - he/she/it keeps it.
2017-05-30 PoNzI p0nZI POnzI - Get the message yet?
2016-05-19 Why Choose Us? A very very good question. Why would you?
2016-08-26 It's not a real company, so maybe just send them some play money.
2017-04-26 We have a bet between ourselves just how many days this scam will be online for. Place your bets.
2018-01-14 Another hyip fraud.
2016-01-26 It's just another hyip/scam. Fake investment
2015-09-23 Don't deposit is a much much better plan.
2016-01-01 Oh, they'll manage your deposit alright, just not your withdrawal.
2016-02-01 There is only one plan that is genuine, but it isn't mentioned on the page. The plan is, to con you into sending bitcoin.
2018-07-17 The only 'deposits' on this Plaza, need picking up with a poop scoop. Just a hyip/fraud.
2016-08-02 A hyip/Fraud.
2016-08-20 They derive your money. You just lose it. What a fun time to be had by all.
2017-01-01 This scammer has tried hard to create a professional looking investment. Not hard enough - It is just a hyip/scam.
2017-06-12 It's been a while since we've seen the "Money Adder" scam. Same scam - just exploiting newbies by baffling them with bullshit.
2018-07-22 The 100GH/s isn't real, and isn't free either, as you will find should you ever wish to withdraw the ficticious earnings!
2018-01-31 When we see a site like this, we wonder why the fuck they bother with any of the pretence. It is a formulaic hyip scam.
2017-04-12 Devoted to defrauding naive investors.
2016-03-30 Will try to sell you Mining kit. They are a FAKE operator. Confirmed by the REAL Dexcel Designs (India)
2014-01-23 You have to look very closely at that URL. This scam ICO is dfLnLty not dfInIty - Total scam.
2018-02-21 Here's what happens. You send bitcoin, you don't get it back. Any questions?
2016-02-23 About as crap as Bitcoindiamond, Scam and Scammier!
2018-07-02 A shiny website isn't a sign of a good website, and this fraudsite would put glitter on Doggy Doo.
2016-11-02 It's just a scam - and the design is a bit shit as well.
2016-08-25 If you want to buy diamonds, buy diamonds but if you want to give to a thief - send your dosh here.
2016-06-24 A straight 2:1 Ponzi, or it would be, except that every doubler is fake and just steals bitcoin.
2016-11-17 Duffbux is a better title. These Adpack ponzi's are rare nowadays, but they are still trying to steal anything they can.
2018-05-05 A bad bad scammer. Don't be foolish and trust this site, anything can happen to your PC. You may regret it.
2014-07-03 So then, where is your bitcoin going to that will make 4-5% a day? To a hyip/ponzi, that's where. Don't be sucked in by this site.
2015-09-16 A load of old horsecrap is possibly the best description for this fraudsite.
2016-11-24 if you refer to the faq, Just don't believe a syllable.
2015-03-25 If you send anything to this scamsite, it is not coming back. No ambiguity, it is gone.
2016-12-15 Please please don't fall for this fraud - it can suck you dry in no time.
2017-03-19 Yes, crypto is digital, but what has that to do with stealing it from people? Thieves.
2017-06-13 Set up to lead you to some of the worst sites for you, but that earn bitcoin for this referrer.
2017-06-12 The diagram that they show of their own ponzi should be enough to scare you. The next level would be as wide as your wall.
2017-01-04 Is it a coin? Is it Ads? No, it's a ponzi. They set out to confuse you.
2017-04-30 (Malware detected) and It tells you it isn't a ponzi, but rest assured, it's a ponzi.
2014-10-29 A fairly pointless attempt at a fake mining fraud. We'd have to be asleep to miss this scam.
2017-10-08 The problems go deep. It confirms as a fraudster.
2014-10-20 Just calling a shitcoin launch, an ICO doesn't change anything. A shitcoin will always be a shitcoin, and this isn't even a shitcoin!! It's just a ponzi scam. Good grief.

Discord A siteless Ponzi scam. However you ended up here, whatever site funneled you, just leave.
2018-01-29 Look, if these russian hyips had any intention of running honestly, they wouldn't feel the need to register as a fake UK Company - would they?
2016-12-06 Not an ICO, not a genuine offering - just 100% ponzi scheme.
2018-03-14 A poxy doubler fraud.
2016-04-27 Also and All parts of this same Ponzi Fraud. Don't be fooled, it is not mining.
2018-08-29 They'll try and scam you for the withdrawal fee. You will send funds, and get fuck all in return. Simple theft.
2018-11-22 Payout issues from this PTC site
2015-06-07 Another dodgy doge ponzi scam. If you want mining, look elsewhere.
2018-08-30 Doge ponzi scams are Derigeur right now. People really want to steal your doge.
2018-12-15 When hyip scammers met Dogecoin. These people want to steal all your crypto.
2018-02-23 What is this scammer trying to do - add credibility to Dogecoin?
2014-07-09 Despite Doge being an altcoin, it still has a value, and fakers like this still want to steal it. Don't give your coins to thieves.
2018-09-30 So long as you know, it's just a Ponzi scheme, so you will probably end up worse off. That's just how maths works.
2018-09-18 A Dogecoin thief with a website. If you value your Doge, don't send it to a Dogecoin thief. Simple.
2018-11-27 As long as you know, it's a ponzi scam. However cute the graphics are, it is no fun losing your doge to a ponzi.
2018-11-08 We cu2, you dodgy little scammy doge doubler you! Doge cannot double.
2018-09-30 This scam, which you may have arrived at from, is a classic ponzi in the style of the MMM frauds.
2017-05-02 A russian language site that takes you to lot's of different Ponzi/Hyip so called investments. All scams.
2014-07-16 And it'll be Jail4U when the law catches up to this hyip scammer.
2016-07-24 I'll bet that Dolphin won't dive deep enough to find any bitcoin you sent.
2016-11-27 This site is a classic hyip/fraud design. A bit 'businessy' people in pinstripes and complete flannel to tempt you.
2016-10-25 Advertising that isn't. Just another hyip/scam. All hyip's are just bad ponzi's, run by crooks.
2017-04-29 The distribution of funds they are talking about, is called a ponzi scheme. Fine, if you go in with your eyes wide open, and expect to lose.
2018-07-20 No - Not a contraceptive device, just a fraud.
2016-05-25 This fake cloudmining is all good fun, right up until you try to withdraw your supposed earnings, then it isn´t so much fun.
2018-09-28 Bitcoin doesn't double - Just take our word for it eh.
2018-09-27 Your bitcoin stolen - With Compliments. Also look for Pickpocketing Services and Your local Mugging Service. Bagsnatching Service also available (subject to T&C's)
2018-08-12 Yeah, a bitcoin doubling service. The only thing that doubles, is the jailtime when they catch this crook. Don't be this stupid - Ever!
2018-03-17 No. It doesn't. It's a typical faked Ponzi and it will STEAL your bitcoins.
2015-02-18 Bitcoin doublers are all just lying thieves. Bitcoin cannot double.
2018-04-14 This scam domain has just relaunched - Still just a newbie trap. Your bitcoin has more chance of doubling, if you put it under your pillow and wait for the bitcoin fairy. (3/24/16)
2018-08-06 If you get in quick - you can be one of the very first to lose to this scam coin doubler.
2015-08-18 Oh it's a club alright - The Sucker Club. Care to join?
2018-05-04 What have we told you about btc multipliers? They are ALL scams and there are NO exceptions.
2016-03-15 Bitcoin doesn't double. Simple.
2016-01-24 Another doubler fraud, dodging around the different domains!
2017-07-18 Fact. Bitcoin cannot double. Fact. This site is 100% lies. So what do you suppose will happen if you send bitcoin to a bitcoin doubler?
2017-10-16 Double nothing, is still nothing, and that's all you should expect.
2017-02-17 A scam multiplier.
2015-03-27 If you are reading this, then you are hopefully not going to send bitcoin to this typical doubler scam.
2017-01-02 Another bloody PONZI
2015-02-27 We must really piss these fraudsters off, with our prompt listing of their scam attempts. And here's another.
2016-06-07 Risk is always proportionate to return. 100% return means 100% risk, or 'Guaranteed Loss' if you still don't get it.
2016-04-20 Bitcoin cannot double, in fact it's just halved, so please stop falling victim to these frauds.
2016-07-12 Just because a lying thief has a website, it doesn't mean you have to behave like like a lunatic. Bitcoin cannot double. No ambiguity.
2016-11-30 Just the classic Bitcoin Scam. Double your Bitcoin, we mine, blah de blah
2014-06-17 They are lying to you, and trying to steal your bitcoin - That's all you need to know.
2018-08-27 Bitcoin does not double. Please understand this simple fact. Crooks want you to be silly enough to send it to them.
2017-06-09 Yet another piddly little multiplier fraud. Don't be dumb enough to send money to a stranger, and still expect it back.
2016-06-26 A bit of a twist, you are led to believe you are participating in fraud. It's true, but you are the sucker.
2016-08-27 Stop getting stressed about it - It isn't coming back. Bitcoin cannot multiply.
2018-03-04 (and all subdomains eg this crook runs ponzi's, so don't kid yourselves.
2015-09-18 or 'Steal your bitcoins' is a better title. Just a thief.
2016-01-02 Double your losses if you send to this scam multiplier.
2015-03-12 Bitcoin doublers are there to catch you newbies, before you understand bitcoin. Understand this though, it cannot double.
2017-11-09 Aaarrrghhhh.... These ponzi doubler scams are more common than salt.
2015-03-16 Bitcoin cannot double. If you believe it can, then you will have no Bitcoin at all.
2018-07-05 If anybody could double bitcoin for real, first, they would only double their own, second, bitcoin would cease to function. It isn't real, just stop it!
2017-10-06 Maybe in another life - not this one.
2017-07-01 bitcoin doesn't double, it just gets stolen.
2017-06-27 Check your vision if you're seeing double bitcoin. When you do get glasses, you can clearly see you have been suckered.
2017-07-01 Btc cannot and will not double - we will keep telling you this until you finally get it.
2017-06-29 This is just one of the scams running on this scammers Usa-grants domain.
2017-01-21 Do we need to remind you that every bitcoin doubler is just a fraud?
2017-07-01 If you haven't already got the message, bitcoin doublers are just set up to steal the bitcoin from those dumb enough to send it.
2015-10-03 Every bubble pops, and from reports, this one popped on day one.
2016-10-17 Make sure this thief has a really crap Christmas, and don't let him steal your bitcoin.
2015-12-16 This fraud site is wrong in so many ways.
2016-02-03 These fraud sites don't double your bitcoin - they double their own bitcoin, at your expense.
2015-06-25 The 'bitatt' scam pops up on yet another domain.
2016-11-28 Just another sad little scammer wannabe.
2016-05-27 One more wannabe tries his hand with a doubler ponzi/fraud. Does ANYBODY still believe that bitcoin can DOUBLE!
2016-03-23 Yet another chancer trying to persuade you to part with your precious bitcoin. Don't.
2016-02-28 Additionally, any subdomains, eg No cryptocurrency can double, and you will get robbed.
2018-11-16 Or '' this is the typical doubler fraud.
2016-12-12 A simple scam doubler. Just a thief.
2015-07-20 In this instance, daring is just futility.
2016-03-30 Bitcoin cannot double, and if you send it here, it's gone. You cannot get it back, and you have no idea who you sent it to. Doh!
2018-11-29 A meaningless ponzi fraud.
2016-08-14 True title. You will be double down compared to what you were. Where do you think the money must come from?
2017-01-07 Bitcoin cannot double. No argument. Someone says they can double it, and it is just two piles of Bullshit.
2018-06-13 As the fund is just imaginary, then double that and you still have fuck all.
2016-09-22 The 'Bitinstan' ponzi scam on a new domain.
2016-07-15 Don't be silly, you know it's a scam run by a thief.
2015-09-10 Doublemybitcoins moving around a bit.
2015-11-09 Yes, another scam doubler. The thieves play on your greed.
2015-02-06 Just another fraudster. Bitcoin doesn't double.
2015-12-27 Looks like Ponzi's are the only scam idea that these halfwits can come up with to steal your coins. Be grateful that they are so dumb.
2015-03-12 The only club you are joining, is the victims of fraud club.
2016-10-22 In space, no-one can hear your bitcoins scream.
2016-01-29 This is a faked, fake site. Awesome.
2015-12-13 Bitcoin cannot double, and if you send it to this scam, you will lose it. How hard is that to grasp?
2017-08-13 Doesn't do what it says in the title. It can't do, because bitcoin DOES NOT DOUBLE!!
2015-08-20 Freehosted fraud. Whay would we do without Wix?
2017-06-17 Just another fraud - don't be dumb.
2018-01-21 We've told you a thousand times, bitcoin cannot double, and any site claiming to double it, is just going to steal it. Please learn the easy way.
2017-09-26 Another scammer with another doubler fraud.. Yawn.
2017-06-02 Bitcoin does not double, and cannot double, so you have no excuse for being dumb now - do you?
2017-09-20 Makes a welcome change from King themed frauds, but a fraud nonetheless.
2017-02-26 Many cheapo scams will use an Anonymous Graphic - Guy Fawkes, to make themselves look like hackers, rather than pickpockets. All bullshit.
2018-04-15 tis witchcraft !! - Oh no, sorry, it's just another sorry halfwit scam.
2014-07-09 This domain had to appear eventually, and it was always going to be a doubler fraud.
2017-04-03 About as basic as a Ponzi Scam can ever be. If you send bitcoin to this site, then it really is only yourself to blame.
2018-03-15 Bitcoin doesn't double. These are rogue traders - thieves.
2017-11-01 Bitcoin cannot double. Any site claiming to double your bitcoin, is just trying to steal it from you.
2017-03-27 The crappiest of crappy frauds all offer coin multipliers. Please don't believe these thieves, they just keep any bitcoin that you are stupid enough to send.
2017-06-01 There is no such thing as a genuine bitcoin doubler doubler. If you are dumb enough to send bitcoin, you lose it.
2017-04-28 Bitcoin cannot double, so wtf are you doing sending it to a site that claims to double it? Don't cry when it doesn't come back again.
2018-11-16 Coin doublers are the most common scam out there. They don't know you from Adam, so why would they give you free money? Wise up.
2016-02-07 The hyips are coming thick and fast. Every one a scam.
2016-07-16 Oh dear - how bad does a site have to be. This is bad.
2015-03-19 And most of these china miner sites. They are advertising again - stay clear. This is a serial scammer. You won't get cheap kit, you'll get robbed. Check our badlist regularly.
2014-07-09 Also They got suspended from the dot com host.
2014-09-09 A subscam of the scam.
2017-08-29 All doublers are just frauds with faked payouts. Please understand this.
2016-11-23 (see
2018-05-08 A complex series of sites, all MLM/Ponzi will lead you to this fake mining outfit. It is pure ponzi, if you don't put back, it will fold quickly.
2017-07-26 Fake supplier offering Halong Dragonmint Miners. is the real site.
2018-03-28 It's a Ponzi, will it take your Bitcoin? - Probably, because they have no reason not to
2014-03-17 This doctor is just a thief with a webpage. You might want a second opinion though.
2018-02-26 Makes me think of that Coldplay track 'Paradise' Next time you listen to it, substitute 'paradise' for 'parrot eyes' It's much more listenable. Btw, this site is a scam.
2017-04-12 The stuff of nightmares! Ponzi fraud at its dumbest.
2018-11-03 Read between the lines, and you'll realise this is just another Ponzi. Sigh.
2016-10-14 Dreamhash is probably a more lucrative title than Imaginaryhash, you wouldn't be suckered by it so easily.
2017-10-14 The title is all you need to tell you that this is just another shit ponzi, from people who know nothing about bitcoin.
2017-11-15 help Dr, I have an itch? Must be all these frauds.
2016-05-27 Unless you want Coinhive and other unwanted stuff on your device, then just don't visit this exploitative domain.
2018-09-02 Some drip might invest, so we'll list it.
2015-06-03 Also Total scams. Nothing to add.
2018-04-29 Also,, These are all known asian DRK Scamsites. Thanks to the Darkcoin community for these.
2015-01-03 The bitcoin generator scam, has turned it's attention to Dash! Don't send any, you'll lose.
2017-07-27 Spelling 2/10, Concept 1/10 Scam 10/10 Just don't fall for this crap.
2015-02-04 Just look at your own bitcoin in a mirror - it's safer. You won't be giving it to a cheap thief.
2016-08-30 Read their own disclaimer at bottom of the landing page, and this should be fair warning.
2016-05-30 Real mininers don't giveaway 100 GH/s, they don't need to. Add to that. you cannot achieve those rates of return mining bitcoin, and you know it's a ponzi.
2018-11-24 I was searching for dual net curtains - I must be in the wrong place.
2016-04-13 Did you think this was a REAL Bank? You get robbed either way, but this one takes it all, and it's just a hyip.
2018-07-12 Just invest in in Camel Poo - You'll lose less.
2017-01-25 No more bad Dubai jokes from us - We're sick of Dubai themed hyip scams!
2017-09-08 Dubai, or not Dubai, that is the question. The answer is NO
2015-08-09 A far fetched idea for a fraud, but they aren't clever these lowlife.
2017-07-31 The bottom line is, if you fall for this laughable fraud, you should really give power of attorney to your children.
2016-12-20 Automated bitcoin theft. It doesn't get any easier to lose your btc.
2016-01-24 It's shite like these fake coin / ponzi scams that give Cryptocurrency a bad name. Just parasites.
2018-03-15 Weird title - but whatever the name, it's just another scammer.
2016-08-15 Bitcoin cannot double. We shouldn't have to say that, but trust us, it doesn't. These people are thieves.
2018-12-16 When you can stop laughing at the childish title, do keep in mind that bitcoin doesn't double or duplicate.
2018-04-09 It won't be long before the real Dow Jones close down this scam, but until then, this is your warning.
2016-09-11 A front site, set up to send you to dodgy operators, like Binary Options scams.

Sites E A new design on the bitcoin generator scam, but just straight theft. You are deluded if you think you've just 'generated' bitcoin in seconds.
2017-06-22 This is no more Icelandic, than it is legitimate. Just a half arsed ponzi scheme.
2017-05-04 One of the weirdest scams to date. Misusing CEX logo's, total bullshit. It makes no sense that anybody would trust this fraud.
2018-08-01 That people still try it on with these scam multipliers leaves us in disbelief.
2016-07-11 PayPal and Bitcoin DO NOT MIX! Any site saying otherwise is out to defraud you either deliberately, or involuntarily.
2016-12-20 Another very congested hyip/fraud. Please steer clear.
2016-07-10 Sadly, none of these too good to be true offers are ever true. This is just another scammer.
2018-10-18 Also Really basic fake investment. Don't be a sucker.
2016-06-13 An inventive title to this typical hyip/fraud.
2016-03-22 A Ponzi, Matrix, MLM, Binary Option, Fake Trading, Fake Investment, Pyramid, HYIP Scam. Can they get any more fraud into one website?
2018-04-05 A scummy scammer with his multiplier scam plan. You won't fall for this will you?
2016-09-26 The java overkill on the home page is the only fx going on here. Just a dirtbag scam.
2017-05-13 Not so much fun if you're last in to this ponzi scam.
2015-08-25 You won't earn, but you will learn. You'll learn all about scammers, and how easily they steal from you.
2018-10-01 Earn Btc, but not here. Here you are just handing it to a ponzi fraudster.
2016-06-14 The bitcoin generator scam yet again. Don't send a bean, you will never see it again.
2017-09-08 If only it were true... But it isn't, it's just a robbery.
2014-09-11 Another Hyip/Fraud. Nothing special, just a thief.
2016-08-28 A pretty basic fraud, but come on people, when will you all get it?
2017-03-16 All you will earn here, is experience, but not good experience.
2018-10-27 Forever is a very short time. This is just another fraud.
2018-02-26 Just don't get involved in any aspect of this multi layered scam.
2017-01-04 The only thing you will earn from this site - is a lesson in life. There is no such thing as a Free Lunch.
2017-01-14 The bitcoin generator scam. Look on our mainpage, and we have a permanent graphic explaning this common scam. Just don't send anything, ever.

Earncryptocoins has listed a users email as a contact and is stealing Btc. Sorry if you're in this scheme.
2014-04-04 Another scam coindoubler out to steal everything.
2015-04-25 Lousy sitename, rubbish scam. Scammers are getting very lazy.
2017-10-08 This cowboy outfit will steal everything you send - and then harrass you for more! Scum.
2018-02-13 Also,, 4 dodgy little sites on a free weebly host. We have yet to see an honest weebly... They won't pay you.
2014-08-03 There are so many hyips, how many people would have to be as dumb as you? Just don't play this losing game.
2017-02-01 Yet another of these fake systems. Don't get suckered into this, you will lose money guaranteed.
2018-12-16 Ponzi/Scam A site worth avoiding Btc'ers, not even encrypted login
2014-04-17 They can get high on your bitcoin, you won't see it ever again.
2015-08-09 It's like somebody spilt Javascript. This scam can give you motion sickness.
2017-03-24 If you're lucky this freehosted won't load. If it does - close it. It's a cheap scam.
2015-06-11 Reports of Bitcoin lost to this scam. It's a familiar format 'hyip'
2014-07-18 If you really believe you can 'invest' 0.001btc and get back 16btc, then you are just the person this scam is looking for.
2017-01-16 A much overused Wordpress theme for hyip/frauds. Used here again.
2016-09-18 A hyip/fraud that is moving around domains, trying to stay 1 step ahead.
2016-12-15 10% daily for life?? Take it from us, life is short. It's a scam.
2015-03-26 What an odd site title, and that is the best part.
2016-03-08 Go West they said, and carry a shovel, there's bitcoin in them thar hills. Not from this cowboy outfit though.
2016-12-11 A desperately half hearted attempt to defraud you of your bitcoin.
2016-03-27 Any outfit who says they started in 2012, and the domain was registered only last month is mistaken, to put it mildly.
2014-08-09 You don't have to learn the hard way. If it is in our badlist, it is bad. This is bad.
2017-10-04 These scammers love their oil companies. The only thing getting drilled is your wallet.
2014-10-30 Also This is a freehosted site sending out a lot of spam mail about asic hardware. Now claims to be "LOLTIM's" email.first added 11/9/14
2015-04-12 East or West - you'll be broke if you send bitcoin to this scoundrel.
2014-10-27 Hyip/Fraud.
2016-05-24 You should be able to smell this site from wherever you are in The World. Nothing is real.
2017-02-01 Classic conman, builds trust then takes the biggy.
2014-03-14 High risk doesn't begin to describe this operator. Stick with the main vendors, some can be found in our safelist.
2016-11-26 Seems like a rash of these doubler scams at the moment. Every one, without exception is just a thief.
2017-04-03 Fixed profits? you bet they're fixed. This outfit will take your money, and keep it. so just don't send it.
2014-09-26 And then they go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like "All miners has Lifetime contract with No maintenance fee" Ah well.
2017-01-30 Well, they aren't mining, so I suppose it can't get any fucking easier than that!
2017-06-05 If you are dumb enough to install the Cryptotab plugin, don't ever expect to get paid. Do expect to shorten the life of your PC, and do expect bigger Electricity bills too.
2018-07-06 If you want to give your money to scammers - this is the exchange for you
2014-03-27 Not so fkn 'eazy' when you have us on your case. Help this con-merchant to starve.
2016-11-21 You are the 'Hit' for this confused fraud.
2017-02-26 Calling this an ICO, is like putting lipstick on a pig. It's just a Ponzi in an ICO outfit.
2018-03-23 Another one from the hyip fraudsters.
2016-05-24 You'll believe a Bitcoin can fly! - Well, if you believe this site, you will believe almost anything.
2018-03-29 Skilled investors my arse!! Unskilled illiterate thieves like all these poxy coin doublers.
2015-04-08 This will be the last you will see of your bitcoin, so don't be foolish and send it here eh.
2017-12-15 More than a bit rich, it's a complete fraud.
2016-08-29 Shame they put so much work into this site, only for us to tell you that it is 100% a fraud.
2016-12-26 Another pathetic hyip/scam
2016-01-20 It echoes because there is sod all in there. Just fakery from this fraudster.
2016-12-21 Hyip/Fraud
2016-04-24 Hyip/Scam
2015-11-28 Given that this is Fake Mining, it is exceptionally Eco Friendly, not even using 1 Watt!
2017-02-26 This ICO comes from a very long line of ponzi's and scams from the same CEO. Thanks to our Malaysian counterpart for joining the dots.
2017-08-15 As they don't actually mine, it is very ecological, but it doesn't produce bitcoin.
2016-12-29 Another scam on an Eco theme. They do like to follow the same form, these halfwit crooks.
2016-12-16 Two random words put together to create a hyip scam title is not unusual. Like Radish-Invest or Fund-Hedgehog. All a bit silly.
2017-12-01 Also A very straightforward fake investment scam. Just don't. (Update) 10/5/15 Have now reappeared along with Bitcoin-doubler. All from the same scammer, all reworked into new frauds.
2016-05-14 Like all the 'ecoins' that have gone before it, this is a ponzi scheme as well.
2017-09-21 People make sites like this simply to steal bitcoin. They are ridiculous claims.
2017-06-02 Another ponzi fraud with ICO scribbled on it in crayon. On my life, there are some suckers out there!
2018-01-09 All the usual hyip bs - but currently only in Russian.
2016-07-19 This hyip/scam is cute, but a scam nonetheless.
2015-10-13 This hyip/scam is cute, but a scam nonetheless.
2015-10-13 This scamsites promised returns aren't possible, and the stats are bogus.
2014-12-08 The first 4 were probably hyip/frauds as well.
2016-11-29 A very traditional hyip fake investment scam, including bitcoin as an accepted currency to steal from you.
2018-11-17 Curious title - but just another scam.
2018-01-21 Weird - just fkn weird. Why would anybody really send btc to this site?
2016-09-01 Please people, to lose bitcoin to this fraud is just embarrassing.
2016-04-03 The scammer dad of the 5 year old who put up this site will be very proud.
2015-12-26 Stupendous? not this hyip/fraud.
2016-10-12 You will have got to this site from a phishing email - Don't fall for these doublers.
2018-01-31 All you 'investors' should sit around a table, hold hands, and try to contact the living.
2017-03-22 This site can best be described as 'pointless'.
2016-09-28 These hyip crooks must be running out of scam names. This is desperate.
2016-02-06 No hashing - just hyip. Fraudsters.
2018-01-21 You couldn't make it up! Somebody did though, and here it is.
2016-10-25 A fake supplier of cloudmining - Best avoid all cloudmining except Genesis.
2018-03-15 You won't feel elated, just very Deflated when you get nought form these thieves.
2016-08-30 There are now a great many sites pretending to be mining Cryptocurrencies. 99% are fakers including this one.
2018-02-03 If you have fever to the point where you think it wise to send bitcoin to this ponzi, then there is little hope for you.
2017-03-09 You still haven't found Eldorado, you have found a Ponzi though.
2017-02-12 An unimaginative domain change from this doubler fraud.
2017-02-23 Blocks for President! WooHoo.. That makes more sense than this hyip scam by the way.
2018-06-18 When the voting slip comes, elect the other candidate, not this thief.
2017-01-07 Does offering 0.5% a day even tempt anybody? Bitcoin can go up more than that anyway. So much for ponzi's,
2017-12-10 There are regular attempts to fake popular wallets. is the real site for Electrum Wallets - or better still, go via
2018-04-05 Also These are phishing and malware sites and not the legitimate
2016-01-18 If we've told you once, we've told you a thousand times. DO NOT export your Private Key to a 3rd party wallet. You will be glad you didn't.
2018-03-04 A fake Electrum wallet - one that intends to steal your coins!
2017-11-20 Problem is, no Dash! The real domains are or See, No Dash!
2017-06-13 If you don't send any funds to this fake mining site, then you can't lose any funds to this fake mining site. It really is that simple.
2018-10-08 Nothing to do with the longstanding Eligius Pool, this is a hyip/fraud.
2017-06-07 More fake mining tomfoolery. This site is just set up to steal from you.
2016-10-05 A very very dull hyip fraud indeed. Don't believe ridiculous offers to make you rich - Nobody owes you a living.
2018-10-02 Elusive not Elite, and Thieves not Miners! The correct domain would be
2018-08-08 Don't give them your info - this is just a hyip fraud and will steal from you.
2017-02-21 A Hyip/Fraud.
2016-05-24 Mining Club Scams are becoming quite common. There's a huge one, including it's own pool, that every scammer wishes belonged to them, and this is an attempt at that.
2017-06-09 hyip/scam
2015-10-12 Elizion is an Esperanto word without meaning... a bit like this fraud site then.
2016-12-10 A pretty basic fake mining fraud. There are now more fake mining sites than real ones.
2016-01-10 Stay well clear of this unlicensed broker. People are losing big amounts!
2018-02-20 Not so much Emcash, as Excash. Don't give your bitcoin to thieves please.
2016-10-22 Mining coins? No. Mining your wallet Yes. Stay away from this scamsite.
2015-02-17 Don't find out the hard way - Only buy kit from the Manufacturer, or you will get burned.
2018-02-08 Remember when every product and idea put an E on the front? Don't these scammers know, that is so 1990's
2017-11-22 Well, you sure aren't going to remember that domain name, unless they already stole your funds?
2018-03-21 They have to keep producing these rubbish Hyip's. because we keep listing them lol.
2016-06-01 This scam site plays on your lack of knowledge as a new bitcoin user. Bitcoin cannot multily. No ambiguity, it cannot.
2017-05-29 Anybody remember the Fanbox scam? They are still mailing this scam from that email address! Lazy scammers.
2018-01-13 You withdrew? Really?? You must run this Ponzi scheme then!
2017-07-21 This scam will end, and it will end badly if you have sent funds. It isn't investment, it's just theft.
2017-08-03 One for the Russians
2014-06-16 Save your energy, and your Bitcoin. Enough Said.
2014-10-08 Safer to keep it in a biscuit tin.
2016-05-09 More deluded promises from these pathological lying thieves.
2016-07-27 Sending a lot of emails as well as a website. This is a scam we already listed, but getting more aggressive.
2014-03-15 This Ponzi has gone to a great deal of trouble to like genuine Investment. It is also Phishing for your personal details. Serious stuff.
2017-01-08 This ain't no enlarger - where do you plug in the pump? This is a just a badly designed ponzi.
2015-06-19 Enormouse'? Is it ME..? Can such a fraud catch people? Probably.
2016-05-20 Arbitrage? Since when was theft renamed to arbitrage.
2015-10-25 One of a rash of fake investments sites targetting any non-refundable payment method. Don't be that sucker.
2015-10-07 These hyip frauds come up with the strangest names.
2016-02-17 You should enter through another door. This portal has a big drop behind it.
2016-12-28 Another hyip/fraud to add.
2016-03-15 If you haven't seen a hyip/scam, this is a fine example. Don't send funds though, you just lose them to a happy criminal.
2017-08-23 Just another hyip/scam. Everybody loses, what fun!
2017-10-15 We recently added this ponzi fraud as, it is on more than one domain, and perhaps more.
2018-12-17 Appearing soon on a domain near you. Let's hope they run out of victims before the internet runs out of domains.
2018-12-22 Not to be confused with Eobot the software miner, this site is a reallly simple ponzi scam.
2018-06-22 Just a malicious site exploiting the eobot name.
2018-11-20 More twaddle from the hyip fraudsters.
2016-02-20 We are averse to criticising individual ICO's, mainly because we have yet to see a good one, but this one is waving every red flag we know - so we suggest that you avoid this offering.
2018-11-07 Looks like the odd names are set to continue for a while. What is it with these hyips?
2017-01-23 Odd title for this otherwise generic Hyip/Fraud
2016-06-03 A rubbish little hyip/fraud.
2016-10-01 A shitty little Hyip/Fraud from a serial chancer.
2016-06-17 100K Escrow trades, in under a week from launch! Bollocks. What else are they lying about? well, everything.

Esteem.btc Another 'grow your bitcoin' theme. Absolute fantasy.
2017-03-03 More off the shelf hyip script. You can have your own UK Company too, only 35 Pounds, including an Office Address!
2017-11-11 Fake mining claims are quite common from hyips. Ask for proof. This is a faker.
2017-03-23 How long is eternity? Send bitcoin to find out.
2017-02-11 Eternity - That's where your bitcoin will fck off to.
2016-04-27 One more coin multiplier fraud to add to our list - this one takes that old fashioned foldy money too.
2017-04-23 Cloned Social Media accounts are promoting this dumb fraud. Eth giveaways are never ever real.
2018-06-06 Ethereum is a much stolen currency - careful where you put yours!
2018-02-07 From the same faker as other recent Ether frauds.
2016-07-23 Scammers choose 'cloudmining' as a theme, because it is suitably vague. Stay sharp.
2017-01-05 What you get, is the scammers wallet receive address of the moment. Don't use any wallet that you don't have the private key.
2017-05-28 Also Both based on the Bitcoin Generator scams - Pretend to mine, but you have to send a release fee.
2018-03-30 This fraud doubler has nothing to do with Ethereum, they want to steal bitcoin? Odd choice of domain.
2016-11-17 Just like the bitcoin generator scams - It's all just fake, but you lose everything you send.
2018-09-17 Hyip fraudsterts are now going after your ethereum as well. Sad but true. Anything on this domain will be horrible.
2017-08-23 Lite - we'll say it's lite. Lite on mining equipment. Just another mining fraudster.
2016-07-23 Also include any subdomain eg A series of frauds.
2018-06-27 These Hyip Fraudsters are now after Ethereum. Perhaps this is a hint that you should keep a tight hold of it.
2016-08-16 The generator scams know no boundaries - This thief wants your Ethereum!
2018-06-11 We're adding this one simply because no https means your logins, and ergo your funds are insecure, besides which, it's a fraud.
2016-07-07 this isn't your online Ether wallet, it is someone elses. Don't use it, you'll lose it.
2017-10-13 Bitcoin has seen hundreds of ponzi's like this one. Although the theme is Ethereum, it is all about stealing your bitcoin.
2017-12-12 We expect this fake mining hyip site to copy to most currencies, there is already a btc version.
2017-01-08 An Ethereum scam, with very strange design, including a badly drawn rig, slowly going up and down? Pretty trippy.
2018-01-26 Formerly, but the same scam.
2018-02-06 As long as you are aware that this isn't really mining, and is simply a Ponzi.
2018-01-05 There is nothing smart about getting involved in this Ether Ponzi scam. Tbh though, ponzi's carry probably less risk than most Ethereum ICO's!
2018-10-16 That app is out to snaffle your Ethereum. The server generated wallet, means you don't have the only copy of your private key! (credit @sniko_ Twitter)
2018-11-20 However you got here - go away again.
2018-05-03 Don't waste your time with this site - You will never be able to withdraw, and ffs don't send any Eth!
2018-07-13 Some Ethereum scams make it to our badlist, because we don't like to see anybody getting ripped off. This is one such scam.
2018-03-02 Fake Ethereum mining, must feel like being defrauded twice - but hey, nobody deserves to be ripped off by these crooks.
2018-02-25 Fake Ethereum mining for a change. Just a ponzi folks, no mining will return those numbers. (Update 7/27/17 Now relaunched as a generator scam)
2017-07-04 The bitcoin generator scam, applied to Ethereum. Don't send any, they just keep it and laugh at your naivety.
2018-01-11 The last time we tried to look at this site, it was offline! It's now online, and it turns out to be just another ponzi scam.
2018-10-02 They aren't giving away Eth, they are taking it from fools stupid enough to send it! Not you though eh?
2018-06-01 The bitcoin generator scam, applied to Ethereum. Don't send funds to realease your fantasy earnings.
2018-03-04 A lazy sideways domain move from this tired attempt at stealing Ethereum.
2018-04-18 Another (yawn) group of skilled traders, miners and investors. We've seen this fraud spiel so many times.
2016-06-23 This hyip/scam has just added bitcoin to it's accepted payments. So on the badlist they go. The support number used to go to a former scam zenzforex.
2014-11-12 This site will 'Erase Your Investment" Hope you like the pun.
2016-08-25 This site will 'Erase Your Investment" Hope you like the pun.
2016-08-25 Crowdfunding? Nope. Just another fraudster.
2016-09-29 If you don't send bitcoin to this fraudster - then you won't lose it. Easy peasy.
2016-09-17 Another fake mining supplier - don't send funds to this thief. Good job we are here to warn you.
2018-02-24 This is a hyip. Every hyip is a scam, without exception. If you don't want to risk losing all your bitcoin, then don't.
2017-11-12 One of the new stylee hyip frauds. Don't become a victim of these prevalent thieves.
2016-09-28 And no, your bitcoin can't jump 13 London Buses. Avoid this daft hyip/scam.
2017-06-02 Just a hyip/fraud.
2016-07-11 Just another Ponzi/Scam site. You won't get your investment back.
2015-02-13 It's always nice to see a variation on design, but it doesn't mitigate the fact that all doublers are just pickpockets.
2017-01-05 Another supplier that will never supply. Please don't get scammed.
2017-10-22 If you haven't seen a hyip scam before, they look like this, and they are everywhere. All they do is entice you to send funds. They keep them.
2018-08-01 Fakers. What these guys know about mining - is precisely nothing.
2017-05-03 You can't make that kind of return from genuine mining. These numbers are just to tempt you into this ponzi scam.
2018-06-16 Insecure, unlicensed, unregulated, anonymous, lying about blockchain partnership, need we go on?
2015-12-22 Don't attempt to buy and sell on this blatant fraudsite please.
2017-05-28 This fake exchanger everything that can act as a warning, in one place. If this looks legitimate to you - then you really aren't safe. Be extra careful.
2018-03-24 Another hyip/scam. They all steal.
2017-03-22 The cynical title to this scam betrays the callousness of these thieves. If you give them your Private Keys, all your existing funds, and any future airdrops belong to them.
2018-02-17 Don't be fooled by the lies. This is just a fraud site.
2016-05-29 Any Exec foolish enough to send bitcoin to this scam needs to re-evaluate their status.
2016-01-23 A really basic hyip fraud.
2017-11-05 More of the Exer' Ponzi scheme.
2018-06-22 Don't believe a word of it. If you send Bitcoin, you shouldn't expect any of it back.
2018-06-04 One part of a tight little network of Ponzi Schemes. Stay clear of Exer anything.
2018-06-22 Part of the Exerstackinvest ponzi fraud.
2018-06-22 They just keep on trying with these hyip/scams
2016-01-18 Ex bitcoin as well.
2016-04-14 Anything you send here is lost forever. So as fake exchanges go, it is as bad as the rest.
2017-02-16 A fake mining attempt by a true amateur. Hopefully not too many will get caught by this.
2016-08-08 They may not be literate scammers, but they are persistent ones. Don't dip into this, you will lose over and over.
2018-06-12 Some of the wildest claims you will ever see from a really amateur scammer. If you lose to this, you are unsafe.
2017-12-05 You should read the faq's on these fraudsites - they are a joke.
2017-03-22 4 days after launch, and they aren't paying out to anybody. This is what you should expect from any get rich quick scheme.
2016-11-24 If you lost your bitcoin to this, then sorry, but you are too stupid to own bitcoin, and it was inevitable.
2015-10-22 Leading you right up the garden path, into believing you'll make up to 1.5% a day. This is how all hyip's work to tempt people.
2017-10-07 Another fake site mining your wallet. Do these miners still carry a canary?
2015-08-14 Experienced fraudsters, with hyip/scams that is. All hyips, just like coin doublers, are frauds. Please get wise people!
2017-10-22 Binary options operations, are simply theft. Some are worse, none are better.
2018-12-22 This instantly redirects to, a fake site.
2017-02-11 Bitcoin will make you plenty if you keep it safe. Sending bitcoin to a hyip isn't just not safe, it is fruitloops!
2017-10-16 Which bits are you wanting extend Big Boy? Anyway, thsi isn't the place to do it, just a fraud.
2016-12-11 Please don't ever send your bitcoin to hyip's like this site. They are just out to walk away with as much as possible.
2017-12-05 They extract money from victims. They don't mine.
2018-03-11 Misleads you to a number of Bad Scams. Most listed here
2014-03-15 24% daily, been running 2 days, you do the maths. You will certainly be in the running to lose your Btc - all these ponzi's fail
2014-03-29 Lithuanian registered site, claims of HK location. We've seen it all before. You won't get kit from this scam.
2014-06-25 Just how extreme, you probably won't want to find out. Please don't install this malware.
2016-06-27 Well, it didn't suddenly get better - You can deposit, but the scammer has already exited once, so expect to lose it all.
2018-05-26 It isn't a real bank, but it is a fraud anyway.
2017-03-17 Plenty of Jam Tomorrow - But as you know, tomorrow never comes!
2018-06-24 Probably the KY Jelly and porn vidz helped. Oh, sorry, that's Banker! Silly me.
2017-03-22 They believe their Investors deserve better. So do we.
2016-07-24 It's a ponzi/scam. Whatever you do, don't attempt to understand it from the sites own convoluted explanation, your brain may begin to bleed.
2017-11-21 Fake mining, just a slant on the bitcoin generator frauds.

