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So anyway - We started a 'Safelist'

We aim to be super cautious in recommending these sites to you, but overwhelming demand dictates that we should have some sort of 'goodlist' and so we're making a start on one, in the hope that it won't come back and bite us right in our reputation.

This safelist will start small, and grow slowly, but we want to get this right, and we'll try and be descriptive about each operator. If you have a bitcoin related site, and wish to be in here, contact us directly and we'll discuss adding your project.


Hosted mining sites. Where you rent hashpower.
You can be mining Bitcoin or Ethereum within minutes, how cool is that! At present though, we are really struggling to find decent Bitcoin and Altcoin mining, so it is a very short list.

*Mining profitability is absolutely dependent on bitcoin market price. Bitcoin mining can be unprofitable in real terms, however it is highly good for society, and for your soul and that revolutionary in you.

Genesis-Mining A long standing operator, with a wide range of equipment, Mine Bitcoin (BTC/XBT), Ethereum (ETH) and now Zcash (ZEC). You can be up and mining bitcoin & many other coins in minutes.

Hashing24 Hosted Bitfury Mining. A popular choice for contract bitcoin mining.

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Buying and Selling Bitcoin
and accepting Bitcoin as a Merchant

When you buy sell or trade bitcoin, you want to do it safely, and as a Merchant, you want your payments to be hassle free and trusted.
We strongly advise that you DO NOT buy bitcoin with PayPal or with any non-refundable payment method (Neteller, Payeer, Western Union or similar)

BitbayPay If you want to sell your goods and services for bitcoin, but get paid in your own currency, this is the service for you. API's to insert into your site. See also

BitBay International cryptocurrency exchange based in Poland, offering quick deposits and withdrawals. Safe, easy to use platform and professional support.

Localbitcoins A solid site that has been around for years. A bit expensive though! To be extra safe, always use their Escrow Service - meaning that your purchase is secure and the seller only gets your money when the bitcoin is also held in Escrow.

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Where you convert fiat eg Dollars, to bitcoin, or bitcoin to altcoin, and back again. Learn to trade for profit.

Bitmex The biggest place to trade. This is the exchange where all the whales hang out. Margin trading, shorts, longs - everything you want and very fast action. Are you tough enough? If not, visit just for the Epic Trollbox.

Xapo A great exchange, also offering a vault, and the lowest fees for a Bitcoin Debit Card. This exchange also offers micropayment processing for many faucets and operators. Pleased to add them back to our safelist.

Luno Luno (formerly BitX): A fast growing digital currency exchange. It is fast, easy to use, and secure. They are the leading exchange across Africa and Asia.
Luno also has a slick wallet for you to store and buy bitcoin.

Shapeshift Does what it says on the tin. Change various cryptocurrencies for each other in just a click. Simple and Secure.

Bitstamp Not just a great exchange, but you can get a Bitcoin Debit Card as well.

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Gaming & Casino Sites

Where you can bet anonymously with bitcoin. You MUST check that this is legal in your jurisdiction, and that you are not a minor.

Vegas Casino A genuine Vegas based Casino, with every game you would expect, and the regulation that makes this super fair. Huge Jackpots and Bonuses.

BitPlay Bitcoin Lottery A provably fair lottery, where you can genuinely win a huge pot of bitcoin! Somebody wins.

Betchain Casino Every one of your favourite Casino and Slot Games, with a massive sign up bonus, and extra rewards along the way. Safe, fair and a favourite.


You visit these sites to earn bitcoin for viewing ads. These are a great way to get your first bitcoin or litecoin for no cost except a little spare time.

MoonLitecoin The sister site to MoonBitcoin, where you earn Litoshi's for visiting the site. Paid direct to your Coinpot wallet. A great way to get started with Litecoin.

Freebitcoin This is a firm favourite, and it also has a cute little feature where you can try and gamble up your earnings - They pay weekly without fail.

MoonBitcoin Claim every 5 mins, or let it build. Also build up a daily loyalty bonus up to 100%, and then there's the random bonus. Trusted Bitcoin Earnings
** The longest running and most trusted Bitcoin Earning site. Start Here **

** The most trusted Litecoin Earning site. Start Here **

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You need somewhere to keep all those 'bits' so here's a few suggestions.

Electrum A really fast bitcoin or litecoin wallet, very secure and simple to use. Probably the single most popular online bitcoin wallet. Very secure - and a benchmark for the Industry.

Multibit Another 'local' wallet but much faster than Bitcoin QT.

Ledger & Ledger Nano You really have to see these superb wallets. Keep your bitcoin extra safe and offline in these really affordable USB Hardware Wallets.

Trezor The original 'hardware' wallet. A true bitcoin safe.

KeepKey If you want a hardware wallet with style - this is nice.

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Advertise to the Bitcoin Community - with Bitcoin

A-AdsYou will see A-Ads slots in various places.
A-Ads remains one of our favourite Bitcoin Advertisers.

Bitmedia A very high quality service, professional and 100% dedicated to Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency. One of our favourites.

Adhitz Advertise on many bitcoin and mainstream sites (including this one), PTC's etc.

Other Links

All the sites that don't fit elsewhere.

