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    The most basic thing that we seek in a supposedly English Operator, is a fundamental command of English as a language. This may as well be Swahili. Not as described.
    This particular fraud cannot possibly stay up for long, not when you impersonate the BOE so that's one more reasomn to avoid it.
    Some sites go to a lot of trouble to fool people, these are the ones we most like to expose. Here is one more mining themed ponzi to add to the pile.

PureVPN Anonymised Web Browsing

    From the people who brought you the Bitclub Network MLM. Nothing to add.
    Too late! Rambo already came back and stole it all. Besides which, it is an exceptionally cheesey hyip fraud.
    Fake mining, and a total scam, but fairly convincing for a change. You weren't convinced though, we hope!

BitPlay Lottery
BitPlay BTC Lottery

    Those promised returns are tempting though aren't they? It's all lies. Thieves lie to you, and although this may come as a shock, this thief is lying to you. It's all fake, so don't send any funds.
    Ouch! What a dreadful and half arsed attempt at crypto fraud. Please don't become a victim of this naive scammer.
    The 36 is supposed to loosely represent 3.6% daily interst. Except for one thing, this isn't an Investment, it is just another filthy toerag, stealing crypto.

The biggest place to trade.

The Complete Badlist

** Important Announcement **
After much consideration, we have decided to put this project and website up for Sale. Sep 28th 2019

We will continue badlist updates and our investigative work until sold.

If you are interested in buying either the entire Project, or the Domain, contact us by email.

Unless something miraculous happens, and we get a Donation large enough to allow us to continue, we cannot go on funding this ourselves. We've helped this Industry for over 5 1/2 years, and we reckon it's about time this industry helped us. But, we won't hold our breath.

The Badbitcoin Team.

Visit our Safelist for a few sites where you can get started, or to buy bitcoin, why not try localbitcoins, where you can buy bitcoin from trusted sellers. You can buy as little or as much as you want, from a few dollars worth, to entire bitcoin.

We really appreciate any donation. however small.
If you wish to sponsor us or advertise your own Project, contact us directly.

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The Badbitcoin Project
Exposing bitcoin and cryptocurrency frauds since Feb 2014

If you have never read it, then a great place to begin your bitcoin adventure is by reading the very short original White Paper, from Satoshi Nakamoto. This explains the concept of bitcoin, and why so many of us work so hard to progress this disruptive technology.

You can help propagate the network, and have a local wallet by running the bitcoin core software, available from This will run a Bitcoin Full Node on your computer - don't worry, it's safe!
There are some legitimate investments out there, and some great casino's, places to earn and spend, and a lot to explore, but be careful, and if in doubt, don't send your bitcoin.

We aim to expose the sites that deliberately set out to defraud you, and list them before they can do too much harm, however, there will always be some of you who choose to ignore our advice, and there is nothing we can do for you beyond warning you. If it is in our badlist, it is an intentional fraud. You have been warned.

Our Team is made up of volunteers worldwide, and we welcome new contributors.

You will no doubt come across negative comments about this project, but understand that this is the scammers only route to fight back, and a great many of these scammers are the same people who are Senior, and Gold members of forums.
Forums relating to bitcoin are the best source of conflicting information ever, which is why we keep it plain and simple, we tell you it's a badsite (albeit sarcastically - we have to stay sane) and that's really all you need to know to stay safe. If it is in our badlist, avoid it.

It can be really easy to misunderstand the bitcoin environment when it's all new to you, and it will take you some time to grasp some of the rules, concepts, and limitations. This leaves you vulnerable to the swathes of scams and ponzis that try to lure you into their promises of easy money, and doubling or even 100 times multiplying your new 'Magic Internet Money'
It doesn't work like that. It isn't magic, it's just very efficient, very secure, and much sought after by thieves the world over.
If you have bitcoin, you need to learn to look after it, or these crooks will soon take it from you.

Don't make it easy for them. Contribute by reporting suspect sites to us when you find them, and we'll do the rest.

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Irony Disclaimer & Caution
The high costs of running this site are helped by adverts. We have little control over the content, Some adverts will even appear in our Badlist.
But at least the Bitcoin they spend on ads is coming back into the Industry.

The evolution of society beyond the demise of the failed capitalist neo-liberal experiment, first needs the evolution of it's means of trade and exchange. The current financial system, and system of fiat currency, is not fit for present or future purpose, and for all intents and purposes is already obsolete.
Bitcoin is our first financial step towards a fairer, more beneficial society for all.
Incorruptible, decentralised, consensus led, and above the influence of conventional politics and economics. Bitcoin is a parallel currency with which you can begin to trade, and no middleman to take their slice or to gamble with your asset.
When you deposit money to a Bank, it becomes the Banks property to do with what they choose, bitcoin is different, and you are your own Bank.
It is up to you to take care of your bitcoin, and also to use it, not hoard it, and to be an important part of helping to build this fair and open global society. Bitcoin is worth what somebody is prepared to exchange it for, be that USD, Yuan, PC-hardware, Webhosting or anything that 'money' might buy. You can even get a bitcoin Debit Card.