Sites F Scams will often try to sound like they are associated with legitimate operators. F2pool are real, this scam is not.
2018-10-12 Just a Hyip/Scam
2015-03-27 A hyip/scam doing stuff with Social Media apps as well as the website. We hate ponzi's.
2017-04-08 Also Two 'Boiler Room' scams from the same authors.
2018-07-04 Not fair, not mining, not much to add. A fraud.
2018-04-17 This is the example to hold up when you want to show people what a ponzi scheme is, and how impossible a ponzi scheme is. Don't kid yourselves, you WILL be a loser.
2018-04-11 Just a shit for brains claiming we extort bitcoin, pirating our hard work etc. Gone soon lol.
2018-10-19 Not a coin, just a con. A hyip scam.
2018-02-15 (quote) "You do not even notice how we your income will grow rapidly" If that makes sense to you, then send them Btc
2014-04-15 Not so fantastic for the victims of this theft.
2015-10-07 When it comes to sitenames, this is really apt. Reports in that you won't get paid, and as there is no site contact, nobody to shout at.
2015-09-10 Also Fargocoin. PayPal and Crypto never mix plus, this whole Fargocoin thing is just a Ponzi scam, themed on a shitcoin. Remember Onecoin?
2018-04-03 Another golden cows type of Ponzi. Check the ponzi diagram in our tips section.
2014-10-14 So fast, you'll never see it again. This is a typical Hyip/Scam.
2016-11-07 Viagra for bitcoin perhaps? No, just another really basic hyip/fraud.
2017-05-29 The name says it all, but just to make it clear, it's a scamsite.
2015-08-26 Please bitcoin users, prove you aren't dumb enough to fall into this blatant ponzi trap.
2015-10-02 But they aren't as fast as they need to be to avoid our investigators. It's a scam.
2016-08-03 You can buy bitcoin, you can mine bitcoin, you can spend bitcoin - or you can believe bullshit like this and lose bitcoin.
2018-06-17 The Bitcoin Generator scam. Encourages you to send bitcoin to the site, and the scammer keeps it. A simple fraud.
2018-05-01 Slip, crash, fall and lose your bitcoin to this scam. Have a nice day.
2017-11-08 Another naff hyip/fraud.
2016-05-08 A Fake investment site that certainly will not make you wealthier.
2015-08-13 Another generic hyip/fraud to add to our huge list.
2016-07-14 No different to every other hyip/scam, and their only connection to bitcoin, is stealing it from you.
2017-06-09 A fairly off topic coindoubler fraud. You will only lose like everybody does.
2017-01-23 If you want a fast curry, order one from your local takeaway. Dodgy doesn't even begin to describe this amateur fraudster.
2016-03-03 It is an outright SCAM We also hear he emails from, another closed scam.
2014-06-20 Gone in a flash - That's the way to lose bitcoin.
2017-03-16 Pick a theme, put up a website, steal money and bitcoin. That's what this thief and his friends do for a living.
2016-01-31 A hyip/Scam
2015-12-11 We haven't seen a lending fraud for a while. You are supposedly lending it, but where is that button to click where you apply for a loan? No link, so who is borrowing it?
2018-10-16 Very fast with other peoples money! Ponzi scams are everywhere, and everybody loses except for a very very few.
2018-01-23 Laughable. This fraudster doesn't know a Tape Library from a Bitcoin Mine. Possibly the most useless attempt at Fake Mining to date.
2016-06-29 These generator scams are just 100% bs. If you are stupid enough to send any Bitcoin, it isn't coming back.
2018-05-04 Yeah right. This thief is mining you not digital currency.
2015-05-19 If only all fake mining sites were as poor as this one, our work would be much easier.
2016-11-11 Also From the same chiseller - Both worth circumnavigating.
2014-04-09 Hyip/Ponzi, scam.These sites are so fkn predictable, this one is a week old and even mentions trading at the long defunct MtGox.
2014-07-13 A fraud aimed at very naive users of bitcoin. If you send it, this thief will keep it, and you cannot get it back.
2017-09-22 Another HYIP that is after Bitcoin, Money, loose change - Just stay clear
2014-05-27 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 If you want a fast rise, get viagra. Once you've lost to this hyip scam, your wife won't sleep with you anyway!
2017-10-16 Can a sitename get any more lame than this hyip/fraud?
2016-09-16 Nothing much we can say about this fraud. It really is crap though.
2017-03-21 Don't download this file. Reports are that it is stealing passwords, logins, bitcoin and everything else.
2014-11-08 It isn't a faucet, and it isn't cloudmining, so that makes it? Yes that's right, a fraud.
2017-09-05 A classic way to cheat you, is to make you think that you are somehow cheating someone else. That's how this scam works.
2018-07-07 A site that will simply keep any bitcoin you send. You won't get a bot, you'll just get burned.
2017-06-06 The site has just gone offline. If it comes back, avoid it as it won't pay you.
2015-09-25 Favourite, isn't a word you would normally associate with fraud. My favourite scam just doesn't work as a statement.
2018-09-28 So, you learned some basic code skills, and thought you could put up a convincing fraudsite. Fail.
2017-04-05 It certainly does.
2015-11-16 Most people will spot quickly, that this is just a Ponzi Scheme. If you didn't, you may have problems ahead, be careful.
2017-09-17 The sister site to the scam. Fake mining equipment scams are fairly common, do your homework before ordering!
2017-12-13 This Ponzi/Fraud is after just about every coin that is worth anything. Don't get robbed by this thief and his lies.
2016-11-26 This is a typical hyip. Take a good look and avoid this and similar fake investment sites.
2016-01-26 Another Fenix rising from the ashes of the victims of the one that went before.
2017-12-21 Fenix being a recurring title from these particular hyip fraudsters.
2017-10-03 So, a complete stranger with malcontent writes, and i quote, "We manage your finances, so that you can start living a better life!" Please don't be a fool.
2017-02-14 Don't bother, it's just another hyip/scam
2015-11-18 Liberal use of javascript makes this hyip/fraud even crappier.
2016-07-05 Send bitcoin to this scam, and you clearly don't give two fex about it.
2017-05-13 Fake cloudmining scams are popular with fraudsters, as they only trickle a return while they build a pot to run away with.
2017-09-23 People simply aren't getting paid lately. Avoid this mining pool.
2015-10-29 Pro Fib's. Still fibs though from this fake investment site.
2016-08-15 What is a fibo worth on the exchanges? Ah well, these scammers must run out of ideas.
2016-07-13 With their tagline "Mining just got Smart" we have to say, avoiding Fake Mining, like this, is always smarter!
2018-06-17 Behind this Fake Investment Website - is nothing! You are sending funds straight to a Pickpocket.
2018-08-23 Don't visit this site. It loads a page, and appears to be a man in the middle attack.
2018-03-14 Another from the hyip scammers. A very formulaic fake investment scheme.
2014-01-03 Financial advice? Here's some financial advice for you, stay clear of this fake investment scam.
2015-09-10 Another hyip scam to steal money, bitcoin and your dignity.
2015-04-28 Nothing original about this hyip scam. They all steal your funds, so just don't go there.
2016-07-09 This base is simply a thief, who just steals your funds. A webpage is not a business.
2018-11-27 Hopefully, you're far too clever to lose to this thief.
2016-04-08 This Inv must be a nice bloke if you want to finance him. He isn't nice enough to give you your money back though.
2015-06-05 Another hyip/scam. They all steal.
2017-03-22 They are raising finance to spend on drugs, booze and crack whores. They'll squander the rest.
2016-07-20 You send bitcoin to a thief - So that's lucky is it?
2017-03-17 Their's might be secured. Yours is fucked.
2017-03-23 Just a thief. This has nothing to do with investment.
2015-08-09 We would suggest that a good strategy would be to stay clear of this fraud.
2016-01-27 Hyip/Scam
2015-04-28 It's a Finmutual style Ponzi/Pyramid/Scam. We wish these people would crawl back into their ponds
2014-04-27 A fake version of the Bitfinex Site. Double check that domain!!
2018-10-29 We've missed these 'Fin' scammers, it's been a while since there was a Finxxx hyip/fraud.
2016-07-26 Nothing fine at all about this hyip/fraud.
2016-10-02 It seems to be all Lending Scams since the relative success of MMM and Onecoin. Most people lose who try these ponzi's - please just do the maths, you'd be better putting all your money on Red or Black!
2018-01-28 Also A Hyip/Scam
2015-03-27 Sounds familiar, Looks familiar... The FinMutual scammers again. Aren't they in Jail yet?
2014-04-11 The Fin prefix is popular with Eastern European scammers for some odd reason. Just a hyip script to steal from you.
2018-10-19 Style wise, we are talking 1990's here! This scam really is just an old template rewritten.
2018-10-06 To make 7% a day, you don't need FinTech, you need FinVooDoo, this is just a fraud hyip.
2017-10-19 Someone should set light to this site. It isn't mining.
2018-08-24 Be very careful of online wallets, always get them from the original project. They may be theft, like this one.
2017-10-07 and X Exchanger, JR Money Exchange, 24 Exchanger. All the same scammer.
2014-06-03 We generally warn about revshare scams, but some are so bad, we need to warn you specifically.
2017-06-11 What galaxy is that - The HorseArse Nebula? This scam is pathetic.
2017-09-25 This scammer has put very little effort into this hyip, so hopefully he will get very little in return, especially now it's in our badlist.
2017-05-10 True. First paying themselves, then if any is left over, they'll spend it on crack whores!
2016-05-15 This fraud wants you to 'Sing Up', so c'mon, start singing.
2016-07-08 Yet another bitcoin ponzi scheme. The odds are stacked against you - you fools!
2017-10-09 This ponzi site is so bad, just be glad we don't yet have 'Smellovision'.
2016-10-20 It didn't take them long to set this up on a fresh domain. Same fraud though.
2017-01-23 Please don't get sucked into this fake mining fraud. It's all just blag.
2017-01-11 This site has credibility coming out of it's ears - so why is it listed in our badlist as a scam? - basically, because it is just a scam.
2018-10-02 The illiteracy of this wannabe hyip scam is possibly the worst we've seen this year. If you can't read - don't even think about Investing in anything.
2018-06-06 This hyip fraudster has had previous scams. This is not real mining.
2016-05-15 These bitcoin generators all work the same way. You send a fee, and you get fuck all back. Simple deception.
2018-10-06 When stupidity, fraud, and bitcoin hardware meet, this is the result.
2017-10-05 Nah. Just a Flash Harry trying to steal your Crypto. All Hyip's and Ponzi's on the Internet, run away with ALL the funds!
2018-04-03 Why do fake mining scams always offer Free Hashpower? Real Miners don't give anything away, and never will!
2018-04-09 The only stuff that you mine here, has to be taken away in a bucket, but it's good for your Roses!
2017-06-12 You really don't want a 'Flexibit' they just jam up Coke Machines.
2017-01-26 You can choose the rate to suit your own delusion. Cool.
2015-12-26 You think you've seen everything, but flying bitcoin, now that is a first. Steer clear of this fake mining fraud.
2016-07-23 Ponzi/scams are everywhere, this 'sharing' one is aimed at spanish speakers. Any sharp eyed bitcoiners in Colombia, please keep us updated when you see these ponzi's. Thanks.
2017-06-15 There's an extra o in that title! For future reference, there is no Ethereum Foundation, that was a faker as well.
2017-08-16 Be a mug, send your coins to yet another ponzi thief.
2015-03-08 Foreeever is a long long time, and in this case, a long long word!
2018-01-21 It sounds like what you would name your House on a Golf Course, but no, it's a hyip/scam.
2017-06-24 Another hyip/scam. Totally fake schemes.
2015-08-16 Laugh? - I thought my pants would never dry.
2015-08-09 They seem to think that putting the buzzword 'Forex' on a fraud site, somehow adds credibility.
2016-05-18 We wish these rubbish hyips would leave bitcoin alone, but the sad reality is that they steal anything off anybody.
2015-09-19 And they hope ForExBitcoin to go with their crooked asses.
2016-11-09 And the prize for the longest scamsite title goes to - This Scam.
2017-01-28 Using a very old fashioned hyip/fraud design, this style is typically from India.
2016-07-30 That's pretty self explanatory.This site will meet your desire. Your funds definitely have no future if they are here.
2017-03-31 A HYIP / PONZI / SCAM - the mistake was accepting Bitcoin, that's where we get involved.
2014-06-03 Not a real investment. This is just your typical hyip/fraud.
2016-08-10 Scammers love the word 'Forex' like it adds some kind of credibility.
2017-01-07 What a grand title for such a lame hyip scam. Tedium.
2018-03-15 And it isn't coming back out again.
2017-01-09 A very random hyip/fraud. All hyips are just thieves - when will you all learn.
2016-08-18 Another Indian based hyip/scam
2014-12-21 Fake investment. This will be ponzi for a few days, then run off with your funds, like all of these.
2017-07-11 More half baked hyip nonsense on a domain that is persistently recycled.
2016-10-10 Forex nonsense. It's a hyip/scam.
2016-02-01 These hyip fraudsters love the forex word in their sitenames.
2016-02-25 Just put the word 'Forex' with anything, and somebody will believe it. Sad, but true.
2017-04-20 You could read that as xxxxParrotEyes dot biz lol. A Hyip/Scam
2015-07-07 Another hyip/scam
2015-12-20 A Hyip/Scam
2015-03-27 A Hyip/Scam
2015-07-07 As with most, it is just another ponzi scheme. Don't be a sucker, just hyphenate it and think For-Ex bitcoin, For-Ex money - You get it.
2018-07-29 For ex-money, ex-bitcoin and ex-trust, this is the Team for you.
2017-01-30 For Ex bitcoin, ex money and anything else you hand to this hyip scam.
2018-03-30 Another hyip/fraud with ridiculous claims.
2016-08-04 Hyips a plenty. There are more hyips than there are idiots. Perhaps idiots are all running hyips??
2017-01-09 For-ex-bitcoin just send it to this scabby thief.
2016-07-17 A formulaic scamsite, bitcoins don't multiply, they aren't rabbits.
2014-09-04 All that will happen, is that they will Fork Off with your funds! Fake mining at it's cheesiest.
2018-04-06 It will fork yours as well if you are daft enough to send any! Don't get ass forked by this scammer.
2017-08-16 This fraudster doesn't have a forte, beyond putting up implausible scam investment sites.
2017-05-05 Not much effort gone into this hyip scamsite.
2015-01-18 One of the most widely used wordpress templates, hardly altered for this scam. They put fuck all into their scam, and so should you.
2018-05-09 Oh spare us from lame themed frauds, like this pile of doggy doo.
2016-09-07 It's been a while since we've seen a fake mining hardware pre-order fraud. Don't pre-order from an unheard of, and in this case, fake manufacturer.
2017-04-22 An indonesian that wishes to steal your bitcoin. Don't let him.
2014-12-15 These may be the most expensive free shares you've ever (never) received.
2016-03-15 Multiple your bitcoin? That's google translate for you.
2015-09-06 Instant Bitcoin Doubler' If you still believe that these things pay out, then you are very easily misled.
2017-01-12 The 'bitatt' multiplier fraud appears yet again.
2016-11-06 The most expensive free bitcoin that you will never see. Don't be dumb.
2018-06-28 The sister scam to Don't go there, you won't be paid out.
2014-06-23 It's a nasty clone of the legitimate PTC no contact details. Don't go there, you won't be paid out.
2014-04-10 Forgot about this one! They don't pay out.
2014-05-07 The 'bitatt' fraud makes it's latest appearance.
2016-11-11 A hyip/scam
2015-12-03 The prevalent generator fraud. The only club you'll be joining is the sucker club.
2017-06-26 The almost classic 'Bitcoin Generator' Scam. Like getting home and finding you've bought an empty box in that too good to be true sale.
2018-01-28 Another Ponzi/Scam. Can't they go back to making illicit Vodka instead of illicit web scams. Sigh.
2015-10-12 When they put a button sying "Start Exploit" they mean it. But it's called Irony.
2018-05-29 Despite the claims - no reason whatsoever to trust this.
2014-05-25 A hotch potch, halfway beteen a bitcoin generator scam and a ponzi scam. A scam.
2017-11-17 The coins are free!! Now where have they all gone to?
2016-02-14 More fake ad malarchy. Just a ponzi, don't kid yourselves.
2016-05-29 This is such a simple attempt at fraud - please don't get taken in by this novice scammer.
2017-07-09 This fake mining, mines bitcoin ten times faster than real mining. That should strike you as a little odd.
2018-12-20 A slant on the Bitcoin Generator scams. Just don't send bitcoin here, as you will simply lose it.
2017-07-23 You must be mad if you think this is a real offer, seriously, your Elevator does not go to the Top Floor!
2017-02-25 A PTC that will not pay you for your work. Stay clear
2014-09-03 A Hyip/Fraud.
2016-08-20 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 Just another fake investment scam trying to steal bitcoin.
2015-06-06 If you want a fresh leg end, you should go to a butcher, not to this stale hyip/scam.
2017-05-25 This thief has copied our badlist - Stealing thousands of hours of investigative work has consequences.
2018-01-29 The people who set up this scam, are not your 'friends' They are your nemesis.
2017-02-24 You can get 'Mounthly Income' apparently, you certainly won't get real Income from this faker.
2016-07-31 Fool-profit would be a better title. Don't fall for this hyip/scam
2015-05-15 Don't send your bitcoin to any doubler if you value it. They aren't in this for charity.
2017-01-08 From the people who stitched you with Full-Profit. Really short on imagination these scammers.
2016-09-04 Another hyip that wants to steal your Bitcoin. Imperial Orchard has now gone awol
2014-08-26 This struggling scammer has to keep spending his stolen bitcoin on registering new domains. In this case, add a - hyphen.
2017-07-06 You fund Asia if you want to, but expect to lose those funds.
2016-05-08 Don't risk your Btc, this is another one from serial scammers. 300% in a day Duh Ok.
2014-04-22 Bitcoin does not double. It isn't magic, these sites are just there to catch those fools who believe it can.
2016-04-29 You know it's just a Ponzi don't you? It will try to lead you to other ponzi's like bitcoin-funding-team.
2016-12-08 Brought to you by crooks who are fondofmoney. Just a scam folks.
2016-12-10 They tried running with the title Funds2hell, and then Funds2thieves, but neither worked well, and then the genius in the room suggested this. We despair.
2017-09-19 You fund a flash lifestyle for this fraud ponzi scammer.
2016-02-24 Another generic fraud doubler that you will see on many domains.
2017-01-18 A very uncomplicated Investment Fraud. Send funds, lose funds. Simple.
2017-05-02 Another hyip/scam. Hopefully they'll run out of domain names soon.
2015-09-23 So long as you are aware - this is a Ponzi. You are advertising to others just like you.
2017-01-20 Not as much fun as you might expect. Maybe wear a clown outfit while you click send.
2017-10-19 These Investors have the monopoly on 'Furgs'. You can't get one anywhere else - go on, try!
2016-08-15 The follow up to and Don't fall for this scam.
2016-12-20 A rash of legitimate complaints about this (fake?) exchange.
2015-10-10 Oh dear, this is dire. If the Internet had existed in 1972, this scamsite would have been there.
2017-03-04 You don't keep bitcoin in a bank - that's the whole point of it. This isn't secure anyway.
2017-11-17 A Hyip/Scam
2017-04-21 So far in the future, you'll be long gone before they appear.
2017-08-15 Please write to this thief, and tell him where that girl, photo'd with her thumb in the air can stick it!
2017-03-19 A trinary matrix - wtf? Don't look it up, it's a word they made up, like every other bit of bullshit on this Bitconnect style scam.
2018-03-25 You might be able to get your bitcoin back using the supplied Time Machine (batteries not included)
2016-12-22 Trying to flog "Capricoin" I once owned a Ford Capri, and it was a pile of crap too.
2016-05-03 UK Regd. Co, means absolutely nothing. Seriously, would you send your cash or Bitcoin to this idiot? It's a SCAM
2014-06-30 They chose the name well. This scamsite fux you.
2017-06-01 Just another hyip/scam - Yawn.
2017-01-09 You shouldn't have got so close. Frauds bite you right in the wallet!
2016-09-28 (Spoken in Clouseau voice in memory of Bert Kwok) Aha! The old Forex ploy.
2016-05-29 Another wandering fraud. Expect it on other domains.
2017-01-04 A doubler from the usual offenders.
2016-03-06 These hyip thieves really want your money, and your bitcoin. Our suggestion is to let these scumbags starve.
2015-04-08 Nice to find a site more old school than our own. This scam is so lame, if it was a horse, you would shoot it!
2017-11-19 Just another halfwit trying to get you to part with your bitcoin. If you send it, it's lost.
2017-01-03 Like all these ponzi's, they want you to get your mates involved, and reinvest yourself - only it isn't investment, it is a thief with a webpage!
2018-10-01 The words half, and arsed, sprang to mind when we saw this fraud.
2016-11-08 You can't trade bullshit for bitcoin, at least we don't think you can!
2017-09-12 If you survive the onslaught of graphics swirling around (I was nearly sick!) just go somewhere else. This is another fraudster.
2018-07-10 Hyip/Scam
2015-05-31 Oh ffs, fkn fxfco - what kind of fool falls flatfaced for flagrant fraud!
2018-03-15 Just make it up as you go along, put up a website, wait for victims. Fraud is easy.
2016-07-25 From the same fraudster as and no doubt we will find some other linked domains as well.
2018-08-16 And 2 parts of the same scam. All just lies and deceit.
2018-12-05 A fairly familiar Hyip/Fraud, just rebranded.
2016-06-17 The only FX, are the ones they used in Photoshop. These "always make a profit for everybody" investments are always too good to be true.
2018-12-12 We can only deduce that the FY stands for Fuck You. Nothing to add.

Sites G This is a pathetic attempt at a scam, and as for GTO coin? You're dreaming.
2015-10-08 Aww. This site is only a day old, and we've already pissed on their bonfire. How upset must this thief be?
2017-07-01 all in the one scam. That's called diversification. Launched 11/23/14 - listed
2014-11-23 Another bitcoin scammer. Don't go near this site.
2014-11-15 Yes they do, they gain your bitcoin.
2016-04-29 The thief gains your Btc, exactly what a hyip/scam is intended to do.
2015-05-10 Nothing special at all - Just another thief running a hyip scam. Basically a page of BS designed to tempt you into being foolish with your bitcoin.
2018-02-28 This is an almost classic ponzi, that is after bitcoin as well. Gotta build that next layer of suckers somehow.
2015-10-02 The previous scam domain is suspended, but it hasn't stopped this scammer trying again.
2017-01-19 This site is fairly convincing - Not convincing enough to get past us though! It's just a hyip/ponzi/scam.
2017-04-05 Don't be tempted, orders are not being completed, admin is awol.
2015-04-01 Just a bullshit ponzi, and they make off you in other ways.
2017-03-11 Just a glorified ponzi/matrix. Every one of these has multiple losers for every gainer. Which camp will you be in, and can I put a bet on it?
2017-10-29 A hyip/scam
2015-12-11 The only gas you are investing in, is farts from this fat fraudster.
2016-06-10 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 Amazing what you can do with photoshop isn't it. This is just a bs investment site. A scam.
2017-03-19 Fakery, hyippery and scammery, all in time for Christmas.
2017-12-24 and other schemes by the same host:,,, and We have yet to see the outcome of these, but they do bear a striking similarity to a pyramid. The 'matrix' is a pyramid by any definition.
2014-05-05 A hyip is just a fake investment, and a silly place to send your money or Bitcoin.
2015-06-03 Another hyip/scam. They all steal.
2017-03-22 The global coin reserve scammers at their worst.
2015-06-29 And Centauricoin,, - All parts that make up this Ponzi/Fraud. One for the Feds.
2016-09-12 If you were looking for Coinbase or the real Gdax, you may have ended up here. This is a scammer.
2017-12-01 Currently a russian language fake investment betting scam, but could soon translate.
2015-09-11 Catching a few, but this hyip scam won't catch clever old you - will it?
2017-07-17 The worst kinds of scams, are the ones who claim philanthropy, helping communities - like this slimy fraud!
2018-08-17 And there are some gems in the spiel on this fraudsite for sure.
2016-12-11 Just the bitcoin generator fraud. If you send a 'withdrawal fee' that is where they get your bitcoin off you.
2017-06-13 Not general mining, just fake mining.
2018-04-12 One of dozens of these hyips going after Bitcoin. Keep your shekels, your Btc, your dollars in your wallet. Don't let these crooks steal it.
2014-09-14 The bitcoin Generator - fraud. Site currently suspended - but it may come back.
2018-05-28 You cannot generate bitcoin, free or otherwise. You mine it or buy it.
2018-10-04 More of the same old scam. Magic bitcoin multiplier.
2014-12-11 Yes, it's another doubler scam.
2016-08-24 They don't even try to explain how, because it is just another damnable Ponzi.
2016-09-28 This scammer has all but wasted this scam domain (note the second s) Hopefully gross Dollar Zero.
2017-11-25 A ridiculous hyip/scam. If this fools you, you really need to assign power of attorney whilst you still can.
2016-02-01 The latest in the 'Genius' series of hyip frauds. Every hyip is a scam. There are no exceptions.
2017-02-11 Ooohhh, a magic bank. They sprinkle fairydust on your bitcoin, and it grows.
2015-03-06 A Hyip/Scam. Update 1/25/16 Site is back with a redesign. Sending btc to an anonymous thief just isn't genius.
2015-03-27 Genius is the last word we'd choose to describe this blatant fraud.
2016-06-30 The little program that fools you into thinking you've mined bitcoin, all part of the scam. Don't send anything.
2017-03-10 These fake mining themed hyips just aren't fooling anybody anymore. We wonder what the next trend will be for bitcoin fraudsters?
2018-09-13 Just another thieving hyip site. We get so many emails from people who get robbed by these hyips, don't think you'll be lucky - you won't.
2015-08-08 These hyip/frauds just keep coming. The law is catching up with them, but at a snails pace!
2016-10-10 A very disingenuous title. Thi is your genuinescamwarning, it is just another lying thief.
2017-09-24 One day, this generator scam will stop appearing. Until then, you will find the same scam on dozens of domains. Don't be a mug, there really is nothing behind these claims.
2018-02-04 A pretty basic hyip/scam. Never believe a hyip, they all steal from the vast majority of participants.
2017-04-05 Neither German, nor Expert. So that's that then.
2017-02-06 Another pointless shit who is claiming he can double your coins. Make him waste his negligible effort.
2016-05-09 The bitcoin generator scam. They try to persuade you to send fees. Just don't.
2017-07-16 This scam doesn't return your coins quickly - it just doesn't return them ever.
2015-05-12 Another fraud coin doubler to add to the hundreds of other fraud coin doublers in our badlist.
2016-08-04 One of those sites where the clue is in the title. There is no genuine auto faucet software. All faucets protect against bots.
2018-10-21 Another fake investment site.
2016-01-28 A really rubbish attempt at fraud.
2016-06-10 Look, we know you are new to bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but when we see a site like this, stealing, we wonder just how naive it is possible to be?
2018-01-29 Yet another scam multiplier. When will people learn. These people are just thieves, you aren't getting your coins back ok.
2015-01-30 The bitcoin generator scam. Don't send btc to cash out the imaginary btc. They just keep it and leave you feeling foolish.
2017-07-25 If you do what this site instructs, you will lose all your bitcoin. Not the high point of anybodies day really.
2017-11-12 If you send your funds to this fraud, they have no future, at least not with you.
2018-06-08 If you don't refer anybody, you earn nothing. That isn't mining, that is a Ponzi Scam!
2018-02-10 Free but for the host, not for you. Every scheme on this site is a scam and will steal your Bitcoin.
2014-05-17 Everybody who lost to it, is trying to create their own version of the MMM fraud. Here's another one.
2017-01-03 Get the cool shoe shine instead, this is another fraudster.
2017-07-18 The classic doubler fraud. Bitcoin doesn't double, what happens is that the site owner keeps it. Simple fraud.
2017-01-27 Get you broke is a better description for this robbery.
2015-03-25 As slimy an ICO as you will ever see. We hate nearly all ICO's, but a few deserve listing here, just because we really really hate scams!
2017-09-18 Not to be confused with This site is playing on the name to rob you.
2014-10-15 A multiplier fraud aimed at russian speakers.
2016-04-28 Our staff is always here to help you innit.
2016-09-22 Don't download that software. It's the privateminer malware on a fresh domain.
2015-06-19 Some ponzi's don't really try hard to pretend to be something else. This is a lame Mining theme.
2018-05-25 A very very basic doubler fraud.
2016-09-16 Just another attempt to seduce you. Bitcoin doesn't double, accept the fact that it's a thief.
2015-08-13 Nobody is going to multiply your Bitcoin for real - ever. Don't fall for false claims.
2018-04-13 If it looks too good to be true - it's because it is.
2016-06-08 Stay clear of this fraud, and stay happy. It's just another thief.
2015-08-11 Yet another thinly disguised Ponzi - Nice site design, but still a Ponzi that WILL fail. Update. In the words of the Immortal Freddie, Another one bites the dust. You WERE warned. 7/20/14
2014-05-17 We have a question for this scammer - Is this your first attempt? This is Dog-Poo.
2017-04-30 We have 70 percent proof that this is just a fraud.
2016-02-21 The 'ginfinance' hyip/fraudsters, slightly modified. Not very imaginitive it seems.
2016-07-06 ICO's don't usually get our attention, there are so many, but this is pure "Country Pancake"
2017-02-02 What 5 letter word, rhymes with Gite, and begins with the 2 letters s and h ? And that sums up this fraud.
2016-03-23 Ponder on that word 'Give' and so don't expect anything back. You are 'Giving' your funds to a thief.
2017-02-26 Also We've seen that exact photo of this happy smily twat on previous scams. Bux are Bollox, as are these scamsites.

Gladiacoin This fake coin and any domain associated with it are just a very overpromoted ponzi fraud, headed for a crash very soon. Think MMM. (entry added for purposes of clarity
2017-06-11 This scam is now being widely promoted by existing 'investors'. It is just a ponzi like all the rest, and it will crash leaving you broke.(comment rewritten 3/21/17)
2016-01-27 This seems to be a backend for some Boiler Room scammers. Don't fall for spurious crap like this.
2018-09-06 Double spend bitcoin - Just how naive are you? You cannot double spend bitcoin, but you may get YOUR funds hacked.
2017-09-05 Pop-ups, bad links, (obfuscated) Croatian origins, high risk doesn't begin to describe this.
2016-06-20 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 Bitcoin cannot double, an unless you grasp that simple fact, then you will just give your bitcoin to thieves, and you won't have any bitcoin.
2017-09-02 Fin's are the next big thing - every kid will want one. This site is far too fishy though.
2017-05-04 A very formulaic site. You send money in your choice of unrefundable medium, and the thief keeps it. There's no real investments happening.
2015-09-30 Just so you know, the only difference between a Matrix, and a Ponzi, is the spelling.
2017-04-03 Lots of waffle, a totally fake and insecure wallet, we've seen more than enough.
2018-01-25 This has expanded into a Bitconnect style Ponzi fraud. Stay well clear. Bitconnect coin cannot even be sold now.
2018-08-04 Just a hyip scam trying to steal bitcoin from newbies.
2017-09-24 Using a bollocks UK Company, a bollocks load of spiel and just bollocks in general. We hate frauds.
2016-12-26 If it wasn't setting out to steal your money, it would almost be funny. GCR Coin my arse. We hate this site, it just gives crypto a bad name.
2014-10-14 You aren't going to make oodles of bitcoin, you'll just lose what little you had.
2017-05-30 It isn't investment, it is a simple ponzi scheme, a hyip scam.
2018-03-26 These half arsed idiots should get training from the Eastern Europeans in 'how to produce a credible fraud'
2016-07-20 There is a real Global Markets Group, but it isn't this one. This is a fake UK Company, and a fraudster.
2017-12-13 Just another hyip fraudster trying to scam people with a mining themed website.
2018-02-14 It's a hyip. It WILL steal your Btc, and leave you high and dry.
2014-09-09 Just how many hyips can the small pool of idiots support? I think we may find out.
2017-02-09 Dammit, the other guys trading bot just beat your trading bot to dust. Ergo, If you believe in Bot's, you will soon lose your Bitcoin.
2018-01-01 So what if it's a UK Co. It's still a poxy money stealing scam. The Company thing doesn't wash.
2014-06-22 Binary Options? Nah, just binary bs from the usual suspects.
2015-12-31 Also Oh ffs, it's the same site! Identical scam on two domains.
2018-07-16 Oh dear me, this is possibly the most rubbish attempt at a scam to date. They badly need a spillchucker.
2015-05-21 Not a shitcoin, not an ICO (makes a change) just a crappy hyip scam.
2018-08-13 Fake mining - Although GLX sounds like a 1970's Model Ford! What next guys - GTi Mining?
2018-02-11 A hyip/fraud that will simply steal your bitcoin. All hyips are run by thieves, please try to understand this basic truth.
2016-12-22 Oh lordy lordy - gems, by the bathful. Natch.
2017-02-10 Just another Hyip/Fraud.
2016-05-20 Just when we think we've seen peak bullshit - we see a Ponzi Fraud like this fake exchange.
2018-08-20 Another hyip/scam using the Forex theme. Get real people, anybody who can make 150% does not need you.
2016-07-13 A fairly lame hyip/scam.
2017-03-09 Gogo somewhere else, this site is just out to rob you, like all hyip scams.
2018-11-05 Yeah James - Take a long walk down a short jetty, and take your fraud with you.
2016-10-20 This malaysian scam is available in a language of your choice. Cool.
2015-09-05 Fools Gold, Fools Investment, just completely foolish to send funds to an obvious thief!
2018-06-05 That there is just fools gold. Don't be a fool.
2015-08-09 As you'd expect, this jet just never gets off the ground. It's a hyip/scam
2015-09-19 A hyip aimed at Spanish speakers.
2017-01-09 Generous offers - but 20M satoshi to cashout is equal to 0.2Btc, and even then, they won't pay.
2015-08-10 This is a truly amateur attempt at internet fraud. You have no excuse to fall for a scam this obvious.
2018-12-02 Just a cow - and not a gold one. Another hyip/scam
2015-05-15 Don't get sucked into this hyip/fraud. That's 'fools gold'
2016-10-01 Nice design - although that is probably ripped from someone else as well. Just a fraud.
2016-08-24 As long as you are aware that at the back-end, all these golden themed cartoons are just ponzi. The guy behind them is raking in your bitcoin.
2017-04-07 All that glitters is not gold, and this scam certainly isn't.
2015-05-15 This hyip/scam gives you a shedload of unrefundable payment processors to lose funds through.
2017-06-21 Just an-udder Ponzi. Shame about this site, we didn't list it till now because it was so obviously a Ponzi. it's cheeky, and well designed, but it's still a Ponzi. All Ponzi's fail eventually and a lot of people lose - will it be you?
2014-07-19 This used to be called Golden Birds. It's a Ponzi/Game so as long as you know, it won't last forever.
2018-08-26 It's a cute ponzi. You can say ahhh as they steal your money.
2015-02-26 There's gold in them thar hills, but none in this fraud site.
2016-03-01 Guaranteed you'll receive a golden shower from this thief.
2016-02-21 We've had enough of ponzi's calling themselves games, this is another one.
2015-10-14 Is one of a few schemes with similar design. All Ponzi's, all a huge risk.
2014-07-21 This site is so bad, it saddens us to have to do all our usual spadework. We have only added value to it.
2017-01-20 This is a very shiny hyip/fraud. It's all scenery.
2017-01-06 Try reading their blurb, and if it makes sense to you, you may need actual therapy.
2016-09-21 Another hyip stringing three random words together to make a fraud website.
2016-10-16 From the fraudsters who ripped you at Bitday. When might you all learn that all these hyips are just pickpockets and scum.
2016-10-10 Now translated to english. Buy dwarves? what a ridiculous concept, but it doesn't disguise that it is just a Ponzi. It will fail just like any other Ponzi.
2014-08-20 Shiny sites may make you dribble with money lust, but ridiculous promises are always just lies.
2017-02-14 Goldencrypto, texture like sun - It doesn't rhyme! Do these scammers have no songwriting skills?
2016-11-19 Another coin doubler to tempt you into being a fool.
2016-08-18 So, now try to explain how you lost bitcoin to a cartoon alligator conman?
2016-02-19 Yes, they steal bitcoin as well. Whatever you do, don't throw good money after bad by paying them in the hope that you can withdraw. You can't.
2015-11-17 If you are new to bitcoin, or online investments. this site is typical of the frauds that you will encounter. Check here first.
2016-07-17 There are a bunch of Indian scammers, who produce hyips that look like they are from Pre-Internet times! and they do love the Gold Themes too.
2018-01-26 This Indian scamsite is an insult to your intelligence. Stay clear
2014-12-21 This is just a waste of a domain name. If you lose to this scam, you are beyond help.
2015-11-08 You aren't meant to notice the title is, but hey, it's all so spurious it's irrelevant.
2017-03-08 They offer 'different ways of problem solving' Their scammer way, is by becoming your biggest problem.
2016-10-11 If you want to mine Gold, mine Gold, and if you want to mine bitcoin, mine bitcoin. This scam does neither.
2017-11-28 A hyip/scam nothing more to say.
2014-09-18 So you think, well I'll just send about Ten Dollars worth, just test it? - Don't. You will only lose it. You are giving it to a thief who doesn't deserve a bean.
2018-04-26 A mad place. Every single supposed hyip scam, is just an offshoot of this overall scam. Like a virus of ponzi's. Anyway, anything listed on here is just another scam.
2018-04-20 So, what shall we call this scam? How about LoserScamFund?, Nah, let's put the word Gold in there, and how about Safe as well? What like SafeGoldFund? Yeah, something like that.
2017-03-08 A desperately formulaic hyip scam. Send to a hyip, and you lose it. There is no ambiguity in that statement, it is a statement of fact.
2017-08-23 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 Another Gold themed hyip/fraud and nauseating code from 'Javaboy'.
2016-07-25 A typical business design from this Hyip/Fraud
2016-05-15 It doesn't matter what colour it is - send it here and it's Ex cash.
2017-01-14 A basic fraud, seemingly running over a 14,400 baud connection. Slow is putting it mildly.
2016-08-03 This design can be seen on a few domains, and every one is a fraud like this one!
2016-10-18 Not so good, in fact, about as much bullshit as you can fit on one page.
2017-05-19 If there was a prize for the most stupidly named fraud, this would be right up there.
2016-06-17 This scamsite has come right out of the 'cheap seats' Pretty shit as fraud attempts go.
2016-09-01 The previous title didn't work out, so it is relaunched as this scam.
2017-06-19 Just a Hyip/Scam
2016-01-02 Make profit only to waste it on this pointless middleman.
2017-12-24 What a lengthy sitename, when all they had to do was call it
2016-09-03 A hyip/Scam
2015-07-07 A run of the mill hyip/scam. They will grab your bitcoin alright.
2017-03-13 Most ICO offerings are probably scams - This one definitely is. Just a thief with a website.
2018-01-11 The follow up to the Gramcoin ICO Scam. Some scammers really are unimaginative and lazy.
2018-01-15 They've slightly photoshopped a company reg from Grand Fits to Grand FX. Not very bright really. Please try harder.
2014-06-29 As shiny a scam as you'll ever encounter. All that glitters and all that.
2015-10-21 Another off the shelf company to try and add credibility to this blatant hyip scam.
2016-07-08 Using the FX acronym, and the UK Reg'd Company does not make this fraud any better.
2016-09-03 It's a grand coin Gromit, not an ordinary coin like bitcoin! Plenty of cracking cheese as well, more cheese than Wensleydale!
2018-08-18 A grand sounding title, for this otherwise basic fraud. Don't get involved, you'll just be a victim.
2018-09-09 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 Don't 'wine' when you end up with a 'dry' wallet, this 'grand cru' are just out to rob you.
2016-07-10 Why do these fraudsters want you to do everything in a vest? Grasp in one this time. Very odd behaviour.
2017-07-06 A fake investment site - already reports of people being defrauded.
2017-05-18 Malware from the moment you arrive. We always say Bux=Sux, but in this case worse than normal.
2015-05-24 This scam domain has redesigned itself now as an Exchange. Never trust an exchange that accepts PayPal. You have been warned! (first added on 9/8/17)
2018-06-16 Another Ponzi Fraud to take your precious bitcoin from you.
2016-07-04 Bitcoin Bot V5. Utter shite. It's just another basic ponzi fraud.
2016-09-10 You must remember, these are just web pages, they are not businesses, often just a little scrote with big plans.
2017-06-25 Seen it all before. Lots of waffle but no substance. Convenience address etc. Keep your Btc clear of these scumbags.
2014-10-08 By green, they refer to you. Don't fall for this blatant fraud.
2016-06-08 Your other option is just to say - No Thanks, and move on.
2017-03-10 This scam is just a waste of a domain name. Pathetic.
2016-04-13 When investing, look for the "Bear Necessities". This barefaced ponzi doesn't have them.
2018-05-09 We should have listed this when they didn't respond. Anyway, don't send any funds there, they will be lost.
2015-05-22 For us, it's great to see a scam come along, that may take the prize as "Most stupid Scam Attempt" Fkn fruitloops in a webpage!
2018-05-25 You'll see this exact design on other domains. It isn't deja vu, just a scattergun approach by this hyip.
2016-02-29 It isn't a legitimate UK Company, or a legitimate Investment, it is a boiler room scam, with hyip script though.
2018-11-10 It's new, it's fresh - and it's estonian. Please don't invest in this dodgy enterprise, you will regret it for sure.
2014-10-06 If you send your bitcoin, it is gone, forever. Simple.
2015-10-27 More of the same old scam multiplier, fault in the blockchain blah blah.
2015-02-21 You cannot grow bitcoin. You can buy it, exchange it, accept it, or mine it. Or in this case, steal it!
2018-10-23 Here we go again. That same old numptifier fraud.
2016-05-28 Make sure you water it daily with fairy piss, and before you know it you'll have a bitcoin bush where you can pick bitcoins every year. I despair.
2015-03-18 Infinite bitcoin, multiplying like rabbits. How absurd.
2016-06-21 Please never fall for a scam as ridiculous as this. How do you suppose they can grow bitcoin? and why would they grow yours? In short, don't be so fucking stupid!
2017-10-13 Plant your bitcoin and grow your own bitcoin tree. Or not.
2015-04-08 The bitatt fraud refuses to go away! There is no flaw, you are simply sending your bitcoin on a one way trip.
2017-06-20 Another fraud regular, moving around new domains.
2016-07-12 These hyips ar getting really dull. They aren't even trying to fool you any more. Basically, if one person is dumb enough to send funds, they are happy.
2017-03-26 Yeah, but not your Income.
2016-12-22 If you believe what this and similar sites tell you, that bitcoin can multiply, you will soon have no bitcoin left. Just keep your bitcoin safe.
2017-11-07 Another bitatt clone. Just a prevalent scam.
2015-07-10 These fake mining sites keep springing up. If you want to send your bitcoin to a bulgarian thief, then go ahead, but we wouldn't recommend it.
2017-09-28 This is like an example of how to fit as much misleading shite on one website as possible. Just a fraud.
2016-12-21 Don't be fooled by the flashy design. This site has no SSL or other security, and is just another Binary Options Scam.
2014-06-10 Another pay to click that doesn't pay to click. Don't waste your work.
2014-08-14 A hyip/fraud
2016-07-12 More of the same old false promises. Don't get involved in this hyip/scam
2015-06-30 A really simple hyip scam. Please don't believe the bs.