Selachii LLP Victim of a Bitcoin or Internet Investment Fraud?
"At Selachii, our tenacious, commercially-minded solicitors provide expert advice and assistance in all manner of investment fraud matters. We have a proven track record helping creditors and investors recover funds, both in the UK and abroad, with particular expertise in cases involving bitcoin scams and binary option trading fraud.”

Bitcoin Recovery Co Bitcoin Recovery Co. blends the service of the world's best known ethical hackers with the comfort of using an American attorney. Your recovered bitcoins will be securely transmitted back to you.

Wallet Recovery Services The trusted service dedicated to helping people recover their crypto-currency when it is lost due to a forgotten wallet password or corrupted wallet. Operating since mid 2013. The Internet's No1 Lingerie Shop, now takes Bitcoin. Go on, buy her something nice, She may go easier on you for your weird bitcoin obsession.

Coindance About as much data as you can handle, realtime, on an amazing range of coins. Not really for newbies.

Bitcoinwisdom Where EVERYBODY goes to look for coin prices.

PoolProfit If you plan to mine, this site adds transparency to to Pool Mining. The most profitable as a miner, may not simply be with the ones that mine the most blocks.

Ethereum Wisdom The rising star of Cryptocurrencies, also visit for more info, and to mine Ethereum go to Genesis Mining

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Virtual Private Networks Essential for security and privacy in this surveillance society.

Use a VPN when you surf the web in order to Anonymise and Secure your Internet activity. It isn't just about having something to hide, it's also about maintaining your basic human right to privacy, and getting access to otherwise geographically blocked content is a bonus.

PureVPN Based on price/performance, this comes out well ahead of the 'also rans' The speed is superb, the encryption is excellent, and it is super simple to set up. And you can also pay with bitcoin !! they use the Bitpay secure payment system.

Cryptostorm This is possibly the worlds most secure VPN service. If you really need the best, then this is for you. We like these guys.

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News Sites and Info Sources.

Not all bitcoin News Sites are equal

Coindance A resource that just keeps on growing. Almost every statistic and piece of data you need to fully understand this evolving subject of Bitcoin.

Newconomy Bitcoin, is helping to create the New Economy, and this is the kind of site to keep you up to speed with what matters. New, in-depth and well worth adding to your favourites.

Territoriobitcoin An incredibly informative Spanish News Site, with a Podcast in Spanish too! A must visit site.

Territorioblockchain Spain shows how enthusiastic and switched on their top students are, with this new and informative Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency site. Well researched information for Spanish speakers. Start your crypto adventure right here!

CoinTelegraph Not only an excellent News Site, incredibly in depth investigative journalism so you can get right to the bitcoin facts. A must visit every day news site.

Concierge Current features, balanced reports, and links to keep you well up to speed with this amazing Bitcoin adventure. (German)

Krypto Vergleich Informed research, and original content is just part of what makes this "Crypto Comparison" a really good News Site. (German)

Btc Echo Some excellent perspectives on bitcoin from the European viewpoint. Good links to European suppliers and services as well. (German)

GuiadoBitcoin Brazilian bitcoin users have their own news site with the latest and hottest stories and links. Well worth a visit.

Coindesk This is the No1 Bitcoin News Site. This is where the Industry looks.

Bitcoinist Another great news source, where original and informative content is accompanied by excellent presentation.

CryptoCoinsNews CCN More original reporting, and upcoming bitcoin tech.

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BitcoinGarden A good forum to help you avoid frauds, and where you can report bad faucets and PTC's and get the warning out there.

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A source of Information, disinformation and general nonsense for when you get bored.

Bitcoiners Brazil An excellent Cryptocurrency Forum especially for Brazilian users. Join it, and keep each other informed!

Kryptowaluty Polskie Forum. Polish Cryptocurrencies Forum. A place to discuss your favourite cryptocurrencies, get their prices, meet other crypto enthusiasts and find high quality tutorials and guides regarding crypto and blockchain sphere. (Polish)

BitcoinGarden Forums, Hot News, Scam Alerts, and as much up to the minute bitcoin debate as you could ever need.

Reddit The reddit/r/bitcoin channel. Much debate and bitcoin news.

Bitcointalk The original bitcoin forum, but be very wary of posting, unless you have a strong constitution, and then only if you really like shedloads of abuse from arrogant halfwits. This is also a favourite haunt of the bitcoin thieves who like to announce their crooked schemes and catch the 'newbies' - Sad but true.

This page is still under construction, and we'll add more over the coming weeks, months and years.

This is not intended as investment advice, however we'd better just give you the obligatory caution.
All investments carry risk. Never invest more than you are comfortable losing. You may lose some or all of your investment wherever you put it, but these sites are the least risky in our judgement.

We've discovered from trial and error that diversifying is the best option, as in, spread your investments over a few good sites, and this helps to lessen those surges and dips in income.

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Twitter & Facebook Links

The biggest place to trade.

Coinbase Exchange

** Follow THIS LINK to Buy $100 of bitcoin and get $10 of bitcoin FREE **

* But remember Bitcoin Cash is NOT Bitcoin! *

BitPlay Lottery
BitPlay BTC Lottery

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

Vegas Casino bet with Bitcoin Buy her something nice with bitcoin.

Genesis Mining
** 5 Year Bitcoin Mining Contracts still available!**

PureVPN Superfast

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1xBit Casino