Sites H This really basic attempt at fraud shouldn't get too many victims, especially now we have warned you all!
2017-11-26 This is that scam where you will believe that you've 'generated' bitcoin, but you have to send funds to withdraw it. You will lose everything you send.
2017-03-31 Basically, if you believe this, you'll believe absoloutely anything.
2017-01-10 The scam has expanded - by adding an s. That's called Inward Investment - makes you proud doesn't it.
2018-02-19 The bitcoin generator thief makes another appearance. Send bitcoin - lose bitcoin. Get it yet?
2017-07-30 Don't even try. Bitcoin cannot double - this is just Bitcoin meets Darwin.
2018-04-14 Don't feel too ashamed if this one sucked you in. Just uninstall it, and cut your losses there. DO NOT send even more funds to release the ficticious coins you think you've mined - You haven't. It's all just illusion.
2018-02-28 Freehosted fraud - The generator scam - this one comes right out of the cheap seats!
2017-12-01 Where stupidity and fraud are collided, which explains why they need a donut to make it work.
2017-10-27 From that trustworthy entrepeneur who brought you Zeushash. The low return oddly instils undeserved trust in this surefire fraud.
2015-11-11 You should be mining for something else with that hand, like White Gold, Texas Toothpaste - You'll be happier.
2017-02-06 Come on admit it, this fraud site made you laugh didn't it?
2016-05-14 And YES it's a Ponzi. You don't need to bore yourself with the pointless pdf, like we had to.
2017-04-30 Happy, right up until you send it to this crook!
2017-10-07 The Fastest Bitcoin Doubler' At least it won't take long for you to realise you've been suckered..
2016-08-25 You will wait a very long time for your hardware to arrive. As yet, wait time is unknown. Forever would be a good guess.
2017-10-18 This is one of those far too common sites, that have been put together by illiterate idiots. Shame on you if you fall for this.
2016-11-26 Nothing new. Just a HYIP Scammer. Deja Vu anyone?
2014-07-06 So that's another fake mining site to add to our badlist.
2016-08-16 Investing in hash is one thing, this fraud is another.
2017-03-17 If this fake mining site has you fooled, then you need to unplug your computer. This online world will be bad for you.
2016-06-25 An MLM requires product. This is just one of many ponzi scams. Multi Level Misery.
2017-07-07 In order to believe this is real mining, you also have to believe that Miners give something away free. That's just funny.
2018-09-11 One more from the hyip scam department.
2017-02-10 It's very easy to offer competitive rates, when you don't actually mine. Our fake mining rates are even better - Please Enquire.
2017-12-27 These wannabe scammers behind this fake mining website, know absolutely fuck all about mining Crypto, and even less about scamming!
2017-09-21 Ain't no mining here - just a bullshit scam site.
2017-04-04 And that's what they plan to buy with your bitcoin, a big block of hash. You didn't think this was real mining did you? Well, it isn't.
2017-07-05 A really basic attempt at fraud. Please don't write and tell us that this one got you.
2017-03-22 That's an abbreviation of Another fake mining fraud eh Viriyah?
2016-07-09 The hashbx fake mining scam has got a new home.
2016-12-29 With no contact details, why would you? We can't get hold of this elusive admin either.
2015-10-12 Complete with a very very old photo of mining from days gone by. Avoid this fake mining fraud.
2016-07-12 People aren't falling for the doubler scams, but they still fall for these mining frauds. Expect many more.
2016-06-02 So leave your bitcoin with them for 90 days, and it will automatically double. How far could YOU get in 90 days?
2017-06-28 This is like Deja Vu. This site has appeared under so many different guises, always a scam however.
2015-06-12 It all seems fairly plausible, until you find that it is the same people who put up the childish scam!
2017-08-17 No genuine outfit could ever live with the shame of a name like hashcryptomine. We did look deeper than that of course, and can confirm that this is just a fraudster.
2018-12-19 Remember Spacemining? It's now called Hashdeluxe, and it's still a scam.
2018-06-15 Yeah right, like we don't get the sarcasm in the sitename from this fake mining scam.
2016-07-21 Yet another fake mining site. Please don't fall for this really basic fraud.
2016-07-12 Fake mining with a Dogecoin theme. Aim low eh?
2018-05-30 All you will earn here is experience. Bad experience.
2018-01-21 But don't Hash 'ere, you'll only lose your money.
2016-07-10 Fake mining sites outnumber genuine ones by about a hundred to one. Here's another.
2017-05-13 You may not have been searching for bitcoin when you came across this particular scam, but they probably don't grow that either!

Hashfast Is going through the mill, lawsuits, no sign of equipment,but they are still accepting orders!
2014-05-06 The only grain of truth is the title. You are financing their hash. Happy smoking scammers!
2017-11-05 There is nothing credible about this operation, least of all the bs surrounding the datacentre. The author has connections to other scams
2015-12-03 Go on flash the hash? or is that flash the cash - Oh this is so confusing, so we will clear it up for you. It is a fraud. Simple.
2017-03-15 They gain Hash, You lose Bitcoin and/or money. All good fun in the life of fraudster.
2017-12-30 Just putting the word Hash on a site, does not mine bitcoin. This doesn't mine bitcoin, it mines you.
2017-07-10 You send bitcoin to a site called Hashhustler, and it simply isn't coming back.
2016-11-09 The site has ceased trading, left nothing but an easter egg hunt. (First investigated
2016-10-14 If these people didn't put up these scam websites, they would be climbing through someones back window, or mugging someone. Understand these hyips, these are scams!
2018-10-20 If you don't pay in, they will tell you that you cannot get paid out. If you do pay in, you will never see your money again. That's how scams work.
2017-09-14 Quite fitting that they chose a Green Theme for this hyip fraud.
2018-04-14 This is far too basic to be real, no SSL - we've had no response to our contacts. Stay well clear of this dodgy site.
2015-05-17 Just a basic theft, and nothing to do with real bitcoin mining.
2017-11-15 Using dormant twitter accounts as supposed referrals - Yeah alright. Doh.
2015-06-04 Now, as you all know, bitcoin doesn't double - so that makes this theft.
2017-03-22 Yeah, it's all run by me cousin - innit.
2017-02-23 As a general rule, any site trying to sell you Ethirium mining, is probably worth passing by.
2018-04-15 It isn't mining, it is just another attempt at theft.
2017-12-16 PLEASE PLEASE don't get burned again by yet another fake on the Hashocean theme.
2016-07-06 This (Hashocean fraud) mock-up is almost certainly phishing your logins to try elsewhere. NEVER use the same details twice.
2016-07-20 This is a fake mining site. Please don't be fooled, it is a total scam.
2015-02-28 The scam that just won't go away. New domain, fresh load of suckers!
2018-06-03 A fake, fake mining site. Does it get any dafter than this?
2016-04-21 It seems that these coindoubler scams aren't going away anytime soon. Here's another site to stay away from.
2017-04-18 A mining theme from these hyip scammers. Don't believe a word of it.
2017-04-05 What a dreadful made up name. Good job it's just a hyip scam, this would never work as a real Company name.
2018-03-03 Fake mining sites are an ongoing theme for fraudsters. Here's another one.
2016-07-04 From people who know less about mining bitcoin, than my Sister. Farcical.
2016-08-17 When they call it hashpower, they are talking Super Skunk, not bitcoin mining. If you want to mine bitcoin, go to a real bitcoin mining operator.
2017-02-14 It's a Victim Factory, it produces victims, nothing else.
2018-08-28 Now confirmed as a scam site, stay well clear and don't lose your Btc.
2014-09-24 If you aren't russian, you will have to wait to be paid, if you criticise them, you will have to wait even longer. Just don't get involved in this screwed up site.
2015-01-10 We do warn about pre-order scams in our tips section. You should have listened to good advice. Fancy a game of 'hunt the admin'
2014-10-14 The title should tell you what this fraudster intends to spend your bitcoin on - His Hash Reserve!
2017-02-08 From a scammer who couldn't decide whether to make a revshare scam, or a cloudmining scam - so did both!
2017-06-01 2% of the Bitcoin Hashrate - Really? We can find zero evidence to support this mining offering.
2018-10-01 You'll have a sore something if you are daft enough to fall for this fake mining website.
2016-07-04 Another attempt to sucker you into buying fake mining.
2016-06-30 Fake mining at it's most pathetic. These scammers need to at least try to fool you.
2018-03-24 Utopian Mining - As it doesn't have anything to do with real mining, and is just a fraudster, it doesn't really matter what it's called.
2018-06-08 Scammers choose the strangest titles for their attempts at fraud. Hashtorin? Fake mining from a real amateur fraudster.
2018-07-05 Secret Data Centres, not only secret, but also invisible, and no doubt primed to self destruct, should anybody try to look at them. Laughable fakery.
2018-07-26 Very little effort gone into this hyip/scam. Piss poor in fact.
2016-07-14 The fast way to lose bitcoin to a fraudster! Vroom, and the bitcoin's gone!
2018-09-10 Ah, it was real mining you were looking for. In that case, this isn't the site for you, they only do fake mining here.
2017-10-08 One more fake mining setup to add. They'll give up eventually.
2016-11-09 The wave is your investment waving goodbye. Just a fraud.
2016-08-27 It may well be a Hash World this scammer lives in, but it isn't bitcoin mining!
2017-11-20 The Hash Zone, is a lot like the Twilight Zone, but a lot smokier.. coff..
2018-01-15 If you have visited this site, and your antivirus didn't scream at you - then visit and try to remove the malware that way.
2018-03-07 Yeah - They have YOUR bitcoin, and it's the last you'll see of it, or your money.
2015-08-03 A rather meaningless title from this unimaginative ponzi scam. We hear from the people already stitched by these.
2017-06-22 A new way to lose your money from the hyip producing scumbags.
2016-08-02 If they went on to tell you that you were investing in rutting sheep, you'd probably still find some people falling for this hyip scam. Sad, but true.
2018-03-15 So as this site proves, yes, it can get even more stupid.
2018-02-01 So close to being! Trading hedgehogs would be more fun than being robbed anyway.
2017-11-05 I don't know about a hedge, this amateur scam should have a wall around it!
2017-12-29 Not mining, just a hyip scam. Basically, you are safer putting all your money on an outsider to win the Derby.
2018-09-02 A really useless attempt at a doubler scam - were you convinced?
2017-02-26 Your btc is beyond help if you send it to this ponzi fraud.
2016-04-26 Yeah, help others to follow you into this doomed ponzi.
2016-02-15 Not really any different to every other hyip/scam. They promise the Earth, and you get Jack Shit! Just theft.
2017-08-09 Wonder what the next Hexa scam will be themed on? This time it is fake mining.
2017-08-29 In our Hexa-mine listing, we wondered what the next hexa scam would be. It's this!
2017-12-01 From hexaprofit, to hexamine - eventually one of these scams will make them a dollar.
2016-08-17 Always cheers us up when we get to snitch on one of these hyips. As always, It's a scam.
2014-09-06 We've seen it all before, and this russian fakemining scam is worth looking at, just to see a typical example.
2015-09-17 Also Purporting to be a coin and ICO, but just a failing Ponzi scam - A bit outside our usual scope of operation, but we hate scammers!
2018-01-21 This is a lot of trouble to go to as web frauds go. You really should read the faq - It's like an assault course should you ever want to cashout.
2017-04-23 The Hashflare scam works, so why not theme another scam on it! Do you people not understand - Hashflare is a Ponzi!
2017-12-12 A ponzi scam, currently only aimed at Portuguese speakers, don't get involved eh.
2017-10-27 Byedeposit, it's been nice knowing you. Lies and fraud.
2018-03-15 Was there ever anybody pitching a Low Grade Invest? Probably not. Fraudsters are thick, but not that thick.
2017-01-27 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 Offering you 1250% in a day. Did you attend maths lessons at School? Are you aware of how ludicrous this offer is?
2017-12-04 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 Spelling error - should behyip alliance. Whatever, it's a scam.
2015-02-17 The usual spiel about our expert investors. Total bs from this fraud.
2016-08-12 Highway Robbery! Stay away from this hyip/fraudsite. All hyips are simple theft - don't try to kid yourself.
2016-08-26 What like a cuckoo in a cuckoo clock? This site is cuckoo anyway.
2017-02-12 If you don't know what a hyip/fraud looks like, this is what a hyip/fraud looks like.
2016-11-08 Another fake exchange, using PayPal, like so many do.
2017-02-17 They hit you for their profit - it couldn't be any clearer really.
2016-10-20 This has gone from our safelist, to our badlist. If you ignore your users support requests (including ours) fail withdrawals, have funds disappear, and much more, then you are not a good site. (update 6/18/18 despite support response, Hundreds of dollars still missing!)
2018-02-02 A few of these 'We are Chinese Banks' hyips coming along. In China, they have REAL fake Banks, not fake fake Banks.
2017-01-10 Wow, not only mine BTC and ETH simultaneously, there's even a setting that will mine USD, Yen, and Euro's at the same time, while it's mixing Mojito's and vacuuming your home!. Fucking amazing this technology. Of course it's a scammer!
2017-09-11 It's a game, right up until you all decide not to HODL any longer, and come to cashout, then you find it's a Ponzi.
2018-07-28 This is a hyip scam. They promise the earth, but deliver disappointment and loss.
2018-01-29 If you don't know what a Ponzi Scheme looks like - It looks just like this. If you dive into a ponzi, the odds are stacked against you gaining.
2018-07-17 Let's get this clear, we are not a 'hyip monitor'. All hyips's are fraud, and if you don't get that, then you are the kind of sucker they love!
2017-08-21 Scams just call themselves ICO's now. This one is just total bollocks, and annoys me intensely.
2017-11-09 Another hyip scammer stringing together 3 random words to name their scam.
2018-12-04 Absolute codswallop. You can only mine big amounts of bitcoin, with big expensive mining rigs, not imaginary ones.
2017-06-18 Everything you could possibly look for in a bogus supplier is right here.
2017-11-11 Honestly, you've lost your bitcoin. They did exactly what they said in the faq, and honestly kept the bitcoin you gave to them.
2015-09-20 This one was recently reported to us, but we missed it. A simple ponzi/scam with no hope of getting paid out.
2015-11-21 A Hyip/Fraud.
2016-05-24 Just another hyip/scam
2015-10-27 The bad news is, that the title is the best part. A really naff hyip scam. ALL hyips are frauds, there are NO exceptions.
2018-09-02 It isn't mining, it's just a hyip/fraud.
2016-04-25 Not much effort gone into this implausible hyip/scam.
2015-12-06 Don't be fooled, it's just a ponzi.
2016-04-24 And you wonder why you just got burned? Just another of these lending scams. You will lose.
2018-02-19 Hardly convincing - but just in case - you have been warned! It is just a scam.
2018-02-11 It isn't a real company, it isn't a real Investment. What it is, is a hyip/fraud. One of thousands.
2016-10-25 Another PTC that doesn't.
2014-06-04 Another spurious title. Impossible promises are exactly that. Send your bitcoin, and this scammer will simply keep it.
2017-04-11 Hour after hour this site steals bitcoin. It's simply a ponzi/scam you WILL lose your btc.
2015-03-01 It's true, you send it and it's their bit. The 'H' is just a typo.
2016-03-01 It's a secure Investment' they say. No it isn't. You are sending bitcoin to a crook, how is that safe?
2017-01-17 Until recently, this was So recent, it still says on the landing page. Hourtrust is also a scam.
2018-10-26 I remember cheques, they used to bounce. A dated choice of title from this wannabe scammer.
2018-04-05 It's THEIR-coin, but only if you are daft enough to send it to these crooks.
2016-12-19 Did you used to own bitcoin - or was it all just a dream?
2016-08-07 Classic ponzi fodder. Who are you going to complain to? not this anonymous thief, that's for sure.
2018-10-24 Sorry - this one slipped past us, but it's here now, and of course it's a fraud.
2016-04-20 FX is an acronym for illusion. Very fitting as this is just a fraud.
2016-12-21 And our guarantee, is that you will never see your money back.
2018-04-02 Some of these scams hardly even try to pretend they are real. Just how naive are the people out there?
2018-03-15 How to lose your bitcoin in less than an hour! Bitcoin cannot double, so what do you expect to happen?
2017-10-26 You may be a "King for an hour" poor will last forever though. This site is just there to steal from you.
2017-06-22 That is what they expect to receive. You should expect to simply lose it to these hyip thieves.
2016-08-26 Yeah, right up until they stop paying and keep everything, like ALL hyips frauds.
2016-08-29 More of that mind numbingly bad Java to distract you on this hyip/fraud site.
2017-02-22 This lazy fraudster can't be arsed to create a new scam, so just moves it to a new domain every time.
2018-01-17 Hyip/Scam
2015-05-06 Just a slant on the doubler scams which are everywhere right now.
2016-01-29 Same old scam, new domain, it needs to keep moving.
2015-09-01 You send bitcoin, and you never see it again. Any grey area?
2016-10-14 This is a minor redesign of a tried and trusted scam. Pays for a few days, delays, then tumbleweed time
2015-08-22 Get robbed by a Pro! Cold comfort for becoming a victim.
2016-09-06 There are too many of these hyip fake investments out there.
2015-09-22 Just a fraud.
2016-04-26 Another of these coin multiplier scams. They WILL keep your deposit, and of course they fake the logs
2015-03-25 Nothing innovative, a barely altered template to create this fraud.
2016-12-17 Another scam multiplier. Give it up scammers, none of you make a bean nowadays.
2016-07-28 Look, all these coin doublers just steal lots of bitcoin. Don't be tempted, you'll just feel stupid.
2016-08-10 This bitcoin stream only flows one way, and it isn't towards you.
2017-02-02 We love your bitcoin long time Mister! Looky looky.
2017-01-10 No surprises here, it's just another hyip/scam
2015-11-13 Please stop falling for these scam hyips. You will never win in these. They are set up to rob you.
2015-01-12 The site owner should wear a stripey top and carry a swag bag. He's a thief. Please don't fall for this scam.
2014-08-15 Just another bitcoin thief.
2015-12-08 Fake claims, fake investment, fake stats, or 'thieves' as we prefer to call them.
2015-09-21 They don't multiply a userbase, just a loserbase!
2018-01-21 The well is dry, there is no oil, there is just misery and loss for naybody sucked into this ponzi.
2016-12-07 Hopefully minimum wage for this wannabe robber.
2016-04-20 Far too many of these 'Hourly' themed hyip/frauds. These thieves have little imagination.
2017-01-07 And a lifetime of regret if you get suckered by this fraud.
2016-05-29 This really is taking the piss! If you send btc here, you really do deserve to lose it.
2017-03-16 Ridiculous promises from this Ponzi/Scam - Don't be fooled.
2014-03-24 He's a busy boy is young Tim, avoiding Jail.
2016-03-03 We would like very much if these hyip thieves would stay away from bitcoin.
2017-01-10 A hyip/scam
2016-01-20 Nip this one in the bud. Just another doubler fraud.
2016-04-24 Fake mining fraud. If you send bitcoin, expect to lose it.
2017-09-05 A hyip/fraud struggling for a decent domain name. Ahh.
2017-01-15 They have 3 plans. We have a 4th plan. Our plan says - don't send bitcoin! That's the best plan.
2017-04-15 Oh come on - does anybody still get sucked in by these old school hyip/frauds? Put some effort in you lazy thieves.
2016-08-02 Making it simple to lose all your bitcoin since
2017-02-05 Like a lot of these hyips, they leave the name the same, and move domain. This is the Hourpay fraud.
2017-06-05 Plan I. Steal Btc. Plan II. Steal Btc. Plan III Steal Btc and allow for a long getaway.
2016-11-19 We would love it if some of you were to learn something about maths. Then you wouldn't get sucked into scams like this one.
2018-07-20 Our promise - is to keep warning you all of these scammers, until they are all in Jail, or broke. Either will do.
2018-03-30 Well, we wouldn't trust them for a minute.
2017-10-26 The most mauve scam we have ever seen. Very odd.
2018-01-21 And yet another hyip scam with a bitcoin mining theme to it. We've lost count.
2018-03-15 If you've succesfully visited this site, you are almost certainly infected with malware.
2016-01-21 Look closely before you log in to any site. This is quite a clever twist for this fake site.
2017-02-11 A Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 Huge? Nah, If YOU put into this, he will net one victim.
2016-10-22 Cover the childrens eyes, you don't want them to see that! This scammer had to borrow somebody elses as his own pm wasn't big enough.
2017-01-10 A scammer trying to sound familiar with the whole Huobi theme. Just another hyip scammmer though.
2018-04-04 A Hyip/Fraud.
2016-08-14 This slipped past us in the rush of ICO offerings - sorry. One of many of these lending Ponzi scams, like MMM that are failing fast.
2018-01-24 But seriously, hyips are scams - pure and simple frauds, so this site takes the biscuit.
2016-03-15 Scammers, so dumb, that they think hyip is somehow a legitimate term! Every hyip. without exception, is a scam.
2018-06-25 This site is a platform to point you to many fraud sites, most are listed here.
2016-08-21 The blogspot domain will add the suffix according to your country. This scam is a pared down Bitatt clone.
2016-05-29 Anything with the word hyip in it tells you that it's a scam.
2016-01-31 (seePTCircle)
2014-06-25 This is like Fraud Squared. A site that will defraud the already defrauded. It is another layer of theft, nothing else.
2016-06-02 Most of the scams promoted here are already in our badlist, we'll add the rest.
2015-10-12 Roll up, roll up, every one a loser. Get your scamsites here while they last.
2014-08-08 Scammers 'guarantying' their scams. What could be wrong with this arrangement?
2016-08-20 Well, at least you can pick it up in a Doggy Bag!
2017-02-25 This is a site, advertising scam investments. All sites listed on here are bad.
2015-03-27 Their vision of a world of endless ponzi's is strangely reflective of our reality? *Memo:Reread 'Paul Mason - Post-Capitalism'*
2017-01-08 Is this a hyip to rip off people who wany their own hyip? One way to find out!
2017-03-04 This is one club you don't want to ever be a member of.

Sites I The Icenter ponzi scam has spawned an associated scam. This is about as credible as 99% of ICO offerings - in that it is a total scam.
2018-09-30 They would have you believe they handle billions of dollars. When you stop laughing, make sure you didn't click send while you were.
2017-06-08 We bet you won't get your funds back from this betting themed hyip/scam.
2016-07-12 Ever since the lucrative 'pokerbot' scam, robots have been a persistent theme to steal bitcoin. Don't be a mug.
2017-05-22 And it broke my tooth! But seriously, broke is what you will be. Just a ponzi.
2018-01-31 we owns 2 large computer rooms (innit) Another illiterate fraud.
2016-05-30 Bull in the title, and even more bull in the content. A lot of Bull, but not real mining.
2018-08-20 A slimy little scammer, with a shitty little hyip fraud. Any questions?
2018-04-17 As a rule, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. This is too good to be true too.
2018-02-24 Do they steal bitcoin as well? Whatever you send, you'll lose it to this ponzi styled fraud.
2016-12-15 ICO is the new Bit. Just something to put in front of your scam to make it sound good.
2018-08-03 it isn't an ICO, it isn't in London (not unless London has moved to Russia!) and it isn't legitimate.
2018-07-01 Most ICO's are scams, this is a scam but not even an ICO. Yawn.
2018-01-21 Yes it's a Hyip/Fraud, well there's a surprise.
2016-06-05 There is a lot of flannel on this site, but at the end of the spiel, it is a ponzi/scam and you WILL lose.
2017-05-29 Good advice is - Don't download that software. You will be much happier.
2018-04-25 Never will you see so much worthless drivel written on a website. Another waffly useless ICO - The new Ponzi, sigh...
2017-07-03 As the site is keen to tell you "Knowledge is Power", so now you know that it's just an MLM with no product, you are empowered.
2018-05-27 I Con Yeah we know you do, which is why we are listing you.
2015-11-02 How impossible is this - A ponzi scam where your (excuse me while I laugh) earnings, are based on lies, about investing in other Ponzi scams.
2017-10-24 They invest your bitcoin alright - they invest it in crack, beer, and whores - and squander the rest!
2017-11-03 They had an idea for a con, and it gave them the idea for the name of that con. Fucking retards.
2017-11-22 Somebody found this old hyip scam script in the back of a drawer, it should have stayed there.
2018-02-20 Yet another poxy Hyip/Scam. You won't get rich, you'll get robbed.
2015-05-06 You know our view on binary options, read the small stuff. In this case, good luck, it's gobbledygook!
2015-10-13 Weird name? not given the origins. Stay clear of this off the shelf hyip/fraud.
2017-02-06 A lot of reports that this pay to click site just doesn't pay to click. Don't give them your work.
2014-12-10 This isn't mining, just scamming.
2014-11-02 Hyip/Scam
2015-07-07 We live to shut down scamsites like We live Bitcoin.
2018-10-06 Nothing special about this site, just fake mining and impossible promises from a thief with his plan.
2017-09-13 With all that liberal misuse of javascript, you'll need to keep your bitcoin to buy a sick bucket!
2017-12-05 We love bitcoin too, which is why we report fraud sites like this one. For every sucker, you need another 3 suckers at least for it to work. Don't be daft.
2017-04-25 Look, if they could make 35% a month, why would they need you? Just more bs and scam.
2017-10-14 Seen it all before, and everybody will get ripped off.
2016-09-04 This is a very old fashioned style of fraud. Don't get involved in any scheme that looks anything like this.
2017-03-02 A very impressive site - were you impressed? No, us neither. Just another fraud.
2016-10-13 Another fake mining equipment fraud. There are a few of these. If in doubt - ask us first.
2017-11-26 What a very officious title - shame it is all just waffle and lies. Send money, just to hand it to a thief.
2017-12-02 Impressed? No. we weren't either. A very lame hyip scam. All bs to encourage you to send unrecoverable bitcoin.
2018-04-18 A very well designed Ponzi/Fraud. Don't let this one get you.
2016-08-15 No fees! well of course there are no fees, there is nothing to charge fees for. It's just a thief.
2017-02-13 An Outbox would be a good addition to this fraud.
2016-06-05 More nono nano. What is it with fkn nano themes to these frauds?
2016-07-25 This is another hyip fraud. Ponzi's, that are set up simply to steal money, bitoin, and anything else they can get.
2018-11-09 Ex Income - Now isn't that the truth. This hyip will steal everything, like they all do.
2016-11-07 Despite the hype, we regard this as a very high risk endeavour. The UK company is for all intents and purposes just a fake.
2016-01-02 A very poor title indeed - how can they hope to fool you with this shit!
2018-01-21 One of a large number of recent Indian hosted hyip/scams. As always, just a fraud.
2016-10-30 Also Two elements of the same ponzi scam.
2018-05-07 Also Two elements of the same ponzi scam.
2018-05-07 An extremely un-special hyip scam. All the usual fake promises and unrealistic offers. Don't get suckered by these hyip thieves.
2018-10-20 So far only in Spanish, this is just a Ponzi, and not a very good one either!
2017-02-26 Everybody wins all the time! WooHoo - what a wonderful fucking bubble to stuff your head into. Get real.
2017-06-13 Your bitcoin has gone a bit further than infinity if you sent it here.
2017-01-13 To infinity and beyond! but not on a bicycle ffs, that will take to infinity.
2017-03-24 Another hyip/scam to steer clear of.
2015-04-14 Yeah, it goes in alright, but will it come out again? and the answer is No it won't. This is just a hyip scam.
2018-11-10 Call it a matrix, an mlm or anything they like - It's a ponzi, and all ponzi's create a great many losers.
2016-12-24 This hyip/scam score a full 10 on the Cheesometer!
2018-01-21 For Instant Bitcoin, just add water, stir, and microwave for 30secs. Or maybe not.
2016-02-24 If you're looking for mining, you are in the wrong place. This site is a Ponzi, not mining, the mining is a lie.
2018-07-09 A well dressed ponzi. You don't really think everybody wins do you?
2016-11-06 Feeling Inspired? You soon won't be, when you fnd out you've been fleeced.
2017-12-15 Yeah, like legitimate Investments really offer silly returns. Grow up people, this is just lies, from an anonymous thief.
2018-06-29 Yum, just add milk, and sprinkle with sugar, and you can eat your imaginary bitcoin for breakfast.
2017-10-19 Hyip thieves that produce these frauds wholesale are right at the top of our hate list. Pickpockets with a webpage!
2017-08-11 Also We've seen that exact photo of this happy smiley twat on previous scams. Bux are Bollox, as are these scamsites.
2014-06-05 At least the UK Economy is staying afloat, through all these scammers buying UK Ltd Companies.
2016-09-12 A really badly made half arsed scam, but a scam all the same.
2015-06-26 Yet another fake mining site from the hyip fraudsters.
2016-07-27 There's no mining to be seen here - move along please.
2017-04-25 The only thing instant, is your loss of bitcoin to this smug crook.
2017-02-09 A cheesy Hyip/fraud. Hang your head in shame if this one got you.
2016-06-02 Just add water, stir, and you can have a fresh Aneous every day. Have we missed something?
2016-09-30 If you really don't want your bitcoin, then this is the site for you.
2016-06-28 Bitcoin cannot double, so don't send it to anybody who says it does. You'll lose it.
2018-12-05 This revenge fake of our own project should go offline very soon. Either way, run by a thief, trust no links on this idiots domain.
2018-08-01 Just add stupidity and stir well.
2017-03-17 The Bitcoin Generator - It generates stupidity and victims. Don't send anything to get this ficticious prize.
2018-02-22 This online wallet for litecoin is back. Trouble is, it's their wallet - not yours.
2015-01-13 Earn has the same number of letters as Lose. Spooky!
2016-06-01 A pretty poor quality hyip fraud, typically Indian Style.
2016-07-24 A freehosted cheap thief. Don't prove how stupid you can be.
2017-03-10 Enough overuse of Java to make you feel queasy, so hopefully you'll feel too sick to send bitcoin.
2016-06-22 Well, we have looked, and they don't actually sell boomerangs! Lousy cheats.
2016-09-22 A hyip/scam looking to take your bitcoin off you.
2015-12-06 You looking for instant action mister? Me screw you out of your bitcoin long time.
2017-03-04 As cheesey as the Mayor of Cheese City. Just a Hyip/Fraud.
2016-06-24 Instant profits for the rogue running this ponzi, but an instant loss for most.
2017-02-23 This site will scramble your computer.
2015-02-24 A fitting title, as this scam will instantly bum rape you for your bitcoin!
2017-10-16 Instant BTC - Just add one idiot, one website, and one thief - Stir and serve.
2018-02-01 The perfect way to lose money. Just a thief with a website.
2016-07-17 Typo's are one thing. Illiteracy is another, and this scammer is illiterate.
2016-06-08 Just add idiot with bitcoin, and stir!
2017-07-30 Scams love to put the word Pro somewhere. Don't become a Professional loser eh.
2018-06-21 Instant, genuine, lose your dot bitcoin
2016-03-16 Instant loss (well, after 6 confirms anyway) This faker has no real mining.
2016-12-21 A bitcoinchef style scam . they will return for the first few days, then they just take and don't return.
2014-04-13 Another very unimaginitive Hyip/Fraud
2016-05-19 Instantly-regret-it if you try. Just a fraud.
2016-07-18 Outrageous claims from this blatant fake mining domain! Stay clear of this fraudster.
2016-12-08 Plan A = Steal your bitcoin, Plan B = Steal your bitcoin, Plan C.. Need we go on?
2017-02-27 A generic scam multiplier. All these sites are ponzi in design, but they all fake the logs, so even more dishonest than a ponzi.
2015-04-12 Why choose us? they ask. We ask pretty much the same question of this fraud.
2016-07-24 Or how about 'Instant forehead slap' You know it's a scam right?
2015-09-25 If you let this site suck you in with it's ludicrous promises, then you only have yourself to blame. Go on, kick yourself.
2017-02-11 This is certainly NOT Insurance, it's a hyip scam.
2014-03-23 Intelligent? No! A very long way from intelligent. Dumb as fuck to be honest.
2018-04-17 It would be just plain funny if it wasn't stealing from people. Pathetic hyip/scam
2015-09-24 We feel it's safe to say, that any Investment Offering, that has a picture of a halfwit in a suit, with a cheesy grin and his thumb in the air, offering pie in the sky returns, is not going to be real.
2018-06-05 The hyip scammers at it again.
2015-02-04 Yawn... another hyip/fraud
2016-02-16 They aren't into trade, they are just into keeping any btc that any fool will send to them.
2016-05-14 Crappy hyip frauds like this everywhere, and not a regulator to be seen, which is why we do this.
2017-11-08 Another hyip/scam. They all steal.
2017-03-22 Sorry - Just another hyip/scam. There won't be any getting rich to see here.
2014-11-29 Another hyip/scam
2014-12-16 So where are all the worlds financial regulators while these hyip thieves seem to have free reign?
2016-02-26 The hyip for today. All hyips are just like boiler room scams. Fake investments that are out to steal your money and bitcoin.
2015-04-30 It takes a bit of digging to even figure out what this site is offering, and then you find it's just a Ponzi. Sad.
2017-04-20 You don't 'invest' in a ponzi. Everybody loses.
2016-04-01 A ponzi/scam from the hyip tribe.
2015-04-04 I suppose you could look at it as a 'long term investment'. A very long term, a very very long term.
2017-01-07 If you want to trip, try 'shrooms. This is just a thief.
2016-01-26 You can be a Very Important Sucker. Dont be that sucker please.
2017-03-26 These get rich quick schemes don't never get you rich. When will you all learn?
2017-01-14 Nothing special, another multiplier scam. If you send money or bitcoin - they will just keep it, why wouldn't they?
2016-09-09 If somebody offered you a free machine, that you put a dollar in, and it gives you eight dollars back, every person, every time, you would know it was a scam. What's the difference?
2017-09-13 Do you really believe you'll make 500% in a day? Listen to yourself, in fact, go and try and convince your mates!
2018-06-12 Go on, buy the wife a new barter, while the prices are low.
2017-03-16 Or don't invest, and be even happier.
2016-01-11 Best not invest invest into this fraud then.
2016-08-16 Also Or a much better idea - don't invest your bitcoin at either of these. You'll lose it to this thief.
2014-10-15 It isn't a real Robot - It's a ficticious Robot, like Bender from Futurama!
2017-11-23 Just don't, it's a scam
2014-11-02 Apparently, all the other scam doublers are just scams, and this one isn't! (so they claim) Truth is, ALL multipliers are frauds.
2016-03-30 As much gold as you can eat! As always, it's just a dirtbag with a website.
2016-10-29 These scammers keep coming back with these scam multipliers - and you keep falling for them. Please stop it, both of you!
2014-12-26 Of course it's a scam, don't believe the bs on the landing page, oddly enough, scammers tell lies! Whatever next eh.
2015-03-02 A hyip/scam from the usual clowns.
2015-02-20 A clone of, and a scam of course.
2015-03-05 If you want something to put on your Roses, this scamsite mines it.
2017-10-04 It isn't investing. It is theft, like most of these get rich quick scamsites.
2016-12-25 The schoolboys who put up this site can't believe people are dumb enough to send bitcoin!
2017-01-14 Wow, a zero risk investment! As risk is proportional to potential gain, then that equation comes out zero as well. So it's 100% fraud!
2017-10-13 Yet another scam coins doubler.
2015-01-28 A classic scam coin doubler. These sites try to sucker you into putting in larger amounts and "reinvesting" then they just scarper with all the deposits at the optimal moment to steal the most.
2015-04-20 Another hyip/scam. They all steal.
2017-03-22 We hear that Fonds will be the next big thing.
2016-05-29 A very dull, generic hyip/fraud.
2016-07-08 Nothing to do with mining, everything to do with stealing money and bitcoin.
2017-04-17 It's pretty shit, said one of the team. So as a summary, we'll leave it at that.
2017-06-24 Investify as a made up word, it gives you a clue as to the shit for brains behind this stale scam.
2017-01-31 In it goes, never to be seen again! That's how scammers operate - you send bitcoin, and they keep it. A very uncomplicated business model.
2017-12-07 Yet another domain hosting this familiar scam.
2015-06-16 Just putting an extra 'b' in the domain doesn't make this tired hyip/scam any better.
2015-08-30 Keep 'em coming, and we'll keep listing them. Impossible promises from this hyip/scam
2014-09-18 ur not investing, ur sending it to a thief on this ru domain.
2016-01-23 Another fake investment with a UK Ltd bollocks Company. We should all get a UK Ltd Company, they don't cost much.
2018-03-15 Just a hyip/scam
2017-01-09 This scam looks like it was put together by an idiot, but we'd better list it quick in case a bigger idiot sees it.
2016-03-07 If you want to invest in btc, just buy btc, and keep it safe. These sites are set up to steal it from you. They love bitcoin too, but only to buy drugs with.
2017-11-19 These hyip scammers really are running out of ideas for new scams, this is really formulaic.
2015-10-17 Investment Bunkum! and enough java that you need a bucket by you.
2017-02-10 Nah. Don't get involved with this one. All the usual spurious crap that we have come to loathe.
2017-03-02 They got that right! As an investment, this is a total hash.
2017-03-12 Sorry if you lost funds to this exceptionally amateur fraud. Sorry in so many ways.
2018-09-30 A new hyip/fraud.
2016-08-18 Site titles are not this scammers forte. Investofin is possibly one of the most meaningless titles to date.
2017-05-01 Any Investment Site that asks the question "Why Choose Us?" Just don't. This is a statement you will only usually see on a fraud.
2018-08-18 Hyip frauds like this one are mass produced. Don't be that fresh sucker that they are fishing for.
2017-02-21 This scammer has a mailhost at the Ford Motor Co?? Surreal.
2014-12-16 Looks like the same design as Leancy. 'Powerful & Smartly short-time investment program' it says on the frontpage, whatever that means
2014-04-11 A traditional, unimaginative, dull hyip fraud. Yawn.
2017-02-09 Another of these damnable Hyip/frauds
2016-06-06 More random positive words strung together to name this hyip scam. Don't be fooled by ludicrous offers like this.
2018-09-27 Invest in 'Tutees' wtf is a Tutee? do they mean 'Student'
2017-01-20 Hmmm, a new twist - doubler in 10 hours. It doesn't double - it just goes to a thief. Get wise to these scams.
2015-01-22 If it isn't fake mining, it's coindoubler frauds like this one.
2017-01-02 A slick website - but if you invest, you'll wish you hadn't. Ah, so that explains the name.
2015-03-25 A no go zone. Just thieves making impossible claims.
2017-11-08 Just don't send funds to this scam. That's all you don't have to do to stay happy.
2018-03-30 Lose your money even faster. All hyip's are set up to steal, nothing else, just to steal.
2018-04-10 Dreamworld is more accurate, and nothing to do with bitcoin mining, just an elaborate MLM (with no product)
2017-11-16 Because so many of you got sucked in by the Recyclix fraud, they have stuck with that theme for this new fraud.
2016-07-27 Perfect isn't the word we would choose. Scam would be our choice.
2018-12-26 Your dream of wallowing in easy money, will have to remain a dream.
2015-07-23 Lending scams are all the rage this season - who actually borrows at those rates though? The great unanswered question.
2018-01-23 Your iq is about 3 if you fall for this Ponzi/Scam
2014-05-18 A hyip scamsite. They just steal your money.
2015-01-31 Only those with a low IQ should apply. (A low IQ, means you are 'a bit dim' by the way.)
2017-10-12 The flying models are particularly popular in ToonTown.
2016-02-09 Another of those prevalenthyip scams. Don't be a mug.
2015-07-05 Yet another Hyip/Ponzi/Scam Don't let these crooks steal your bitcoin.
2014-10-16 They should really do a Japanese version, if they are Japanese - Just saying!
2017-09-24 Just another slimy little thief with big personal plans for your bitcoin.
2016-06-10 Italy doesn't have any funds - So that's the lid closed on this one then.
2017-03-25 Itcoin - it con more like!! This is a pathetic attempt at stealing your bitcoin. Stay away.
2014-11-27 We get to hear from the people who have deposited in scams like this. Nobody gets their bitcoin back, you have sent it to an anonymous stranger who has no obligation to repay you.
2018-11-03 Lose your money to this warped Ponzi - you know you want to.
2015-01-13 This hyip/scam is just a load of random stuff on a webpage - like somebody discovered a 1980's CD-Jpg collection.
2017-03-10 More fake mining from this hyip fraudster. Most cloudmining offerings are simple ponzi's and have no real mining.

Sites J A Hyip/Scam.
2017-04-21 None of the information checks out, and the terms refer to your computer as part of the jago network. Sounds very risky. Oh and no SSL.

James Consulting An out and out scam, setting a trap for newbies.
2014-04-02 It isn't a real bank. This is a pretend one, and only has play money.
2017-01-08 One of a series of scams, some still under construction. We'll get them all.
2018-07-06 This Telegram based fraudsite is currently offline. If it comes back, don't get sucked in, you will just lose.
2017-03-17 Fuck me that bitcoin disappeared quickly!
2017-06-12 I ordered new flaps for an Airbus A320, still not arrived.
2017-01-11 Why not go the whole hog, and add an afterburner - your bitcoin will be toast with or without one though.
2017-02-27 A faucet that won't pay you.
2016-03-02 P2P Donations - Remember that word 'donation' you will be reminded of it when you ask why your bitcoin isn't coming back.
2017-07-24 Another hyip/scam. They all steal.
2017-03-22 A freehosted faker. Just another cheap thief.
2018-06-03 A really really amateur attempt at fraud. Don't get suckered by this one, you will be simply ashamed of yourself.
2018-05-24 Higher than mere Cloudmining, this mines in The Jetstream! If you squint, and it's a clear sky, you might see the Datacentre fly over.
2018-04-03 Also Related scams.
2016-05-09 No SSL, Anonymous hosting, 1 week old but huge claims. This ticks all the wrong boxes
2014-04-23 Jjptr with ANY suffix is just a fraud from this regular.
2016-12-27 A generic hyip/fraud.
2016-07-25 A rubbish title, and a rubbish hyip scam - from rubbish lowlife!
2017-11-08 Join the line of losers. This is a cheaply produced hyip fraud. These have been around a few years now, and they all leave a small pile of victims.
2018-07-08 The title says it all really.
2017-02-28 This whole site is a joke, but it isn't funny if you are one of the victims of this fraud.
2016-10-25 The Jolly5 series of frauds continue with fake mining! It's a Ponzi.
2018-08-27 Nice pix of a Datacentre, but no pix of a bitcoin mine - because they don't. Anyway, Jolt make Cola for 24/7 Geeks.
2016-07-06 Whenever bitcoin price goes up, 2 things happen. Fake mining kit suppliers spring up, and faucets stop paying. This isn't a faucet.
2017-08-07 A Hyip/Scam
2015-03-27 A hyip/scam.
2018-01-21 So bad, it probably won't load - but if it does, avoid this fraud.
2016-08-13 Pitching it like hyips are legitimate??? It is just a fraud, like every hyip.
2016-10-04 Those Hyip fraudsters keep these sites coming. Don't get caught by these scams.
2016-07-03 In this instance, it is YOU getting squeezed by a thief.
2017-01-31 Smily happy faces on the landing page, but you won't look happy when you discover you've been suckered.
2016-10-22 And still have the teethmarks to prove it! Another of these pay to withdraw scams.
2017-04-03 So now you have a pair of Justs? No, only kidding, this is just a thief with a website.
2017-08-23 Draw a picture of a bitcoin, print two copies, and that is better than this fraudsite can do. Bitcoin CANNOT double. Try to grasp that.
2016-08-02 Also Just Lose It would be a better title. Please don't put in to this ponzi, you WILL lose your coin.
2014-05-28 Not off to a good start with the naming, and it's all downhill after that.
2018-01-17 This perilous site links to some very very bad offers and malware. Stay well clear.

Sites K Another doubler fraud. Why?
2016-04-26 A matrix is just a ponzi. Do you know the odds of you gaining from a ponzi? Virtually nil.
2017-06-06 There is a CKpool, but this isn't it. This a fake cloudmining provider, a ponzi in other words.
2017-08-25 No pretence - Just a Ponzi Scam. Every ponzi leaves many more losers than gainers. The odds are stacked against you!
2018-02-10 This Hyip/Fraud possibly lost something in the translation. It is very silly if you read their blurb.
2016-05-26 Also The Karatbars MLM/Ponzi has moved sideways. A true Boiler Room Scam.
2018-07-03 Karat Swiss AG. Given that this MLM company went into liquidation last year, we would advise you to miss these offers.
2016-07-05 Also, The Karatbars MLM/Ponzi has moved sideways. A true Boiler Room Scam.
2018-07-03 Another oddly titled hyip/scam. Anybody, can promise anything - but it doesn't ever make it real.
2017-03-20 Now these crooks are trying to give bitcoin a bad name, whilst stealing it from desperate people! Scum.
2016-12-10 300% in 1 day, 5000% in 3 days - Sell your house and give all your money to these scammers, quickly while it lasts.
2014-04-22 If you believe this site, it is amazing. We know otherwise, and it's just a ponzi in an ad suit.
2016-12-27 A bitcoin doubler with dodgy origins. Estonian hosting, need we go deeper? Nah.
2014-10-10 You are giving this site your private keys. Are you insane?
2014-12-07 The first thing you need to know is that Bitmain don't have any official resellers. This fraud website is a shambles, but fortunately, doesn't really work.
2018-11-21 Snappy title, but sod all else. Just a hyip fraudster.
2017-02-07 According to Monty Python "you can tell he's a King, he's the only one not covered in shit!" This one though, is swimming in it.
2017-03-20 A silly name for a silly coin multiplier fraud. What do you think they do - Photocopy it?
2016-10-31 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 Really? The tagline "invest in bitcoin, and those who understand it" is unfinished, it should have "will laugh at us" on the end.
2017-11-25 Brought to you by the King of Scamland.
2016-05-02 Can you be a 'Pro' victim? maybe that can help you overcome your guilt at your own stupidity for sending bitcoin to this crook?
2017-02-22 This cheap thief may have produced the most pathetic scam attempt in the history of theft! Don't lose to this, but if you already have, stay quiet about it.
2018-10-01 Fortunately, this scammer has absolutely no idea what he is talking about. Don't be even more naive than this guy!
2018-01-14 Hyip/Scam
2015-05-06 just don't be that 'klam'. Everybody will just get robbed. That's what always happens with hyips.
2017-04-29 Any site claiming it's been DDoS'd, is probably full of shit. This dodgy exchange is off to a poor start.
2017-11-30 As an unlicensed, unregistered CFD broker, operating from a fake address, we would suggest that there are much safer places where you can embark on your Crypto Journey.
2018-11-29 The title says everything. Please don't fall for this ponzi.
2017-04-25 It would be nice if mining really paid this much, but then, it would be nice if this was real mining - It isn't!
2018-05-14 One thing bitcoin really does not need is another ponzi fraud with a mining theme!
2017-10-16 One in a recent wave of fake mining suppliers. Mining equipment is hard to get hold of right now.
2017-10-05 Kringle Coins! from the same fkn geniuses who brought you The Billion Coin - That went well!
2018-03-04 Also Two sides of the same 'coin con' Styled on the Onecoin malarchy.
2017-04-30 The coin of choice for Superman - but you had better just avoid this fraud.
2017-02-15 More software to be avoided. Contains Trojans.
2018-03-24 Associated with and, just hyip scams.
2017-09-27 Is this the dumbest scam attempt to date? Quite probably. Don't get sucked in, and if you do, don't tell anybody.
2018-11-07 After the title, the first two words on the page are 'financial intelligence'. We suggest that you write those words on your forehead.
2017-11-16 Odd things happening here, seems they may just want wallet addresses for whatever nefarious reason. Just don't.
2017-09-05 Also Two sides of the same con. A Ponzi that has been brought to our attention.
2017-05-12 If you are going to tell lies, make them huge lies! You may as well.
2018-02-05 Sweden Coin. Excuse us while we cry laughing at this desperate attempt at fraud by the Kryptonex Labs shysters. If it starts with Krypto, it's probably this crew.
2018-12-19 So much java shit flying around on the landing page, they just need a Fan Graphic for it all to hit.
2017-11-25 Just let this illiterate scammer waste all his bitcoin on advertising. That is our goal.
2017-03-28 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 Also It is a true ponzi scheme in every sense. Associated with wealth Generators. How does the SEC ignore sites like this?

Sites L Just a hyip/scam. No bitcoin mining to be seen here.
2015-05-28 Just a hyip/scam
2016-01-26 Quite surreal site design from this hyip/scam. Just a very flashy fraudster.
2016-07-17 There is nothing genuine about this mining offering. Just another scammer.
2018-12-23 If this was a REAL UK Company, it would be called "Lager Shares"
2016-06-17 Big, Bold, very Blue, and 100% pure unfiltered Bullshit! Be sure to stay away from this conman!
2017-08-23 From the Lasercoin hyip scammers, they want to kid you with this fake ICO for a shitcoin that may never be.
2017-11-09 A hyip scam - don't be fooled by the UK Ltd status.
2014-10-24 We get a lot of new scams launched on weekends, like this one. Possibly because there's no School at weekend!
2018-07-15 It isn't mining, it is just simple fraud - very simple fraud, from a 'challenged' wannabe fraudster.
2017-09-08 Don't take me to your leader, he's a thief!

Leancy This scheme has just now claimed that it has been hacked - Yeah Right. Watch out for this as it may reappear soon.
2014-03-05 After the exceptionally unlikely "Westland Storage" hyip scam, why not follow it up with something even more unlikely?
2018-11-30 Pull the other Legbit, it's got bells on! Bitcoin cannot double.
2017-10-21 What is the market price of Leg-Ends nowadays, I have boxes of Leg-Ends in my loft.
2017-03-19 Why would you exchange Bitcoin for a Shitcoin? If you have a valid argument to do this, then go right ahead.
2017-12-16 Another hyip/scam. They all steal.
2017-03-22 If you are old enough to remember Chicken Coins, then you will know about these Game/Ponzi's. As long as you are aware that it is a ponzi at the backend.
2017-01-14 A pretty basic hyip/fraud. You are sending your funds to an anonymised thief. Why would you - are you daft?
2016-07-20 This is a contradiction in terms. No hyip is 'legit'.
2017-01-01 And if that hasn't convinced you, visit their other venture -
2018-10-09 Should we bother to list this? Are any of you THAT stupid.
2015-03-16 Site currently offline, but if it returns, be aware it is just a hyip/scam.
2017-10-19 Go on then, try and become a borrower? Oh - it seems that isn't an option, so who are you lending to?
2018-01-11 A fresh scam from the serial hyip fraudsters.
2016-07-19 As a tip for scammers, if you are titling your scam lendingcoin, best check the big stuff on your landing page too. Lendigcoin in BIG letters lol.
2018-08-15 Just a very sorry excuse for a hyip/scam. Lazy thief.
2015-11-07 Another fraud site that will definitely fool some people. Please learn to google search any site before you jump in there.
2016-12-26 Sorry if you're in this scam, but it is just 4 variations of ponzi. The sites biggest mistake though, is going after bitcoin. That's where we come in.
2014-10-10 That translates to 'let's fuck ourselves' Exactly what you will be doing.
2017-07-13 Like all of these, it all goes so well, and then you come to withdraw and it's fudge city.
2016-11-15 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 This is a deadbit, it is no more, it has ceased to be - It's a stiff! Bereft of life it rests in peace - don't try and wake it.
2017-11-20 A very short life for this ponzi. Every ponzi has a hell of a lot more losers than gainers. Regular gambling is much better odds.
2016-10-05 Cryptocurrency Rule Number 1. Don't believe any operator that spells Cryptocoin, Criptocoin.
2017-04-05 Seemingly an attempt to extend the Payindiamond Ponzi Scheme. Don't get involved, you will just add to the victim count.
2018-09-01 A very short life expectancy however! Just a hyip scam.
2017-11-09 We had hoped that the authorities would have acted against this operator by now. An MLM requires genuine product. Educational Videos, and vague mining are commonly used ponzi product.
2018-12-09 That bitcoin you sent, well it floated off..sorry.
2016-12-28 Have you tried lighting bitcoin? These thieves are clearly just idiots.
2017-04-13 So light, it's floated off and they can't find it.
2016-06-17 One of a series of scams by the same twat. You will not get any mining kit, you WILL get burned
2014-05-03 Yeah, you'll be a millionaire, you just need to find another Ten Million people as dumb as you first.
2018-03-20 The amount of bitcoin you believe you generate, is only limited by the depths of your stupidity. Don't fall for these basic scams.
2017-06-09 There is no limit to the domains that this scam is going to chew through, so basically Limited-bitcoin-generator.(xxx) is a scam.
2017-12-01 Same scam, different domain.
2017-07-31 Bitcoin generators only steal from you. They cannot, and they do not generate Bitcoin. That isn't how Bitcoin works.
2018-02-21 These hyips are starting to suffer, we list them and at least they come up on a google search. It's a scam.
2014-10-17 Bs on a grand scale from these shysters. Don't fall for a word of it!
2018-01-21 Also Sites set up to flog you a fake Cryptocurrency! Stick with Bitcoin and Litecoin is our advice.
2018-08-28 Also Two halves of the same scam. Prelaunching a ponzi. Be aware, that nearly all of of these prelaunches, just keep prelaunching, ad nauseum.
2017-06-21 One from the hyip rogues. These are online Boiler Room scams.
2015-04-04 Lyin' Invest. Just another fraud attempt by some amateur.
2016-06-16 There is so much wrong with this site, we don't know which bit to mention! All you have to do, is avoid it. Only go read it to entertain yourself.
2018-07-20 Um, for those that didn't figure it out by watching the video, this is just another Ponzi, please don't invest your Dad's life savings eh!
2017-07-17 This is just Bitcoin-hardware(.nl) Reborn on a new domain. Nothing else changed.
2014-07-23 Spent Nuclear Fuel will come out of storage faster than your Litecoin will. A one way trip for Ltc.
2017-10-07 These are those sort of Brothers, that hold you up at knifepoint. It's a ponzi scam!
2018-10-11 Don't be fooled - It isn't mining, it is just another Ponzi.
2018-03-18 Just like Bitcoin, Litecoin cannot double. If you send cryto to a doubler site, don't expect it back again.
2018-12-22 A really really basic fraud attempt. If this one got you, your internet experience will break you.
2017-02-07 Listing this one ahead of any launch. The domain is reg'd to a serial crook.
2016-06-02 Nothing special as scams go, another Hyip/Fraud from the regulars.
2016-06-25 Off the peg hyip script, just with a litecoin theme. Never fall for silly promises - they never intend to pay you.
2017-12-23 One of a series of scams aimed at a great many currencies. Always check back here.
2018-06-28 Also and All parts of this same Ponzi Fraud. Don't be fooled, it is not mining.
2018-08-29 Fake mining yet again. Mining is a very common theme from scammers - it allows them to drip your money back, to tempt you to send more. You will lose it.
2018-06-24 Don't waste your time with this faucet, they don't payout. In fact, if it ends in xyz, just don't bother, so far they are all bad domains.
2015-09-23 Your first and only warning needed is the lack of encryption on this fraud site. It is a fraud btw, but never login on any site without ssl.
2017-09-12 Odd how you can send bitcoin to be loaned, but there is evidently no route to borrow bitcoin. That's because it is just a ponzi, like the MMM schemes.
2017-09-27 Bitcoin Double' Another scam coin doubler. Get real people, why would a crackhead double your coins? And the irony, it is Google hosted.
2015-11-26 An Ethereum Wallet that steals your Private Keys, is a wallet with a hole in the bottom, not a wallet in other words.
2018-04-15 Not strictly Bitcoin, but a great illustration of these recent 'Lending' scams. If they lend, go on then, try and borrow! Now where is that Borrow Button??
2017-12-14 Don't be fooled, it's yet another totally fake cloudmining site.
2015-08-11 This must be some of that "Fuzzy Logic" we keep hearing about, it isn't legitimate anyway.
2017-03-07 Pero no lo invierto aquí. Este es un twat.
2017-05-09 Even if this site wasn't just a fraud (which it is btw) London is fucked because of the brexit vote, so money is leaving, not arriving.
2017-02-26 Impossible is Nothing' they say. We can assure you that nothing is not only possible, but inevitable.
2017-03-16 A Long-term is what this ponzi operator deserves. Don't kid yourselves, everything is illusion.
2015-10-12 An addition to the 'bitatt' fraud. Sad little attempts at scamming.
2016-07-12 What an odd scam. Rule 1 when using Google Translate, you must know at least some of your own language first!
2018-02-21 Lost revenue if you are daft enough to send it to this scammer.
2017-01-04 Like they tried to make the domain fit the scam - Oh, they did! More fraudsters trying to acquire bitcoin.
2017-10-04 This Litecoin ponzi/fraud is just kind of parked. Brought to our attention by a sharp eyed reporter.
2017-05-04 This scammer really wants your Litecoin! But it's free you shout! - Yeah, well try and cashout then, you will be asked to pay, and you will lose it all.
2017-12-15 With the rise in LTC price, it was inevitable that scammers would begin to go after it as well. This is a faker.
2017-07-18 Another scam moving around the domains. .us this time, maybe .biz next or .cc?
2018-03-20 Silly people - How can you grow your Bitcoin, they don't even supply a plant pot to grow it in.
2015-06-02 Another old scam on a new domain.
2015-09-05 Very limited indeed. So limited, they can't fit mining equipment in.
2017-12-13 In Russia, ponzi's aren't illegal. If they were, this guy would be in Jail.
2015-09-16 Lucidity would have to be in very short supply to fall for this blatant 'telegram' fraud.

Lucky-fund.Com Another fresh fraud on a recycled fraud domain.
2016-05-24 You must have just been unlucky then. Ah well.
2016-04-13 One of many hyip/scams out there promising impossible returns. In reality, they just keep everything that gets sent to them.
2015-05-15 Get an IceCream Maker instead - much more fun, and you won't lose your bitcoin.
2017-04-24 Remember the fraud, well, Lara has a sister, and she is a thief too.
2017-06-24 A Hyip/Scam
2017-04-21 All these frauds will show up if you just search the name. If in doubt, don't send money or Crypto.
2017-03-22 A plain old hyip/scam
2015-09-22 The prevalent Bitcoin Generator fraud - but this time coded by a 5 year old!
2018-06-22 We came away from this hyip/fraud, wondering why the scammer had even bothered to publish it. Very poor.
2017-01-01 Don't get fooled by this hyip/scam. There is nothing behind the website but a thief.

Sites M Don't send your bitcoin to this hyip thief, it's all the usual lies.
2015-09-18 Professional Traders blah de blah, Secure Investment blah de blah... Oh this is a tired theme for a hyip scam.
2018-05-09 Tempting isn't it? Don't be fooled, this scam comes from Eastern Europe.
2017-01-26 Rule 1 of putting up a scamsite, and that is don't try and endorse it by quoting another scam. Fools.
2018-03-03 Fake mining at it's most unconvincing. I guess internet fraud is the wrong career for you - scumbag.
2016-06-29 Not the first fraud to come from this crook, but hopefuly the last!
2017-08-24 A Hyip/Scam
2015-03-27 If you believe this is mining, then you are exactly the mark that this scammer is after.
2018-11-29 And then this barely educated wannabe scammer titles it "Madagaskar" yeah ok.
2017-01-31 Mad deposit - They got that right. If you made a deposit, kiss it goodbye!
2018-04-17 And abracadabra - It's vanished! There are no shortages of Bitcoin Magicians, but they can only make it disappear, not reappear.
2018-02-21 A ponzi/scam that isn't strictly Btc - But they are after Bitcoiners money - stay well clear
2014-03-21 Could it be Magic? No, as always, it is illusion and fraud.
2018-09-03 Send your bitcoin by 'Pixie Post', but don't expect it back.
2016-06-13 Mugmine as a title, would have been just a tad too obvious - but that's what it is.
2018-05-14 A hyip fraud with a mis-matched domain. Not the first lazy fraudster.
2017-04-13 A Hyip/Fraud
2016-11-29 Ahhh, the good old Wix hosting again. The host of choice for the discerning scammer.
2014-10-23 Clearly that title means something different in russia. It's a hyip/scam
2015-01-07 Also,, Makebtc.US, Basically Makebtc anything.... Whatever the domain, makebtc is out to rob you. It is, it was, and it always will be a scam.
2014-06-28 Shame they make it from robbing 'investors' and only for themselves.
2015-08-31 However, the thief running this scam will make4thehills2morrow with your cash.
2017-06-01 The bitcoin generator sting. Don't get stung.
2017-07-01 This is about as much shite as it is possible to fit on a webpage. You can be 300% certain that it's a scam!
2018-07-01 Formulaic, dreary - but we'll add this fraud just in case.
2016-04-15 Hi honey, me love your bitcoin long time, make more come.
2016-04-06 Marbles, is a game. This is as well, this is a hyip scammer playing at stealing your bitcoin.
2018-09-06 These hyips all want to steal bitcoin nowadays. Not yours please.
2017-01-10 A multiplier scam. Happy to steal Bitcoin and Doge at the time of listing.
2015-02-26 This fraud site offers nothing in return, but has an excuse for forgetting to include it.
2016-06-18 You'll find god alright - Oh god, i lost my bitcoin...
2014-12-27 A Hyip/Fraud
2016-05-20 Yet another simple system to get you rich. These systems do not work, but you do make money for the author.
2018-12-13 Don't be upset when it loses all your funds, which you can't withdraw anyway. A bad little bot.
2018-02-19 This should be titled 'makeoffwithbitcoin' They will just steal it from you.
2017-03-19 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 A lot of hard work went into making this site look real. What a shame it was all wasted, it's all lies.
2015-11-18 Is there life on Mars? Not so far, and there won't be any bitcoin there either, unless you are daft enough to send it here!
2017-03-09 I've met a few people who make a living renting out their Mary - lol. This though, is a hyip scam.
2018-04-09 What bitcoin really needed was another ponzi scam. Thankfully, Masbitcoin came along to steal your bitcoin. Relax.
2017-05-09 A Ponzi at so many levels, which is all arbitrary, as every online Ponzi is run by someone who wants to steal as much as possible.
2017-10-25 Don't know about token, but if the size of team is to be believed (which it isn't) your funds will all go to keep the mass in loaves in fishes!
2017-12-16 That word massive is coming up a lot recently - Perhaps it's a scammer with a persistent delusion?.
2017-09-03 One more ponzi scam trying to kid you they are mining. I wish I had one bitcoin for every fake mining site.
2018-10-11 Another rank little hyip - should rename it to Mastur-bater-club
2017-01-17 Go on, go off and masterbit, you'll feel better about losing your bitcoin to this thief.
2017-02-01 It isn't even MasterScam. Just a really basic ponzi scam, with impossible claims.
2017-09-30 If you have invested in this, thinking it is real bitcoin mining - Sorry, it isn't. It is pure Ponzi.
2018-08-15 Well, you cannot say that you did not think that 800% in an hour from a site called Matadorcoins wasn't complete bullshit.
2018-12-22 Bitcoin Doubler. We told you so! Bitcoin doesn't double. This is another Ponzi that has now ground to a halt. Updated
2014-05-26 A Matrix is a Ponzi is a Fraud. Every Ponzi has many more losers than winners, just do the maths.
2016-09-28 To qualify as an MLM, there needs to be a product. If the Product is just an IOU (Token) from that site, and with no intrinsic value, then it is just a Ponzi. Don't get sucked into this sorry scam.
2018-03-14 People who put up websites offering to double your bitcoin, laugh at you when you send it, they can't believe how easy it was to take it off you.
2017-03-03 Nothing 'pro' about losing bitcoin to thieves like these.
2016-02-10 A very basic copycat Hyip/Fraud.
2016-06-04 It defies belief, that people even use the word hyip in their title. Hyip = Ponzi/Scam. If you think it is some form of investment, you are badly mistaken.
2018-02-26 Maximum risk. Bitcoin does not grow on some weird Crypto Tree, it cannot give birth, it cannot be cloned, and it can't give you returns like this.
2016-08-23 Not what they tell you it is, just a fraud like so many others.
2016-07-30 It's just another scam. If they can make 5% a day, then they don't need you.
2015-05-11 We are about maxxed out on fake mining ponzi scams - This is another scam to go in our big list.
2018-10-12 Tinius Diccus has got himself a website.
2017-02-07 Yet another hyip/scam, a thief with a glossy website.
2017-08-13 Not an amazing Investmenet opportunity, but an amazing opportunity to avoid becoming a victim of fraud, now that you have just read this warning.
2018-03-15 You send btc. That's all that will happen.
2016-06-24 Also A fine example of a fraud investment site.
2016-08-23 This attempt at fraud is so dire, I could almost cry - Our time is worth more than having to investigate crap like this!

Mcxnow An example of bad practices which has always been mentioned in our 'Tips' section. Well - It appears the owner of this fruityloops Aussie Exchange has done a moonlight.
2014-08-22 The usual 'professional team of traders' spiel from this fake investment operation.
2017-04-03 Not an Investment, just a Ponzi that wants to steal money and bitcoin.
2018-06-13 These money making systems simply do not work. The numbers are made up and unattainable, and you WILL lose money.
2018-12-22 It isn't a coin, it's a con. Just another Ponzi/Scam.
2016-10-10 If you believe this to be a genuine form of Investment, then you will soon be very poor.
2016-12-08 A medical themed Hyip/fraud.
2016-10-05 One can only deduce, that this scam may appear in different sizes, once the medioum has sold out. Bizarre!
2018-02-21 In a vacuum, no one can hear you scream I've lost all my fkn bitcoin!
2016-11-07 This is a model ponzi.
2015-03-31 Mega bullshit, and nothing else. If you just keep your bitcoin safe, it will probably make 1% a day in value anyway. Why risk it?
2017-11-23 Yet another iteration of The Bitcoin Generator scam. It's all lies. You send a fee to withdraw the ficticious gains, but you never see it again.
2018-06-17 The best thing we can say about this fake doge mining scam, is that it doesn't translate well, dear.
2018-09-30 If you think this is just a ponzi, you are dead right. If you believe what they tell you, you are dead wrong.
2018-11-28 The site is so bad, it probably won't load! It is just a fraud, so wasted effort from the scammer, because you all know it now.
2017-09-06 A Hyip/Fraud
2016-05-24 This is yet another hyip/fraud from a profilic group. Come on you lazy authorities - catch these criminals!
2016-12-07 A Hyip/Fraud.
2016-08-14 Automated trading it isn't. It is script though, just hyip script. Another fraud.
2018-04-30 is a Feathercoin Ponzi. Just like every Ponzi, but FTC.
2014-06-05 Another scam, another listing, another scammer starting his day angry at our badlist. That's why we do this.
2018-05-15 The usual investment bs, from the usual hyip scammers.
2015-12-18 This fraudsite is trying to deceive you in many ways, this creep had better hope Duterte doesn't get him first!
2016-05-16 This amateur fraud should be renamed Messmine! You didn't really believe this was mining did you? Just email and ask us if in doubt.
2017-08-11 If this fraudsite or similar has stolen your bitcoin as well, please email us - help us to save others.
2016-11-19 Fake bitcoin mining sites are our speciality. We are miners as well, so none of this spurious crap gets past us.
2017-01-20 Outdated kit isn't your problem with this site, the site is the problem.
2017-06-18 A new fraud from the Romanian contingent, using the usual UK Ltd Company status for credibility. Sheesh.
2016-11-14 Another of these coin doublers. Do you really believe some stranger wants to double your money?
2016-07-15 Even Mezcal, won't cure your woes if you have been daft enough to send your bitcoin or money to this fraud.
2016-08-09 Just a very formulaic hyip/scam. You will get robbed.
2015-11-05 A hyip/fraud.

Michael Moriarty Also Moriartybitcoin. This guy has a lot of sites. Michael Moriarty is certainly an alias. He has stolen at least $80K of Bitcoin. Let us know if he's robbed you as well, we'll forward the evidence.
2014-07-11 See if you can spot what's wrong with this fake bitcoin mining site (no prizes though)
2017-04-16 This adds to the recent, unprecedented surge in Doge scams - Does somebody want all the Doge? Why?? Really, why?
2018-10-03 A mining farm, with 100GH/s of bitcoin mining isn't just micro - it's pointless! These fraudsters know zero about bitcoin mining.
2017-07-25 (see PTCircle)
2014-06-25 No different to any of the thousands of ponzi scams out there. You will lose most or all of what you send, unless you suck in your friends and family, and then they lose!
2017-08-23 A fairly samey hyip scam. What these scammers know about bitcoin mining, you could write on the back of a stamp!
2018-09-18 A hyip/fraud. You will lose anything you send to these.
2016-08-13 Millenium is too big a word for the internet. Make sure you never have to type it, don't go to this scamsite.
2018-04-08 They don't trade Crypto, they steal crypto. Don't let them steal your crypto - don't send any.
2018-02-27 A fairly average attempt at a fake mining hyip.
2017-05-06 If you don't know what a hyip scam is, and what they do, we suggest that you don't find out the hard way. This is the hard way.
2018-02-22 Another Ponzi/Matrix. Will it be you that loses?
2014-06-01 The Ddfutures ponzi scam, simply published on another domain! Still labelled Lazy fraud.
2018-05-22 More of the same old from these hyip scammers. These are all fake investments and just out to rob you.
2015-05-06 A hyip scam propogating on Facebook. Don't be a victim to scams like these.
2017-10-16 Discombobulated is possibly the best description of this silly hyip fraud.
2017-03-22 It's not mining - It's just another ponzi scam.
2018-05-10 Nothing to do with mining, beyond a photo of some Antminers. Just a Russian Ponzi.
2018-04-08 With fake mining plans called Crab and other sealife - no wonder this site smells a bit fishy!
2018-03-28 This appallingly bad, fake mining site is proof that there is no God! If there was a God, he/she/it would strike down the cnut who put this together!
2018-01-23 You mine cloud, and you get fresh air. Makes perfect sense. There are loads of these 'cloudmining' frauds.
2017-06-05 Sending lots of spam mail, never a good sign.
2015-09-15 This scam is either deliberately going for the simple approach, or this thief is just really thick? Yeah, that's it.
2017-10-06 Not mining, just ponzi scammers with little imagination.
2018-08-01 Another cloudmining faker. Not to be confused with 'minergate'.
2016-09-12 The only thing this scammer knows about Bitcoin Mining, are the words Bitcoin Mining. The ineptitude of wannabe scammers is at least entertaining.
2018-06-28 It begs the question - Why even bother with a Mining Theme, when it is such an obvious ponzi? and the answer is - Because someone will still buy it.
2018-05-12 Of course it's just a hyip/scam.
2016-01-18 Another mining pool where the admin has gone missing. Don't mine here - you won't see your work paid out.
2014-10-06 If only all fake mining sites were as easy to expose as this one, we'd be able to get some time off.
2015-09-10 A 'cute' ponzi/matrix. Ultimately, a dead loss for most participants.
2017-04-27 If you believe this is real mining, then you may be in big trouble. Learn this subject before Investing - This is just a Ponzi/Scam.
2018-05-28 Please please don't get sucked into this multi faceted ponzi scheme. If you want real bitcoin mining, go to our Safelist.
2017-01-31 A gateway to the scam, already in our badlist.
2017-11-30 There's no such thing as a free lunch, or free mining.
2018-05-02 Wtf are 'Virtual Exchanges?' and even the contact email is a non-existent address.
2016-11-26 If you are easily fooled, then you just won't spot the illiteracy on this scam fake mining site. Often, done deliberately to filter out potential troublesome clever Investors.
2018-09-22 Time we added this 'game'. It's not much fun playing for bitcoin when you can only lose. They just don't ever pay out.
2016-11-23 Let them buy their own hash! You shouldn't fund the habits of crooks like these lying fuckwits.
2017-12-07 This fake mining site isn't even trying. Please don't let it fool you.
2016-11-10 It would be lovely if you could achieve these returns from mining, but you can't. These are false promises to lure you.
2017-10-02 A basic bit of advice, but never order from a site that has no SSL/https, your details are unencrypted, and visible to hackers. This is a fraudster as well.
2018-01-06 Another fake coinmining site? Now there's a surprise.
2016-09-15 These ones don't.
2017-02-13 Mining is a very common theme for these hyip scams. Ponzi's that run off with the pot every time.
2017-12-19 Just Minerscube relaunched. Let this Serial Scammer STARVE
2014-06-18 Deja Vu anybody? That's because this is the BTCFlap scam all over again. Don't send bitcoin, they steal it.
2015-10-07 Did this one get you? The grand claims and associations are enough to fool many people, but this is just a fraud.
2018-01-03 What they offer, is what you would expect to return on a genuine 1TH/s Contract. If you think you can get that free, then you are mistaken. This is a fraud.
2017-07-14 If you cannot buy direct from the Manufacturer, then buy from Aliexpress - and check the supplier! This is another scammer.
2018-02-05 You would be running through Wheatfields, with Theresa May, except that it's just a ponzi, and you'll lose your bitcoin!
2018-06-29 I wonder if AT&T mind this fraud using their logo?
2017-03-16 So when did Malaysia become part of the EU? Good advice would be to avoid this supplier.
2017-07-17 First appeared about a year ago, and reappeared just recently. It's a total scam.
2015-03-14 However you got here, get out again, while you still have something left to lose.
2017-03-20 The next level of cloud mining, fantasy mining! There are so many fake cloud mining sites.
2018-02-15 This recurring scam hasn't changed much, a few new products, but it's just the same old fraud on a new domain. You won't get anything.
2015-11-11 It isn't bitcoin mining, it's just a slick ponzi - don't get involved if you have any sense.
2017-07-02 All I want for christmas, is to lose funds to a fake supplier. Buy rigs direct from manufacturers.
2018-11-21 Do you really think you are mining bitcoin? Think again. This site will simply keep those admin fees you are required to send.
2018-07-27 The site is currently down, but is associated with, another fake mining site.
2015-01-24 Word of the day "Profitableness" That one word tells you all you need to know.
2016-10-25 More fake mining, and the usual spiel, aimed at newbies. If you understand bitcoin at all, you won't fall for ponzi scams like this.
2018-07-18 Implausibly vague, even by fake mining scam standards, and even google translate gets English crisper than this!
2017-08-21 They just keep coming up with them - Leave your bitcoin with these scammers for 10 days and get 120% - Why? How? er No.
2014-03-15 A really badly put together Fake Mining scam. If you're lucky, most of it won't load anyway!
2018-06-22 Those guaranteed profits, are guaranteed by the same people who are trying to rob you. We guarantee that this site will steal from you.
2018-11-05 Site not yet fully set up at the time of listing - but it WILL be a scam, it's from a known serial fraudster.
2018-04-12 Fake Mining. Cloud Mining is a contradiction. To mine remotely, you can contract Hashpower, but not if like this scam, they don't actually have any!
2018-09-08 It isn't real mining, it is just another Ponzi scam.
2018-01-20 Don't be one of the first to find out how dodgy this site is. Their email address is even undeliverable.
2015-05-17 Fake Ethereum mining from this hyip scammer.
2018-04-18 Strange title, it must be the 55th fake mining site that they've put out there? Who knows, but it is fake mining.
2018-02-01 Using photo's from all over the web. we aren't going too deep on this, it's clearly fishy.
2014-11-27 Another not bot. A bot that is constructed entirely from bullshit, and painted gold. You can polish a turd.
2017-10-10 No, they are not mining btc today! but they might be mining tomorrow, with the kit they can buy with all the stolen bitcoin! Don't believe these lying thieves please.
2017-08-02 Dress it up however they like it's just a ponzi/scam. Don't believe a written word on there.
2015-06-11 It would be hard to believe that this was real bitcoin mining under any circumstance, so as long as you know it is more of a ponzi game.
2018-02-01 These Mining Experts aren't just limited, they're missing! Just a Ponzi scam. You WILL lose your bitcoin.
2017-11-27 The main supplier - that nobody has ever heard of! This is a small world, and this is a faker.
2017-07-31 Another fake mining offering. A fraudulent UK Ltd Company to go with it.
2017-01-02 They aren't mining bitcoin, they are mining fools.
2016-10-19 Sorry to spoil the plans of this scammer, but we can't see any real mining going on.
2017-03-27 The revolution will not be scammified! This is fake mining, and just a fraudster.
2018-01-25 One small Vault for man, one giant Faceplant for anybody sucked into this fraud.
2016-11-14 Hopefully, the mad animations will make you sick, if they don't, then maybe the news that this is just another fraud will.
2016-11-06 Lose your bitcoin in less than a minute? Just don't.
2015-10-15 or how to lose your bitcoin in less than a minute. Come on people - this is a ridiculous scam.
2015-06-29 That cheesy aroma isn't coming from your feet, it's from this ultra cheesy hyip.
2017-02-03 Some fake ICO's are blatantly fake. This one especially so. We hope you haven't been sucked in to this scam.
2018-03-05 This amateur fraudster wants to steal enough to pay for an education.
2017-02-16 It's quiet, so we are looking at some of the ICO's out there - and then we see this shambles! You didn't buy into this bullshit did you? Good.
2018-08-19 Oh ffs. This is just rubbish. When will these idiots learn that you can't easily fake coinmining.
2016-07-20 So many of these doubler scams. They are all lies and fraud.
2016-02-09 Don't be a Mizer, be a miser. Mizers are members of this Ponzi Scheme, misers are sat on their own bitoin, keeping it safe.
2018-07-10 An'MLM' involves product. This is a Ponzi, not an MLM.
2014-10-14 Send us money, and you'll make money - We aren't going to tell you how! This scam is pitching for a new level of stupid.
2018-09-16 This crook keeps moving his scam around these Mlt-xx domains.
2016-02-21 New to Bitcoin? You soon won't have any left if you believe these lying cheating anonymous crooks!
2018-01-28 That bitatt scamcode making another appearance. Don't send bitcoin unless you don't want it back.
2016-01-09 Same scam on many similar domains.
2016-06-21 Another one from the Mltxxx series of scams.
2016-08-31 Another clone of the bitatt scam.
2016-02-08 This is just a bitcoin multiplier fraud, using the discredited MMM prefix - Why?
2017-02-28 Just a ponzi like all the MMM frauds.
2017-02-09 A bit of a skit on the MMMglobal Ponzi, but just a ponzi fraud.
2016-06-05 More crooked ventures on the MMM theme. All scams.
2016-12-15 There is no help where your bitcoin has gone to. It is another fraudster.
2016-06-24 Rebuild Trust' Oh yeah - by stealing bitcoin. Don't get sucked in by this ponzi thief.
2016-11-23 This fiat ponzi looks like it's headed for bitcoin. Avoid it like the plague. Another proud silver member of the BF.
2014-11-16 Is this the real scam? Or a fake MMM scam?? Oh ffs, these MMM frauds and spinoffs are like a virus.
2017-02-13 That MMM ponzi had to try bitcoin to keep it going. This could be the worlds largest ponzi fraud.
2016-07-11 And it will keep returning until some people get locked up!
2017-02-14 You can unite with your fellow losers and all wail in harmony. How cool doesn't that sound?
2017-01-29 Another fake mining scam, another hyip, another fraudster pissed off at the Badbitcoin Badlist!
2017-10-16 This scamsite is very orange. Curious.
2016-04-24 By Modern Money, they must mean Ponzi. They are probably right... Sigh.
2017-07-01 (yes it's spelt right) Morganbroker Group MBG, IBG llc, and all associated sites. Creating the illusion of trust with a network of associated sites, but all fake investments, and just set up to rob you.
2015-06-07 We don't want to make a habit of calling out all shitcoins, but when one has gone to lengths to lie to you, we would be negligent to not let you know that it's an intentional fraud.
2018-06-15 Similar to microwallet, but the similarity stops when it comes to paying. It's a scam
2014-09-02 Modelled on the MMM Ponzi fraud. Lending to gain - but as always, a distinct absence of borrowers!
2018-01-15 A scam that can't quite decide how it wants to present itself. Pitch everything eh.
2018-01-19 This is the other half of the scam. If you have a fake coin, you need a fake exchange for it.
2017-09-12 Safe, secure, and publishes the names of supposed investors on the mainpage. How cool is that? None of this GDPR nonsense from this scammer.
2018-11-16 So, you bid to buy 'promises of profit' how exciting. Wait until you try to withdraw, that's when it is likely to be a lot less fun.
2016-12-01 If you simply burned your money, you could at least cut out this middle man.
2015-08-09 That 'Kingdom' is Scamland - but you won't find it on any map.
2016-09-28 So bitcoin does grow on trees. Well we learn something new every day, and we just thought it was a scam.
2015-02-13 Don't kid yourselves - it's a common fake investment hyip/scam
2015-04-29 You do really deserve to lose your funds if you set out to steal from others. It's almost poetry.
2018-01-23 These HYIPS are all after Bitcoin. Don't let them steal yours.
2014-05-27 Nothing but links to scams from this referral site.
2016-07-11 This is a really basic Ponzi, lot's of flashy graphics and fuck all except fools to perpetuate it.
2018-05-14 They put the word World into the previous scam. They havent't changed the page, just the domain.
2018-07-07 This guy also runs known Ponzi Scams - such as Just stay clear.
2014-08-31 Yet another crappy scam site. David Blaine can't get 850% in a week on your Bitcoin. Stop being silly.
2014-08-01 Also Two related hyip/ponzi/scams to stay away from. Money does not have the properties of your god(s), it isn't magic.
2014-07-08 The only Greek God is going to be your 'Thor' ass after getting robbed by this hyip.
2016-09-14 This fraud is now after bitcoin as well, so in our badlist it will now go.
2017-01-01 Experienced traders blah di blah, risk free yada yada.... Utter shite. Just a lying thief with a webpage.
2018-07-09 That rift, between you and the cash or bitcoin you send to this scam, is very very wide. You won't get it back.
2017-02-02 More of a gaping chasm from our perspective. Stay away from this blatant fraud.
2016-11-11 A Hyip/Ponzi scam aimed at russian speakers.
2017-10-08 Oil themed hyip scams like this used to really common. Perhaps that author has just been released from jail? Anyway, Oil themed scams are back.
2018-08-11 A useless project, punting a coin that has zero value outside the scheme. It is just a Ponzi scam., like the Onecoin fraud.
2018-01-06 A selection of offers, all pitched at getting you sucked into this blatant ponzi scam. We get to hear from the victims!
2018-11-02 the only thing this site has to do with Cryptocurrency, is stealing it! Just another weasel.
2017-08-16 Many bad reports and reviews about this PTC not paying.
2016-05-27 Don't reward the idle twat who put this shambles of a scam up.
2016-05-11 I knew a guy, who put a well made box on a stand, near a popular Beach, with a coin slot, and a sign that said "Insert 10p". It didn't do anything, but people put money in anyway. This is like that box.
2018-06-05 This is a perfect example of what a hyip scam looks like. If you see anything like this, it's a 100% scam.
2015-02-15 Just stop, and think for a minute. Why would anybody triple your money, when they could be tripling their own? Simply, it doesn't triple, they just keep everything that you are dumb enough to send.
2018-10-12 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 The text is copied from the Bitatt scam, this tells you all you need to know.
2015-04-07 For every real Mining Provider, there are 99 fakers. Can you guess which this is? (Clue - it's in our badlist)
2018-08-22 In the 80 days that you entrust them with your bitcoin - they will be gone, your bitcoin will be gone, and your fingernails will be chewed to nothing as well.
2017-04-25 Err, from .com to - was it worth even moving this failed multiplier scam?
2017-06-09 Every doubler is just false ponzi promises. All ponzi's run out of fresh victims and hit a wall, usually within days.
2016-06-20 If they'd left Bitcoin alone, we'd have left them alone. The dirty rotten ponzi scammers.
2014-08-16 High powered bitcoin bullshit. Fast enough to take down any fan that it may hit.
2017-07-16 Don't take the risk with this chinese origin insecure site. Remember - If it looks too good to be true, it is.
2015-05-25 Do you really want to send your Bitcoin to this scheme? We suggest you don't.
2014-06-11 Fake mining from the hyip producers.
2016-08-12 Don't think that these hyip frauds actually benefit depositors, they are as fake as Mock Auctions. Conmen.
2018-06-05 We really didn't need another coindoubler ponzi/fraud, but here's another one anyway.
2016-10-24 This site makes us very nervous. You are downloading software that might do anything.
2014-07-13 Please don't download this malicious software. This is a bad bad badsite.
2015-06-17 Does what it says, accepts and steals multi crypto's.
2015-02-01 This Ponzi will take most coins. You will just be giving your coins to another thief though.
2015-02-06 This site should be selling red flags, not 'mining' contracts. The setup is Ponzi, not mining.
2015-03-02 Frauds pretending to mine seems to be the current vogue for scammers. Here is yet another.
2017-10-16 This odd hyip scam site uses most of the landing page imploring you to trust them, then the rest of the site offering Ponzi plans.
2018-08-27 Hyip/Scam
2015-05-06 What is there to say. All these multipliers are bogus.
2015-12-28 You rarely find any of these that can actually do what they claim, even for the first few, because there aren't enough idiots left to fall for them.
2017-01-13 It may be some time before this scam runs out of domains. Ah well, we'll still be on top of it.
2017-01-24 The old flaw in the blockchain ploy eh.... well you ain't fooling us.
2015-07-13 Nice new design - but the same old scam. Our skilled traders blah de blah.
2015-05-27 Oh ffs, how many scam multipliers are there? Please don't get involved, you are feeding thieves.
2015-02-14 The latest in a long line of scam coin multipliers. Do these people even manage to fool anybody anymore?
2015-05-18 At leat it isn't a scam doubler, it's a scam tripler. Nice slant.
2014-12-04 A Ponzi/Scam with a twist, you deposit and then discover you have to refer 5 people or you get nothing back. Tacky.
2014-09-01 It took them a while to get to this domain for their nefarious frauds, but finally, here it is.
2016-01-08 there is no such thing as a genuine coin multiplier. They are all just thieves. No ambiguity, no exception.
2017-02-27 The bitatt scamcode making another appearance.
2016-07-21 A kind of 'composite' of all the styles of doubler fraud, on one page. The word 'overcooked' comes to mind.
2017-05-16 Needless to say - just a fraud.
2016-12-29 Just another doubler fraud.
2016-04-20 Investing is not a game, and a ponzi is not an investment, even if you call it a game.
2016-08-09 Mr Musks turn to be impersonated on an Ethereum giveaway fraud. These are very common scams, but for reference,nobody really gives away Ethereum.
2018-10-27 The promised returns are completely unrealistic.It's another HYIP, and it's hijacking details from a Dormant Regd. Company
2014-05-23 Nothing very mutual about stealing money from innocent people.
2015-08-09 Stealing funds, by pretending you're mining, when all it is is a ponzi - is not the definition of Mutual!
2018-05-18 Last time I was in Banbury, I didn't notice a stop for Moscow on the Bus Route. Anyway, avoid this hyip.
2015-10-14 Various subdomains on the cryptobitx scam domain, including this one.
2017-02-20 That's like saying My-Personal-Pickpocket? Don't send bitcoin, you WILL lose it.
2017-07-18 Another fake mining site. Don't send bitcoin here.
2015-11-17 Some mad javascript going on, on this hyip scamsite. An always profitable trading bot, yeah right.
2017-12-24 A more blatant Ponzi you will never see. Ponzi's are illegal in most countries.
2017-01-10 Another one of these 'revshare' scams. They are just ponzi's and thieves.
2016-09-10 Just another bitcoin thief trying his luck with ludicrous promises. It's all only ever just lies you know!
2017-02-08 Previously the my7bit scam. They fold after days and move domain.
2017-06-07 There have been a couple of 'My7' themed frauds so far. If you didn't manage to lose your bitcoin to those, you have another chance to give it to that thief now.
2017-09-06 Vanished. A ptc site where you could 'buy' upgrades. There are a few of these, and they all seem to disappear eventually. Stick with the one or two good ones.
2014-04-12 Rename that to My ex bit. You are exceptionally unlikely to ever see it again.
2017-11-25 Nice design, but calling it a game is just to disguise that it is after all, just another Ponzi. For every gainer, there are many more losers.
2016-12-17 Don't kid yourselves. No product means you are the product. This is just a ponzi.
2017-05-24 Been going a while now- payout attempt leads to further scams, don't give them your info, your time, or your Btc
2014-03-13 Don't download that malware from these crooks. You will sorely regret it
2016-03-03 This site smells worse than a ships toilet. We're investigating, but in the meantime, if you get contacted by "Gary Simons" be aware that it's probably a scam.
2014-08-13 Like all Ponzi's there will be a dozen big losers for every small winner. Don't be a fool.
2016-12-09 No. Don't be this crooks bit funder, don't send bitcoin to such a blatant fraud.
2018-02-11 Another goodsite gone bad. If it improves, let us know.
2015-12-08 Another utterly fake supplier. Don't get scammed by this site.
2017-08-13 I'm starting to get double vision from all these multiplier frauds, probably the safest way to double my wealth.
2016-03-12 Another Scam investment site 1/28/15 Update. Now a faucet, but still the same scammer, so best not to trust it.
2015-08-30 They left a load of losers when they moved to this domain, will you be a loser on the next move?
2017-02-20 This scam is spreading around domains - If it is called Mybtc.anything, then it's probably just a fraud.
2017-03-06 There are more ponzi's than idiots to get sucked in to them. but you need enough idiots to follow you - that's how ponzi's claim to work.
2018-04-23 Same scam, different domain. Keep em coming.
2017-01-31 A ponzi, is often called a cycler, or matrix, but it is still a ponzi, still run by a thief, and will still steal 90% of depositors funds!
2017-08-13 This scam domain is registered for ten years! With the fraud running at the moment, it might not be around ten days.
2017-12-16 Our btc news, is that is bad news. Don't send bitcoin to withdraw - you'll lose it.
2017-04-10 Doesn't matter what they call the site, a ponzi is just a ponzi. If you invest in a ponzi, do so knowing that you will lose most or all of your deposit, then learn from it.
2018-02-24 People - STOP giving websites your bitcoin along with your private keys. You have only yourselves to blame when you lose it all.
2017-11-20 This scamsite is about as mixed up and random as a fraud can get. A real amateur.
2017-03-28 They dress it up like it's a 'system', but it really is just a ponzi, where you are tasked to find more suckers, or lose your money.
2015-12-09 We hope this site doesn't fool you. If it does. you should really stay off the Internet.
2016-09-05 Don't you just love the smell of bullshit in the morning. Ahhh.
2017-02-05 This site has been designed to appear absolutely plausible - right up to the bit where it goes full ponzi. No need to be suckered by these scoundrels.
2018-11-19 What a load of glossy bullshit! Proof that you CAN polish a turd. Then there's Glamjet Coin oh ffs! Please don't get sucked into this pathetic fraud.
2018-09-15 Their crypto income comes from putting up ponzi scams like this one. You don't get rich, ever.
2017-02-10 Here's a tip. NEVER take out an Ethereum Mining Contract, with a site that spells it Etherium. These amateur scammers don't even know this subject.
2017-03-14 Also and Another site promoting the Pump and Dump Mycryptocoin. If you don't know what pump and dump is, don't find out the hard way.
2016-12-22 Ponzi's like this can easily suck you in. The only thing you have failed to consider, is that they are purely set up to keep as much as possible.
2016-11-19 If you have funds in this ponzi site, they are now lost (Site down)
2014-07-10 It would be nice to think that it might take more effort than this shite scam, to steal from people. Sadl isn't it?
2018-06-23 Cloud mining themed hyip frauds like this, are more common than real cloud mining, by about 20 to 1!
2018-01-20 One of the most convincing phishing emails ever. Never follow a link from an email, unless you have requested it, and expect it.
2017-10-13 Check that spelling! This isn't the genuine 'Myetherwallet' it is a phishing scam that will steal your Ethereum.
2017-07-11 Please always check that spelling. This will arrive in an unsolicited phishing email.
2017-10-07 It looks so similar, check and recheck that address in your web browser.
2017-10-13 Whatever happened to Phishing Quota's? Myetherwallet is in pitched battle with the thieves!
2017-07-21 Still phishing - Please don't get hooked.
2017-07-21 There are a few phishing/fraud sites after your ethereum. Check you are on the right domain, and only follow your own bookmarks.
2017-07-17 Phishing for your details - ALWAYS check you are on the right site!
2017-07-19 Gone phishing lately?
2017-07-19 Check every letter in that url, and NEVER follow a link from an email.
2017-10-02 What next from these Phishers - Myitinerantwallet.con?
2018-04-09 Gone phishing... Doo Be Doo Be Doo....
2017-08-18 The follow up scam from the My-wci fraudsters. Not too imaginative these thieves.
2018-10-21 The 100x your bitcoin script. You would need 100 people to be as stupid as you were. Think about it.
2016-11-19 You will burn out your coinhive infected PC, wind up with a big electricity bill, but not get paid. Sounds like fun.
2018-03-04 Ooohh... A shiny sounding site, mentionong the G word, that'll sucker somebody. A Hyip/Fraud.
2016-05-26 I suppose Myhalfbakedhyipfraud doesn't quite have the same ring to it. Ah well.
2016-12-29 Hyip/scams cannot make you rich. Your little deposit will be paying for more adverts, like the one you followed to the fraud.
2017-01-07 Your lose cash site. If you pretend to understand what they are offering, then you are the perfect mark for this hyip scam.
2018-09-14 Matrix=Ponzi=Scam. Any questions, mail us.
2017-06-29 And 2 parts of the same ponzi fraud.
2018-01-06 Another revshare fraud. You are selling ads to people who are selling them to you - ad nauseum. It's bloody silly.
2016-07-20 If the title of this ponzi scam doesn't make you smile, you don't understand Irony.
2018-10-20 Automated Trading - My arse! You send your bitcoin to Trady McTradeFace, and he keeps it.
2017-06-07 And everything associated with it. Can't even spell Crypto the same twice! Just thieves.
2017-03-19 Also Their SSL belongs to a spanish industrial supplies company? Bad reports, not paying and so cheating advertisers
2014-10-26 You would have to be hypnotised, hit with a brick, and rohypnol'd up to the eyeballs before you would trust this scam.
2017-02-15 One from a serial scammer.

Sites N Well, it's a Ponzi. No more info needed.
2017-07-21 More nano's than an episode of Mork and Mindy, but just a scam.
2016-04-20 The best way to describe this hyip/fraud is 'very blue'
2016-07-20 A pro fraud, we love pro frauds.
2017-03-17 Hyip/Scam
2015-05-06 Don't believe a word on this site. They are just here to steal.
2015-10-07 Mining 'nano' bitcoins, a bit like real bitcoins, but so small, nobody has ever seen one.
2017-05-27 Wtf is it with this 'Nano' themed series of hyip/frauds? Enough Nano already.
2017-01-08 This well sculpted fraud is just a ponzi at the backend and has well documented roots from previous frauds.
2017-01-13 A stinkingly low level to stoop to - even for these hyip scammers
2014-07-17 You aren't investing in Hashpower, you are just giving your bitcoin, freely, to a thief. Why?
2017-01-01 This should be NoNohourly. It's a classic hyip scam.
2015-02-10 Err:509
2015-08-13 Oooh, what pretty graphics. Shame it's just another robbery.
2014-11-22 It's another one from the HYIP crowd. HYIP=FRAUD
2014-05-11 These hyip scams are rife. Why law enforcement isn't on to them we have no idea.
2015-01-06 This hyip scammer loves his nano's.
2016-04-16 Nano, is not quite as small as your returns from this hyip/fraud.
2016-12-04 These fuckwits are really throwing a big hook! Don't get caught by this incredibly easy to see through fraud!
2017-08-25 At this point, it is fair to come to the conclusion that the world has gone completely mad...
2016-10-19 They've tried to make this look credible - but it isn't. It is just another Ponzi.
2016-09-18 If you believe this, you probably still believe in gods and fairies too.
2015-08-30 100% pure, unfiltered, unadulterated BullCrap.
2016-10-15 A hyip. These are just a ponzi set up, but the admin fucks off with all the funds. What a fun game these hyips are.
2018-01-11 It isn't bitcoin mining - it is something else. Don't find out what, it will cost you to do that.
2017-11-30 Another bitcoin thief.
2015-09-18 You really don't want to use this fake anonymised exchange. It went away, and it's back again.
2017-12-23 This is a referral site, where they point you to ponzi schemes, and make a lot from your losses.
2017-07-14 If this was genuine, it would go broke in a month just paying any salaries of that massive management team. But it isn´t real, so don´t send funds eh.
2018-09-28 Yet another attempt at a scam doubler.
2016-03-12 Hyip/Scam
2015-10-12 Should be NoNocoins. Just send it and lose it. If a person could double bitcoin (which they can't) they would keep it to themselves.
2017-06-20 Just viewing this fraud site is a lot of hard work. Hopefully hard enough to put you off.
2017-05-08 Remember the USI-Tech scam? So you know what this is all about then.
2018-03-08 Nothing 'neo' about an old fashioned ponzi scam. Nothing secure about it either.
2018-12-04 A hyip/fraud.
2016-07-11 Whoever is behind this pathetic ponzi attempt, is in the wrong business.
2016-05-09 Netcrim's is a more accurate title. This scum is just there to steal from you.
2018-09-10 Aka Dascoin.This is a very complex financial fraud. Whilst not strictly bitcoin, it is worthy of listing here as it is Ponzi. It is also pitching a worthless 'coin'
2017-03-31 Nothing special, just a ponzi that drips it back until you stop sending more victims. A great way to lose friends.
2018-10-21 It isn't automated, always profitable trading - because that is a myth! If you believe stories like that, you will end up owning a lot of bridges.
2018-08-24 We have seen so many of these hyip scams, it starts to seem incredible that anybody falls for them, but if this is the first one you've seen, you can get suckered into them.
2018-11-14 Scammers now just use the term ICO. This is a ponzi with a very thin veneer of incredulity.
2017-11-17 The only thing you will exchange, is ownership of your money or bitcoin.
2016-10-06 The only thing new, is the domain! The fraud is the same - You send a 'fee' to release your funds, and you never see it again.
2017-11-07 This 'Bitcoin Generator' fraud is propogating across a few domains. It is always a fraud.
2017-01-07 The whole point of Bitcoin, is you don't need a Bank - and especially not a fraudulent one!
2017-02-02 This very odd offering is making it up as it goes along. Don't fall for this empty MLM.
2017-04-09 Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy? Of course you don't, and there is a good reason for that, as there is not to believe that bitcoin can double.
2016-09-22 There's nothing new about this tired hyip fraud. There is no such beast as a good hyip, they are all just theft.
2017-03-24 Old scam though. The only winner is the liar behind this cheap website.
2017-08-03 Find us in the hyip/scam section of your bookmarks folder.
2014-12-13 Try No Hope, or False Hope. This is typical of these Ponzi's. If there is no product, then the product is you, and you will lose.
2017-07-01 An Ethereum scam - don't be so dumb as to believe these Ethereum Giveaways. Send Eth - Lose Eth.
2018-04-28 From the first word to the last word on this website, there isn't one word of truth. It isn't a trading bot, it's a fraud.
2018-10-04 This is getting ridiculous. There are so many sites stealing bitcoin now, this is just another one.
2015-02-27 If these serial thieves had any sense, they'd stay away from bitcoin, then we wouldn't bother them.
2016-03-10 A brand new Mining Scam. These people don't mine, they aren't even people - Just ponzi Code!
2018-07-19 A hyip scam aimed at the russian market.
2015-09-11 These operators are a pile of shite, and find new ways to rip people day in, day out. Hacked - My Arse! Mine elsewhere.
2017-12-30 Nada coins - this is just straight theft like all supposed multipliers.
2016-12-22 If you think this is real bitcoin mining, then you still have a lot to learn about bitcoin mining. This is a hyip scam.
2017-07-18 This ponzi is destined for the same brick wall as all ponzi's.
2016-02-11 Nitrogold - Gold with NO2 Injection? It is a pathetic title for a pathetic attempt at a hyip scam!
2018-10-04 A hyip/fraud.
2016-08-03 Also Nothing but reports of loss. We're awaiting ANY response from the host.
2014-05-04 I'll bet if you could see the shit for brains behind this doubler scam, you wouldn't think 'Noble'
2017-01-03 More toothy smiles than a toothpaste advert, and more bullshit than a cattle ranch. That's it really.
2017-03-19 This hyip scam site may convince you, but it could never convince us. Never.
2018-03-16 A crappy little coindoubler scam, that has already left one load of victims.
2017-06-06 Another hyip/fraud
2016-02-25 Another scammer with a UK Reg Company. This is a hyip fraudster, and he will rob you.
2018-12-30 An old school hyip/scam. There are loads like this.
2017-02-28 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-07 Odd title - but just another fraudster.
2017-01-09 For this site, which is trying to normalise theft, from naive cryptocurrency users, it is maybe an apt title. They want to steal a range of coins!
2018-09-30 A completely unconvincing fake mining site
2016-10-08 If you stay on this scams landing page for long enough, the javascript will make you chuck up even if the loss of your bitcoin doesn't.
2017-10-05 It could be a very long time before scammers run out of domain names to use for mining themed frauds. Here's another fake mining scam.
2018-11-07 This ponzi fraud is going after big bucks. Don't think big claims make something more plausible, quite the opposite.
2017-08-30 Hyip/scam
2015-04-28 Nothing special, just a generic Hyip/Fraud.
2016-06-07 Anybody want to buy a used Nova? 1 lady owner fsh.
2016-04-27 Their "Comapny" is registered in the UK. 101 Dyslexic Drive.
2016-06-24 Now spend the rest of your time wishing that you hadn't deposited, because your bitcoin is gone. Hyip thieves.
2017-11-03 And 2 parts of the same ponzi fraud.
2018-01-06 700% in a day - What planet are you on? Don't ever fall for anything so blatant please.
2018-07-23 Some scam coins are just too blatant to ignore - Don't spend Bitcoin on Shitcoin (a golden rule)
2017-11-26 This hyip/fraud could catch some victims, but fortunately not you!

Sites O The only thing different about this site is the title. This scam is on a few domains.
2016-12-11 Also Scam names are becoming more random. Hyip frauds have used up a lot of domain names, as each hyip is only usually around for a few weeks.
2018-09-17 Also Scam names are becoming more random. Hyip frauds have used up a lot of domain names, as each hyip is only usually around for a few weeks.
2018-09-17 Shakespeare would never have let him wear that on stage! Regardless of that poor pun, this is just a fraud.
2016-12-10 A tawdry little hyip fraud. Not from the usual suspects.
2016-02-24 Oh bo, not again!
2016-04-29 Looks like we may get a few hyips with an 'Obo' theme.
2016-04-29 Pure ponzi. Expect to lose most of what you deposit with these hyip clowns.
2018-01-09 Ah, relaxing on a cruise with all your bitcoin to spend - NO! because you sent it to this scammer you nitwit.
2017-01-16 If ocean breeze runs right through your ears, then send bitcoin, if not then don't.
2016-01-10 Mining, that ROI's in 10 days is not mining, as you will find if you get suckered by these fake promises.
2018-10-27 Look, the only way you will earn from these, is if you keep sending them enough of your friends and family, who will lose everything to them. Not a nice prospect really.
2017-07-01 Most alts are worth little, some are fake from start to end - including this one.
2015-08-19 Although the front end of this site is uber complex and impressive, under the hood is just empty. A nice place to send any bitcoin you no longer want though.
2017-11-06 Bitcoin TriFecta Funnel System. Why not just call it a Bitcoin Ponzi, because it is a Bitcoin Ponzi.
2017-02-16 This site has come back just in time for Christmas - It's a scam.
2014-11-29 Please please just visit this scamsite once - and tweet us with your reaction. Ours were groans all round!
2017-02-10 We would hope that you had to put in more effort than this pathetic scam, in order to defraud people - sadly not.
2018-03-04 Investing in real oil is a good way to lose your shirt, this fraudsite takes your underwear too.
2016-11-23 Must surely be running out of Oil ideas by now?
2016-05-20 Damn slippy stuff that oily bitcoin. No wonder they lost it. A hyip/scam
2015-04-20 Oil be a monkeys uncle, it's another oil themed hyip/scam.
2015-11-21 This is getting repetitive. Another from the HYIP Scammers. Rubbish site, rubbish scam.
2014-05-25 They don't make hyip scams like this anymore. There is a reason for that!
2018-06-29 Oil recommend you don't send your oh so precious bitcoin to this naughty little fraud.
2016-05-16 Been a while since we've seen a new Oil themed Hyip scam. There was a rash of them.
2018-03-28 Another hyip/scam to go nowhere close to.
2017-03-22 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-07 Just another hyip/scam
2014-12-16 Another Hyip/Fraud stuck in that 'Oil Groove'
2016-05-30 The oil themed hyip/scam series continues. Episode 10.
2015-12-03 Whale oil be damned... It's another oil themed larceny.

Oilinvestfund Another hyip/scam. These thieves love the Oil theme.
2015-05-17 If you send your bitcoin to this Bangladeshi thief, it will not come back. It isn't science.
2016-12-17 Limited to scamming, not to doing real business. Don't get stung by these prevalent pondlife.
2016-07-25 Mine, for Oil? Their next scam involves Drilling for Bitcoin.
2018-09-01 What is it with this oil theme? One of many hyip scams that use this.
2015-01-19 As bad as it sounds. As the reporter wrote 'horrible'.
2017-04-29 Paradise is oily enough thank you.
2016-06-15 These fake oil investments sites are getting tedious. It's a hyip/scam
2014-11-20 With all the previous 'Oilrigxx' hyip/scams, this domain name was kind of inevitable.
2017-01-26 Like waiting for a train, but here is the latest Oil Themed Hyip/Fraud
2016-05-13 The scam is getting inventive, and appearing on a fresh domain.
2017-07-18 A hyip/scam.
2016-02-03 Nothing OK about this - just an elaborate ponzi.
2016-12-27 And it will stay OK as long as you don't send it here.
2016-05-20 That title reads like a summary of what will happen. OK, ex, bitcoin.
2018-03-20 A wazillion percent after 1 day - How can you pass by such an opportunity. It's a miracle!
2018-02-27 That would be better titled Zerokhourly. A very very old fashioned hyip scam.
2017-12-24 A regular, off the shelf ponzi fraudsite. Bogus Company, Shell Address, and all the trimmings.
2018-12-19 Possibly the least plausible mining scam we've seen. Please don't fall for this one eh!
2018-02-14 It's like amateur night in our office - all these really basic attempts at fraud. It reminds you that fraud is a numbers game, and eventually they will probably ensnare a victim.
2017-11-08 The UK Regulator even warns you about this one! Best avoided
2018-03-29 A hyip persistently pitching pre-order/ICO. Don't be the first fool to go for it!
2017-04-19 Genesis have asked this site to stop using their branding - Omnia have not purchased any mining power so far!
2017-11-24 Keep this Omnia Tech scam moving, and maybe nobody will notice eh? It's just a Ponzi.
2018-05-23 This is a hyip scam. Hyip scams promise you great riches, but all you do is lose all your money. It's sad.
2017-08-18 Lose up to 100% per deposit into this fake mining scam.
2016-04-26 This is one chain that should be hanging from a Toilet! You will be flushing your funds away. Just a ponzi.
2018-04-17 Buy adpacks? and the ads do what where? what a pile of baloney this hyip is. They must be running out of ideas, because this is pathetic.
2014-06-28 If you owned one billion, onebillioncoins, they still wouldn't be real, or worth anything.
2017-01-31 We sat on our hands on this, but following Coin Telegraphs report, it's going into our badlist.
2015-06-05 The Onecoin ponzi, banned outright in many countries, comes to Colombia. Don't play.
2017-12-12 More forex flannel from the hyip fraudsters.
2016-04-25 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 Just another webload of false promises. Don't get mugged by these common thieves.
2017-02-09 Connected to the Onecoin Ponzi. A massive ponzi scheme that is going to hurt a great many people.
2016-11-30 This is one mine that doesn't mine. Just a Ponzi folks.
2016-09-10 A very odd title to this hyip/fraud. Don't even try it, you will always just get ripped.
2016-12-24 Just another Ponzi Scam. Move along, nothing to see here.
2014-10-14 So, a photo of a man sat on a chair made of some suckers money inspires confidence does it?
2016-05-17 Another PayPal to Bitcoin exchanger. It always end in tears.
2017-04-06 Never buy or sell Bitcoin using PayPal, even if fraud isn't intended (which it usually is) there are too many ways for it to screw up for you.
2017-09-02 That cheeky chappie on this fraud may only have one ear, but you can't tell from that photo.
2016-04-22 Don't be distracted by the overuse of javascript - this is fake mining, and just a hyip fraud. Why does anybody believe this waffle?
2018-10-01 A hyip scam. One that the Feds haven't yet got to.
2015-02-08 Born to steal your bitcoin, cash, savings etc.
2015-08-08 You will see this fraud across a few different domains. Just a hyip/scam like all the rest.
2016-11-03 This fake review site will refer you to 100% ponzi scams. Every one a pile of doo doo.
2017-09-25 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 Don't let them manage your funds, unless you don't want them.
2015-08-09 Well there's a memorable domain name. Just a hyip/fraud.
2016-07-25 And that one platform should have a trapdoor in it, to drop this halfwit scammer through!
2017-12-20 In one week, your funds will be one week away, and getting further away every minute.
2017-03-28 Real mining will never give you anything for free. The free offers are a scam, and you will always have to send a 'fee' to withdraw - which you lose of course.
2018-03-16 A rather curious title to this hyip scam. They are running out of ideas, clearly.
2018-07-09 Some days, it's just doubler scam thief, after doubler thief ad nausem. This is one of those days.
2016-02-12 Send bitcoin, lose bitcoin, cry, slap forehead, learn from it.
2016-01-03 That advert you followed to this fraud, was paid for by the previous victims. You are paying for the next advert.
2017-03-29 It isn't an ICO, what it is is a piss poor ponzi fraud.
2018-08-15 A little bit less optimal now it is in our badlist. Avoid this intellectually challenged fraud.
2018-12-10 Just another ponzi site making claims it cannot possibly support. Just keep your Bitcoin safe - it will make you rich if you do that.
2018-02-18 Their own t&c's call it very high risk, we would go further and call it foolish.
2016-11-14 This lift doesn't go to the top floor. Importantly, if you have given them Bank or Card details - Cancel those accounts asap.
2018-12-22 If this site was on a sidewalk, you wouldn't want to step in it - Enough said.
2018-03-04 Bogus Mining Con. This is an overembellished ponzi scam. Nothing more than that.
2018-07-08 More PayPal to Bitcoin shenanigans. NEVER buy or sell Bitcoin using PayPal, you WILL get burned. Guarantee it.
2017-04-21 Also Two sides of the same con. Binary options are a scam at best, these are just frauds.
2016-02-01 This rare, very well designed fraud can easily suck in many victims, please don't be one of them.
2017-02-25 This won't work for one simple reason. Have you seen the cost of delivery on an Orca?
2016-12-10 A fake mining kit store. Buy from the manufacturers, or don't bother.
2018-01-25 At the front it's a ptc, at the back, it's a ponzi - but you already knew that right? We've held off listing this because they told you it's a 'game', but that claim has recently changed to 'real mining'.
2015-10-14 They do like a different theme for these hyips, here's another one.
2016-03-19 This is a hyip. You send bitcoin to a hyip fraud, and they keep it. Why would you send your bitcoin, don't you like it?
2017-09-19 Don't get sucked in by this very slick sales spiel. This ponzi/scam is waiting for YOU!
2017-11-18 The name means absolutely nothing, but is slightly more meaningful than this fake investment.
2017-03-16 This has a lot of supposed trust for a 4 day old supplier. Sadly, just another scammer.
2017-12-19 Whoever Oscar is, he is a scammer and an idiot! Don't send Oscar your bitcoin.
2017-12-16 Over the counter investements - because you really wouldn't want "under the counter" investments would you? Desperate.
2017-10-10 More imaginary mining, however, your losses will be real enough.
2016-05-29 One from the hyip scammers. Don't lose your bitcoin to these serial cheats
2014-12-05 Another one of these lending scams. In reality just a matrix/ponzi scam - yeah, really helpful!
2018-05-09 A hyip fraud that has been around a while, but somehow below our radar.
2017-05-16 Dressed up to look good, but just a ponzi at best.
2016-05-13 That's Boll-ox btc. They offer the highest ROI, because they don't intend to pay it. It's just another fake mining scam.
2016-02-06 Another hyip/scam for your entertainment.
2015-11-30 They move their hyip, we follow.
2016-05-26 These hyip Oxi-morons are at it again. Fake mining, nothing is what they claim.
2018-11-27 Another Hyip/Fraud from the regular fraudsters. We get reports from the very first days these begin, from people who are in disbelief that they lsot everything.

Sites P The clue is the word 'donation' that's why you aren't getting your bitcoin back, you 'donated' it to a slimeball.
2017-11-04 Also We've had no response from these sites, and our investigations show a lot of anomalies. Be careful. Update 11/22/14 reports of thefts by these sites. Update 5/11/15 fresh reports of people being robbed by hese sites
2014-10-11 Oh wow, this imaginary coin is so fucking good, people will pay you 48% interest a month, just to fondle yours! Ask yourself "how stupid am I?"
2018-01-28 Just a classic 'promised' high return (hyip) scam. Just a thief.
2015-10-21 A christmas themed scam. Santa is meant to bring gifts, not steal bitcoin.
2014-12-20 Also Their SSL belongs to a spanish industrial supplies company? Bad reports, not paying and so cheating advertisers
2014-10-26 (see
2018-05-08 A hyip/fraud
2016-11-29 Ouch! You don't forget seeing this Purple Palace of Purloinery.
2017-07-21 A hyip scam. They steal a wide range of currency and crypto, so you can lose everything if you choose to!
2017-12-30 This scam site leaves you with the impression that thieves no longer even need to be believable.
2018-03-07 Another Wix hosted SCAM. Nothing to add.
2014-05-06 A site that could easily convince a novice, but rest assured, it's just another Ponzi thief. We call them ponzi thieves, because that is what they are.
2018-10-12 Ouch - This design hurts your eyes. If that doesn't put you off, be aware that it's a fraudster.
2017-01-19 Your investment will be less than passive - it will be toast.
2017-02-05 Would help if you spelt Oil with an L?
2016-07-05 Pause a moment and understand that this is a hyip scam.
2016-02-21 Teach a man to fish, he'll feed himself, but teach the cnut to code, and he'll produce a shit scam like this.
2017-12-26 Doesn't matter what the theme, a hyip is just a thief with a website, a false promise, and zero sympathy for you.
2016-07-25 Paxful is not a scam in it's own right, but so many people are getting ripped off by the sellers and buyers on there, and whatever checks they are doing, are not working. PayPal and Bitcoin is always a NO as well.
2017-10-22 Just your typical Hyip/Fraud
2016-04-20 It's almost like that tongue twister 'peter piper picked..' Try saying it 3 times quickly, and see if you get your bitcoin back?
2017-07-13 Oh this is just so crap.
2017-04-04 This scammer has a few scams on this domain.
2016-05-17 Lies and jiggerypokery. Just another bitcoin pickpocket.
2016-10-06 The usual lies and deceit from the usual hyip fraudsters. No imagination thank heavens
2017-04-14 Everybody wants to steal your bitcoin - why is that? Keep it safe eh.
2017-01-07 Investing in oil doesn't have to be a complicated process but this isn't investing in oil, or anything.
2017-02-04 This is one of those Global Ponzi's - They burn bright and then fail spectacularly, leaving people destitute. Just stay well clear, or be a victim!
2018-05-16 If you are keen to lose your bitcoin - then this is the site for you.
2017-03-22 Another dreadful little hyip/fraud. Professional traders - My arse!
2016-10-08 Ex-money being the keyword. You send it, it's gone and it isn't coming back.
2016-12-19 You aren't mistaken, this exact fraud appears on many different domains.
2016-01-08 It's yet another fake investment seeking to steal bitcoin as well.
2015-09-18 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-07 A webpage of lies, deceit and fraud. And a bit crap as well.
2017-02-09 More tomfoolery from the hyip fraudsters.
2016-03-30 And then, gone, voom, like a rat out of an aqueduct.
2016-05-09 The word paying may lead you to believe that they are 'paying'. A bit misleading, to put it mildly.
2017-01-20 A hyip/scam
2015-12-20 Paying themselves, with your btc. Don't send it here if you still want it.
2015-12-02 A hyip/scam doesn't really get more 'typical' than this one.
2017-01-03 Pain forever for anybody suckered into this fraud.
2016-07-25 If you have bitcoin to burn, donate some to us, not to these ridiculous scammers who have come to bitcoin from the cesspool of Fiat. Why do people fall for it?
2014-03-10 Just a hyip/scam wanting to steal your bitcoin as well.
2015-10-13 Hyip/Scam
2015-03-24 These hyip scams must be running out of names. Anyway, that's our hyip for today. They WILL steal your bitcoin.
2014-08-29 A hyip/scam
2015-12-03 If they promised to turn the Moon Green, would you still believe them? Please stop, think, and close that webpage!
2018-02-15 if you are going to pay, at least put a shirt on. Don't pay this fraud though.
2017-05-19 This site is not payjing, it is stealjing. Money, Bitcoin - they want it all.
2016-09-19 Click HERE to go to wiki' and look up the meaning of gullible.
2016-01-27 Also Two from the same chiseller, both worth circumnavigating. 6/12/14 Update Reports now coming in, cannot withdraw funds. No surprises there
2014-04-09 A pretty basic hyip/fraud from the scam factory.
2017-04-28 They have charts and everything! Well, the lengths that scammers are prepared to go to steal. So much effort!
2018-03-18 You have no reason to put any trust into this ropey new exchange - so don't.
2016-12-17 Matrix, Ponzi, HYIP - call it what you want, but don't call it Investment, because it isn't.
2018-01-11 Oooh, they have an Investment Fund! Don't be fooled. Just because someone says they have an Investment Fund, doesn't mean it's true.
2017-01-04 One from the hyip/scam producers.
2015-11-16 A very very basic attempt at a hyip fraud, straight off the shelf.

Pbmining This major mining fraud is a great example of a ponzi. 11/2/14. Update. The site has now closed and taken all the loot with it 12/8/14. Dammit - It's back
2015-06-30 Absolute drivel from this hyip/fraud
2016-03-29 They have a plan for your profit. We have a better plan. Don't give it to this fraudster.
2016-06-04 Not legitimate. Just another HYIP, and not the real Primera Capital.
2015-05-23 This firm of fakers are after big money, they tried to make it look real, however, most of their content is plagiarised, and they genuinely know jack shit about Cryptocurrency, beyond how to steal it.
2018-11-30 Peak stupidity, and a scam - but not much else. Fortunately, the site doesn't work well either.
2018-07-22 It takes a special kind of cnut to abuse pensioners or their trust. This is that special cnut.
2017-12-05 A Hyip/Fraud
2015-06-03 Like a set design for a Tom Cruise movie, but just a fraud.
2016-04-24 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-12 Is it perfectbalance-corp, or is it Hilco Finance? or is this the thickest fraudster to date? You decide.
2017-02-22 Bollocks! Just watch it fall over like every ponzi fraud.
2017-01-29 Well it was perfect, right up until you sent it to this thief.
2016-08-09 If you could be arsed to do the maths, it would take 70 people to be as dumb as you for you to get paid back. But even if they found 70, you still lose.
2016-10-27 And you will feel like a perfect prat if you send btc to this ponzi scam.
2016-08-19 Perfect name for this. You know it's a Ponzi - right?
2015-08-15 This scam is typical of the hyip approach. You will always regret 'chancing' it.
2016-07-19 More total lies from the hyip scammers, promoting the 120profit con
2015-08-14 Perfectly worth avoiding.
2017-01-09 But a very imperfect scam. You will be handing money to a thief.
2015-05-19 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 Try saying that domain name? Not easy. Anyway, it's a hyip/scam, they will steal your bitcoin.
2017-04-20 There's no such thing as a job for life, and this hyip/scam is quite the opposite.
2017-06-07 The MMM ponzi fraud hits Peru. Millions More Milked.
2017-06-08 Some hyips simply make you cringe. This hyip simply makes us cringe.
2017-06-06 We wouldn't recommend you try and run your car on what this hyip/scam site produces!
2017-10-17 The only recycling going on, is where they are turning your OLD bitcoin into their NEW bitcoin.
2017-02-28 Group? Hardly. This is just another slimy little toad with a fraudsite.
2016-10-27 Ludicrous! Still, if you are going to tell stories, make them biggies eh. A total fraud.
2017-09-12 These scammers must hate our project. They used to make loads.
2014-12-20 This phenix bites your arse! Simple, deliberate fraud.
2017-07-20 Another of many magic bitcoin multpliers or "hyips". Don't ever believe those faked deposit and payment logs on this type of site. Users are faked to add undeserved trust.
2015-01-11 It isn't an ICO, it's just a very simple Ponzi fraud.
2018-02-22 And then before you know it, it's ashes again. Invest in a proper Phoenix, not fake Phoenix.
2016-11-08 This scam should get some sort of award, for just about the most shite we have ever seen on a website ever!
2018-03-19 Progressive mining technology?? Progressive stupidity is what it is. Just a ponzi scam.
2018-01-09 Various subdomains on the cryptobitx scam domain, including this one.
2017-02-20 A silly hyip/fraud
2016-02-21 What a well designed ponzi site. This is so professional, it draws you in. But ask yourself, where does the profit come from? and why no contact details? If this is your site, get in touch. Nice try.
2014-09-16 Just the colour scheme of this ponzi is enough to make your Gaydar go off! That fishy smell isn't just the Salmon Pink.
2018-02-24 As this flakey operation has no SSL security, your login is visible. You have NO excuse to be using this site.
2015-11-01 Just find a total stranger and give them your bitcoin. The result will be the same, you'll lose your bitcoin.
2015-11-12 A matrix is just a ponzi, and all ponzi's fail quickly. This one is so crap, it won't even get off the start line.
2017-02-02 As basic as a ponzi can get, with almost no effort gone in to fool you - so don't be fooled.
2018-06-02 Even their copyright dates on this crappy fraud site are lies - 2012! My arse.
2018-02-20 Yet another fake online wallet. Stick with the trusted sites until this recent rash of wallet scams calms down.
2016-12-22 As always, we have a better plan. Our plan is to advise you to avoid this dodgy ponzi.
2018-07-10 Why do these fraud type people want you to do all this stuff just wearing a vest? It all makes little sense.
2017-06-24 One from the hyip scammers
2015-08-24 If there is an award for scam with the longest domain name, this one will come close!
2017-10-18 Hyip/Fraud
2016-04-21 You send bitcoin, the scammer keeps it, and that's about it.
2015-12-29 It's a game, right up until you realise you've been robbed.
2016-04-16 Pretty much like any fake mining site. The free stuff is just fake, and designed to sucker you into sending real funds. Don't be that sucker.
2018-09-27 We are starting to come to the opinion, that making a fraud site as cheesey as possible, must catch a particular group of idiots. Roquefort anyone?
2017-09-09 Hyip/frauds like this one are everywhere, we just wish they'd stay away from bitcoin.
2017-01-01 P for Ponzi. Every scammer in the Bitcoin Space is using the term ICO to push their ponzi.
2018-01-14 A Hyip/Fraud.
2016-08-14 A Hyip/Fraud
2016-05-20 Is this the same as the Poke-her Bot that you buy in the naughty store? No, just a fraudster.
2016-07-25 This site grew and grew, because so many of you put greed ahead of logic. Your bitcoin was used to advertise and draw in even more victims. This level of mass delusion can be likened to any religion.
2014-10-19 This is about as daft as a ponzi scam could possibly be. Sort of a budget label pokeram scam.
2015-09-17 Another 'pokerbot' fraud. I'd like to see a bot beat me at poker.
2016-01-05 The latest iteration of the "Poker Bot" fraud. No such thing, it's just a ponzi.
2017-01-31 If there were Btc Police, then they would close down this site, but we will do the next best thing, and warn you that it's just another bitcoin ponzi.

Poloniex App Poloniex is a great exchange, but they don't have an app at this time. The app is a faker.
2017-12-12 Does what it says on the tin, it steals your Bitcoin. Don't be dumb.
2014-09-06 If you are dim enough to send bitcoin to this scam, don't expect it back.
2015-06-20 Possibly the most honest, dishonest cloudmining operation to date? It's still a ponzi, but at least it says it on the cover.
2015-01-16 Does what it says - steals coins every round.
2015-03-10 There isn't much to add to what they've told you. Go into it with your eyes open, and your calculator unused.
2018-07-01 Don't send them coins, just don't, you won't be happy.
2015-03-03 A Hyip/Scam
2017-04-21 this scammer is trying to sound cool and codey, but failing miserably. Stay clear of this fake mining fraud.
2016-08-15 A ponzi, that will put your bitcoin and money, into OTHER ponzi's. Just how much risk are you looking for?
2017-08-03 Hyip/Scam
2015-03-24 Did this fraudster ever attend School? This attempt at fraud demonstrates the liability of a bad education.
2017-02-20 About as popular as a fart in an space capsule.
2016-02-14 Another Btc to Paypal scammer. No such Ltd company exists.
2014-12-14 Pitching you a bogus money making scheme. Don't get suckered into this losers charter.
2018-12-23 Nope, just bollox mining dot con.
2016-07-25 The PowerPuff girlies must have gone into the fraud game. This is a ponzi/scam.
2017-06-20 There are many fake mining sites out there, and here is another one to add to that long list.
2017-03-19 What have we told you about PayPal and Bitcoin? and of course this is a scam.
2016-09-09 Bitcoin does NOT multiply, an easy concept to grasp, surely.
2016-02-26 A generic hyip/fraud.
2016-07-25 This was somehow omitted from this list during an update - be aware it is pure fraud.
2017-02-25 These miners don't run on Electricity, they run on victims.
2017-11-27 In the presentation, it shows you just how blatant a Ponzi this is - and the quoted Mize Network, is nothing but frauds.
2018-07-21 Also We're awaiting ANY response from the host.
2014-05-04 Your deposit pays somebody else, or just gets kept by the thief running this ponzi/fraud. Guaranteed.
2016-02-29 Another scam supplier. Gone to a lot of trouble, to add a lot of products and pad the site, just a shame they don't actually sell any for real.
2018-02-21 Not your average scam, but a "premium" one, Cold comfort if you've sent bitcoin to this crook.
2016-04-03 Always look for the secure padlock when logging in to any website - and any Investment site that doesn't have it, isn't an Investment site.
2018-05-13 This is what a hyip/fraud looks like like when they run out of ideas.
2017-01-03 Works in conjunction with No SSL on either site? Alarm bells time.
2014-11-23 Hyip/Scam
2015-07-07 A leg-end in their own lunchtime... or something along those lines. Just another scammer, don't be fooled.
2015-11-22 So you've seen all these Ponzi's going down, people jumping off bridges because of their losses, and you still think you can profit? Think again.
2018-01-27 These hyip frauds just keep coming and coming. These thieves just churn them out.
2016-10-19 One to add from the hyip scammers.
2015-05-04 This should be called 'My First Webscam' Absolutely pathetic.
2016-06-23 A US Registered scam. It makes a welcome change from UK Registered scams, but still, just a ponzi.
2018-12-15 It isn't often that a scammer will go to this amount of trouble to make a site appear genuine, so this is a serious attempt at fraud. Don't be one of the inevitable victims, keep your bitcoin safe.
2018-11-05 This wannabe scammer has a Dog called Prince, and it needs feeding - hence this fund!
2017-12-04 A total hyip scam. "Since 2006" my arse. This site is 2 weeks old.
2014-06-25 Privately mining you. Avoid this obvious scam, avoid the app, or lose your Btc.
2015-06-16 You would need a truck to transport this much shite. Don't be tempted towards this fakery.
2018-09-25 You send bitcoin to a site called Prixcoins, and you can never ever tell anybody how you lost your Bitcoin.
2018-04-10 What happened to Pro-gain-invest-1? was it as crap as this fraud?
2017-02-02 Pro-miner? Even though it is just a scam, this is already pretty amateur. No Pro's to be seen here.
2018-07-19 Nothing pro about this generic hyip/fraud. Just expect to lose everything you send here.
2016-10-07 This isn't even pro bullshit! Stay way clear of this uninformed fraudster. Most thieves are too fkn thick to understand bitcoin.
2017-08-16 Also The .com host has now suspended this fraud site, but the .net is still there.
2016-05-14 It seems like everybody is out to steal bitcoin with these doubler scams. Bitcoin cannot double, so you should never believe these daft offers.
2018-12-28 You have to hand it to them, this styling will catch a lot of people. This is a common type of 'revshare' ponzi scheme. Most people in a ponzi, lose. It's just maths.
2017-06-13 They might convince you, now go try and convince your Wife? The word fool may come your way.
2018-08-11 This one could easily fool you, but now we have told you that it's just a Ponzi, it won't.
2016-12-06 One more fake mining site to go on our badlist.
2016-07-13 The scammer will profit, but only if you actually send him funds. Don't send funds to scammers please, it just encourages them.
2018-10-17 Hyip/Ponzi. It will be down in no time, like all of these.
2014-07-21 Terminal being the operative word. Just a hyip/scam.
2017-06-15 Just a rubbish scam. No more no less.
2015-04-28 Deja Vu. If you see Profitxx.anything, it will most likely be this same fraud on a new domain.
2018-08-14 You may have seen this scam under other titles. Same scam, just hyip script.
2018-08-02 We've seen more than 250 sites just like this one come and go this year. Everybody loses everything, every time.
2016-10-28 A new hyip.
2016-02-03 It's HYIP after bloody HYIP. All HYIPS are Scams.
2014-05-18 Profitable Morrows? Oh ffs, I thought they said Profitable Marrows! Now what do I do with all these Marrows?
2017-10-27 Yeah, a voyage to the bottom of the sea.
2016-08-03 A Hyip/fraud just out to steal bitcoin. All hyips work the same way, they steal as much as they can.
2016-12-01 Another hyip/scam to be avoided.
2015-11-11 A generic coindoubler fraud, fake payout logs, fake everything.
2017-02-12 Best in the Field Well, that's still pretty s#!t then.
2016-05-28 What a rubbish scam.
2016-04-10 Another very basic hyip scam. What goes through your heads when you send Bitcoin to these blatant thieves?
2018-05-07 String any three words together, put up a scam by that name, easy money.
2016-09-06 Another scam coin multiplier. Do people still fall for these scams?
2015-04-07 Far too many frauds use a UK Ltd Company as some kind of status - it isn't. You can buy one too!
2018-05-07 You guessed it - It's a ponzi, like bitcoin needs another ponzi.
2015-09-09 Also Related scams.
2016-05-09 Another hyip - fake investment site. They only exist to rob you.
2015-07-18 This "Bitcoin Adder" scam, isn't much different to the Bitcoin Generator scam, except they try to stitch you twice. Once when they sell you bogus software, the second time when you try to return it.
2018-06-12 Ponzi's don't make profit, they make victims, and they make a crime.
2016-12-30 These cheeky chappies (from stock photo's) on this Hyip's page look like good to go for a beer with, but don't send them your Bitcoin.
2014-06-06 Whether you got here from Telegram, from an advert, or a (soon to be ex) friend, be aware, it is just a fraudster.
2018-06-19 100x your bitcoin in ten hours. If you believe that, you'd better quit smoking that stuff.
2016-05-21 Another hyip/fraud
2016-03-01 What does that even mean? Anyway, it's a fraud.
2016-02-16 Be aware, you are the hunted, not the hunter. Don't send bitcoin to this scam.
2016-02-16 This domain has recently changed ownership, and a formerly good site, has now been reborn as a bitcoin ponzi.
2017-06-13 These thieves do their best to make these hyips look like real investments. It's all just lies.
2015-09-19 The only thing that 'you will understand in five minutes' is that this is just a thief.
2017-04-12 Progoldbullshit. A shiny site to lure you into the ponzi trap.
2017-03-10 If this scamsite can fool you, then any scamsite can fool you, and you should employ a chaperone for when you surf the web.
2017-04-22 This site will try to tempt you to invest in a whole range of bitcoin frauds, all in our badlist.
2017-05-30 The reason scammers like to pretend they are mining, is so it adds a degree of doubt, to what would otherwise be a blatant Ponzi Scam!
2018-09-22 We have had an ongoing team jibe, when some scamsite would inevitably name itself We need a new jibe.
2017-05-08 They provide plan, you provide money or bitcoin, but who provides the getaway car?
2015-05-15 Your funds are not secure in this scam wallet. You need to understand that your Private Key and your Password are two totally different things.
2017-12-12 This is a hyip. Hyip's are all run by get rich quick scammers. You WILL lose your deposit.Just don't feed these pickpockets.
2018-07-05 A Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 A PTC that Doesn't Pay out. Don't waste your work.
2014-06-06 Also,,,, All associated with each other, and as ropey as we've ever seen. No SSL. Don't give them your details. Ps. Support want to charge you $1 per ticket. Laughable
2014-06-25 Hardly. Scammers private profit from theft, and your own very private loss, as you will be too ashamed to tell anybody.
2017-02-19 Really, just don't even visit this site, bad things can happen.
2017-08-29 Just another of these silly coin-doublers. You have to get wise to these. Nobody can double bitcoin, and if you try, you will just lose.
2017-04-05 The only clouds are the smoke coming from this cheap thiefs crack pipe.
2016-08-12 If they had called it PutzMine, it would have been far too obvious. Still, some will get sucked in by this fraud.

Sites Q Formerly This fake supplier has reappeared as q-miner.
2014-06-14 Anybody wanna buy a Camel?
2015-08-09 This is one of a wave of (attempted) fraudsites, from the same sources. They are all just as rubbish as this.
2017-01-01 Gold Standard BS. They may have a TM on the phrase Satoshi Nakamoto (absurd) but Qbit Gold is a trademark of a Stroller Companies Product! Fkn idiots.
2017-12-03 The latest in a long line of ponzi 'bux' frauds from this crew.
2016-05-06 Ponzi/Scam - All the details we have rooted out so far are falsified, even the email address on their site!
2014-03-06 It's yet another 'leave your Btc long time' Gives the scammer a chance to build a big pot to run off with.
2014-05-31 Confirmed as malware site.
2014-07-01 Don't go anywhere near this fake supplier site.
2014-06-28 One from the hyip scammers. yes we list every hyip that goes after bitcoin, and we do that because 100% of them are just thieves, making false claims.
2018-07-02 If it was a Bond Film, it would be "The Quantum of Shoelace" This scam will leave you in the cold.
2017-10-29 The quantum of shoelace scam, just made a quantum leap to a .ws domain!
2017-12-13 Don't even throw a quarter at this hyip/scam. You are sending bitcoin to a shabby little thief.
2017-08-13 No, not a typo, at least not by us. If this scam makes him enough, the author might go back to school.
2017-03-17 A big ponzi along the lines of MMM. There is no product, which means you are the product.
2017-09-29 You may be quick paying, but these thieves won't!
2017-03-16 There is no such thing as a genuine Bitcoin Doubler. Bitcoin cannot double, so if you send it to a "Doubler" it is your own greed to blame.
2018-06-20 The only thing quick, will be the getaway this thief makes with your bitcoin.
2016-11-17 Another doubler scam that has had to move to a new domain. Don't fall for any of these, they all just steal.
2017-04-12 The only things 'quick' about this scam are the speed at which it will move domains and keep your bitcoin.
2017-04-20 And another doubler scam. Bitcoin has no magical properties, and CANNOT multiply. You send it, he keeps it.
2016-10-06 A crappy little scam.
2016-04-23 Well, you lost your bitcoin pretty quickly, so it isn't 100% deceit, that bit was quick.
2018-07-29 One of the weirdest scamsites we've seen for a while. Not since larawithme has there been so off topic a title for a bitcoin fraud.

Sites R The clue is in the title. Perhaps just drop a tab of acid, the experience will be similar. A slow loading and very gray surreal hyip/scam.
2017-04-16 They don't just rab money, they rab bitcoin as well. Just rabbers.
2016-11-10 Is the name apt? Depends whether by radical, you really mean 'imaginary'
2015-12-04 A really basic fraud. You will see inviting sites like this one everywhere, and every one of them is looking for someone stupid enough to send bitcoin!
2017-08-15 The old style hyip scams keep rolling out. There is no business going on, no trading, just ponzi script, run by thieves.
2018-09-05 Yes, of course it's a fraud.
2016-03-21 This scammer dreams of it raining hash. If you give your bitcoin to this fraudster, his dream will come true. Yours won't.
2017-11-05 To be fair, English isn't the first language of this wannabe fraudster, but we aren't fair - It's a pile of doggy doo.
2016-11-19 A UK company, reg'd to a council house in chelmsford, but all roads lead to Holland? Weird Scam.
2014-10-26 A Hyip/Fraud.
2016-05-24 Why random? Simple. The author of this ponzi has no idea how many idiots are out there, and can only pay some of what is left, after buying dope for the day.
2018-05-08 Random profits, spurious claims, vague everything else. The perfect investment for fools.
2017-02-26 If the author of this scam spoke English, they would know that Rank, also means foul and putrid. Quite a fitting title as it goes.
2018-09-20 The quicker you send bitcoin, the quicker this thief can buy some more hash. Hence "Rapidhash".
2017-02-20 Amazing how rapidly a fool and his funds can be parted. Stay clear of this fraud.
2016-12-27 There is simply no mining here, and the only thing rapid, is how you lose your bitcoin.
2017-07-11 A raspberry is also a very rude noise. Guess what you'll get from this fraud?
2016-07-13 Don't apply, don't send any personal details, and don't send any bitcoin. This is just a thief!
2018-01-24 Some hyip's tell some very tall tales, and this is so implausible, but hey, it's a fraudster.
2017-05-27 There is a new wave of ICO offerings coming along, and most are just there to steal your money and bitcoin. We don't know of anybody who has profited from buying in to any of these.
2018-10-06 The Razzleton hyip, redesigned and moved to another domain. Still called razzleton on the page though.
2018-09-25 RazzleDazzle 'em whilst keeping their bitcoin for buying crack. Er, NO.
2016-09-28 155% profit in 3 days, 270% after 6 days, they are so generous, we can retire by monday - Yeah Right, like we'd fall for these claims, they are all bogus
2014-03-10 This site only exchanges ownership of your bitcoin. It becomes their bitcoin. Don't go there.
2015-03-24 If you lost to Optioment, don't compound that loss by letting them steal more from you! Nobody can get your funds back.
2018-02-20 An extension of the Rdpmain mining scam.
2015-11-12 Yet another fake mining site. Really badly done.
2015-06-03 Hyip/Scam
2015-11-28 What you will re-learn is that any site offering to multiply your bitcoin, won't.
2016-06-29 The funds are real, right up until you send them here. Everything else is lies and fakery.
2016-10-11 Just a ponzi, but punting 'MVR Coin' whatever the hell that is meant to be.
2017-05-12 Nothing about this coindoubler is real. Bitcoin cannot magicallly multiply.
2016-12-22 The scammer has called it Realbot, so it sounds less like the Fakebot that it is. You don't mine bitcoin with Bots, you mine Idiots with Bots!
2018-11-03 Real, what, really real?
2016-09-17 This scam site is a bit Gay! (are we still allowed to say that?) anyway, it is.
2018-03-19 The only thing 'real' about this fraud is just that. It is a fraud.
2016-09-22 A misleading title, as it isn't real anything!
2018-03-16 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 It isn't real, it isn't investment - but it is online! 30% true.
2016-09-06 A sarcastic title for this unrealistic fraud site.
2016-01-29 About as real as your 'Gods'. Don't send bitcoin to this site and expect it back.
2017-05-12 In this case, the Grim Reaper.
2015-12-26 One from the usual hyip thieves. You WILL lose your bitcoin.
2015-05-08 Whatever this software download will do, it ain't gonna be good. You can't recover orphaned blocks, plain and simple. Cryptolocker? Key Stealer?
2015-05-31 They have a Sister Site - Shit Creek Investments.
2018-07-01 Hyip/Scam
2015-09-23 Slightly odd theme, but a scam nonetheless!
2017-02-15 That will be the red cloud that descends over your eyes, as your anger at becoming a victim takes over.
2016-07-14 After regularly paying - it hasn't paid out for weeks now. Don't waste your clicks.
2014-08-04 No coin is safe from these scammers. A Reddcoin Ponzi
2015-02-20 Every former Ford XR3i driver will remember Redex Red! The Go-Faster fuel additive. That was a bit of a rip off, but this ponzi is total rip off.
2017-09-14 If you got your kit you are one of the lucky ones. Customers have no kit and no refund. They don't reply.
2014-07-28 Like the altcoin world needs another altcoin! ICO is the new name for Shitcoin Launch.
2017-12-03 Thing is with MLM's, they involve product. This is just a Ponzi.
2016-04-03 Neither a coin, nor a legitimate venture. Just a poor quality attempt at fraud.
2017-09-11 The bitcoin generator sting. Don't get stung.
2017-07-01 A hyip/scam
2016-01-20 Another damnable hyip/fraud to add to the hundreds of hyip/frauds out there.
2016-02-23 Ahh, the place to send your Bitcoin for a Holiday - A very very very long Holiday!
2017-12-11 Well, if all you want from a Bank, is that they keep your funds - then this is perfect, because that's what they will do.
2017-07-30 Bitcoin is reliable, this site though is a Lada Estelle.
2017-02-22 Along with Trustabletoni, and Safesteve no doubt, not to mention Dependablederek.
2016-09-28 RMS Mining. This scammer tried so hard, but we weren't fooled for a second. Were you?
2017-08-28 HYIP = High Yield Investment Pla...oh F#ck they stole my Bitcoin !!!
2014-07-01 Another hyip/scam. They all steal.
2017-03-22 A dire little hyip/scam
2016-01-31 Thanks in part to ourselves, scammers like these are being rounded up and jailed every day. This is a fake investment from prevalent serial crooks.
2015-11-11 The latest in the 'Reno' series of hyip/frauds
2016-03-28 The standard in Reno, is that you lose. A lot like this fraud then.
2017-01-10 One of many hyip scams from the same group. All fake investments.
2015-05-21 Short for Russian Criminal Enterprises, limited to working from home. Just another hyip scam.
2018-09-17 A very tired hyip format from these scammers. It doesn't matter what they offer, because they don't intend to honour it. Thieves aren't renowned for their honesty.
2017-07-25 Quite a well designed website, but a plain old ponzi scam behind the facade.
2017-05-28 While you are at it, can you resort my sock drawer. Thx. Anyway, just a hyip/scam
2015-05-21 If you cannot see that this is just a ponzi, then you really need to study it, until you can see it. You'll be safer.
2017-08-05 A lot of design work went into this fake investment site, make sure that this thiefs work is wasted eh.
2015-09-28 A shiny happy ponzi/matrix. Definitely not what it says on the box.
2015-10-30 Quite a lot of work has gone into setting up this Ponzi/Fraud, shame it's wasted, you all know now that it's a fraud.
2016-08-11 Another 'revshare' ponzi fraud. Just a hyip/scam by any other name.
2017-04-21 A very formulaic rework from a known scammer. Don't put your Bitcoin in. You won't be helping anybody except the scammer.
2014-03-15 Oh dear. This scam isn't even trying hard.
2015-03-23 All you need is 8 suckers to sign up after you, and all the existing suckers need 8 as well. That's how ponzi's work, or don't.
2017-12-04 This site just wrecks bitcoin. These fraudsters give the naysayers ammunition.
2016-11-09 You need to see behind these hyip websites - they are not normal offices, just a pot-smoking shyster putting up websites from his bedroom.
2017-03-22 The bigger ponzi for higher stakes victims of the Fundmycause Ponzi.
2017-02-20 Another site that has just strung 3 terms together for a fraud title. Trashy.
2016-09-18 WooHoo.. Everybody's going to get rich! Calm down your excitement eh, you haven't found the Holy Grail, you've found the Den of Vipers!
2018-05-05 Yet another dodgy doge site. So long as you are aware, it is pure ponzi!
2018-09-01 Don't be a mug. This is just another multiplier scam.
2016-06-20 Super Mining - This is a form of mining that doesn't involve reality. No kit, no real mining, just fantasy and a scammer.
2018-07-26 Also Two 'Boiler Room' scams from the same authors.
2018-07-04 Another hyip/scam trying to steal money and bitcoin.
2015-09-30 This scamsite title may mean something in Turkey?
2016-05-09 It's only January, so we expect some funnier scams to come along, but this takes some beating.
2017-01-06 A sarcastic sitename from this halfwit cheap thief.
2016-04-10 The scammers are turning to Ripple to steal - They figure they are off to a head start with all you noobs.
2018-01-28 Some scams go to great lengths to appear legitimate. This is one example. This scam will no doubt fool some people, but not those of you who have read this entry in our badlist eh. If it is in this list, it is intentional fraud.
2018-10-05 It doesn't matter how much bitcoin you send, your Viagra will never arrive.
2017-01-05 So many of these have the 'Why Choose Us' question framed. We would ask you the same - Why choose a ponzi?
2017-12-01 Disbelief should be the only thing rising. Nothing but a pageful of bullcrap.
2018-02-27 Well that's what happens if you mix Bitcoin and Viagra! Best just stay clear of this site that is erected by an impotent fraudster.
2017-03-15 Be on top' is the slogan. Well, you may as well, you're getting f#*ked either way.
2016-03-06 There is to date no response to our offer to list these chancers here, I can't imagine why not. On the plus side - they have a very nice webpage!
2014-03-01 Robinhood stole from the rich, and gave to the poor. This is no Robinhood. This thief will steal from everybody.
2017-02-20 Robbin' everyone. Just a ponzi fraud.
2017-05-13 It isn't a robot, it's a sleazeball thief looking for suckers to send bitcoin.
2015-10-27 What a load of Roblox.
2016-04-24 It's almost like they are out of ideas. Just a formulaic hyip/scam
2015-06-07 This site appears to be set up just to phish usernames, passwords and emails. A lot of information which they then try on every other bitcoin site!
2017-10-01 Our hyip for today. Don't be tempted by it, these people are career criminals.
2014-09-05 A scam so fast, they had to add a dash to the domain. Avoid this fake mining scam.
2017-03-24 If you know the first thing about bitcoin mining, then you will also know that this is pure fraud.
2018-11-03 Whatever the layout, a bitcoin doubler is just a ponzi. Bitcoin cannot be multiplied, and there can only be 21M in total.
2016-12-22 5-4-3-2-1... And your Bitcoin may as well be on the dark side of the moon, because you aren't ever seeing it again.
2016-09-06 Because the first rocketbtc scam didn't steal enough, here comes pickpocket round 2. Ridiculous.
2016-10-16 A strong smell of Tuna surrounds this operation. We're on it.
2014-10-08 Another hyip/boiler room scam using a UK Reg Company as false legitimacy.
2015-03-23 Another scam from these HYIP Cowboys.
2014-03-10 Scamming people is not cool! Not cool at all.
2017-12-18 Another hyip thief trying to suck up your bitcoin.
2016-01-06 If you are daft enough to send it, then "roll your coin" is exactly what they'll do, as soon as they've spent it on dope!
2017-03-02 There is a real world, and then there is the world of crime, theft and deception. These hyip/scams are where the two meet.
2017-07-01 As the reporter asked - Where do they come up with these names? A hyip fraud. Impossible returns are exactly that.
2017-04-23 Ha, we've rombled their plot, and it is to steal bitcoin.
2016-04-13 This is the scam on a new domain. Thieves.
2015-10-07 All the adverts on this site point to the worst of the Bitcoin Scamsites.
2014-05-12 This is like a museum of mining manufacturers gone by. Even GAW (don't shoot the messenger!)
2017-01-26 Another hyip/scam
2016-02-05 Yeah, they have rocks, bollrocks! Don't get so stoned that you fall for this fraud.
2017-03-10 The latest in a long line of hyip scams. You won't get rich, you will get robbed.
2014-11-27 A right royal reprobate, pretending to up your wealth by 50% a month, but you aren't that stupid - are you?
2017-12-02 Yes, It's a hyip/scam
2015-12-13 They will steal your bitcoin, and royally shaft you. A hyip/scam

RoyalCryptoInvestBot A Telegram scam man. Telegram scams are fairly common, so just don't invest with anybody you just met on Telegram.
2018-11-19 Getting shafted by the upper class, is much nicer don't you know.
2016-03-22 Some people may just be silly enough to buy a Dragon, only to realise they have nowhere to keep it. Oh what's the point...
2017-06-05 Don't believe a word of it, you'll just get royally shafted by this scam/fake mining website.
2015-10-01 Recycling the 'Impossible is Nothing' scam template. Take our word for it, Nothing is not just possible, but inevitable.
2017-05-19 Just a variation on the Bitcoin Generator scams. You cannot profitably mine Jack shit on a PC, the sting will come when you attempt a withdrawal. Curiously, you will neeed to make a deposit.
2018-07-04 Royal storytelling, but sod all to do with mining.
2017-07-25 A right royal scam from the hyip thieves. Make sure they waste their efforts, don't fall for it.
2015-07-14 Was there a 1 and 2? if so, you should ask where they went first really. Fact is though, this is just another thieving little shit, with a webpage.
2018-03-16 Another fkn Ponzi advertising in Bitcoin Space. They call these HYIP's, we call them what they are. Frauds.
2014-05-01 Site built by a 7 yr old, but you may still fall for it.
2015-09-14 Not much effort gone into this cheesier than usual hyip/scam. Hyip's are just anonymised thieves.
2016-02-13 Part of the scam setup - Laughable! Don't fall for this level of ignorance!
2018-02-01 Another hyip scammer that will hate us for ruining his dirty little fraud.
2017-02-07 This registrant is associated with 49 other dodgy domains. Your choice, but we think it is dodgy as f#@k
2015-05-09 WooHoo every one a winner!! So who pays for it all? I guess that must be you then.
2015-08-04 Rude, crude, and just out to rob you. Why even put up the pretence of actual bitcoin mining, when you know nothing about it?
2018-11-11 We wouldn't think it wise to 'Putin' your bitcoin to this site. Too many 'Red Flags'
2017-07-21 Your bitcoin is mine, oil mine! - Another cheesy hyip scam folks.
2018-08-15 Riverbit. Bad reports and experience with this supposed faucet. It goes ponzi, it has popups galore, itain't good.
2015-05-25 Sending you to scam after scam to make from your misfortune. Sad fuckwit.
2017-06-23 If this site convinced you to invest, you had better hope it convinces a lot more people, or you get nothing back! A very convincing Ponzi.
2018-02-10 Another hyip scam with a mining theme. This isn't mining, it is just a thief.

Sites S You can't put S shaped bitcoin in your wallet, so this isn't a great place to mine, besides, it's just a half arsed ponzi.
2018-02-09 It's been away, and it's back in time for Xmas. Scamsite.
2014-11-29 Just out to rob you. Reports of losses already to this scammer.
2015-05-20 Others are hungry as well, but they don't steal peoples money and bitcoin!
2017-04-26 It isn't safe, and it isn't an Investment. The title is a tad misleading.
2016-09-09 Safe-money? It would be safer if you gave it to a crackhead.
2017-03-13 Another wix freehosted scamsite.
2014-10-20 A hyip/ponzi/scam from the same old crew. It will fold and run off with the proceeds at a random moment.
2014-08-05 Never, in the history of the Internet, has more bullshit appeared on one page. Don't fall for this fairly convincing fraud.
2016-06-23 It isn't Safe, and it isn't Capital, so that's that then.
2016-11-09 A hyip/fraud. All hyips are just set up to steal, don't be fooled by their lies.
2016-09-16 This entire operation is anything but safe. A choice of fake wallets, all of which change ownership of your coins to the scammer.
2017-11-12 Safety? No. Paying? No. They have the wrong title to this fraudsite.
2017-03-10 That same wix hosted thief.
2014-07-03 It's a scam, he will steal your Bitcoin. (Free) Wix sites offering Investments are rarely to be trusted.
2014-07-27 You can't "generate" bitcoin, and it isn't a a bitcoin miner either, which makes it - Yes, a very simple scam!
2018-05-03 You may think you are doing ok, but you cannot withdraw, so you probably aren't doing ok.
2018-04-26 We wouldn't recommend any supplier that touts imaginary mining equipment. Only pay with imaginary bitcoin - or Bcash!
2017-09-29 Sounds like that muck that you use to dissolve warts. Salicylic acid is certainly less damaging than this fraudsite.
2017-01-20 A faucet that is as dry as Ghandhi's Flip Flops
2015-12-16 A scam doubler aimed at the Russian speakers.
2014-12-24 Shiny titles don't make it real. Please don't be a fool and fall for these blatant frauds.
2017-12-07 If they didn't steal your Btc last time around, you have a second chance.
2014-07-07 Great domain name, but a crap scam. Don't send Btc, you won't get it back.
2014-09-01 Another scam coin multiplier. By now, you must know they just steal your bitcoin.
2015-08-25 Satoshi's are not here to be stolen by hyip/scams like this cheapo thief. Look after your 'bits'
2016-11-02 No. It doesn't double. It just stays in the thiefs wallet.
2016-05-31 And here it will stay. It isn't coming back from this fraud.
2016-05-24 Don't believe a word of it. This is just an iteration of a tried and trustless scam.
2014-05-03 The same people who ripped you off here, have now set up Just don't get fooled twice.
2016-06-28 Also all associated faucets. eg Satoshinine. Too many reports coming in that none of these payout.
2016-02-05 From the same people who ripped you off at Satishinow. Just don't get fooled twice.
2016-06-28 A pretty straightforward ponzi/scam. It'll be gone with any Btc in days
2014-07-12 Also and All parts of the same scam. All places to lose.
2017-12-04 Save money and bitcoin by not sending it to this thief.
2015-08-26 Weird name, weird layout, and this scammer has never seen a coinminer in his pathetic life. More fake mining themed hyip's to come though!
2017-08-26 A good site gone bad. No longer paying out. Don't believe a word now written on this site. Still going from bad to worse, and still stealing.
2015-08-14 Return in 1.5 - 2 Mths? This scammer has eaten too many mushrooms, nobody will fall for that - surely?
2016-10-25 Nah. Just another fake mining scam, and no SSL.
2015-12-26 This is just another manifestation of a well worn hyip fraud.
2016-12-22 Just don't, you'll be glad you didn't
2015-06-26 This site is phishing for your details and is not even the real fraud
2015-04-30 The maths gave it away immediately. 500MHz Scrypt at 160 watts, and now reports of people losing Btc
2014-06-19 "Ergonomic mining equipment" so you won't get RSI from digging perhaps? Just utter bollox.
2016-06-21 Let's just stop this scam right here and now. It has only just started, so get the warning out there.
2015-10-16 That'll be Davy Jones locker then, especially for your bitcoin.
2016-02-27 "She sells seashells on the seasah" - Go on say it fast 3 times, and see if your bitcoin is still missing.
2017-03-23 Secoby Snacks, yum. Now, if it wasn't for that meddling badbitcoin...
2016-05-03 Just another pathetic hyip/scam. Tedious.
2015-11-10 Psst, wanna know a secret? It's a scam, pass it on.
2016-02-16 Oooh, they'll make you a millionaire in a month! If you are going to tell lies, make them fkn huge lies eh.
2017-11-02 The only thing that is secure, is the 100% chance of being robbed by this crook, were you to ignore this warning!
2018-11-05 With an ssl that says Scure-investment, and it's all downhill from there for this new fraud.
2017-03-13 Utter tripe. Have you ever smelt a Tripe Factory? I have, and if you could smell this site, it would smell like that Tripe Factory.
2017-09-26 The only thing that is secure - is the knowledge that your bitcoin isn't coming back!
2017-11-22 This hyip/fraud site is really cheesey. Scores a full 10 on the Cheesometer.
2016-12-29 Note the domain spelling. This is nothing more than a fraud.
2016-04-22 This sites title is 'Securityfunds' see the Wikipedia entry for Irony
2017-02-22 Tell you what, why not send us your Bitcoin, and we'll give you one Badbitcoin Token per Sat. We predict our tokens will be worth 25% more in a week or two!
2018-10-06 Seeneve sounds like a question from Adam! Anyway, don't think for a moment that this is real Bitcoin mining, it's just another faker with a ponzi.
2018-02-28 As well as being a total scam, this site is also a lesson in why you shouldn't use Java, just because you can!
2018-03-28 The operator of this has links to many hyip/scams. You don't have any good reason to trust this offer.
2015-03-21 This site will steal 100% of anything that anybody sends to it - remember Same chancer.
2016-12-23 Should be Stealbtcinstant. From a serial scammer.
2015-02-19 And, you can do so with a few different unrecoverable payment methods, how cool is that?
2015-08-28 aka Bitcoin Stockers Ltd.reverses the PayPal transactions once they have your bitcoin. Ouch!!
2014-05-14 We've still had no reply from this very dodgy looking site. Use it at your own risk.
2014-10-16 Selyoss - is a Typo, it was meant to read Easyloss.
2017-12-27 If this site has you convinced, about anything, then you may still require additional therapy.
2016-10-25 Another HYIP/PONZI promising impossible returns, sigh..
2014-05-21 An exceptionally implausible cover story from these prolific hyip scammers. Just scummy thieves.
2017-05-23 A pretty straightforward hyip/scam. Don't give them your Bitcoin
2014-09-27 Best described as an 'acid flashback' but as an investment, that isn't a great description.
2017-04-20 Also They have seen the power of the bitconnect scam, and they want a slice! Just another shyster.
2017-12-02 Not direct theft, but as good as. If you get in it, you WILL regret it. Also no SSL, give the world your login.
2014-06-09 Like many of these 'Ad Revenue' scams, this is just a walled garden, making it a ponzi scheme with Ad theme. You will lose.
2017-09-19 A youtube video does not constitute mining bitcoin. This is yet another fake mining hyip scam.
2018-03-05 The cheap phishing version of Shapeshift, they couldn't afford the S.
2017-08-15 This fraud clone of is a one way trip for your coins.
2017-09-03 This fraud claiming to sell Blockchain Shares is moving domain. We will endeavour to follow it.
2017-01-10 Enterprise Solutions', yeah, criminal enterprise.
2017-01-19 This is the kind of company you don't want to keep.
2015-12-21 They put a lot of work into making this fraud/ponzi look appealing. We would appeal to you to heed our warning. This is a fraud.
2016-11-04 Complete lies, deception and general dodginess from the hyip fraudsters. Send bitcoin, lose it. A very simple process.
2016-12-28 This dodgy site could easily fool even an experienced bitcoin user. But you know better, because we told you so.
2016-12-25 As "oppurtunitys" go, (their typo not ours) this is one "oppurtunity" you should let quietly slip away.
2017-02-15 Never let it be said, that you cannot polish a turd - Here's the proof!
2017-12-04 Well, the site is very shiny, but you will just be handing bitcoin to a thief.
2016-03-26 What now - Gandalf is going to double your coins? Oh ffs.
2016-06-03 You can't really backdate copyright notices, unless you are a scam site of course. Fake suppliers.
2017-11-11 There was a brief appearance by a - Same fake mining supplier scam, new domain.
2017-12-14 The kind of coindoubler scam that you will come across often. Nothing special, just a thief.
2017-04-30 You can send funds in just about every unprotected unrefundable way possible. Fortunate, as it isn't coming back anyway!
2017-07-18 Another of these shit ponzi's based on the MMM idea. Hope this operator ends up in jail as well.
2017-01-14 Just on the wrong side of funny. Please don't get involved in this fake mining fraud.
2016-11-28 If you are ever visiting the North Pole, do drop in and visit the mining farm. Say hello to Santa, the Lead Engineer, and Rudolf the red faced scammer.
2017-11-16 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 A selection of simple scams that all work pretty much the same way. You will be coaxed into sending bitcoin at some point. 6/19/18
2018-06-19 Another meaningless fraud. Every one a loser
2017-03-17 The title is about as weird as you get, and the site is as basic as a fraud can be. A Yin and Yang Scam!
2017-09-09 Simply, a great place to get robbed. Never buy or sell bitcoin using PayPal.
2017-08-10 And simple it really is. You read the shit they write, you send bitcoin, you lose it. Simple tasks for those of Ltd intellect.
2017-10-16 Simply a scam. Nothing Pro about it, it's another off the shelf hyip, complete with UK Registered Company.
2018-12-22 Does what it says on the tin, robs You
2014-10-30 Triple your bitcoin! In your dreams. What really happens is that you LOSE your bitcoin. Don't believe us - Try it?
2015-07-29 looks like this site has been around for a while, and we now know from reports that you have always had zero chance of payout. That's what hyips do - they steal.
2016-10-31 Another one of these lending Ponzi's, and headed the same way as all of them!
2018-02-01 Not real mining, just another ponzi scammer trying his luck. Don't get suckered by these online idiots.
2018-12-14 Surprise - it's a sixhourponzi. Made by a trusted bitcointalk member. Well that tells it's own story.
2015-02-04 Sick-spend. Just another fraudsite.
2016-06-08 This is about as big as a ponzi can get, as big as "MMM" but the fake bitcoin mining is why we are listing this fraud.
2016-06-21 You'll believe a bitcoin can fly... but we hope you don't.
2017-01-02 A very very basic doubler fraud. All the usual fakery.
2016-12-26 This is just another bloody hyip. Some people still fall for these worn out ponzis, don't let it be you.
2016-10-25 If they can profitably mine multiple altcoins on 2yr old Antminer USB's then they are truly remarkable.
2016-04-26 A fraud, relaunched and redesigned by adding "2". You couldn't make this stuff up.
2017-05-16 More pie in the sky from this series of Sky Scams.
2016-10-06 Another faucet that doesn't pay you, raises withdrawal threshold, zeroes your account etc, just a crook.
2015-09-20 A fake mining operation, in reality it's a ponzi.
2014-06-22 Well that was clever. This scam moved domain, but kept the title, and so this, and the previous fraud, ended up right next to each other in our badlist. Dumb or what?
2018-09-02 Another Ponzi site that is best described as 'strange'. Hopefully, you smart cookies won't fall for this con.
2017-01-01 Formerly, and still the same scam. Sorry - this got omitted during a recent host update.
2017-02-01 Bitcoin cannot double, so just don't believe lies like this. It's all fake.
2018-07-13 Yup, you guessed, it's a straight line ponzi, but they won't run the site for nothing. Do the maths.
2015-06-19 Claims of fpga miners for litecoin under dev. Sites like this, that have a delivery date that keeps being put back again and again are very common scams.
2014-03-18 Your bitcoin may as well be slush if you send it to this faker.
2016-03-01 Nothing to do with Slushpool, and even less to do with mining - stay clear of this fake mining scam.
2016-12-21 Smart? No, dunb, just very dumb - There is no such thing as a free lunch.
2017-11-20 Let's hope they are smart enough not to be sent to this fraudster. 11/9/16 Relisted
2017-08-20 A rash of frauds from this same origin. Don't get suckered by these prolific slime.
2016-12-01 Probably just the same scammers as previous smarthash sites. We can't get any proof of mining out of them.
2015-05-17 You won't feel so smart when your bitcoin doesn't come back from this blatant fraud.
2016-11-22 These multiplier frauds have been going almost as long as bitcoin. Don't be a fool, bitcoin cannot multiply.
2017-12-21 This cheesy doubler scam is just a waste of a decent domain name.
2017-04-20 On the contrary, dumber than custard is our view. Crypto is clever, these scammers are not.
2018-01-25 A scam from some serial scammers. Don't fall for it please.
2014-12-19 They are a very up-front Ethereum ponzi. The only question is, do you trust someone who runs a ponzi? Maybe you shouldn't.
2018-11-27 Your bitcoin is smart enough not to end up in this fraud, but how smart are you?
2016-05-09 A Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 One of a few frauds from the same creator. There are some good wallets out there - but not this one.
2016-12-22 This fraudster is advertising across social media and craigslist etc. It is just a thief - don't engage with him.
2018-02-06 Snow and Hash. Two products they want when they spend YOUR money with their local dealers, but 'sno hash really happening
2016-09-09 A hyip/fraud
2016-04-27 A Hyip/Fraud
2017-01-09 There's nothing social about it, theft is pretty antisocial.
2016-01-24 Not a hyip or MLM - No, just a fkn PONZI fraud!
2016-08-03 A Ponzi, even broken into lumps called 'matrixes' is still a ponzi, and still a dead loss. If you send btc here, just expect to lose it.
2017-10-18 8% a day on your deposit isn't a system - it's simply a lie. You will send bitcoin or litecoin, and you will be lucky if you get a fraction back.
2018-03-13 Whoever put this really basic ponzi together, was very short of ideas. The word halfwit springs to mind.
2017-06-24 A mining themed hyip/fraud. There are a lot of these.
2017-01-06 You would have to be soft in the head, and greedy to fall for any of the scams and claims made on this domain.
2017-02-26 An off the shelf hyip. Literally a fraud in a box, bought on the Darkweb.
2017-06-11 This crap hyip/fraud isn't even worth thinking up a sarcastic comment for.
2016-11-29 Offering 3% a day - Bollocks is all we have to say to that. Just another hyip scam.
2018-02-11 You don't want to know where that sunlight is shining from - it isn't pretty. Just a hyip/scam.
2017-02-19 Not the first time a scam has used this solar power theme. Hydroelectric Mining is another popular theme used by these ignorant idiots.
2018-10-10 Emphasis on the 'Ex Fund' Just a generic Hyip/Fraud.
2016-05-28 Profit for the scammer, a Total Loss for you though.
2017-04-21 Must be the Viagra working, because it certainly isn't due to this hyip/fraud. All lies.
2016-08-21 Don't try using bendy bitcoins, you'll jam up the Coke Machine. This fraudsite though only does bendy bitcoin.
2016-11-05 Well, who wants a floppy fond. Just a hyip/fraud.
2016-04-28 A sad little hyip scam.
2016-03-28 The only thing solid about this, is the truth, that it is just a ponzi hyip fraudster, and not real mining.
2018-09-10 Another Expert set of Investors who will make you as much Bitcoin as you can eat. or they may just rob you. I wonder which?
2014-07-06 A Hyip/Scam
2015-03-27 This ponzi scamsite doesn't mine anything, except people with more money than sense.
2018-09-11 It's a sort'a scam, but we hope you weren't convinced?
2017-03-09 Really, you expect a total stranger to make you rich. What are you smoking?
2016-04-03 Another oddly named fraud site from these prolific asian scammers.
2017-03-10 This is mining the space in your head, where your common sense used to be! Just a fraudster.
2018-01-08 You need to be a bit "special" yourself to believe this scam.
2015-11-05 If these crooks don't get arrested for fraud, they might get arrested for speeding!
2017-06-23 Run by Karl Douglas? Didn't he sing Kung Fu Fighting. Anyway this site is notable in that it's the first badsite we've had of Turkish origin.
2015-01-26 If you weren't fast enough to lose all your bitcoin in their previous scam, you now have a second chance.
2016-08-28 Lose your bitcoin, but really really quickly.
2016-06-16 Just a fake investment scheme to avoid.
2017-04-04 Litecoin, like bitcoin, is too precious to send to a ponzi fraud. Please don't kid yourself that you will eventually make money this way, you won't.
2018-10-22 When you come across a sit scam like this blatant ponzi, remember, it is ALL lies. All the signed up numbers, payout stats - all lies.
2018-04-24 A barely altered website template is pretty lazy, even by amateur malaysian crook standards.
2016-12-29 Quite a fitting title, as it just a web of lies.
2017-11-15 This scammer is hoping to clean up with this ponzi fraud! Don't be a mug eh.
2017-09-02 The follow up to Spilloverfactory, another presold ponzi, that left behind a heap of broken victims.
2018-11-13 Pre launching a Ponzi (Matrix). Not for the first time, and it won't be the last.
2017-01-20 I never met a Splen I didn't like - Until now! This fraud will give Splen's a bad name.
2017-09-13 This 'new' mining operator has a great website - but do they mine for real?
2017-03-16 This is a shitload of effort to go to for a scam. They have covered most of the bases, but don't be fooled, it is just another ponzi scammer.
2018-08-28 This is a fake of the Spondoolies site. Note the spelling of that domain, you may have to look twice.
2016-02-11 This site is odd, but is just another hyip/scam. Remember, many more people lose than win in any hyip, however dishonest.
2016-09-14 And, like all things that are too good to be true, it's too good to be true.
2017-04-21 Hyip/Scam
2015-10-12 I'm in a four star caviar daydream, think I'll buy me a Football Team! but not through this scamsite.
2018-09-16 A bouncy springy bullshit hyip fraud that has no chance of fooling clever people like you.
2017-03-16 This is one very old fashioned scam template. Straight out of the cheap seats.
2018-03-09 Describe themselves as an Ethical Network. Bullshit - It is a classic Ponzi Scheme, you will lose.
2018-04-16 Another well worn hyip/fraud appearing on a fresh domain.
2016-12-05 Seriously? Don't be the fool that gets suckered by this really lame fraud.
2016-10-13 Finally somewhere to keep your Horse safe! Your bitcoin is another matter.
2017-01-29 The latest in the 'Stablexxx' series of thefts.
2016-09-05 About as stable as a Giraffe on Rollerskates. Pass by this hyip scam.
2017-01-21 A no frills ponzi/scam. Please stop trying to 'play' these scams, you are no better than the thief behind it.
2015-05-21 Silly people. You keep a horse in a stable, you keep bitcoin in your wallet. Tch.
2016-06-20 It's true - this site runs completely on Horseshit.
2016-11-29 Stake-coin(s) A plain old ponzi/scam
2015-03-30 Standard Capital sounds like a legit title, but this is just standard hyip bullshit. You will never get your bitcoin back.
2018-11-04 A pretty basic hyip/fraud.
2016-04-22 Well, if you are going to screw people, what better than a starbit.
2016-10-26 Please don't be fooled by this ponzi fraud.
2017-05-09 Just Ponzi bullshit - But a very impressive range of Crypto's that they will run off with.
2018-02-04 Another of these bullshit community frauds, based on the MMM style of ponzi scam.
2016-12-19 This scam site may catch some newbies. We hope you are reading this because you googled the sitename FIRST!
2018-05-25 They try so hard to convince you that this is a legitimate business - It just isn't. It is a ponzi, like thousands of other Russian Ponzi's clogging the Internet.
2018-02-26 Let's just say - It's a non starter.
2015-12-06 Start losing if you follow anything this dodgy referrer sends you to, including 'Ryan University' another referrer to frauds.
2017-06-23 Mine free, pay for an ugrade, then pay to withdraw, and lose the lot. What a fun ponzi site.
2017-03-15 Total fakery - stay clear of this scam. (Originally added 3/15/17 lost in update)
2017-04-10 A combined bitcoin generator scam, and a ponzi scam all in one place. The scattergun approach to crime.
2018-11-22 (see
2018-05-09 Sorry folks, just another hyip thief after your money.
2015-05-18 This is just a scam from the hyip thieves.
2015-05-07 Well, we tried, but there's nowhere to stick a starting handle, so it must be a fraud.
2016-09-06 A Hyip/Fraud
2016-01-20 Just another hyip/scam. Don't give your btc to these thieves.
2015-06-23 Stealbusines, not steelbusiness. They will steal everything anybody sends, unless they are especially screwing you, because you have a big wallet.
2017-06-25 Another hyip/scam. They all steal.
2017-03-22 Disgusting how low these scammers will go.
2014-03-13 A page full of complete crap from start to finish - Do you still want to invest?
2018-05-21 These hyips need to stay away from bitcoin. They leave bitcoin alone, and we'll leave them alone.
2014-12-26 If you have a fake exchange, to go with your ponzi, it adds credibility. 2 sites that you can say "we were hacked" while you run off with the money.
2018-01-22 A Ponzi aimed at Brazilians, modelled on the OneCoin and MMM Ponzi scams.
2018-01-22 Sorry we didn't see this fake mining scam earlier - Please help us by asking, we can't find every fraud ourselves.
2018-08-12 Another sorry little fraudsite. Please please please stay away from these get rich overnight liars.
2017-03-15 If you were to get stoned enough, it just might seem credible.
2015-08-09 Another scam based on 'Social Community' bullshit. Don't fall for this far eastern fraud.
2016-08-10 Remember the Candy House belonging to the Wicked Witch in the Fairytale? This is that Fairytale! Don't get burned.
2018-01-30 10,000 members in one day, and other made up numbers, on this very average fake mining scam.
2017-10-22 This is Fake Estate, NOT Real Estate. Just a hyip/scam.
2016-08-23 Don't place any trust in this site. It is run by serial scammers.
2014-07-01 Your precious bitcoin is best St Elswewhere.
2016-05-09 Another hyip/scam. They all steal.
2017-03-22 Calling yourself Stratus Group, when you are probably just a halfwit schoolkid is a bit rich. Just another damnable ponzi fraud.
2018-11-08 Every statement on this site is lies, and what have we tried to tell you about PayPal and Bitcoin? DO NOT use this scamsite.
2015-05-19 The only people who have a sure fire betting system, are the bookmakers. Don't get conned by this blagger.
2017-06-24 Their claims are outrageous. Just steer clear.
2014-04-04 Another hyip/scam. Fake investments
2016-01-12 Another hyip scam that we've seen a dozen times before. That's a lot of victims - Ready to be the next one?
2018-06-02 Yeah, these Russian Pro's beat up their pimps! Stay clear of this blatant scam.
2017-07-05 Currently a complete absence of admin, so if you get one of the inevitable payment issues, you are 'stuffed'
2015-11-09 Hosting shedloads of fake crypto giveaway scams. If you see you've arrived here, just leave.
2018-06-25 You aren't an investor - You are a mark. a mug, a sucker, and from our perspective - a victim.
2018-02-23 If you want to Cycle, buy a bike. This is just a Ponzi from the outset.
2015-05-19 Pretty unsuccessful as it goes. You will simply get ripped off.
2017-07-11 You would be better buying a crack pipe - it would be less trippy than this fraud concept.
2017-05-24 These hyips can make these ridiculous offers, because they never intend to honour them. Your deposit will get spent on ads to draw in bigger fools.
2016-12-01 Just another hyip/fraud.
2016-02-23 Their clockwork trading bots, are making them so much money, that they just have to share it with you! Only in your maddest dreams.
2018-10-31 In the words of the legendary band Smokie - Sumwex say they will, and Sumwex lie.
2017-02-14 Problem is, it is fake mining. All this site is for, is to fool you into sending bitcoin, which you will never see again.
2017-09-01 Another confused hyip fraudster. All hyips just steal all depositors funds. What do you think they are doing it for?
2017-02-07 A very blatant ponzi fraud. Don't try to play ponzi's - they win.
2016-12-30 Having seen where the sun is shining from, we'd ask you to avoid this fraud.
2016-06-12 Came across this whilst researching the strangest bitcoin address. This is just a fraud, don't send bitcoin.
2018-01-21 Bitcoin doubler scams have been around ever since bitcoin gained a value. You send bitcoin, they keep it and laugh at you. Simple.
2017-10-06 An Ethereum ponzi from a serial scammer, using Telegram to propogate the ponzi. He just takes the lot eventually.
2018-04-13 Another 'Double Your Bitcoin' Scamsite.
2014-06-07 This scamsite will make you quietly swear - I promise you.
2017-04-12 Yay - It's the Bitatt fraud, just minus the graphics.
2017-03-02 Sounds like something Austin Powers does in his spare time, but it isn't, it's a fraud.
2016-04-07 When it comes to Super Investments, this one is Supermans Pants!
2018-06-26 Deja Vu anybody?? More off the shelf doubler scamcode.
2015-12-20 A Hyip/Scam
2015-06-07 A Bitfury in Satin Shorts with a Red Cape! or the real Identity - Clark Kunt!
2017-12-27 Unfortunately for this simpleton, scamming bitcoin users isn't so supersimple. Some really amateur photoshopping as well!
2018-08-21 Some scams are so vague, that nobody should find any reason to send funds. This is a waste of everybodys time.
2018-06-03 The position with PayPal and Bitcoin has not changed. Trade bitcoin to paypal, and you can expect to get robbed.
2017-03-03 Just don't even go there. there are red flags from the moment you arrive. Additionally, lack of SSL means you are giving your info to anybody who wants it. That's reason enough to list this.
2015-04-30 Also and Once you reach payout threshold, you discover that in order to be paid, you have to send them Btc. Wtf?
2014-07-18 Sorry - Just anither Hyip/Scam. Lose your money and bitcoin to a thief.
2016-07-31 Also,, Four dodgy little sites on a free weebly host. Seriously, we have yet to see an honest Free Weebly...
2014-08-03 This is one of the longest running scamsites we've encountered. No SSL, Members unpaid from 2009 and yet still there.
2014-06-18 Please don't fall for this bollocks. Thank you.
2018-01-21 This oriental themed scam brought to you by Ho Lee Fuk.
2016-07-25 There's an old saying 'If you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance - Baffle 'em with Bullshit' Guess what this site is doing?
2016-11-01 My favourite ever Motorbike was a Suzuki, and strangely, that makes this scam feel extra dirty.

Sweet-Invest.Com Don't do it. You'll rot your bitcoin.
2015-08-03 Not so swell when the payments dry up, which they will, unless you send more funds and more victims to this scam.
2018-12-07 Swift, best describes the speed this motherfucker will run off with your deposit. Another thief with a webpage.
2018-11-27 If you sent bitcoin to a site called Swipe It, then you'd better keep it to yourself. People will quite rightly, mock you!
2017-12-09 If you have sent bitcoin to a site called swipeitworld, then sorry, but you are too stupid to own bitcoin.
2015-12-23 Now on it's 3rd domain - we'll reiterate. If you send Bitcoin to a site called "Swipeitworld" you actually deserve to lose it!
2018-06-23 Why write a whole new scam, just move the hyphen and domain. Formerly
2018-09-04 This scam has changed title from Swissbank-corp to Swiss-corpbank. Errr, not enough to throw the dogs off your scent really Mr Scammer.
2018-06-27 Also A free Cuckoo Clock for every sucker.
2016-03-03 Nobody withdraws! That's the point of a hyip, to keep anything you are naive enough to send.
2017-10-23 Been a while since we had a hyip/fraud on the 'Swiss' theme. This is as dumb a fraud as the rest of them.
2016-12-15 Putting the word Swiss on a fraud seems to catch a great many people. This one has as well.
2017-07-17 Another hyip/scam. They all steal.
2017-03-22 Swiss may profit - but you will just get robbed by this hyip/scam
2015-06-02 It was all going so well this morning, and then we came across this scam. Typical hyip get rich quick. Not you, just the scammer.
2014-09-23 You can mine more bitcoin on an Intel 80386-SX, than on this fakesite. (btw, you can mine zero btc on a 386-sx)
2016-09-15 Ooohh... zero risk investment. In your dreams. This is 100% risk, you WILL lose everything.
2016-12-21 Oh ffs, how weird does a scam have to get. Thieves.
2015-05-07 See
2017-06-23 From a scammer who can't even decide what his name is. That photo has many identities associated with it, and it appears on a few previous scams.

Sites T A bit like Table Soccer, but instead of a ball you use bitcoin, and the same side wins every time. Spooky!
2017-02-28 Also taking bitcoin and anything that any fool will send to them.
2015-12-03 Aww, your Tamagotchi died. They do that though, Tamagotchi's.
2016-06-13 The classic doubler scam.
2017-04-15 The only connection this site has to bitcoin, is the desire to steal it from you. Just another hyip.
2015-05-21 Hopefully, you are reading this before you send funds. If you've sent any, at least try to get them back.
2018-03-29 It even has it's own exchange, where you can trade the blockchainless Tauruscoin - That's it though. Just a hyped ponzi.
2018-01-06 This will lead you into the Bitcointripleplay scam. Don't be a complete fool and fall for this guff.
2017-12-14 The teahouse fraud has moved domain. This is what happens when a Charwallah learns Wordpress. Progress?
2017-02-28 Put the kettle on - oh, sorry, you had to sell it after losing to this hyip.
2016-07-25 Not very convincing. Were you convinced?
2016-08-12 Neither a coin, nor an investment. Just a hyip/scam foiled by us!
2017-06-12 Another barely altered Wordpress theme. You will see this theme used a lot by these lazy scammers.
2016-12-03 The site titles from these hyips are getting more and more odd. Anything that means people don't send funds is good by us.
2017-03-26 A very basic ponzi scam, Your money is long gone before you get to the end of that wait.
2017-06-11 You should take a look at this site, and see just how thick these people are. 'As Thick as a Whale Omelette' as my old mate Ron used to say.
2017-04-04 What next - Invest in Tibetan Yak Farms?
2016-08-12 A few of these scam ad sites are appearing. Revshare or Adpack just means Ponzi, and Ponzi just means fraud.
2016-12-27 A totally fake investment offering. This is known as a hyip fraud, and these are all over the internet!
2018-11-12 Our team of experienced blah di blah - Advanced Algorythm waffle waffle... oh god we are so bored of hyip scams!
2018-06-17 That's the rate of victims this scam is aiming for.
2015-08-06 There's no smoke without fire, and we now have too many reports to be ignored regarding this dodgy cloudmining operator. Best to avoid it.
2015-03-01 DON'T download the software. If you have, then congratulations, it looks like you'll be part of a botnet.
2014-08-17 14% a day for life. That may as well offer 1400% - Nobody is going to give you a free ride, grow up.
2018-03-21 Well, it's terminal for any bitcoin you send to this scam, so probably quite a fitting sitename. We hate scammers!
2018-10-28 Another Hyip/Scam
2014-06-04 Oh, we have a real Livewire here! (excuse the pun) Not Elon, Not Tesla, but it is a scammer.
2018-12-30 Also These 'Peer to Peer' Ponzis from Africa are rife. There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth when it goes pear shaped.
2017-02-07 Wonder what the 'TF' stands for? Totally Fake is our best guess.
2016-02-03 a subscam of the scam.
2017-08-29 Someone using this domain to redirect to the scam. Making money from the losses of others!
2017-11-03 A fake mining fraud that lost a little in the translation.
2017-05-19 The generator fraud on yet another domain. You haven't generated anything but a number, so don't be stupid enough to send the 'fee', and if you do, wave goodbye to it.
2017-08-23 Never in the history of fake mining, has a site looked more like a ponzi than this one.
2015-03-31 I 'ad flu once, it wasn't nice, but I'd rather have it again than suffer reading the report on this shitpile.
2017-03-01 These P2P donation frauds modelled on the MMM pile of doo are sprouting everyhere. Pukeworthy.
2017-02-22 (Dr Michael Moriarty)
2016-05-29 A coin valued according to their own 'formula'. A con in other words.
2017-08-16 Going for BIG bitcoin with this stupidly risky insecure site.
2016-08-30 The site is down at the time of listing, if it comes back, stay clear.
2017-11-09 Just one of the usual scam attempts. Don't fall for this bs.
2017-08-24 Please write to us and tell us why you would believe that bitcoin can double? In the meantime, avoid this fraudster.
2016-11-19 If this fake mining can fool you, then you need to stay away from The Internet without a guardian. This is the most transparent bullshit on the web.
2018-12-22 It used to be, still a scam, binary options themed, and will screw you in so many ways!
2017-12-23 If these crooks contact you, just say "I'm alright Jack, keep your hands off my stack"
2018-08-14 A dodgy fake exchange connected to the fake mining scam.
2017-06-02 Lies from start to finish. This is yet another fake mining offering.
2017-11-22 This hyip/scam is really pushing all credibility to new limits. It's as much bs as you can fit on a webpage.
2017-04-15 They've gone to some trouble to set up this scam exchange. Just hope you found our scamlist first!
2018-02-01 The only things building, are the bag of loot to run away with, and the prison term if they get caught.
2018-04-26 Yet another totally fake investment scamsite.
2015-06-08 This is emerging as a Scam Hardware Supplier. The goods will just never arrive.
2014-06-04 A scam multiplier - bitcoin and Dogecoin this time 12/3/14. Update now calling itself Cryptoleum, an oil themed Hyip/Scam.
2015-04-28 The Enrepeneurs will head anywhere except towards this half arsed ponzi scam.
2017-06-20 That Global Coin scam has re-emerged on this domain. Just a Ponzi/Fraud.
2016-08-31 Yet another Ponzi/scam
2015-02-01 Picture a boiler-room full of fat sweaty men, in vests, and you're close.
2016-09-10 We'll just mark-it as a fraud and add it to our badlist.
2016-05-03 Remember those scenes in The Matrix, where there are hundreds of Mr Smiths, this time it's bitcoin doubler frauds, like this clone.
2016-01-08 These scummy scammers wouldn't know a bitcoin miner if you dropped it on their knobs!
2016-09-15 They should be called The Mining Clowns - This is a joke that wants to steal from you.
2018-01-18 Let's take three random words, and make a new scam name. Yawn.
2017-03-22 This is one part of a small web of MLM's and Ponzi's - What do we pay Regulators and Police to do, if not to stop these blatant frauds?
2018-05-21 From the same scoundrel who brought you the recent Exebtc scam.
2016-10-12 Experienced traders blah di blah, cryptocurrency experts blah di blah - All shite.
2017-04-21 (see
2018-05-08 Yet another lending scam. All the victims from MMM and similar are setting up their own it would seem.
2018-01-19 Yet another PTC with a high payout threshold that isn't paying out. Don't waste your work.
2014-10-07 Three words "scam coin multiplier"
2016-02-14 Ponzi anyone? You are aware that every ponzi leaves the majority as victims.
2017-02-10 Is that a Throne in your vest - or are you just pleased to see me? Stay clear of this half baked hyip scam - unless you want a Throne.
2018-03-05 Thunderbit, the Wonder Scam! Don't fall victim to these cheesey frauds - This one does Cloud Minig, and that's how they spell it!
2017-08-20 A fake ASIC supplier. At this time, anybody saying they have stock, is basically lying. Pre-order at your peril though!
2018-01-15 The tide will go out on this fake exchange if we have anything to do with it! 7/10 exchanges right now, are scammers. Do your research.
2018-03-15 A portal, to scam after scam after scam. Everything is ponzi and out to rob you.
2018-12-12 Time will seem to slow down for your bitcoin as it disappears into the vortex of this thiefs wallet
2015-11-06 A blatant Ponzi Scam from a serial thief.
2015-03-15 Time for your hourly anti-depressant if you've sent your life savings to this scam.
2016-02-06 You'd better have a lot of time, you'll need it to make back the bitcoin that you sent here!
2018-02-11 According to reports on, this site has now been outed as a scam cloudmining site. More to come we don't doubt.
2014-08-23 A blatant Ponzi Scam from the serial thief.
2015-03-15 The domain changes, but this Hyip/fraud stays the same. Coming soon to a domain near you.
2016-06-29 Your btc will go up in flames if you send it to this fraudster.
2016-04-28 So the Titantrade scam wasn't very lucrative, and they are trying again with this fraud. Tiresome little buggers with little imagination.
2018-04-09 Just another scammer offering to pay you interest on your bitcoin. Don't give your bitcoin to this thief please.
2015-10-13 Not mining, just fraud. Don't send anything at all, you will lose it.
2017-11-04 A real bitcoin exchange doesn't look like this. Do you want your name in lights?
2017-02-06 Offering lots of plans like all frauds. There is one plan, and that is to sucker you into sending money, or even worse - Bitcoin!
2017-09-22 Hyip/Scam - don't fall for it.
2015-02-24 Just please don't send funds to this very odd site, and expect anything back.
2016-10-28 Don't kid yourselves - This is just a 2:1 Ponzi scheme, and will fail at the worst time for you, like all ponzi schemes do.
2018-05-23 Never, in the field of ICO Bullshit, has so much ICO Bullshit, been written on one website. If this fools you, then sorry, but you really are foolish with your bitcoin.
2018-10-25 A hyip fraud, out to screw as much out of you, as you have.
2016-07-16 The too good to be true mine. A site that draws you in with a fake faucet, and then sells you into a ponzi. Tut tut.
2018-11-06 The generator fraud. Don't be a fool and fall for these sucker scams.
2017-05-21 Crap title, crap fake mining fraud, from a halfwit wannabe scammer. Did we miss anything?
2018-08-31 They may well be mining tops, but they are mining naff all else.
2016-08-07 A hyip/fraud (fake investment)
2016-08-21 If you cannot buy miners direct from the manufacturer, then don't buy miners. Period.
2018-04-19 Scammers are generally unimaginative - hence the Topaz theme as a follow up to their last fail of a fraudsite.
2018-10-18 Sod all to do with Bitcoin or Mining, this Ponzi wants you to find the next victim.
2018-04-17 Nice title, but just a crap hyip/ponzi on this domain. Don't believe these unbelievable offers, they are genuinely unbelievable.
2018-09-04 A site that leads you to scams galore.
2015-04-28 Another Hyip/Fraud to lure the unwary Investor.
2016-11-14 This scam didn't take long to propogate from the dot com domain. Same fraud though.
2016-11-18 Another fraudster trying to relieve you of your cumbersome bitcoin.
2017-03-07 Top? This fraud comes straight out of the gutter.
2016-10-20 Hyip/Scam
2016-01-26 Another generic forex hyip/scam
2014-12-16 Not dissimilar to the earlier fake mining fraud. This is just a hyip/fraud.
2016-11-28 The word 'Hash' does not mine bitcoin. Bitcoin miners mine bitcoin. This is just another fraud.
2016-11-04 Don't be fooled just because they have a video. It is deliberate fraud, and you really need to avoid deliberate fraud.
2017-06-12 Yet another fake mining scheme. There are no special algorythms, just a ponzi.
2016-03-15 Yeah, why bother to trade yourself, just send everything to this Ponzi scam instead.
2018-05-02 Offers 20% per day interest. Classic fraudster promises.
2014-03-21 Also A Ponzi, not a Ptc, and even worse, read the small print. Please don't fall for this.
2014-07-19 If you get beyond the 'Baby Puke' colour scheme, you should easily spot that these claims are for idiots - not you.
2017-01-05 Well, it is total something, but it isn't an Investment
2018-08-16 Whilst we generally avoid calling out individual ICO's as blatant fraud, sometimes you just have to. 99% of ICO's are frauds, and this is one of those.
2017-10-05 As made up names go, Tp-FXPro sounds really 'up there'. Nice try scammers.
2017-01-09 A fresh hyip/scam. These are all run by robbers - why would you send bitcoin?
2017-04-07 Strangely named hyip's are everywhere. Whilst not strictly Crypto - since it is all fake, these sites give crypto a bad name.
2017-07-19 A typical hyip/scam, UK Ltd Co, and all the usual bs. If all you 'Investors' ever met, you would all share the same tales of loss.
2017-05-04 You'll see this exact same design under different names. Of course it's a scam.
2015-07-01 A fraud from the usual layabouts. The law WILL get you, you know.
2016-06-13 Desperate stuff! Most of the site is pleading with you to trust them. "Look, we have a UK Ltd Company, and we're more trustworthy than the Mayor of Trustville" - Yawn.
2017-11-16 Another multiply your coins thief.
2015-03-11 This will look familiar, it's the fraudsite, just with different dialogue. Still a fraud.
2017-03-13 Faucet auto collectors are invariably just frauds. Faucets protect against bots. These use the same tactics as the bitcoin Generator scams.
2018-08-21 A lot of these hyip/scams look exactly the same. This one also looks exactly the same?
2017-02-17 A very dull fake investment site. Inspires you to make tea and do something else.
2018-03-16 You aren't investing, you are handing your bitcoin to a laughing thief. Please stop doing this.
2018-03-15 The usual 'we are traders' hyip spiel. Just another ponzi scam.
2018-05-18 Guess the dot info domain didn't work out for this scam.
2017-02-13 Razzle dazzle 'em, baffle 'em with bullshit - but don't let them spot that it's just another multi tier ponzi fraud.
2017-01-03 It isn't an exchange, it's a Hyip?fraud.
2016-07-01 They don't trade anything, except your money, for drugs and beer.
2018-12-04 Faked from the bottom to the top. Don't fall for this fraud.
2017-06-24 They want your bitcoin so bad it hurts. You won't get it back.
2016-02-14 An old school attempt at a coin doubler fraud. Bitcoin cannot double. You send it, he keeps it.
2017-04-10 Best limited to your imagination - you lose less bitcoin that way.
2018-01-21 This site may look familiar, because it is just re-using a scam template. Cheap thieves.
2017-09-18 This is a hyip template that has appeared on a few domains, under different names. Don't believe these crooks, they are anonymous thieves.
2018-08-27 Rarely in the history of bullshit, has anybody failed so utterly, to make it convincing. Another ponzi scam to lose bitcoin to.
2017-09-28 This isn't trade. This is theft, from you.
2016-06-29 A straightforward scam. You won't get your funds back, so don't send them.
2015-04-28 Not an exchange site to be trusted. The disinformation is no accident.
2018-11-28 These crooks have nothing to do with bitcoin trading. They just steal it, and money and anything else.
2017-06-13 This site could easily entrap you if you are new to the subject of Cryptocurrency. Keep your bitcoin safe.
2018-03-16 You won't find much trade here, apart from this scum selling your bitcoin to buy crack!
2018-01-21 A classic hyip scamsite. There is no trading, no investments, just a robbery.
2015-02-12 Yet another hyip/scam. All these sites simply steal your bitcoin and money.
2015-12-21 He isn't a 'Trader' but this scammer WILL 'Screw' you. Quite a fitting title.
2017-03-25 Make sure these hyip scammers have a very bad christmas this year. Don't give them your bitcoin.
2014-12-12 A meaningless title, to a groundless scam. Just another hyip script to steal your funds.
2018-11-28 30% per month - and associated with Ethtrade! Dream on folks, dream on.
2017-02-02 Just another old scam, nothing to see here folks.
2014-09-10 A sitename that rolls off the tongue like a housebrick, and a total fraud.
2016-09-23 What a childish title! If you send bitcoin to this, you only have yourself to blame.
2017-06-18 Don't ask where they plan to hide your bitcoin. It's a good job you aren't getting it back!
2017-01-28 Another of these 'Revshare' frauds. It's just a Ponzi, you are advertising to suckers like yourself!
2016-07-04 For all the spiel, it is just another ponzi scam. A pyramid scheme - with no product.
2018-05-08 A Ponzi/Fraud.
2014-06-23 Your bitcoin cannot make 35% a day. You are sending it to an anonymous thief. Don't kid yourself eh.
2018-12-19 More of the same old Ponzi. 200% return, yawn. Go on - Wave your Btc goodbye, we dare you
2014-04-17 And, any other schemes anywhere on this domain. All are frauds, mostly aimed at the Russian audience.
2017-01-08 A pretty average hyip production. A hyip, is a pickpocket that is too lazy to leave his lounge. Why would he when you are dumb enough to give him your bitcoin!
2018-09-21 You would have to be out of your tree to believe that this investment is genuine. Just a scam folks!
2017-03-04 By 'Mining Platform' they must mean a shelf, because there is fuck all mining happening here.
2017-03-22 Currently a russian language only hyip/scam
2016-02-01 A hyip from a proliferant group of thieves
2015-05-07 Please don't believe a word on this website. Thank You.
2018-02-17 Nothing to do with the real Trezor, but everything to do with fraud.
2016-12-10 This site is like an Exam Paper for Students of Grammar. If it makes sense to you, you may have a difficult time ahead of you.
2016-10-27 We avoid listing ICO's, unless they are as dumb and blatant as this one!
2018-05-14 Just because it is a very professional looking site, doesn't make it genuine. This is a ponzi scam, run by thieves. Please don't believe a word of it.
2017-08-28 Stretching credibility 50% further than your bog standard 'doubler'
2017-01-03 Stop dreaming, stop being a sucker, all these multipliers are just a thief trying to fool you.
2015-12-14 Another scam btc multiplier. It will steal all the bitcoin at the time of its choosing.
2014-10-16 Tripping? You're damn right you're tripping.
2017-06-07 You would have to be trippling to believe this hyip/scam
2016-02-10 A very odd title indeed for this hyip fraud.
2017-06-24 A hyip a day keeps the Bitcoin away. Yet another Btc scam.
2014-06-29 That scam title is abbreviated, the ullsh is missing, it should read
2016-11-29 Nothing to add.
2016-06-10 Hmm, what do you call a fake mining ponzi? Truemine! That'll fool them.
2018-11-08 Because there are a lot of these hyip/scams, people think there must be something to them. There isn't. They all just advertise a lot, and steal everything.
2016-02-14 Looks familiar,that's because these graphics appear on other hyips.
2016-05-11 This is the other Donald, The Duck.
2017-01-06 Whatever it says on the cover - it is just a ponzi. The internet is awash with ponzi frauds.
2017-12-01 Just don't trust this fraud site.
2016-08-17 Another zombie hyip domain come back to life, and hungry for bitcoin.
2016-02-25 Do they 'Steel' doors as well as bitcoin? (our little pun)
2017-03-22 Nothing to do with betting, everything to do with hyip, and a guaranteed fail.
2017-04-23 Trust no one, and especially don't trust this scammer.
2018-01-21 Don't trust - Verify. We have verified that this is a really blatant scam. Don't believe a word of it.
2018-07-15 Don't trust, don't send bitcoin, don't deposit - and you'll be happier than if you did.
2016-08-02 But don't trust this one, it's a scam.
2016-01-13 So it says HYIP in big letters on the landing page. You were warned by the site. No excuse for losing.
2016-05-14 Incorrect usage of the word trust by this hyip/fraud
2016-03-22 Hyip/Scam
2015-07-07 Misplaced trust. The word trust should never appear on this poxy scamsite.
2018-10-26 Trust and Hyip shouldn't appear in the same sentence. You WILL get ripped.
2016-09-10 Anything offering Binary Options is just a scam to begin with, but this is a scam on many other levels. Pure shite!
2018-02-27 These halfwit fraudsters are really struggling to come up with credible domain names. This is like a 4 year old thought of it.
2017-03-15 Yes it's a really crap childish sitename - but that's the best part. A pathetic attempt at fraud.
2017-06-09 This is a ponzi scam. If you've never seen one before, this is about as obvious as it gets. You will certainly lose most or all of whatever you put in.
2017-09-07 Another Hyip/Scam
2015-12-13 Yet another fake investment site. They just steal your bitcoin.
2015-06-24 Those twats who put up these frauds must really hate us. Let's keep spoiling their party until they give up. We won't!
2017-06-14 A very odd title, no relation to the subject - but hey, all irrelevant as it is just a fraud.
2017-01-23 Whatever the sites intentions, don't risk it. You just don't have to send unrefundable money to an anonymised operator
2015-08-12 Please don't go clicking around in this obvious fraud. The generator scam, with a twist!
2018-01-27 What does that even mean? Regardless, it's just another hyip trying to steal from you.
2015-11-02 Turbocycler makes a fresh appearance. A cycler is a ponzi is a fraud, with real victims.
2017-01-15 It is a Ponzi, just split into separate pyramids. You know that every ponzi has more losers than winners.
2017-01-06 I have a dig bick, You wrong that read, you read that wrong too. Like the title of this fraud.
2016-09-15 It's a shame you can't actually mine "Tush" here (snigger) because it isn't mining anything else either. Just another fraudster.
2018-06-16 Twelve? Why twelve?? Expect follow ups to this cheesy ponzi scam.
2018-09-10 "A system that will change your life" well, they got that bit right.
2016-07-17 It isn't mining, it is straight theft. Just a webpage of fantasy, written by a thief.
2017-02-21 There have been thousands of these doubler frauds. They are all frauds due to the simple, unalterable fact that bitcoin cannot double.
2017-06-11 What an apt title, this really is the twilight zone, where nothing you see is real!
2017-12-16 I just did it too - looked at my Trezor in a mirror, but I still own my bitcoin.
2017-01-02 It's all done with mirrors.
2016-06-16 This site sets off looking fairly convincing, then they blow it with a blatant Ponzi/Fraud.
2016-11-26 A Hyip/Fraud thinly disguised as a Forex/Fraud.
2016-09-06 100% risk free investment - in other words, complete fucking fantasyland! Just a rubbish fraud.
2017-02-16 You think your bitcoin balance is txiny now - it'll be even txinier after you send it to this scummy scammer.
2018-06-15 This is not mining, this is really half arsed ponzi.
2017-08-15 If you put your life savings into this, you won't have any savings any more. Don't get sucked into this scam.
2018-09-01 Browser mining is just bs. You cannot cover your power cost, and you are exceptionally unlikely to ever be paid out from any of these - especially this one.

Sites U Despite the grand claims, this is a bogus Exchange. (whoever these idiots are?) actually endorses this scamsite telling you it is safe! It isn't.
2018-11-29 Another bitcoin scam from the hyip slime.
2015-07-05 There is no legitimate bitcoin doubler. If you send bitcoin, the thief will keep it. This is a fact.
2016-07-06 United Bitcoin - Looking like the main plan is to dis-unite you and your Bitcoin! Never ever give a private key to your wallet to any 3rd party, no matter how many sweets they offer!
2017-12-12 The "Up Bitcoin" scam on a fresh domain, needless to say, stay away or lose your bitcoin.
2015-02-12 Oh if only it were true. of course it isn't. Sorry scammers, must try harder.
2015-07-26 Somewhere out there, is the one single ICO that is worth a light. It isn't this one though.
2017-11-28 Scam doubler. Nothing to add.
2015-02-17 For now, we'll warn you that the site has no SSL, no https. That rings enough alarm bells for now, we'll chase up the rest.
2014-06-08 The smell of fishiness is strong with this one - Not even SSL to calm your nerves.
2016-10-29 The bogus 'Las Vegas' mining manufacturer moves to a fresh domain. is commonly used by scams.
2017-02-06 If you saw what it is that u funds, u wouldn't fund it.
2017-01-21 Fairly standard hyip script. You will never find the sod who robs you!
2018-05-13 Well, it isn't really UK, it isn't Forex Trading, and it isn't a Bank either! So now you know.
2017-07-27 The snazzy graphics are a great example of style over substance, from this hyip/fraud
2016-02-25 What a fitting title. The UK is the money laundering Capital of the World, so a fraud named UKinterest is really appropriate.
2017-03-05 Another new flashy fraud from the hyip scammers. Don't try it, you WILL lose your bitcoin.
2016-08-01 A very worn out style of hyip scam.
2016-03-16 A funnel site to suck you into the USI-Tech Ponzi Scam.
2018-01-01 Like all ponzi schemes, this one will fail and leave you high and dry.
2016-04-26 Get the ultrabit, between your ultrateeth, and send your bitcoin, to this ultrathief. I should have been a poet, ah well.
2017-06-14 This site may even redirect to a different fraud, but whatever it goes to, stay away from.
2017-02-04 A fresh PayPal to Bitcoin exchange scam. You will get robbed.
2017-05-09 Only one problem - There is no mining, just a faked website.
2017-07-02 This isn't real mining, so don't send money or bitcoin. Simple.
2018-02-07 Ultra, and Infra cannot be seen or heard without aids, this mining cannot be seen or heard, because there is no mining!
2017-08-17 A Hyip/Scam
2015-03-27 Don't expect your bitcoin back from these hyip thieves, and you won't be disappointed.
2016-07-27 How much BS can you fit onto one website. This site is going for the record. If you want to give your money away, give it to us, we could use it.
2015-10-11 Oh, this site is really really crap. This would break a Crapometer if there was such an instrument.
2017-11-12 A very bland hyip/scam. Needs some salt.
2017-03-17 Also Two sides of the same con. Binary options are a coin toss, even on a good day, these are just frauds.
2016-02-01 These fraudsters must really hate us. We blow their plans to get rich at your expense.
2016-08-30 One of these Hyip nut jobs trying to steal your Bitcoin.
2014-06-24 Any way you look at it, it's still just a Ponzi. You get paid from fresh deposits. Don't risk your bitcoin.
2014-12-29 More bullshit based on the MMM style ponzi scams. Oh, you're donating your bitcoin alright!
2017-07-20 Oh this is crap! If this is the level of scam that we are reduced to listing, we may have to set up a scammer school to improve the quality.
2017-02-08 This scam won't be around very long, but we'd better add it anyway.
2017-05-10 Yeah right. Don't be a sucker to this hyip/fraud.
2016-03-25 To say that hyip's are fairly recent, this is old fashioned even by hyip standards of crap.
2017-04-30 Cryptocurrency cannot double or multiply. Don't send doge to fraudsters like this, they just come back to steal more.
2018-10-26 Oil and Energy themes seem to be popular with these hyip frauds.
2016-12-24 A scam being promoted via Facebook and Social Media. Totally fake, just fraudsters.
2018-06-30 These 'lending' themed scams are common - Earn interest from lending, OK, so try and borrow? Funny that there is no way to apply, so who are you lending to?
2018-01-13 Unusual? Far from it. This is as standard a fraud as we ever see.
2016-08-09 This is just the Bitatt scammer on a new domain.
2015-10-09 Grow your Bitcoins' This is almost a classic scam now. The code is openly sold, and you are giving your coins to a thief.
2015-06-18 (And The classic multiplier frauds.
2016-05-29 One from the hyip scammers. Just a robbery.
2015-01-22 Yet another scam multiplier. You know you are a fool to send coins to these thieves. The site will go down, clear your balance, and come back a day later. They all do.
2015-04-22 This is dire. If you understand it, you may have other issues besides losing bitcoin to this fraud.
2016-12-01 There is no such word as 'Upmost'. Uppermost, or Utmost perhaps, but hey - who says you need to be able to read and worte in order to steal.
2016-10-01 The latest X100 scam.
2015-01-25 Totally misleading. You will lose most or all of your money if you follow these instructions.
2018-11-01 Does this scam herald a new rash of Oil Themed Hyip's. Hope not.
2018-06-21 Another hyip scammer that wants to steal bitcoin as well. What's with the snow theme? Weird.
2017-10-29 US - as in Unserviceable. Just another Oil themed hyip/scam.
2017-01-16 Oohh, what a grand title. If you are going to tell a pork pie, make it a big one.
2017-08-05 This is a main domain with other scams on sub-domains.
2017-01-21 A very odd title, but just a hyip/scam like so many.
2017-07-14 Do you have a squeaky USA? Did you oil it properly? We may have the solution. Don't send funds though, you'll lose them.
2017-07-05 It's not USA based, it's fuck all to do with Forex, and it isn't a Bank either. Can you guess what it really is?
2018-09-19 Yes, another hyip/scam
2016-02-11 If you have given details to this site, then cancel those cards immediately. It is only set up to steal those details.
2017-11-09 Another hyip/scam from the usual suspects.
2015-06-27 When a scammer puts up a site as rubbish as this, they usually spend more on ads than they steal - which is nice.
2017-01-15 One more scam to add from these hyip thieves - Don't believe a word they write, they are thieves and they laugh at your stupidity.
2017-08-08 One more Hyip/Fraud added to our badlist.
2016-06-18 A badly put together hyip/fraud
2016-03-28 One more from the hyip thieves.
2016-01-21 Tether? Gold? Should these be in the same sentence? As this is just a ponzi, it doesn't matter this time I suppose.
2018-07-01 But don't use this fraud site.
2016-04-30 This Ponzi has already caught many people, don't be the next. A matrix, is just another term for a ponzi.
2017-06-05 The Ponzi scam that just reappears on random domains! It's like Ponzi "Whack 'A' Mole"
2017-12-07 Run by an 'Independent USI Partner' or 'Sucker' as they are better termed.
2017-09-11 This may appear as .net or .anything else. Wherever you see this title, it will be this dumb as fuck fraud.
2017-03-10 Strangely named sites are very common from this particular fraudster, and here is another one.
2017-02-22 When they say 'virtual coin' that is the only truth on the page, because it ain't fkn real.
2017-02-22 A fairly generic hyip/fraud. There are 7640 UK Companies registered at that same address.

Sites V This pathetic excuse for an ICO is just out to fool newbies. If their coin is so good, why would they want bitcoin? It's a fair question.
2017-12-02 Nothing valid about this site. And as the cherry on top, no https/ssl either.
2015-01-16 Risk free bitcoin investments do not exist. Any site telling you that your investment is risk free, is entirely the opposite, and is 100% risk.
2018-11-03 Seems to be just a random name chosen for this off the shelf hyip script. Yet another to add to our badlist.
2018-11-14 More futility from the Hyip/Fraudsters.
2016-04-20 Direct from the c#cksuckers who brought you FuseBux, and ProBux. As we all know (because we told you so!) Bux Sux.
2014-08-09 Whoever put this fake mining offering together is as thick as mince. Don't fall for this please.
2018-06-29 The silliest hyip/fraud you may ever see.
2016-04-29 Even if this was legitimate, which it isn't - Would you want to pay 22% fees per TX? Just a scam.
2017-12-09 This is what is known as a 'Forced Matrix'. You can't withdraw without referring a couple more victims to this ponzi scam, and then can you?
2017-06-23 A very trypical example of a hardly altered hyip script. These people always run off with the funds. They aren't a business ffs!
2018-05-02 Oh they'll free your finances alright, just not in the way you expect.

VBBB and 1WBE Looks like this has ground to a halt. There'll be no white label Exchange for you then.
2014-10-31 Hyip/Scam
2015-07-07 Another "Forced Matrix" piece of spiel. The numbers don't alter just because you break a ponzi into chunks. They all leave at least two victims, for every gainer.
2018-06-23 Also A binary, matrix, ponzi hyip, with chopped nuts on top!
2017-09-06 If you were looking for a ponzi to send bitcoin to, this is one. You will lose it, but surely that's part of the fun!
2017-06-21 Curious choice of name for this below average scam attempt. Just another hyip style larceny.
2018-09-23 This guy steals your money
2014-03-22 Another Hyip/Scam. If you send funds, you lose funds.
2016-01-12 They don't trade, they don't pay depositors, they do steal bitcoin though.
2018-09-30 Another hyip/scam.
2016-01-24 One thing is for sure, you will be a fully verified fruitbat if you believe this drivel. Risk free blah de blah de blah...
2018-01-26 They have ideas for your money. Bad ideas.
2016-04-26 Nothing is as it appears, even using details from a Dormant Company, this fake exchange is just out to rob you!
2018-04-17 Hyip's have recently taken a backseat to ICO scams, but they are back - including this little fraudster.
2017-11-30 A fraudsite, very much as bad as its title. Just a crap ponzi.
2018-08-24 "An UK Company" that skipped grammar lessons.
2017-04-26 Another bitcoin doubler. Bitcoin cannot double.
2017-11-11 Another of these rotten HYIP schemes. Stay Clear, it's a Ponzi/scam just like all the other HYIP's.
2014-05-14 If it wasn't a fraud, it would collapse purely due to the wage bill. Any genuine startup is one or two people to pay, not subsidising a small Town!
2018-03-04 A Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 This scams Bank Grade Security begins with a lack of SSL, but as it is just a ponzi, it is somewhat irrelevant.
2018-01-17 Another ponzi fraud with a mining theme. If you want real bitcoin mining, this isn't what you are looking for.
2017-08-31 Just about the most badly put together scam on the entire Internet. Seriously crap. Worth a visit to see just how crap.
2018-09-01 This scammer is no groovy Flowerchild, just a robber.
2014-08-17 Download that file at your peril. Never download 'bitcoin' software unless you really know what you are doing.
2015-10-05 Oh you are important alright, you are the key to this scammers financial future, a proper VIP.
2018-06-21 What do we keep telling you? That's right - All these coin doublers are just thieves.
2015-10-06 Hyip/Scam
2015-06-03 Matrix, Multiplier, Doubler or Ponzi - They are all just out to rip you. These arseholes are not philanthropists ffs.
2017-03-08 Very frilly, but a pretty straightforward Ponzi under the bonnet.
2016-09-25 Another weirdly named fraud. These names probably mean something where these thieves come from.
2017-02-06 It isn't a multi coin wallet, it's a multi coin ponzi fraud. You stand at least a 10:1 chance of being one of the victims.

Virtapay This is a classic earn 'bux' type of scam. The non-existent unbacked internal currency you earn are worthless outside of the scheme.
2014-05-06 Virtue Coin? You'd better keep your legs closed, as well as your wallet! Don't send bitcoin to this worthless lowlife.
2017-08-25 What do you mean you can't see that bitcoin you sent to this thief, do you need your eyes tested?
2017-01-06 If you leave it long enough on the landing page, the java will make you throw up. That is probably the best outcome.
2017-11-08 It's all fake folks. Fake payout and deposit data, fake promises, fake provenance. This hyip/fraud has every element.
2016-11-15 A fake mining site. These hyip/scams love stealing bitcoin. Don't give them yours.
2015-06-17 So you were looking for dog treats, and found this scam instead.
2017-05-20 Just don't. This is nothing but fraudsters doing what they do.
2016-02-16 However they dress it, a ponzi scam is still a ponzi scam. Do you believe these people want to make you rich? Do they fuck want to make you rich.
2017-05-09 Luckily, you won't send bitcoin because you are now fully aware of the lack of SSL, and the side issue, that it's a scam.
2015-12-18 If you want voiceprofit, practice singing. If you want a return on your funds, go elsewhere. This is a hyip scam.
2018-11-27 With a name that sounds like that anti nit shampoo, and a 'massive' amount of mining (nearly pissed myself laughing) you wouldn't be wise to deposit here.
2017-10-16 Virtual reality? I'll fkn say it's virtual, but your loss will be real enough.
2016-03-21 And,, Centauricoin - All parts that make up this Ponzi/Fraud. One for the Feds.
2016-09-12 We are starting to get a lot of bad reports. Best not to get involved with this.
2015-05-14 It isn't trading - It's a ponzi run by crooks, who always run off with the suckers funds.

Sites W Wait, and keep waiting, and chew your fingernails, and finally it may dawn on you that you have been mugged!
2017-08-23 Another hyip/scam
2016-02-14 A very strange concept for this otherwise formulaic scam. Wales - where next, Upper Volta?
2017-08-30 An online wallet not to use. They will keep your bitcoin - You don't have the private key! For an online wallet use
2018-01-11 This site has sprung up and is causing a lot of consternation. That support number 1-800-509-3075 for most Cryptocurrencies is bs. Stay well clear of this complex fraud.
2018-04-11 Yeah, plus an extra 'L', but Minus credibility, honesty, believability.
2017-03-26 A hyip/scam, don't be fooled into sending bitcoin.
2016-01-07 WallstreetBull? Nope, just HyipBullshit.
2017-01-16 We expect Walmart will have something to say about this particular fraud.

War How can we claim to have evolved, when we continue to slaughter each other? What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing! (also see Religion)
2018-11-11 Charity begins at home - This ponzi admin is wanting a very big home for himself, and you're paying.
2018-05-08 Yeah, wave it goodbye!
2017-08-02 Fake mining is the theme for this hyip scam, as usual, it's all just lies.
2018-11-26 To quote them "Investing in Bitcoin doesn't have to be complicated process" Ignoring the grammar, it doesn't have to be deliberate fraud either!
2018-06-29 In the UK, a WC is another name for a Toilet. That just about sums up this site then.
2017-10-02 Another pile of crap from the hyip fraudsters.
2016-07-15 That most basic of frauds - The Coin Doubler, but this time aimed at Doge.
2018-05-18 Laughable. This is a great example of blatant hyip fraud though.
2017-05-21 Pay every day, right up until the day they don't, which is well before you have your money back!
2018-12-12 Their Investment Strategy is this. They put up a website, you send them bitcoin, they keep it.
2016-05-01 They'll manage your bitcoin just fine but they won't ever give it back.
2015-11-02 Just another damn hyip, scam investment. A thief by any other name.
2015-08-26 This fraud is so cheesey, even the French would poo poo it. Roquefort with attitude!
2017-03-16 You send bitcoin, they keep it, you lose it. Rising just isn't the right word.
2017-07-02 These bitcoin generator scams are everywhere - This one is Kermit coloured!
2018-06-22 Is a hyip/ponzi site aimed at the russian market. These sites will always close at some point and take all the money.
2014-07-12 Some really odd domain names from these people! They say they aren't like a ponzi, and they are right - They are a ponzi, not like a ponzi!
2018-05-16 PayPal for Bitcoin on a freehosted weebly site - what can possibly go wrong?
2017-02-22 If you get a first payment back - keep it and run away. You probably won't though. If however, you get sucked further in - you will be made to feel very very foolish.
2018-02-14 We go online too, to investigate frauds like this one! Don't lose your bitcoin to a cheap thief.
2017-07-18 Really people. It tells you it's a Ponzi. Please don't send btc, bitcoin is a serious project, not a scamfest.
2015-01-09 Also Variants of the cryptoshaft ponzi. Don't get shafted.
2015-02-18 You couldn't make it up! We don't really expect too many people to fall for this half arsed site, but just in case, please don't risk it.
2014-11-12 But you just get fleeced. A hyip/scam
2015-12-03 From 'Magic Bitcoin Beans' and you get to grow your own Blockchain Beanstalk. Oh ffs.
2017-03-28 This bitcoin scam is available in a wide range of bad translations. Lucky you.
2017-03-23 The disgusting attempt at pretending that this ponzi/fraud is somehow 'charitable' is a step too far, even for thieves.
2017-02-17 We don't.
2017-01-12 It may be well, but it won't be yours any more. This is a thief.
2016-09-07 Well don't! You'll lose it all.
2016-07-26 Well shite is our assessment of this fraud - they got so close with that domain, just not quite.
2017-05-13 Busy little hyip scammers keep churning these out - and some fools actually send bitcoin!
2018-01-21 This amateur fraudster is at it again with a multiplier scam. If you send bitcoin to a pickpocket, don't be susrprised when he runs off with it.
2016-12-20 If you want your bitcoin to "Go West" (US=Go South) Then this is the site for you.
2016-08-29 Fraudsters are really thin on ideas, so here we go with another multiplier.
2017-01-03 A classic hyip scam
2015-02-17 Not surprised that a couple of people have already been scammed by this. It looks plausible, but it is just a hyip ponzi - a fraud.
2018-04-05 Fake mining like this, offers much better returns than real mining - because they don't intend to pay you it anyway. Just a Ponzi scheme.
2018-06-16 Must be some very special software for this kind of money - Don't be a fool eh.
2017-11-20 Is it really this easy to steal money from people? It must be, because these hyip scams keep coming. Maybe we should all have one.
2018-07-20 Something not quite white about this site? Perhaps because it's just a fraud.
2017-01-09 Another hyip/scam from the usual suspects. They WILL rob you.
2014-12-20 On the plus side, this hyip fraud is slightly less ridiculous than the Whitehouse in America right now. Did you know, that in the UK, a Trump is a Fart? True.
2017-09-21 Straight from The Ponzi's for Dummies guide by B. Madoff. Don't be a victim of these prevalent ponzi fraudsters.
2018-04-13 This fake mining site is just another damnable hyip scammer. Stay well away.
2017-03-24 Did somebody just fart?
2016-05-01 This is a 'Wind Up' from the usual suspects. Just a hyip/scam
2016-12-17 We quite like that domain name - it's a shame it has been adopted by this common hyip scam. Ah well.
2018-07-14 Don't download this malicious Winminer Software. It scans as malware.
2018-03-24 After completely failing with the previous, this halfwit has decided on a new name for his fraud.
2017-02-02 We've seen it all before, and no doubt we'll see it all again. Lies, more lies, and fakery.
2017-09-07 a new hyip/scam from the Thieving Team.
2015-06-03 It will be a very very cold winter when you have no money left for logs! Don't be a fool, don't send funds here.
2017-12-07 Wired? To fall for this, you wouldn't just need to be wired, totally spaced out of your nut maybe!
2017-08-05 Is it a Ptc or an Exchange or a Scam?
2014-07-04 These kidders missed half the sentence - it's full title is 'With Crayons we can draw easy'
2017-04-17 A hyip scam with a mining theme - Just total bs.
2017-12-15 You won't get those returns, they are just lies. What you will get, is robbed.
2017-08-10 Why not? Where to start, well, it's a fraud, a ponzi and a thief with a webpage - That's why not.
2017-03-09 Note the 1 not I in the title. This isn't an investment, unless you like losing to ponzi's?
2017-03-24 What is a wolf doing wearing a vest? but seriously - this is just a thief who wants your money.
2018-03-16 Wong site to send coins to, avoid this scam.
2015-04-06 A hyip/scam
2015-12-20 All that these generate is a trickle of victims. Never send bitcoin to get bitcoin - That's the scam part.
2018-01-07 (Bitcoin Bank) A freehosted abyss for bitcoin. Cheap thief.
2015-10-22 A wix hosted bitatt clone. The flaw isn't the blockchain, the flaw is human greed blinding common sense.
2015-06-01 They are mining the world, they are mining fuck-all else though! Another scammer too stupid to understand his subject.
2017-11-19 There seems to be no theme too detached from reality, that it won't be chosen for a hyip/scam? They don't pay you know.
2017-01-10 What a very grand title. Can't think of one much grander. Polishing a turd comes to mind.
2017-01-07 It wouldn't matter if it was titled BestFuckingCyclerInTheUniverse, it would still be a poxy little ponzi/scam.
2017-07-01 Ten percent per day! maybe in another parrallel universe, not in this one. It's a scam
2015-09-10 (see
2018-05-08 More complex than the usual pickpockets, this site will offer you a career. Don't bite, it's just a fraud.
2016-02-14 More random bitcoin related words strung together to make a totally dumb fraudsite.
2017-03-17 Fake mining is a common tactic to get you to part with your precous bitcoin. Here is another example of fakery!
2018-06-21 No mining to be seen here - move along please. Just another faker wanting to steal bitcoin.
2016-12-14 This fake mining scam may appear on yet more domains. It is trying to stay ahead of our listings.
2016-12-24 It takes a lot more than a page full of lies to produce Cryptocurrencies. Basically, if a mining contract looks profitable, it isn't real.
2018-08-22 More a world of deceipt fraud. Expect a few fake suppliers at Xmas time.
2015-11-26 You think you've seen it all, and then this! Pre-ordering a "Ponzi Position" The World has gone mad.
2017-05-08 A big name for what is just a shitty little webpage. All lies, and if you fall for them, you only have yourself to blame for not Googling it first. You'd have found this listing.
2017-06-15 Not very much we need to say about this site. Fake bitcoin mining at it's most obvious.
2017-09-14 Worthy of adding to our badlist anyway. Hyip/Scam
2015-07-14 No, this isn't going to surpass Bitcoin! Another idiot ponzi scheme to avoid.
2018-01-10 Wozz nano, now it's diamonds they've shifted this scam theme to.
2016-07-25 Also Two sides of the same 'coin con' Styled on the Onecoin malarchy.
2017-04-30 We have one message for these hyip scammers - Stay away from Bitcoin, and we'll stay away from you! Don't, and we'll warn people of your criminal intent.
2017-10-16 Only one question - Why the 'v' is in there? Flush your bitcoin away.
2017-04-21 A fake/phishing site set up to fool you. Check the url, and make sure everything looks right before you enter you login details!

Sites X If Binary 1=Yes and 0=No, then this scamsite is 0.
2017-01-02 Why the fuck would we spend thousands of dollars on bitcoin mining equipment, if you could just magic into existence. Get real!
2017-06-04 If your browser lets you go here, get out quick, and certainly don't download their malware.
2015-10-05 One of the sub-scams.
2017-11-21 As soon as you see PayPal and Cryptocurrency as exchangeable, you should run a mile. There has never been a legitimate way to do this.
2016-12-08 Also Will try get you to invest in 'Super Shares' which are an internal currency like Bux, and have no value outside the site. It's just a Ponzi. Sorry if you're in it
2014-05-21 The Bitatt scamcode. Fortunately, hardly anybody falls for this scam nowadays.
2015-07-19 This scam has relaunched as a get rich quick system scam. Don't be a sucker. (Previously added 2/11/18 when it was an Eth scam)
2018-12-10 Was it the slick video that sucked you into this ponzi? It isn't real trading, and if you send funds, don't expect them back.
2018-11-24 Another cheaphosted site that may or may not load for you, but if it does, it's just a scam anyway.
2017-01-27 Only in your dreams does bitcoin double.
2016-03-07 This version of the coin multiplier fraud is doing the rounds om a few domains. It is always just theft.
2016-12-22 Another familiar scam multiplier doing the round robin of similar domain names.
2016-02-24 A basic multiplier scam.
2016-02-01 These scam doublers just keep coming.
2015-01-15 Not only will you discover that bitcoin cannot multiply, you'll also discover that you can't withdraw, no matter how much you keep sending.
2018-10-28 They won't be doubling your bitcoin, they'll be stealing it.
2014-10-25 But will it really do what it says and make you rich? Of course not, don't be so infantile.
2018-01-24 What a mixed up pile of shite this hyip/fraud is.
2016-08-21 Don't read the spiel on this fraudsite - it can ruin your day and leave you totally confused.
2016-12-29 Bold claims from this blatant fake investment scam.
2016-06-01 A fraud version of the Xaim site. Don't fall for this dodgy operation please.
2018-01-09 About as odd as a ponzi can get. It is just a Ponzi/Scam, it isn't mining.
2018-01-16 Nobody ever gets all their money back from any of these crappy hyips. Most people only lose around $10, which is why there isn't more fuss.
2018-07-23 A fake investment site. Keep your bitcoin away from this thief.
2015-09-05 One of the all too common coindoublers. Just frauds, bitcoin cannot double.
2017-04-25 You don't multiply your Bitcoin, you just lose it. Bitcoin cannot multiply.
2018-02-11 When someone creates a scam, of a scam, it all starts to get a bit too weird, but that's what this is.
2018-01-09 Imaginative ideas are running wild in Scam City, as they try and slip past with Xbtc200, instead of Xbtc100. Bitcoin cannot multiply, and if you believe it can, you will become a victim of that ignorance.
2018-10-03 It will sure as hell be Ex-Btc if you send it to this mining fraud.
2016-10-02 Another anonymous Ponzi/Scam Site.
2014-03-11 This slimy toad, has set out to steal a range of cryptocurrency. Don't be that sucker please.
2018-02-21 A hyip/fraud from the regular thieves.
2016-07-29 If you believe, that in future, people will be happy to pay 10% in TX Fees, then this is the bullshit shitcoin presale for you.
2018-09-05 It's a scam. STAY AWAY. You WILL get robbed.
2014-07-01 Just another ponzi scammer. Don't fall for it.
2015-08-23 We will remind you again. PayPal and Bitcoin are a big No No. You will ALWAYS get burned. To date this is 100% the case.
2017-04-20 This site is associated with the OneCoin Ponzi/Fraud. Currently suspended TX's, and ongoing.
2016-09-22 If it's anything crypto ending it will be yet another scam from this halfwit.
2016-03-23 Look, if bitcoin could simply double, it would be as useless as US Dollars! It doesn't double - you lose it.
2018-06-05 Like crypto needs yet another ponzi scammer.
2015-05-21 This site has gone to a lot of trouble, but not enough to fool our Investigators. Nice try scammer.
2016-10-30 Fake mining sites far outnumber real ones. Real ones give nothing away, neither do these fake ones.
2018-07-29 It isn't a system, it's just a Ponzi scam, and not a very good one either!
2018-09-20 Don't waste your work, don't refer anybody, don't send money or bitcoin. Just don't go here eh.
2017-09-26 The Nightmare before Xmas. Don't give your bitcoin to this thief.
2016-05-25 It isn't a real operator, not that this fraud fooled any of you sharp folk.
2016-06-29 It went away in 2011 - and it's back again. A serial fraudster out to rob people again.
2014-06-06 A very odd title, but a bog standard fraud.
2017-06-01 A mining blocker? Really?? Flagged as a Phishing Site, so don't download that plugin.
2018-07-03 Also Bitcoin Pro Google App. The producer of Bitcoin Pro - The scam Chrome Add-On. The domain will display as bitcoï It doesn't auto trade, it steals your bitcoin and Ethereum by substituting their wallet address for yours!
2018-03-19 The producer of Bitcoin Pro - The scam Chrome Add-On. The domain will display as bitcoï It doesn't auto trade, it steals your bitcoin and Ethereum by substituting their wallet address for yours!
2018-03-19 Or" Bozo Finance" if you see this fraud from our perspective.
2016-04-25 Pirates with a hyip/scam website.
2018-01-21 A pretty basic ponzi temptation. Don't be a chancer, you WILL lose your very precious bitcoin.
2017-01-04 Hosted on a freehosted site. Of course, it's simply a scam. Don't send your bitcoin to this cheap thief.
2015-11-26 The only thing that will double, is your awareness of how naive you are at this stage of your Crypto Journey! Ripple indeed! (you do know XRP isn't a true Crypto?)
2018-01-28 The supposed team behind this is like a who's who of bitcoin, shame it isn't true. Don't get fooled by this half built site.
2017-08-08 A UK Registered Company, which makes it a UK Registered Fraud. Company status means Jack nowadays, scams register using fake details.
2018-08-06 Normal rules apply. No proof equals no mining. This is just a ponzi/scam
2015-05-31 You can withdraw huge amounts of bitcoin, if they ever add a withdraw button that is. Don't waste your time.
2015-09-08 A matrix, is a ponzi, is a fraud. Every matrix or ponzi has multiple losers for every gainer, and the admins always run off with the funds anyway!

Sites Y The landing page should make you feel sick enough, but the theft of your bitcoin will make you sicker.
2016-02-08 And, yes, it's another ponzi. There is NO SUCH THING as an honest ponzi.
2016-05-17 Utter tripe. Honestly, if you were tempted by a scam like this, get a second opinion before you invest anywhere.
2018-04-26 Yes, a con. These scams are after your bitcoin - they should have worked for it like you did.
2017-01-04 Make enough to buy a Rolex Wtach to wear while you pilot your new Yatch. Just a bs hyip scam!
2017-12-11 This uber cheesy ponzi is currently only available in Malaysian, for which the rest of us can be very grateful.
2017-05-04 What a shitpile this site is. If you get burned by this, you have only yourself to blame.
2017-03-06 These generators kid you that you have somehow got loads of bitcoin - but you have to send a fee to collect it - Do you see the scam yet? Good.
2018-01-13 NEVER Pre-Order mining kit from anybody except Bitmain. And even then it's at your own risk, but as for this shambles, it's like being haunted by the ghost of Alpha Technologies.
2015-11-11 No no - Not my bitcoin anyway. Just a Ponzi.
2017-04-01 Mining is the No1 theme for bitcoin frauds. It allows them to drip returns, while building a pot to fuck off with!
2018-11-06 Just another hyip scam trying to steal your bitcoin. Bitcoin makes more than 1% a day most days, why send it to a thief?
2017-09-16 Wild javascript isn't going to add any credibility to this ponzi. All Hyip's are scammers - Everybody (bar a select few) lose. If you gain, it's because you are feeding them more victims!
2017-07-25 Since Japan got into bitcoin, the scammers got into Japan. Expect many more to come.
2017-11-04 Aka Bit River. This is just another scammer angling for you newbies, to steal your bitcoin.
2017-03-22 You naughty bit-conners. If you want a UK Company, it costs about 35 quid, including virtual address, we should all get one.
2017-04-12 No, you don't hash - you lose most of what you send here is what you do. Fake mining.
2018-02-21 Deliberate irony? We reckon so. This site is mining you after all - it certainly isn't mining anything else.
2017-10-19 Your easy route to losing your Bitcoin. You will be asked to send bitcoin, which you will lose.
2018-01-17 There are no exploits or flaws. They kid you that you have earned bitcoin, but you must send some to get it. Easy scamming.
2018-02-06 A total lack of security on login is your first warning. Your login is visible, so what else shouldn't you trust?
2015-11-18 Don't send bitcoin to thieves please! The whole thing is just pure lies, and if you are dumb enough to believe these crooks, then sorry, but you will come across far sharper scams than this.
2017-09-27 Just the classic magic bitcoin multiplier scam
2015-12-16 Nothing to shout about, a very dull hyip/scam. Everybody loses that is silly enough to send anything.
2017-06-13 They simply keep your deposits - plain simple theft like all these fake ponzis.
2017-03-09 Cold hard lossses for anybody foolish enough to risk this.
2016-08-20 We hate scams using .org domains - and we always escalate it. Expect this scam to go offline very soon.
2018-05-10 So what exactly are you going to do when your payout doesn't actually become reality? Nothing, that's what. Basically, if you don't send anything, you can't lose anything.
2018-10-02 See
2018-10-02 See

Sites Z The zinc7 fraud is reaching out for cryptocurrencies, it's a hyip/scam like all the rest.
2017-03-04 A hyip/fraud.
2016-04-25 Nothing revolutionary - these hyips scams are becoming very predictable.
2017-04-20 They never quite get it right do they. Keep trying.
2017-01-12 This scam should have a Batman Theme to go with the title.
2017-01-09 A little spiel, leading you to a doubler scam. Bitcoin can't double, that's just silly.
2017-02-20 Also and any similar domains. This ponzi/matrix fraud won't be around very long.
2016-08-28 The zar themes continue with yet another ponzi fraud.
2017-06-01 This fraudsite isn't mining either of them. Just because a webpage says it is mining, doesn't mean they are telling the truth.
2017-02-21 Please don't mine to, or send your Zec to this fake wallet. Get a wallet from
2017-09-29 This scam is absolutely ridiculous at every level. This wannabe thief has absolutely no idea what he is talking about.
2018-03-17 Quite a surreal Industrial Theme to this fake mining fraud. It isn't real mining, it's just another ponzi style scam.
2018-02-07 A hyip (ponzi) scam, very thinly disguised as bitcoin mining.
2017-11-20 A smelly little shit of a fraudster is not what constitutes a Corporation. Pathetic.
2017-02-28 Fraudsters are inherently lazy, so they reuse scams without changing too much content. This is one such example.
2018-03-21 This is a Ponzi Scheme. It is one of the most obvious ponzi schemes, and short of waving a flag and shouting "we're a ponzi" they couldn't make it any more obvious.
2018-12-07 Just don't download their software. You will certainly regret it. Bitcoin cannot be cheated, but YOU can.
2014-11-23 Zeromax? So that's a big fat zero then.
2017-03-22 By the power of Odin, Thor and other long defunct Godheads, they will forge bitcoin in the fires of Valhalla and other claims.
2016-06-24 It was all going so well, then Hera took the kids, the money and went home to MtGox, or MtOlympus. Either way, the bitcoin is gone.
2017-02-10 Payouts not appearing, support not answered, and a new ponzi just launched with HalleyBTC. These sites have sod all to do with real mining, live stats aren't there for a good reason.
2015-11-11 You won't find any help here, just a load of losers looking for their funds back.
2017-03-17 Also A couple of Ponzi's thinly disguised as advertising. There are a lot of similar frauds.
2016-10-12 A pretty half-baked attempt at a scam, but a scam nonetheless.
2014-08-28 Another hyip/fraud
2016-05-10 Another hyip fraudster wasting their setup cost. Btw, Zonders isn't a word you will find used in the UK.
2018-10-27 This is a good old school hyip scam - This guy hasn't heard that ICO's are in season for scammers.
2017-12-03 They have Zeeebras, and Moonkeys, and your Biiitcoin too.
2017-03-22 Zoooga might mean something in Bulgaria, but not here. Here, it is a crap name for a crap coin multiplier fraud.
2017-03-01 This time, you are lending to their 'trading and volatility bots' or Drugs Kitty as they call it in the Office (Bedsit)
2018-01-25 First lesson in choosing a mining contract. No real miner gives anything free, they are the canniest people on this Planet - Period!
2018-01-06 A pathetic attempt at fraud from this half arsed hyip.
2017-04-20 This ponzi scam is currently only in Portuguese. Let's hope it stays that way.

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